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$19 million boost for Southern Forests agriculture31339Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 7:30:23 AM2016-12-09T07:30:00Za ​Developing an industry-led irrigation scheme in the South-West Expanding irrigated agriculture to boost productivity, jobs and exports Regional Development Minister Terry Redman has announced a $19 million funding boost from the Liberal National Government's Royalties for Regions to further develop an irrigation scheme around Manjimup and Pemberton. This investment builds on the $3.6 million Southern Forests Water Futures project and will substantially increase water security and horticultural opportunities in the region. Speaking at today's launch in Manjimup, Mr Redman said the Southern Forests area was one of the most significant horticultural areas in the southern half of the State generating an estimated $138 million in 2013. "Based on the high level of grower demand, the proposed irrigation scheme will cost an estimated $80 million and involve the construction of a new 15 gigalitre dam, pipeline and pumping infrastructure," Mr Redman said. "The scheme would allow the capture of water in winter, to be redistributed in winter and summer, to sites that currently do not have access to sufficient high-quality water, or do not have the capacity to capture water. "The project has been strongly endorsed by local growers who have registered $10 million in support of the scheme via a formal 'Letter of Intent' process. "The State Government is now in the process of applying for Commonwealth funding. Depending on the level of funding secured, the project could be rescaled and delivered in stages." Water Minister Mia Davies said the funding boost was critical in helping to address current water constraints in the region, to ensure the sustainability and expansion of agriculture in the region. "The proposed scheme will modernise distribution and accessibility of irrigation water in the area, facilitating a trading environment," Ms Davies said. "It is proposed the scheme will be industry led by a private entity or co-operative. The State Government will assist in the development of governance and financial models for the proposed scheme." Agriculture and Food Minister Mark Lewis said the Southern Forest Irrigation Scheme project would reduce the risk for on farm investment and help growers move to higher value horticulture production in the State. The Southern Forests Water Futures project is a key component of the Water for Food program under the $350 million Royalties for Regions Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture initiative. Fact File The proposed scheme is based on a successful business model developed and used in Tasmania, which has been supported by the Commonwealth For more information, visit http// Find out more about Royalties for Regions at https// Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700 Water Minister's office - 6552 5500 Agriculture and Food Minister's office - 6552 6400
WA wins with first domestic gas from Gorgon31336Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 6:29:15 AM2016-12-09T06:20:00Za ​150 terajoules per day to flow to WA customers Secure energy supplies fundamental to economic growth and creating jobs Western Australia's energy supply has been further secured, with the first natural gas flowing into the State's integrated domestic system from the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project. State Development Minister Bill Marmion said the Liberal National Government was committed to the domestic reservation policy, with the gas to be supplied to Synergy and customers. "Gas is fundamental to our lives, providing energy to industries which support thousands of West Australian jobs. That is why this first 150 terajoule per day tranche of domestic gas from Gorgon is such an important milestone," Mr Marmion said. "As the project becomes fully operational, domestic supplies from Gorgon could increase to 300 terajoules per day. "This gas is another economic benefit from this immense project, with $34 billion invested to date within Australia, and 455 contracts awarded to Western Australian companies." Energy Minister Mike Nahan said the Gorgon Project would supply foundation customer Synergy with 125 terajoules per day of gas over the next 20 years. "This significant long-term contract with Synergy ensures supply into the future for the State's industrial, commercial and household use," Dr Nahan said. "Natural gas continues to be an essential energy source as a reliable and cost-effective way to generate electricity. "It plays a key role in ensuring we are able to meet our energy needs of the future and in providing a clean energy future." Fact File The Gorgon Project is a joint venture between the Australian subsidiaries of Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Osaka Gas, Tokyo Gas and Jera The project, which commenced shipments of LNG in March 2016, includes a domestic gas plant with a capacity of 300 terajoules per day The State Government's domestic gas policy ensures LNG export projects also make gas available to WA consumers State Development Minister's office - 6552 6800 Energy Minister's office - 6552 5700
Notice issued to Shire of Exmouth31335Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 6:00:47 AM2016-12-09T06:00:00Za ​Shire of Exmouth issued with show cause notice Shire has 21 days to respond Local Government Minister Paul Miles today issued the Shire of Exmouth with a show cause notice asking why the local government council should not be suspended for up to six months. Under the Local Government Act 1995, the Shire of Exmouth has 21 days to respond. The action follows the Corruption and Crime Commission's public examination into a tender process concerning the manufacture, supply and installation of an aquarium forming part of the Ningaloo Centre Project. The project is currently under construction. The public examination highlighted concerns about the Shire's ability to provide good governance, tendering and procurement practices, and the use of credit cards at the Shire. The Minister wrote to the Shire President at the time, expressing his concerns about governance issues. Mr Miles said he had ensured that the Department of Local Government and