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Our State Budget 2016-17: Securing our economic future - $30 million lays foundation for new discoveries778991Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 6:48:26 AM2016-05-27T06:35:00Za$30 million over three years to encourage exploration Made possible by the State Government's Royalties for Regions program The Liberal National Government has reinforced its commitment to encourage resources sector exploration with $10 million a year for the next three years committed to the Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) in the 2016-17 State Budget. The investment will be made possible by the Government's Royalties for Regions program from 2017-18. Mines and Petroleum Minister Sean L'Estrange said given the current economic climate and where Western Australia sat in the commodities cycle, continued investment through the EIS was essential to encourage exploration. "Ultimately we will be finding new deposits, leading to the mines of the future and jobs for future generations," Mr L'Estrange said. "The exploration stage of the mining cycle is high risk and the scheme freely provides valuable pre-competitive regional geoscience and commodity information to help reduce the technical and financial risks for companies laying the foundations of more discoveries." The EIS has been funded for a total of $130 million since 2009 and consists of a number of programs focused on the regions, including the highly successful Co-funded Exploration Drilling Program. WA's global profile as an attractive destination for investment has also been boosted by the scheme, including being ranked in the Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies 2015 as the most attractive jurisdiction in the world for exploration and mining investment. Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the Royalties for Regions investment in the EIS would support the long-term sustainability of regional WA. "Exploration activity stimulated by the scheme provides opportunities for direct and indirect jobs and prospects for business development," Mr Redman said. "Royalties for Regions is investing in a sustainable economic future for regional WA and I look forward to seeing the flow-on benefits to our regional communities." Mr L'Estrange said the discovery of the Nova nickel deposit and the recommencement of mining at Mount Magnet were among the success stories of co-funded deep exploration drilling. "Achievements like these ensure that for the long-term WA's resources sector will continue to underpin the State's economy which will benefit all West Australians," he said. Fact FileAn independent economic review of the EIS undertaken in November 2014 predicted a long-term benefit to the State of $23.7 million for every $1 million invested in the scheme, including increased State royalties of $6.2 millionSince 2008, the State Government has invested $6.9 billion into more than 3,700 Royalties for Regions-funded projects and programs, including transfers to the Future Fund and other Special Purpose Accounts Mines and Petroleum Minister's office - 6552 6900 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700
Seven golden rules for safe prospecting778989Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 5:23:05 AM2016-05-27T05:15:00ZaCampaign highlights safe and sustainable practices during the peak prospecting periodPLBs save lives and search resources Mines and Petroleum Minister Sean L'Estrange was in Kalgoorlie-Boulder today to launch the annual Seven Golden Rules for Prospecting campaign. Mr L'Estrange said the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) had issued more than 17,000 Miner's Rights prospecting permits in Western Australia in the past five years. "The issuing of more than 17,000 permits shows the growing popularity of gold prospecting in the State, however safety should always be a prospector's number one priority," he said. "WA's outback can be a harsh, remote environment, which is why personal safety is such an important consideration when prospecting." Mr L'Estrange urged all prospectors to carry Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) when in remote areas. "PLBs are the best way of avoiding what can be a tragic outcome of getting lost in the Goldfields and the outback. If you're not carrying a beacon, you're not taking enough responsibility for your life," he said. "Four years ago, a month-long search ended in tragedy and sparked the push for PLBs. In contrast, a search conducted last year found the missing person just four hours after his device began sending out signals." The device, which can be purchased from most outdoor stores, is ideal for use in remote areas as it does not rely on telecommunication networks to submit a signal. Deputy Premier and Police Minister Liza Harvey said of the land searches conducted in WA in 2015, there were six for missing prospectors. "The land searches included four in the Goldfields-Esperance District and two in the Mid West-Gascoyne District," Mrs Harvey said. "We have had tragic outcomes in the past after people have become lost. The choice to carry a beacon should be an easy one for prospectors." The Seven Golden Rules for prospecting areObtain a Miner's Right permit - when prospecting on vacant Crown landPut safety first - your safety is your responsibilityObtain a 40E permit - prior to prospecting on an exploration tenementGet written permission - if you want to prospect on someone else's mining tenementComply with all legal requirements - when prospecting on a pastoral leaseShow respect when on Crown land - because it is used by other people or set aside for many purposesFill any holes - repair any ground disturbances that you make. Fact FileSearches for missing prospectors average 11.3 hours but many last one or two daysAircraft searches cost up to $5,000 per hourThe coroner recommended carrying PLBs after the 2012 death of Michael GrahamDuring the past five years, DMP has issued more than 17,000 Miner's RightsA Miner's Right is the most common prospecting permit used by tourists visiting WA and allows holders to prospect on Crown land with handheld tools, such as a metal detector, and to take and keep samples or specimens up to 20 kilogramsThe Seven Golden Rules campaign will see DMP offices, tourist bureaus, libraries and caravan parks targeted with posters, brochures and bookletsFor more information about prospecting, visit the nearest Mining Registrar's office to obtain a copy of Prospecting in Western Australia or download from http// Mines and Petroleum Minister's office - 6552 6900 Deputy Premier and Police Minister's office - 6552 5900