Communities had been liaising closely with the Shire's acting chief executive officer on this matter. A senior compliance officer from the department has also attended council meetings. "A significant number of issues emerged during this liaison, giving rise to concerns about the council's ability to effectively manage the operations of the Shire and to provide good government for the people in its community," he said. "I have formed the view there is sufficient evidence that it is inappropriate for the Shire of Exmouth's council to continue without intervention. "I am committed to protecting the interests of ratepayers throughout WA and ensuring that residents, businesses and the community of Exmouth can have confidence in their council." In accordance with obligations under the Act, the Minister will decide what action to take after he has received a response from the Shire. Fact File A show cause notice is issued under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 Under the Act, a council may be suspended for up to six months and councillors required to undergo training Prior to the show cause notice being issued, a councillor resigned on November 24 Minister's office - 6552 6600
Public input sought on compulsory treatment31333Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 4:00:23 AM2016-12-09T04:00:00Za ​Public urged to have their say on the draft legislation to ensure the best outcome Proposal for people with severe substance addiction to undergo compulsory treatment for up to 12 weeks Draft legislation that would make it compulsory for some people with severe alcohol or drug addiction to undergo treatment was released today for public comment by the Liberal National Government. The legislation would require people who meet strict criteria to undergo compulsory treatment and support for up to 12 weeks. Mental Health Minister Andrea Mitchell said the proposed legislation would help people, who were a risk to themselves or to others as a result of their addiction, to receive the treatment they needed to begin to recover their lives. "The proposed program builds on the current range of voluntary treatment services available in Western Australia," Ms Mitchell said. "After compulsory treatment in a designated treatment centre, people will be offered ongoing assistance to stay in the program for another nine months of voluntary residential rehabilitation and support. "This will give them the best chance of making long-term changes to improve their health and wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment." The Minister said the proposed legislation had inbuilt safeguards to protect individual civil and legal rights, including access to independent advocacy and review. It also made provision for the services to be culturally appropriate. "A range of people, including those who have experienced alcohol or drug problems, their families, health professionals, non-government organisations and advocates, have been consulted in preparing the draft legislation," she said. "We are now inviting people to have a say on the Exposure Draft Bill before it is refined and provided to Government for consideration." Feedback will be received until January 31, 2017. To make a submission, visit http// Fact File A compulsory treatment order will only be issued if someone has a severe substance use disorder; is a significant risk to themselves or others; needs treatment; is likely to benefit from treatment; and no less restrictive means of treatment is reasonably available Taking into consideration community feedback, the Exposure Draft Bill will be refined before a final Bill is developed and introduced to State Parliament People who are concerned about their own drug use or that of their loved one are urged to seek help early. Call the Alcohol and Drug Support Line on 9442 5000 Minister's office - 6552 5400
3D camera for rapid processing of crash scenes31331Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 3:05:22 AM2016-12-09T03:05:00Za ​WA Police use 3D camera to capture crash scenes quickly and reopen roads Rapid processing of crash scenes will reduce traffic congestion The technology forms part of the Traffic Congestion Management Program The Liberal National Government has equipped WA Police with a state-of-the-art 3D camera which captures and replicates precise vehicle crash scenes, allowing roads to reopen quickly and reducing congestion. Deputy Premier and Police Minister Liza Harvey said the 3D camera and software equipment was being used by Major Crash investigators to capture and analyse all aspects of crashes. "The 3D camera uses laser technology to scan a crash scene capturing physical aspects such as skid marks, road markings, fluid traces and so on, to fully document the scene and recreate it on a computer," Ms Harvey said. "This allows Major Crash officers to conduct their investigation off site at a computer, rather than impacting motorists for what can be a significant length of time at a crash scene. "The 3D camera is another example of the Liberal National Government's commitment to give WA Police officers the resources they need to conduct their job in the most efficient manner." Transport Minister Bill Marmion said Main Roads had funded the camera as part of the State Government's commitment to reduce congestion on Western Australian roads. "Major crash investigators will often need to revisit a crash scene and reclose the road to gather further information and the 3D camera reduces the need for this to occur," Mr Marmion said. "The initiative to use 3D scanning equipment has reduced attendance times and time to process crash scenes in the metropolitan area, resulting in extended road closure times being reduced significantly." Fact File WA major crash investigators have used the camera at 17 serious crashes since June 2016 Each 3D camera and related software costs about $150,000 The Traffic Congestion Management Program is funded by a $40 million combined State and Australian government contribution and ongoing State Government investment activities to relieve congestion Deputy Premier and Police Minister's office - 6552 5900 Transport Minister's office - 6552 6800
Men STAND UP against domestic violence31329Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 2:00:08 AM2016-12-09T02:00:00Za ​Prominent Perth men 'STAND UP' against violence towards women Department for Child Protection and Family Support hosting 'STAND UP' for White Ribbon event More than 20 prominent men from the Western Australian arts, sport, music, business, media and culinary sectors have taken part in a photographic project to raise awareness about and to end violence against women. A 'STAND UP' event is being held at nib Stadium today to thank the men who took part in the project to mark the global male-led White Ribbon campaign. Child Protection Minister Andrea Mitchell said it was a stark reality that one in three women had experienced physical or sexual abuse perpetrated by someone known to them. "The Liberal National Government has implemented a range of initiatives, including new family safety teams offering outreach services in the Kimberley to address the over-representation of Aboriginal women as victims of family and domestic violence in the region," she said. "A meaningful reduction in family and domestic violence will only happen if as a society we challenge the attitudes that normalise this violence. "I thank all the men, such as leading sportsmen Damian Martin and Matt Priddis, and Daniel Morrison, chief executive officer of the Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service, who have taken a stand as mentors and spoken out against violence towards women. "As a community, we must not accept violence in any form, and the more awareness there is about the realities of family and domestic violence, the more we can hold perpetrators accountable and protect those who are vulnerable." Fact File Click here to access the photographic images The images will be displayed at the 'STAND UP' event, on the Perth Cultural Centre Big Screen and the Northbridge Piazza Superscreen on December 9 The images will also be displayed at selected Perth and Fremantle stores and cafes and at the State Theatre Centre's Studio Underground Foyer until December 16 Anyone in immediate danger, call 000. To talk to a trained professional, the Women's and Men's Domestic Violence Helplines operate 24 hours a day seven days a week and can provide information, support and counselling Women's Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 007 339 Men's Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 000 599 Minister's office - 6552 5400
Joint media statement - $12.5 million to enhance disaster resilience in Western Australia31326Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 1:30:23 AM2016-12-09T01:30:00Za ​ Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and Western Australian Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis today announced $12.5 million in funding to support WA communities to develop their resilience to natural disasters. Mr Keenan said the funding is being provided as part of the $52 million national partnership agreement on natural disaster resilience, with the Commonwealth and WA each contributing $6.26 million. "Preparing for, withstanding and recovering from disasters is not something the government can do alone – we need everyone in the community to get involved," Mr Keenan said. "That is why we work with state and territory governments through the national partnership agreement, to support local projects that mitigate local risks and contribute to safer, more sustainable communities." Mr Francis added this collaboration across sectors will deliver programs that demonstrate the importance of understanding and communicating risks to all levels of the community, and will enhance capability, response and recovery activities. "Natural disasters are a fact of life for West Australians, but a community that is prepared is in a better position to save lives and property," Mr Francis said. Of the $6.26 million in Commonwealth funding, $2 million is assigned to the natural disaster resilience program competitive grants program, open to applicants involved in emergency management. Projects must meet one of the categories in the priority areas of risk, capability, impact or engagement to be eligible, and must address at least one hazard identified in West Australia's state level risk assessments. Applications for the grants program open on 9 December 2016 and will close on 22 February 2017. Grants ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 are available to successful applicants. Further information in relation to eligibility and applications is available at or by calling 9482 1706. Emergency Services Minister's office - 6552 6500
Cycling facilities at train stations boosted31325Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 1:05:11 AM2016-12-09T01:05:00Za Bike shelter upgrades to benefit cycling to train stations $330,000 investment in 242 extra bike parking bays Next stage to add a further 302 bays at 13 stations The Liberal National Government is improving facilities for train passengers who cycle to their station, with bicycle shelter upgrades being completed at nine train stations. Transport Minister Bill Marmion said the $330,000 investment has provided more than 240 new bike parking spaces on the Mandurah, Armadale, Midland and Fremantle lines. "Passenger demand for bike parking facilities has been increasing for some time and I'm an advocate for integrating bike facilities with public transport services," Mr Marmion said. "We know the availability of bike shelters is a great motivator for cyclists to get on their bikes and ride along the many principal shared paths that link to our stations. "The State Government is committed to making life easier and safer for commuters to get around this great city - investing in cycling facilities for our passengers is a win-win." A further 13 upgrades have either begun or will commence in the next few months, boosting the number of bicycle parking bays at train stations from more than 2,800 to more than 3,100. "With Transperth integrating its electronic SmartRider system with the bike shelters, we can see how often the shelters are used and any constraints on their capacity, which means we can make upgrades and improvements where they will have the greatest benefit," the Minister said. "I urge all passengers who are considering cycling as part of their commute to check out the facilities available at their local station, and register online at the Transperth website to take advantage of these excellent upgrades." Fact File Access to bike shelters is free, but requires a SmartRider card which has been registered for a designated shelter To register, or for more information about Transperth services, visit http// For more information about PTA projects, click here Minister's office - 6552 6800