Design of new Pingelly Health Centre unveiled778986Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 4:17:32 AM2016-05-27T04:15:00ZaInnovative, energy efficient new centre to replace Pingelly HospitalPart of the Southern Inland Health Initiative, made possible by Royalties for Regions The design of the new Pingelly Health Centre has been unveiled as part of the State Government's $500 million Southern Inland Health Initiative funded by Royalties for Regions. Health Minister John Day said the innovative new Pingelly Health Centre would provide enhanced primary and community care facilities, including 24/7 emergency care. "The primary health centre at Pingelly will bring together healthcare providers focused on the promotion of good health, the prevention and early detection of illness and the management of chronic disease to help people stay well and out of hospitals," Mr Day said. The facility will include an emergency department with ambulance bays and Emergency Telehealth Service videoconferencing facilities. There will also be four multi-purpose consulting rooms enabled with telehealth and group therapy rooms to deliver a range of health services including physiotherapy, occupational speech therapy, child health, mental health and community-based aged-care services. The centre will also have general practice consultation rooms and treatment spaces allowing for co-ordinated patient care between the local GP and other health professionals. The designs by Oldfield Knott Architects for the new Pingelly Health Centre are a result of extensive planning by WA Country Health Service Wheatbelt staff and local community members. A local project user group was established to drive community input into the design of the facility and the services to be provided. "The result is a visionary design, including pavilion-style pitched roofs and Salmon Gum coloured face bricks. The 25kW solar panels that have been incorporated onto the roof will save around $10,000 per year in electricity costs," Mr Day said. Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said investment in health infrastructure was fundamental to the ongoing growth of regional Western Australia. "The new, purpose-built facility will support a contemporary health service and bring improvements in patient care," Mr Redman said. "This is another example of how Royalties for Regions is enhancing the delivery of sustainable services that meet the current and future healthcare demands of our regional communities." Construction is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2016 and be completed by early 2018. Fact FileThe Southern Inland Health Initiative's $300m capital works program includes about $40m to redevelop and reform two small hospitals in Cunderdin and Pingelly to create new fit-for-purpose health centres and to refurbish two small health services in Dongara and Mullewa, transforming them into contemporary primary care centresThe Southern Inland Health Initiative is improving access to medical and emergency coverage, providing new and improved modern health facilities and new models of health care deliveryThe program is part of the State Government's Bigger Picture - Health Click here to view the design of the new Pingelly Health Centre Health Minister's office - 6552 6200 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700
Lotterywest grant for Mental Health Law Centre778981Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 2:13:23 AM2016-05-27T02:00:00Za$129,033 grant to improve online legal support services for people with mental illness Funding to develop information technology and website, and extra telephone advice lines People with severe mental illness requiring legal advice and representation will benefit from improved online services funded by a $129,033 Lotterywest grant. Mental Health Minister Andrea Mitchell said enhanced information technology at the Mental Health Law Centre WA Inc would enable more people with mental illness to obtain online support. "The centre provides services to support people who are often receiving care as involuntary patients in hospital, during a stressful time in their lives," Ms Mitchell said. "This includes a telephone advice line manned by volunteers with legal experience, which has provided 1,300 hours of help since July 2015, allowing the legal team to dedicate time to more complex matters. "Ready access to expert information and advice to deal with legal problems relating to mental health issues is vital to the welfare of those affected and their families and carers, who too often experience discrimination and disadvantage. "This includes advising about the application of the new Mental Health Act 2014 and helping people under involuntary treatment orders during review by the Mental Health Tribunal." The Minister said the Mental Health Law Centre also provided legal education and training in mental health issues and was involved in law reform and policy work to promote the legal and social rights of people with mental illness. Fact FileEstablished in 1997, and partially funded by the State Government, the Mental Health Law Centre is an independent, not-for-profit community-based organisation which provides a free, confidential specialist legal service for West Australians with severe mental illnessSince its establishment in 1932, Lotterywest has returned more than $4 billion to the Western Australian communityWA is the only State where money raised from lottery products is distributed directly back to the community to support not-for-profit organisationsLast financial year, Lotterywest raised $283 million to support the WA communityFor more information, visit http// Minister's office - 6552 5400