Builder chosen for Pingelly Health Centre31319Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 12:32:13 AM2016-12-09T00:30:00Za BGC Construction awarded construction tender for Pingelly Health Centre Innovative, energy-efficient new centre to replace Pingelly Hospital Redevelopment to create about 300 jobs Health Minister John Day today announced the construction tender for the new Pingelly Health Centre had been awarded to BGC Construction. Mr Day said the new centre would work on the premise of promoting good health, the prevention and early detection of illness and the management of chronic disease. "The Pingelly Health Centre will provide enhanced primary and community care facilities as well as 24/7 emergency care," he said. "The centre will include an emergency department, ambulance bay and Emergency Telehealth Service videoconferencing facilities. "There will also be general practice consultation rooms and treatment spaces, allowing for co-ordinated patient care between the local GP and other health professionals." The new $8.8 million Pingelly Health Centre is being undertaken as part of the Southern Inland Health Initiative's (SIHI) $300 million capital works program to improve hospital infrastructure in 37 towns across the Wheatbelt, Great Southern, Mid-West and South-West. The capital works program is one component of the $500 million SIHI made possible by the Liberal National Government's Royalties for Regions. Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the Pingelly Health Centre would provide state-of-the-art health facilities for the Wheatbelt region. "Quality health infrastructure and services are fundamental to the ongoing development and viability of regional WA, and are an important investment for Royalties for Regions," he said. "This is another example of how Royalties for Regions is enhancing the delivery of sustainable services that meet the current and future health care demands of our regional communities. "The redevelopment will create about 300 jobs during the construction phase, will commence this month and is expected to be completed by early 2018." Fact File For more information about the $300 million SIHI capital works program, visit http// Oldfield Knott Architects were contracted to design the new innovative, energy-efficient health centre. The design, which incorporates community input, includes a modern workflow and equipment, solar panels, Waterwise gardens and a site orientation that reduces energy costs Find out more at https// Health Minister's office - 6552 6200 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700
Esperance camper wins volunteer award31318Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml9/12/2016 12:08:43 AM2016-12-09T00:00:00Za Darryl Scott acknowledged for his work at Stokes National Park Esperance man Darryl Scott has been named the Department of Parks and Wildlife Volunteer of the Year for his work as a campground host in Stokes National Park, near Esperance, and assisting in numerous projects in national parks in the region. Environment Minister Albert Jacob presented Mr Scott with the honour today at the Department of Parks and Wildlife Volunteer of the Year and outstanding service awards. "Darryl has been a long-serving campground host and has assisted with general maintenance, ecological surveys and many infrastructure projects, as well as volunteering as a runner during large bushfires," Mr Jacob said. "Darryl has contributed almost 8,000 hours of service and his strong work ethic and positive attitude have made him an invaluable part of the Parks and Wildlife team on the south coast. "These awards are an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the very important role volunteers play in the community, and their tireless and selfless work towards environmental conservation in this State. "The 300 programs delivered by Parks and Wildlife that involve volunteers have varied and sometimes demanding tasks, but they are ultimately rewarding to anyone who takes the time to challenge themselves for a valuable purpose." More than 5,000 Parks and Wildlife volunteers contributed more than 630,000 hours to the conservation and management of Western Australia's environment in 2015-16, a record for the department. Nine outstanding service awards were also presented to volunteers for their work, dedication and commitment, and 25 volunteers were presented with certificates for long service. Fact File For more information about volunteering with Parks and Wildlife, visit http// Minister's office - 6552 5800
Unsafe Christmas products withdrawn31317Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml8/12/2016 11:58:15 PM2016-12-08T22:30:00Za Eight toys and novelty items which use button batteries removed from sale Products from Perth stores inspected as part of a pre-Christmas safety program Parents and carers urged to be vigilant to the button battery danger Flashing reindeer noses were among eight items withdrawn from sale after being found to be unsafe during a pre-Christmas product safety inspection program by Consumer Protection. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the items all had button batteries that could easily come loose and pose a danger to young children. "Suppliers and retailers who sell toys and novelty items that contain button batteries must ensure that they are securely sealed and pass a 'drop test'," Mr Mischin said. "Product safety officers from Consumer Protection visited retailers in the Perth metropolitan area in the past few weeks, as part of their annual campaign to ensure Christmas gifts are safe. "The eight unsafe products found during this year's pre-Christmas safety checks include flashing reindeer noses and antlers, gift bows, necklaces and baubles that change colour. "When Consumer Protection's concerns about the button battery-powered products were brought to the attention of retailers, store managers acted quickly to remove the items from sale voluntarily, which is highly commendable. "Button batteries that easily come loose can be swallowed by a baby or young child, putting their lives in danger. The battery can lodge in the child's throat or digestive system and begin burning after two hours. "There have been deaths and serious injuries reported over recent years as well as many close calls, with 20 admissions to hospital emergency departments in Australia every week on average." Safety tips Keep loose coin-sized button batteries (new or old/flat) and devices which contain them (remote controls, garage door clickers etc.) out of reach of children Check battery compartments are secure and supervise children playing with battery-operated toys Dispose of used batteries immediately and safely (safe disposal means wrapping up the batteries and putting them in a bin that cannot be accessed by children). Fact File Information on button battery safety is available at http// Consumers with concerns about button battery-powered products, such as those with unsecured battery compartments, should report details to Consumer Protection as soon as possible by email or phone 1300 30 40 54 Minister's office - 6552 5600
WA’s pitch for defence contracts and jobs31314Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml8/12/2016 11:50:44 PM2016-12-08T22:15:00Za WA businesses give defence officials understanding of local capabilities Up to 100 business representatives set to attend WA industry is ready to participate in multi-billion dollar naval vessel builds Western Australia's defence industry and aspiring defence suppliers will give national defence officials a better picture of the State's industrial know-how at a business forum today. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the Liberal National Government had partnered with the Federal Department of Defence and the new Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) to host the open forum on WA's industry capabilities. Mr Mischin said Defence and CDIC were developing a Defence Industrial Capability Plan to guide the Australian Government's $195 billion worth of defence contracts. "Today's defence industry forum, along with a wide-ranging business survey, will analyse the products, services, skills and experience of WA industry," he said. "WA will help guide the Defence Industrial Capability Plan and demonstrate the State's capability and readiness to take part in the national build and sustainment projects. "At today's industry forum, Defence will brief local businesses on the nature of future opportunities and government support available to them. "Information and insights offered by WA's local industry to Defence and CDIC will emphasise the State's capabilities to key decision makers and help shape the future of the nation's defence industry. "WA's defence-related businesses have internationally competitive skills and capabilities, and the Liberal National Government is committed to further growing the industry and securing local jobs for decades to come." WA industry can also be part of the Defence Industrial Capability Plan by completing an online survey, which will help identify and analyse the State's capabilities. For more information, visit https// Fact File WA is home to about 180 companies with direct defence contracts, of which the majority are small-to-medium sized enterprises Western Australia boasts niche defence industry capabilities including aircraft maintenance, cyber security and ICT support The State's naval shipbuilding, repair and maintenance, and heavy engineering industry sectors have significant public and private investment For more information, visit https// Minister's office - 6552 5600
Grants to drive innovation and exports31313Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml8/12/2016 11:41:05 PM2016-12-08T22:00:00Za Two grant schemes to grow agriculture opened on December 5 $11.8 million available to Western Australian grower groups and agribusiness Made possible by Liberal National Government's Royalties for Regions program The Liberal National Government today announced two grant schemes to drive agricultural innovation and export growth. Agriculture and Food Minister Mark Lewis said the Government was committed to growing the value of the State's agrifood sector and capitalising on increasing world demand for food. "Grants between $20,000 and $500,000 are available to eligible WA-based grower groups to stimulate research, innovation and collaboration along the supply chain," Mr Lewis said. "A total of $10.5 million is available under this second funding round of the Grower Group R&D grants program, delivered by the Department of Agriculture and Food. "The previous round of funding supported groups across the agrifood sector in WA, including grains, livestock, horticulture, honey, wine, citrus and truffles." Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said a total of $1.3 million was also available to assist industry groups or organisations become more competitive in the global marketplace. "Grants of between $20,000 and $100,000 are available to agribusinesses looking to maximise international business growth under the Industry Grant for International Competitiveness program," Mr Redman said. "Both grant programs are part of the $350 million Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture initiative made possible by Royalties for Regions. "Funding regional agricultural development opportunities will create significant long-term economic benefits and drive regional growth. "I encourage agribusinesses and grower groups to apply for grants under these two schemes to help capitalise on opportunities for growth." Fact File The grant schemes opened on December 5, 2016. For more information, visit http// Both grant programs are part of the four-year Agricultural Sciences Research and Development Fund, delivered by the Department of Agriculture and Food The Agricultural Sciences Research and Development Fund is one of 15 significant programs under the Royalties for Regions Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture initiative Western Australia's agricultural production was worth $7.9 billion in 2014-15 There are big things happening in regional WA. Find out how Royalties for Regions is transforming your regional community at https// Agriculture and Food Minister's office - 6552 6400 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700