Mills Park Community Centre officially opened778982Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 2:17:27 AM2016-05-27T02:00:00ZaPremier officially opens the Mills Park Community Centre in BeckenhamCentre is WA's first 6-Star Green Star public buildingState Government provides $8 million in support for community infrastructure Premier Colin Barnett has officially opened the new Mills Park Community Centre in the City of Gosnells, made possible by $8 million in State Government grants. The community centre is part of the Mills Park redevelopment, a district hub catering to community, sport and recreation activities with specialist facilities to accommodate local groups. Mr Barnett said the infrastructure project was the largest the city had ever undertaken and would increase social, leisure and recreational opportunities for the local community, while preserving the park's natural assets. "I congratulate the City of Gosnells for developing an outstanding community hub which brings state-of-the-art recreation, community and sporting facilities to the area," he said. "The Mills Park redevelopment received $4 million in funding through a Lotterywest grant, and a further $4 million through the Department of Sport and Recreation." At the heart of Mills Park is the community centre. The building is Western Australia's first 6-Star Green Star public building and includes a community hall, function centre, meeting rooms, multi-purpose activity spaces, club rooms, cafe, change rooms, public amenities and a kindy gym. "This outstanding building demonstrates not only a commitment to bringing a growing community together, but also to sustainable building practices," the Premier said. Sport and Recreation Minister Mia Davies said the city received a grant of $2 million from the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund in 2014-15 and an extra $2 million in the 2015-16 forward planning round. "This money is going towards a wide range of sporting facilities at Mills Park including tennis courts, two reconfigured playing fields, floodlighting, cricket nets, two multi-purpose synthetic soccer fields, a skate park and change rooms, plus a contribution to the sporting clubrooms in the Mills Park Community Centre," Ms Davies said. Along with the community centre, the Mills Park redevelopment also includes a skate plaza, nature play space, piazza, sporting infrastructure and walkways. The piazza, which features a stage area and viewing space, will be a venue for events and festivals in the city. The fully accessible nature play space is five times larger than was available previously and connects to a network of well-lit walkways to provide further opportunities for the community to connect with the natural environment. The site also includes the State's first full-size artificial soccer pitches which are home to two local clubs. Mr Barnett acknowledged the hard work of the City of Gosnells in working collaboratively with residents to develop a recreation space that would provide for a connected community. "Extensive consultation will ensure these facilities meet the needs of the city and will be enjoyed by the local community for many years to come," he said. The Mills Park Master Plan was finalised in December 2014, with construction beginning in April 2015. Stage 2 began in November 2015 with an expected completion date of February 2017, four months ahead of schedule. The total cost of the redevelopment is $47 million with Lotterywest and the Department of Sport and Recreation each providing $4 million and the City of Gosnells contributing the balance. Fact FileThe Mills Park space is bounded by Roe Highway, Brixton Street and Bickley Road, BeckenhamThe redevelopment includes a new community facility, expanded green areas, walkways, boardwalks, new sporting infrastructure, increased car parking, improved irrigation, rehabilitation of the wetlands and waterways, a significant nature play space, piazza and youth spaceWA is the only State where money raised from lottery products is distributed directly back to the community to support not-for-profit organisationsFor more information, visit http// The Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund exemplifies the State Government's commitment to the development of sustainable infrastructure for sport and recreation across the State Premier's office - 6552 5000 Sport and Recreation Minister's office - 6552 5500
Rockingham hospital marks 40 years of caring778979Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 1:17:03 AM2016-05-27T01:00:00ZaLocal milestone in decentralised healthcareExtended services now include chemotherapy and intensive care Health Minister John Day today congratulated staff at Rockingham General Hospital on their dedication and teamwork, as the healthcare centre celebrates its 40th birthday. Mr Day said the hospital had expanded the scope of services on offer since opening in 1976 and was now an advanced health facility caring for a diverse community. "Since the mid-1970s it has trebled in size," he said. "Rockingham's dedicated staff now expect to see more than 23,000 inpatients, 94,000 outpatients and 54,000 emergency department presentations a year. "More than 1,700 babies are delivered every year, providing fundamental care to the local community close to home. Intensive care and chemotherapy are among the other services also provided. "Rockingham as a thriving hospital that now integrates teaching the next generation of health professionals, with excellent patient care." The Minister acknowledged the staff and volunteers who worked hard to make the hospital an important and much-appreciated part of the community. "The key to any successful healthcare service is the people who are committed to delivering caring, high-quality services day-in day-out," he said. "Rockingham General Hospital is no exception, with some staff who have been with the service since it opened. There is also great support from more than 200 volunteers. "Today's celebration is well-deserved and I wish everyone all the best in continuing to provide safe, quality care for many years to come." Fact FileThe Rockingham Kwinana District Hospital opened on May 28, 1976An emergency department was added in 2003It was renamed Rockingham General Hospital after a $116 million redevelopment was completed in 2010The hospital now provides medical, surgical and mental health services Minister's office - 6552 6200