Mount Hawthorn Primary School to be expanded31215Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html8/12/2016 4:30:27 AM2016-12-08T04:30:00Za ​$3.5 million for seven new classrooms at Mount Hawthorn Primary School First double-storey classroom building planned for the inner-city school Mount Hawthorn Primary School will receive seven new permanent classrooms to provide extra learning areas at the popular inner-city school, the Liberal National Government announced today. Education Minister Peter Collier said an investment of $3.5 million would see the construction of the 110-year-old school's first double-storey classroom building. "Mount Hawthorn primary is a sought-after school and enrolments have surged by nearly 60 per cent in the past nine years," Mr Collier said. "Planning will begin in early 2017 for three early childhood learning areas and four general classrooms. To make the best use of space, they'll be built on two levels." Architects will be appointed at the start of 2017 to design the new building, and construction is expected to begin in 2018. "Two old pre-primary classrooms on the western boundary will be demolished to make way for the new building, which will have a modern design and the latest technology," the Minister said. The development will see state-of-the-art permanent facilities at the school to provide enhanced education opportunities for students. "The Liberal National Government is committed to providing outstanding education facilities right around Western Australia," Mr Collier said. Fact File Mount Hawthorn Primary School enrolments are expected to grow to more than 950 by 2025 Since 2009, a total of $3.1 billion has been spent building 41 new schools, 15 replacement schools and 1,424 new classrooms, with a further 21 new schools due to open by 2020 Minister's office - 6552 6300
More than $500,000 in grants for local sporting clubs31189Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html8/12/2016 3:08:10 AM2016-12-08T03:00:00Za ​Liberal National Government provides $576,482 for local sport and recreation upgrades 23 community sporting projects receive funding across WA Community sport across Western Australia will benefit from the latest round of Liberal National Government grants for sport and recreation projects. Sport and Recreation Minister Mia Davies today announced 23 projects, ranging from floodlighting to cricket nets and skate parks, would receive funding through the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) Small Grants round. "While these projects might seem small, they go a long way to improve the amenity for local communities," Ms Davies said. "These works can do a lot to help attract new members and welcome more people to participate in sport and active recreation. For example, lights for courts and fields can mean more teams can play or those in hot areas can enjoy sport in cooler temperatures. "This Liberal National Government has invested more than $157 million in 1,000 sport and recreation facility projects through CSRFF across the State since 2009." Offered twice a year by the Department of Sport and Recreation, CSRFF Small Grants for projects under $200,000 are specifically for local sport and recreation clubs and local governments, requiring financial help to complete a project that might otherwise be out of reach. Twenty-three grants totalling $576,482 will be disbursed in this round. "The provision of quality sport and recreation facilities is important for strong, connected communities," the Minister said. Of the projects, 15 are from regional Western Australia ($326,017) and eight are from the metropolitan area (totalling $250,465). Fact File The 2017-18 CSRFF February Small Grants round opens on February 1, 2017 and closes on March 31, 2017 For a list of recipients, visit http// Minister's office - 6552 5500
Targeted campaign against meningococcal W31187Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html8/12/2016 2:32:10 AM2016-12-08T02:30:00Za ​One-off Kalgoorlie immunisations after five linked cases of MenW in two months Free ACWY vaccine for 0-4 and 15-19 year-olds in Kalgoorlie and surrounding towns For information on clinic times and vaccine availability call 1800 131 231 A one-off meningococcal ACWY vaccination program begins on Monday (December 12) for people living in Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Coolgardie and Kambalda, following a recent community outbreak of the W strain (MenW). Announcing the campaign today, Health Minister John Day said it would target the groups most at risk of meningococcal disease, children aged four years and under, and 15 to 19-year-olds. "Our priority is the Kalgoorlie area because, in the past two months, five linked cases of the MenW strain have been identified," Mr Day said. "Tests just completed indicate these cases are genetically connected and there is local transmission of a particular type of MenW, triggering this targeted intervention. "The Department of Health ran a similar program in a remote Kimberley Aboriginal community in August this year, and no further cases have been reported there." The Minister said young children, especially Aboriginal children, and older teenagers were the most susceptible. "Of the 27 meningococcal W cases diagnosed in WA since 2000, 37 per cent were in children aged four years and under, while 22 per cent were adolescents aged 15 to 19 years," he said. "In addition, older teenagers are known to be the most likely to carry the meningococcal bacteria, so vaccinating this group is the best way of preventing them from passing it on to others in the wider community." Mr Day said from Monday, December 12, vaccination clinics would be set up in the Kalgoorlie area, in schools that had not yet closed for the year, and also at the Bega Garnbirringu Health Service and Community Health Clinics. The vaccine would also be available from GPs and other primary care providers. "Though meningococcal is an uncommon disease, it can progress rapidly," he said. "So it is crucial that people across the State, and especially in the Goldfields, are aware of the early signs and symptoms." These may include high fever, chills, headache, neck stiffness, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, confusion, and severe muscle and joint pains. Young children may not complain of