Rehabilitation begins on legacy Goldfields mine site778977Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html27/05/2016 12:24:08 AM2016-05-26T22:00:00ZaRehabilitation plans released for former Pro-Force siteStage 1 includes detailed site assessment to identify safety and environmental concerns Mines and Petroleum Minister Sean L'Estrange today released proposed rehabilitation plans for the State's second abandoned mine pilot project located near Coolgardie. Mr L'Estrange said an information sheet about the former Pro-Force gold processing site outlined three stages of the project which would be carried out under the Abandoned Mine Lands Program using the Mining Rehabilitation Fund. "The objective of the work is to improve community safety risks associated with the site which is adjacent to the Gorge, a public area water reserve located two kilometres east of the town," he said. "For some time, concerns have been raised by the community about antisocial behaviour and illegal dumping at this derelict plant, as well as the safety aspects of an unsealed vertical shaft and the five-metre deep excavated trench adjacent to the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway." Stage 1 of the work will include a detailed site assessment to identify the degree of the safety and environmental concerns. During this stage, in collaboration with the Shire of Coolgardie, local people will have the opportunity to contribute to the proposed plans and longer-term solutions through a consultation process. Stage 2 involves making this site safe and is expected to be completed by December 2016. "This is a positive start to removing what has been a long-term blight on the entrance to the town of Coolgardie. It is a real win-win for the community, the Shire of Coolgardie and the State Government," the Minister said. Western Australia's award-winning Mining Rehabilitation Fund is a pooled fund contributed to by industry which provides a dedicated funding source to undertake rehabilitation works on abandoned mine sites to address associated safety and environmental concerns. Fact FileThe Pro-Force information sheet is available on the Department of Mines and Petroleum's websiteThe first abandoned mine project was Black Diamond in Collie Minister's office - 6552 6900
Solar-powered future in WA-first off-grid power778832Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7950html26/05/2016 1:02:49 AM2016-05-26T01:00:00ZSolar-powered, stand-alone power systems installed in Esperance Five solar-powered, stand-alone power systems have now been installed in Esperance as part of the restoration effort in the wake of last year's devastating bushfires. Energy Minister Mike Nahan said the last of the five systems, which belonged to Cape Le Grand farmers John and Val Locke who lost powerlines and poles on their property in the November 2015 bushfires, had now been installed. Dr Nahan said four customers across five properties had taken up the opportunity to partner with Horizon Power in the WA-first project after more than 320 power poles and hundreds of kilometres of powerlines were destroyed in the bushfires. "I commend Horizon Power for identifying that we could offer these customers a solar-powered, stand-alone power system, which incorporates battery technology and is not connected to the grid," he said. "This is a WA-first project offering an innovative solution for customers instead of rebuilding this part of the network, which is more susceptible to adverse weather and other causes of power interruptions. "These customers - including the Lockes - are pioneers of these new systems, which will be owned and operated by Horizon Power. The customers will pay the same cost for their electricity supplied by these units as they did previously for power supplied by poles and wires. "While the units won't be connected to the network, customers will receive the same service, including being able to call and rely on Horizon Power to respond to any unplanned power interruptions." The Minister said Horizon Power was working to identify other potential sites where stand-alone power systems could be a viable alternative to connecting to, or maintaining or replacing, the overhead network across its service area. Fact FileThe stand-alone power systems consist of solar panels and batteries, backed up by diesel generationIn the wake of the fires, Horizon Power rebuilt the vast majority of the network, reconnecting more than 400 customers within 10 days of the November 2015 bushfires in Esperance Minister's office - 6552 5700
Western Australia shifts to digital innovation778802Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements12720html25/05/2016 4:31:11 AM2016-05-25T04:30:00Z​State's first whole-of-government ICT strategy releasedReforms aim to save time and money for individuals, businesses and communities Plans include single State Government web portalTarget of 75% of Government-related public transactions completed online by 2020 Western Australia's inaugural information and communications technology (ICT) strategy aims to use continuous advances in technology to lower the cost of Government services for taxpayers. Releasing the whole-of-government Digital WA strategy today, Innovation Minister Bill Marmion said it was a practical vision to give West Australians easier access to quality services, whenever and wherever it was convenient for them. "Imagine having secure and relevant State Government services available through a single web portal anywhere, anytime and on any device - your computer, mobile phone or tablet - without the need to attend or call a Government office," Mr Marmion said. "From simply paying bills online to obtaining the latest information and data on everything Government that matters to you, that is the Digital WA promise once fully implemented. "Digital WA will also help entrepreneurs and start-up companies flourish, as they use Government open data sources to produce new products and services to meet the evolving needs of the community." The Minister said the Digital WA strategy would guide those changes over the next four years. "Our ICT bywords are innovation, collaboration and transformation and work has already started to ensure the success of the strategy," he said "In November last year, I launched the GovNext-ICT initiative which will improve how Government agencies pay for, and use, technology across the public sector. "GovNext-ICT helps agencies to migrate into the cloud, reduces the cost of running and maintaining systems, and connects all agencies into a single Government-wide network, enabling synergies to be realised that were previously impossible." Mr Marmion said Digital WA aimed to curb growth in the State Government's current $1 to $2 billion annual ICT spend. "The targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the strategy are ambitious, but reflect the Government's strong commitment to delivering enhanced digital services to West Australians," he said. "One of these KPIs is to have 75 per cent of all Government-related transactions completed online by the public by 2020." With the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer leading the collaboration across the State's more than 100 agencies, the shift to common platforms and the leveraging of cloud services will enable agencies to be more agile and responsive to the changing needs of the community. The Minister said the public was increasingly comfortable with online information and transactions. "The Digital WA strategy will accelerate the pace of digital transformation across the public sector, which will ultimately benefit all West Australians in accessing and using Government services," he said. Fact FileDigital WA is available online at http// Digital WA strategy is for the period 2016-20 and was developed in consultation with the public sector and the ICT industryIt is supported by policies on cloud, disaster recovery, digital security, interoperability and digital servicesDigital WA will give clear direction to Government agencies in their planning, investment and use of ICT, driving the delivery of projects on time and on budgetThe Office of the Government Chief Information Officer was established on July 1, 2015The office was required to deliver a whole-of-government ICT Strategy by July 2016 Minister's office - 6552 6800
Pastoral industry to play key role in reform778272Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7070html25/05/2016 3:34:31 AM2016-05-25T03:20:00ZNew industry review panel and industry advocate part of proposed changes to the draft Land Administration Amendment Bill 2016More than 350 people attended stakeholder forums across regional WA Western Australian pastoralists and other Rangelands industry representatives will have increased representation and greater input into land condition decisions under changes to the draft Land Administration Amendment Bill 2016. Lands Minister Terry Redman today announced the final drafting of legislation to deliver land tenure reform to the State's Rangelands, following months of consultation and feedback. Changes to the proposed legislation as a direct result of feedback includes creating a new role of industry advocate and an industry review panel to provide the Minister for Lands with independent advice on land condition issues relating to individual leases. "The new model gives lessees access to the type of representation they have not had before - the industry advocate will be available to lessees and may be able to provide advice that stops an emerging land condition issue from becoming too serious," Mr Redman said. "If the Minister is faced with making an adverse decision, a panel of three people chosen by industry will provide their advice, which the Government must take into account. The State Government is listening to Rangelands stakeholders so we can deliver a draft Bill into State Parliament that addresses their concerns and needs for the future." The Minister said a new type of land tenure, known as a Rangelands lease, would form part of the legislation, and would be an option for pastoralists wishing to diversify their property. The legislation also included a proposed statutory right of renewal for compliant pastoral leases and the ability to transfer permits with a pastoral lease. "The proposed draft Land Administration Amendment Bill 2016 is designed to help improve security of tenure for pastoral lessees, increase the value of pastoral leases, allow for more diverse land uses and unlock the potential of the Rangelands," he said. More than 320 people attended stakeholder forums as part of the Rangelands public consultation in Perth, Carnarvon, Broome, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Mount Magnet, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Port Hedland in April 2016. In addition, more than 30 people attended an Aboriginal consultation forum in Derby organised with the help of the Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation. It is expected the draft Bill will be introduced into State Parliament next month. Fact FileAttendees at the stakeholder forums represented the pastoral industry, Government agencies, environment organisations, Aboriginal groups and banking organisationsThe Department of Lands received more than 3,330 submissionsFor more information, visit http// Minister's office - 6552 6700
Smartphone navigates research grant778103Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4930html25/05/2016 2:29:30 AM2016-05-25T02:05:00Z$40,000 awarded to Curtin University for the Dr Louisa Alessandri Research GrantStudy to explore urban navigation using smartphonesGrant honours child health researcher Dr Louisa Alessandri Innovative research on how people with disability use smartphones to navigate urban spaces is the winner of the State Government's 2016 Dr Louisa Alessandri Research Grant. Disability Services Minister Donna Faragher awarded the $40,000 Disability Services Commission grant today and said the results from the Curtin University study would demonstrate how technology helped people with disability and could potentially shape future urban design. "The project will look at how people with disability are using smartphones to travel around suburbs, towns and cities," Mrs Faragher said. "This might include using a smartphone app to locate accessible taxi ranks or a local government's ACROD parking map to plan their journey." The research project will collect data from four people in three separate locations - Curtin University, Perth and Bunbury. Two participants will be wheelchair users and the other two will be vision impaired. The Minister said a new app would be developed to track and map the participants' movements from their smartphones' global positioning system. "The app will regularly capture the participants' phone use to see how mobile devices and apps are becoming an integral part of how people with disability travel around in urban spaces," she said. Mrs Faragher said the project's findings would be used to educate and inform local governments, disability service providers and allied health professionals on how accessibility of the urban environment could be improved for people with disability. Fact FileDr Louisa Alessandri (1963-1997) was a renowned child health researcher in WA and was a Disability Services Commission board memberFor more information, visit http// Minister's office - 6552 5300