symptoms, so fever, pale or blotchy complexion, vomiting, lethargy (blank staring, floppiness, inactivity, being hard to wake, or poor feeding) and rash are important signs. Sometimes - but not always - symptoms may be accompanied by the appearance of a spotty red-purple rash that looks like small bleeding points beneath the skin or bruises. "We are concentrating on Kalgoorlie and surrounding towns but, as always, WA's Communicable Diseases Directorate is closely monitoring the situation across the State," the Minister. Residents in the Kalgoorlie area can call 1800 131 231 for information on clinic times and vaccine availability. For more information about the meningococcal disease W program, visit http// Fact File Overall, the incidence of meningococcal disease has decreased significantly in WA during the past decade, with about 20 cases now reported each year, down from a peak of 86 cases in 2000 17 cases of meningococcal disease were reported in 2015, with 22 cases reported so far in 2016 There are several types of meningococcal disease but MenW is now most prevalent MenW has been increasing annually since 2013, with one case notified in that year and 14 cases so far this year Only six cases of MenW were diagnosed in WA in the 13-year period from 2000 to 2012 The five Kalgoorlie MenW cases comprised three young Aboriginal children and two non-Aboriginal young adults All have made, or are expected to make, a full recovery Minister's office - 6552 6200 WA meningococcal trends 2012-2016 ​Year of onset​​​​​Serogroup20122013201420152016 (to December 8)TotalcasesB1512139554C222​​6W​1241421Y111227Unknown1​​214Total cases191618172292
Gascoyne Master Plan released for comment31185Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html8/12/2016 1:30:13 AM2016-12-08T01:30:00Za ​Draft master plan to support growth in regional food production Part of Liberal National Government's Royalties for Regions-funded Water for Food program A draft Gascoyne Master Plan to guide future expansion of the Gascoyne food production industry has been released for public comment. Water Minister Mia Davies said a $25 million commitment from the Liberal National Government was included in the plan to upgrade a pipeline delivering bulk water to irrigators from Carnarvon's southern borefield. "The master plan builds on key strategic work already undertaken by the local community, including input from the Carnarvon Ministerial Advisory Committee, and was developed by the departments of Water and Agriculture and Food in consultation with other government agencies and the Gascoyne Community Reference Group," Ms Davies said. "It demonstrates how through targeted investment, producer innovation and more efficient use of water and land, the community and State Government can drive the region's economic growth." The plan makes recommendations around providing stronger industry leadership, securing water and land resources, improving productivity and marketing, and planning for appropriate supporting infrastructure. To underpin the State Government's commitment to facilitating the implementation of several of the key recommendations of the master plan and finalising the CMAC report recommendations, the Minister for Water made several key announcements in Carnarvon yesterday allocating $300,000 to establish the Gascoyne Water Co-operative as the single bulk irrigation water service provider in the region increasing water security by making an extra one gigalitre of water available to existing irrigators in the precinct providing $450,000 to establish a single peak industry body that builds primary producer business capacity and drives strategic development. Agriculture and Food Minister Mark Lewis said the master plan provided the framework for bringing together the elements required to double the value of food production by 2030. "Improved water availability and delivery, more land and a common strategic direction supported by a new peak industry body will provide the confidence needed to attract investment in agrifood production in the region," Mr Lewis said. "Work on the northern borefield is almost complete and under this plan, final steps will be made to allow full take and delivery of the extra four gigalitres of water for horticulture expansion developed under the Gascoyne Foodbowl initiative." Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the draft plan and associated steps underway were positive news for the region's food production aspirations. "We have provided $450,000 over two years, through the Gascoyne Development Commission, to support the establishment of a peak industry organisation, which is another priority action of the draft plan," Mr Redman said. "Primary producers, water service providers, industry and State and local governments all have a role to play under this plan, developing food precincts by working on the synergy of water availability and delivery, and suitable land and downstream processing opportunities. "Our success in achieving significant growth in food production will be built on the work of the past, with a clear, strategic direction for combined action into the future, under this plan." Fact File The master plan project will align all current initiatives with the Gascoyne Regional Development Blueprint vision of doubling the value of primary food production in the Gascoyne Targets under the master plan are for the value of food production to increase from $165 million to $400 million by 2030 To view the draft Gascoyne Master Plan and to find more information about how to comment on it, go to http// The public consultation period will run for two months, closing on February 10, 2017 Find out how Royalties for Regions is transforming your regional community at https// Water Minister's office - 6552 5500 Agriculture and Food Minister's office - 6552 6400 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700