Landmark Guildford Hotel reopens778102Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7170html25/05/2016 2:21:19 AM2016-05-25T02:00:00ZMuch-loved hotel rises from ashes to revitalise Guildford's main strip The stunning restoration of the State heritage-listed Guildford Hotel will be unveiled tomorrow, with the official reopening of the building devastated by fire nearly eight years ago. Premier and Tourism Minister Colin Barnett said the 1886 hotel was the jewel in the crown of the historic town of Guildford and its refurbishment returned a magnificent heritage and tourism asset to the community. "The cultural heritage significance of Guildford Hotel is beyond its bricks and mortar - the hotel has always been a visual and social focus of the local community," Mr Barnett said. "Its restoration has been undertaken with painstaking attention to detail and I am sure the hotel will not only be a magnet for locals, but for people from all over Perth who took a keen interest in the plight of the building after it was all but destroyed. "It was very welcome news when the hotel's owner announced a tenancy agreement with the Publican Group Australia to rebuild and reopen the building as a working hotel." Heritage Minister Albert Jacob said the Guildford was a fine example of Federation Free Classical architecture, demonstrating the prosperity and development of the area during the gold boom. "The Heritage Council was involved from the very early days after the fire, providing advice to the owners on measures to stabilise the building and also to recover, catalogue and store artefacts that could be salvaged from the fire," Mr Jacob said. "The State Government provided help with a heritage grant for $100,000 towards the reconstruction of the roof and belvedere." The refurbished Guildford Hotel offers a casual atmosphere with a beer garden and an upstairs bar featuring a retractable roof. The history of the Guildford has been woven into the restored hotel with original tiles, fireplaces, doors and windows retained. Giant jarrah roof beams and charred convict-made bricks have become features of the refurbished hotel. "I congratulate the owner and the Publican Group for taking on the conservation and refurbishment of Guildford Hotel, sensitively adapting and returning this heritage asset to the community," Mr Jacob said. Fact FileGuildford Hotel was entered in the State Register of Heritage Places in 1992For more information, visit http// Premier and Tourism Minister's office - 6552 5000 Heritage Minister's office - 6552 5800
Take-off for Halls Creek trial air service778033Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3730html25/05/2016 1:41:20 AM2016-05-25T01:05:00ZSubsidised public air service to operate between Kununurra and Halls CreekService to operate on a 12 month trial, with extension option A subsidised Regular Public Transport (RPT) air service allowing people to fly between Kununurra and Halls Creek will start on July 1, 2016. Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the service would be trialled for an initial 12 months, with an option for a 12 month extension depending on passenger demand. "The RPT air service, to be operated by local provider Aviair, will fly three days a week return from Kununurra to Halls Creek, providing Halls Creek residents and surrounding communities with regular access to air transport services," Mr Nalder said. "After consulting with various communities in the Kimberley regarding the current Kimberley Subsidised Air Service (KSAS), we found the majority of users were travelling from Halls Creek, with limited numbers travelling from Fitzroy Crossing to Broome and Derby to Broome." The trial service will replace the current KSAS, which operates on the Broome-Derby-Fitzroy Crossing-Halls Creek route. The Minister said the objective of the subsidised air route was to provide greater access for residents in Halls Creek and surrounding communities to services available in the larger centre of Kununurra. "Halls Creek residents and surrounding communities will now be eligible for subsidised fares when booking tickets. Non-residents are welcome to use the service, however they will receive a lower subsidy compared with Halls Creek residents," he said. Services on the current Broome-Derby-Fitzroy Crossing-Halls Creek route will cease operating on June 30, 2016 and will be replaced with the Kununurra to Halls Creek (and return) route. Fact FileThe new service will be operated by Aviair, with tickets available from June 1, 2016The new Kununurra to Halls Creek (and return) air service schedule will be available from June 1 on the Aviair website http// services will be trialled for 12 months, with a possible 12 month extension based on passenger demand Minister's office - 6552 6400
Our State Budget 2016-17: Supporting and protecting our community - A new leash on life: grants help abandoned pets778032Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5240html25/05/2016 1:22:32 AM2016-05-25T01:00:00Z$800,000 in 2016-17 State Budget to support companion animal shelters Thousands of unwanted and neglected cats and dogs will have a brighter future, following additional investment by the State Government to support animal rescue groups and shelters. Visiting the Dogs' Refuge Home in Shenton Park, Local Government Minister Tony Simpson today confirmed an extra $800,000 over four years for companion animal shelters, bringing the total investment by the Liberal National Government to $1.6 million. The funding will help six organisations to rescue, care and shelter abandoned pets and promote responsible pet ownership. "Animal Shelters in WA provide a tremendous community service, reducing the threat to native wildlife from strays and providing a stable adoption environment for pets," Mr Simpson said. "Shelters such as the Dogs' Refuge Home provide a caring environment for animals that may have been abused or neglected, ensuring they are micro-chipped, sterilised and vaccinated. "The Government is committed to encouraging responsible pet ownership and the Companion Animal Shelters grants program supports the legislation introduced by this Government to reduce the burden of WA's stray pets." Since its introduction in 2012-13, the program has resulted in more than 14,000 domestic pets being rescued, 11,600 being rehomed and 11,600 being sterilised. Treasurer Mike Nahan said the funding would help ease the financial burden on animal shelters. "This is another example of the Government's support for some of the fantastic work being undertaken by community sector organisations in WA," Dr Nahan said. Fact FileThe Dogs' Refuge Home in Shenton Park rehomes about 1,200 dogs per yearStaff from the shelter travel as far as Broome and Karratha to rescue stray dogs Companion Animal Shelters grant recipients belowWA State Budget statements are available at http// Local Government Minister's office - 6552 6600 Treasurer's office - 6552 5700 Companion Animal Shelters Grants - Recipients Cat Haven, Shenton Park - $75,000 per year Dogs' Refuge Home, Shenton Park - $75,000 per year Animal Protection Society, Southern River - $12,500 per year Swan Animal Haven, South Guildford - $12,500 per year K9 Rescue Group, Nambeelup - $12,500 per year SAFE Animal Shelters - $12,500 per year (across metropolitan and regional WA)
Two Perth places in nation’s top 10 tourist sites778024Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9210html25/05/2016 12:37:33 AM2016-05-25T00:30:00ZFremantle Prison and State War Memorial in Kings Park voted best landmarks For the fourth year running, world heritage-listed Fremantle Prison and the Kings Park State War Memorial have been named as two of the best landmarks in Australia by travel website TripAdvisor in its 2016 Travellers' Choice Awards. Environment and Heritage Minister Albert Jacob said Fremantle Prison was one of only two Western Australian sites in the exclusive list and came in as the seventh highest ranked landmark attraction in Australia. The State War Memorial was the other site, coming in at eighth on the TripAdvisor list. "This is visitor feedback at its simplest and purest form, because the top 10 landmarks are determined based on reviews submitted by travellers to the TripAdvisor website over the past 12 months," Mr Jacob said. "For Fremantle Prison to rank so well is a tribute to the dedication of the prison's staff and the wonderful work they do in offering programs and tours to engage visitors and provide them with enriching and entertaining experiences. "I was also pleased to see the State War Memorial on the list for the fourth year in a row. Its location overlooking the city from Kings Park makes it one of the most poignant and striking memorials in Australia and it deserves this high ranking." The Minister said the State Heritage Office was exploring opportunities for expanded uses and new visitor experiences at the prison. "We need to consider innovative ways to promote the use and sustainability of this wonderful heritage asset for future generations," he said. Fremantle Prison was recognised at the Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards in November 2015, winning gold medals in both the Major Tourist Attractions and Cultural Tourism categories. The prison opened to the public in 1992 and welcomes more than 190,000 visitors through the gates each year. TripAdvisor's 2016 top 10 landmarks are the Australian War Memorial in Canberra; Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge; Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne; Block Arcade in Melbourne; Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania; Fremantle Prison; State War Memorial in Kings Park; Australian Parliament House in Canberra; and Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Fact FileFremantle Prison, along with the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania, is one of 11 sites that make up the World Heritage Australian Convict SitesThe State War Memorial opened in 1929, with various enhancements including the Court of Contemplation in 1952 and the Flame of Remembrance in 2000 Minister's office - 6552 5800
Buy local program now on restaurant menu778023Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5620html25/05/2016 12:15:40 AM2016-05-25T00:05:00ZPopular 'Buy West Eat Best' initiative extended to WA restaurantsParticipating restaurants to showcase the State's best produce A State Government program championing the local food industry is now part of Western Australia's restaurant scene. Agriculture and Food Minister Dean Nalder said restaurants which offered mostly locally farmed or fished produce could now join the 'Buy West Eat Best' program. "This buy local scheme, run by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA, has earned strong support from consumers and producers since it was introduced in 2007," Mr Nalder said. "The popular green 'Buy West Eat Best' logo has been seen in grocery stores and supermarkets for years, and now it is set to feature in restaurant menus. "Restaurateurs have the opportunity to be part of this State-wide program, which is known for its passionate members, high-quality produce and brand integrity. "Participating restaurants must commit to ensuring at least 70 per cent of entree and main meals on the menu have Western Australian produce as the main characterising ingredient. "WA has some great produce which deserves to be celebrated. "I encourage those who are keen to support our local producers and showcase our State's outstanding produce to take advantage of this opportunity." More than 120 Western Australian food producers, manufacturers, retailers and restaurants now support the 'Buy West Eat Best' program. Fact FileBuy West Eat Best is a food labelling program that proudly supports the local food industry in WAFor more information, visit http// Minister's office - 6552 6400