Digital assessments to improve driver licensing21526Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements130html7/12/2016 11:43:22 PM2016-12-07T23:30:00Za iAssess application to enable driver assessment recording Technology to improve licence processing times and learner driver experience The Liberal National Government is making life easier for people learning to drive with the implementation of iAssess - a mobile tablet application that electronically records Practical Driving Assessments (PDA). Transport Minister Bill Marmion said drivers undertaking a Practical Driving Assessment would now have their full assessment recorded digitally. "This technology will reassure drivers being tested that their assessment is fair, objective, transparent and easy to review if they have any concerns over the testing process," Mr Marmion said. "Analysis of data collected will enable the identification of trends showing where key driver behaviour needs to be improved and targeted with further education. "The iAssess application will link to existing licensing administration systems to streamline processing of assessment records, which means reduced waiting times for drivers following their test. "We want to ensure the driving licence assessment process is as equitable and convenient as possible for those being tested and those conducting the testing." With the successful trial of the iAssess application at Mirrabooka Driver and Vehicle Services Licensing Centre - the Department of Transport can confidently roll-out the new technology to all its centres. "This is another example of the Department of Transport embracing innovative digital solutions to improve services to the community, maximise the effectiveness of the driver testing process and make our roads safer for everybody," the Minister said. Fact File The iAssess project started in November 2015 and concluded in September 2016 Project objectives included an improved customer experience when undertaking a PDA improved processing times and increased transparency of the testing process the removal of the PDA manual paper-based system Minister's office - 6552 6800
Grants for creative youth projects21523Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements170html7/12/2016 11:38:11 PM2016-12-07T23:00:00Za Up to $10,000 in grants available for local governments and community organisations A new grants program, which aims to actively involve young people in the design, planning and implementation of local projects, is now open. Under the Youth Engagement Grants Program, local governments and community organisations can apply for up to $5,000 for activities or initiatives lasting up to six months, and up to $10,000 for longer term initiatives. Youth Minister Paul Miles said the new grants program would get young people involved in their communities in creative ways. "Young people have the right to be part of a community where they are treated with respect and feel safe, welcome and included," Mr Miles said. "This grants program is an opportunity for local governments and community groups to work in partnership to support young people's participation in their communities. "Through the program, young people will be supported and encouraged to participate in decision making, planning and delivering services and programs that meet their diverse needs." The program has been designed around the 'Our Youth - Our Future' youth strategic framework, which provides a whole-of-government framework to guide youth program and service planning in an integrated way. To be eligible, projects submitted for the new grants must address the framework's outcomes and follow the 10 principles in developing youth-friendly communities. "As valued members of the community, it is important that the State Government provides opportunities for young people to learn and develop life skills to help them to achieve their goals," the Minister said. Fact File For application guidelines, visit http// The Our Youth - Our Future, Youth Strategic Framework document is available at https// Minister's office - 6552 6600
Doing business with defence to boost jobs21521Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements420html7/12/2016 11:31:48 PM2016-12-07T22:30:00Za Inaugural Western Australian Defence Conference starts today Theme is 'Doing Business with Defence' Key decision makers, experts, supply chain purchasers and prospective suppliers in the defence industry will meet in Perth today for the first Western Australian Defence Conference. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the conference, organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, would provide local defence-related businesses with tools and information on how to make the most of the opportunities available. Mr Mischin said WA's defence sector had become one of the State's economic success stories, and the Liberal National Government was committed to further growing the industry and securing local jobs for decades to come. "Western Australia has the infrastructure, capability and expertise to deliver future defence programs and local businesses are ready to take on a greater role in the defence industry," he said. "Nowhere else in Australia can you find an experienced shipbuilding industry with the likes of ASC, Austal, BAE Systems, Raytheon, SAAB and Thales in one location, directly opposite the nation's biggest naval base, HMAS Stirling. "There are currently more than 180 defence-related companies providing up to 4,000 direct jobs for contracts worth more than $700 million. "Today's conference will inform local businesses how they can enter the defence market and also provides assistance for those currently in the supply chain on how to maximise opportunities." The Minister said the Liberal National Government was supporting WA businesses to secure defence industry work through its Industry Facilitation and Support Program, which had provided $4.4 million to 257 small-to-medium sized enterprises since 2011. "This has resulted in more than $330 million in contract awards and 625 new employment opportunities, including 73 apprenticeships," he said. "The current round is offering local businesses up to $25,000 in matched funding to assist them to further develop their products and services and ultimately increase their competitiveness. The scope of this round extends to cyber security and drones, which are becoming increasingly important in the defence industry." Fact File Last year, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia initiated the WA Defence Industry Council to bring together WA's defence industry to work with both the Australian and WA governments to deliver best value outcomes for Australia For more information, visit https// Minister's office - 6552 5600