Awards recognise business achievement777997Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5390html25/05/2016 12:05:41 AM2016-05-25T00:00:00ZWA Industry and Export Awards now open for applicationsOpportunity for national and international exposure for finalists and winnersAwards now in their 28th year Applications have now opened for the 2016 Western Australian Industry and Export Awards. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the awards recognised the outstanding contribution local businesses made to the development of the State's economy. "There are many diverse and dynamic businesses in WA which are excelling in their respective sectors and these awards acknowledge their hard work and talent," Mr Mischin said. Western Australian winners of the export categories automatically become finalists at the Australian Export Awards, providing an opportunity for recognition at a national and international level. The Minister said the State had a record of success at the national awards. "Last year, West Leederville seafood exporter, Austral Fisheries, won the Agribusiness category at the Australian Export Awards. The company has gone from strength to strength in the past four years, increasing its turnover by 84 per cent," he said. "Austral Fisheries has also recently committed to becoming the first international fishing operator to go carbon neutral, in what is further evidence of the company's drive for excellence. "I encourage the Western Australian business community to reflect on their successes and submit an application for this year's awards." The award categories cross a number of sectors, including manufacturing, agribusiness, education and training, marketing and design, minerals and energy, engineering, health and biotechnology, and digital technologies. Two new categories have been introduced this year - WA Women in International Business, to recognise outstanding export achievement by an enterprise led by a woman in any industry sector, and the WA Emerging Exporter. The awards will be presented at Crown Perth on Friday, October 28, 2016. Fact FileApplications close at 5pm WST on Monday, August 1, 2016 with finalists announced on September 8Businesses interested in applying are encouraged to attend one of the free roadshows in Perth on June 15 and Henderson or Busselton on June 16 For more information, visit http// or http// Minister's office - 6552 5600
Facilitating a competitive WA defence supply sector105832Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5360html24/05/2016 2:46:03 AM2016-05-24T02:35:00Z16 WA SMEs to receive share of more than $350,000 to up-skill and diversifyA mix of companies looking to secure a share of the $89 billion in defence worksIFSP has provided $4.4 million to 257 SMEs contributing to 565 jobs since 2011 Metropolitan and regional businesses across Western Australia will share in more than $350,000, as part of the defence-specific round of the State Government's Industry Facilitation and Support Program (IFSP). Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the assistance would enable the 16 small and medium-sized businesses to improve their competitiveness to secure work related to the Australian Government's multi-billion dollar defence programs. "The successful recipients will use this funding to up-skill and diversify their business base, including purchasing new equipment, upgrading facilities, and contracting finance and marketing experts," Mr Mischin said. "The program will help these businesses to be in the best position possible to bid for defence-related contracts. It is pleasing to see a number of the companies have taken the opportunity to access this funding to help transition into the defence space. For example, Award Signs in Bellevue will expand its premises to create more space and purchase a latex printer. "Award has been reliant on the resources sector for a number of years and with the change from construction to operation, the company is now looking to supply other areas including defence. This direct investment into their business will boost its capacity to respond to current and future customer needs." Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the State Government's Royalties for Regions program contributed $130,000 to this round. "This dollar-for-dollar industry assistance program has supported 257 Western Australian-based SMEs to win 539 major contracts valued at $313 million since 2011," Mr Redman said. "IFSP has been an extremely successful program with the State Government's $4.4 million investment in local industry, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in major contracts that have created 565 new jobs, including 66 apprenticeships." Fact FileThe IFSP is administered by the Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Australian Industry & Defence Network - Western Australia WA is home to more than 150 design, support and service companies which support manufacturing for the local maritime, defence and resource sectorsIn 2013-14, defence contracts in WA totalled an estimated $624 million, creating up to 3,000 jobs IFSP defence round recipients belowFor more information, visit https// Commerce Minister's office - 6552 5600 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700 IFSP Defence Round Recipients Award Signs (WA) Pty Ltd (Bellevue) - $24,105 to upgrade their premises and to purchase a latex printer IKAD Engineering Pty Ltd (Bibra Lake) - $30,000 to purchase a welding machine, roll plates, gas monitors and lathes COSA Group Rentals (Bibra Lake) - $4,353 to purchase equipment Overflow Industrial Pty Ltd (Bunbury) - $20,092 to purchase fibre optic termination and testing equipment Avid EPG Group (Forrestfield) - $15,500 to upgrade existing manual bending and punching equipment GCo Electrical (Geraldton) - $30,000 to improve internal business infrastructure systems Wiltrading STACE Defence Pty Ltd (Henderson) - $24,900 to purchase camera equipment and upgrade the Customer Relationship Management system Kulin Group Pty Ltd (Henderson) - $13,400 towards strategic marketing services ScafWest Pty Ltd (Lansdale) - $30,000 towards strategic marketing services and equipment for an extra MOSY truck Fox Transportables Pty Ltd (Malaga) - $10,617 to employ an accountant for financial and business planning; and to purchase a new static line and power tools Western Advance Pty Ltd (Malaga) - $13,000 towards promotional activities Watmarine Engineering Pty Ltd (Naval Base) - $30,000 to purchase lathes and a forklift Fortis Consulting (Perth) - $29,088 to upgrade internal infrastructure Indigo Cabinets Pty Ltd (Wedgefield, Pilbara) - $30,000 to purchase an edgebander Pilbara Towing & Tilt Tray Services (Port Hedland) - $26,590 to purchase a super tilt tray Pilbara Landscapes Pty Ltd (Port Hedland) - $19,250 to purchase an excavator
Future submarine designer in Perth to talk innovation105831Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5660html24/05/2016 4:10:19 AM2016-05-24T02:30:00ZDCNS engages WA business and academia in technology transfer and innovation for future submarines French company DCNS is in Perth to discuss technology transfer and innovation for the design and build of the $50 billion future submarines with local businesses and academia. More than 200 people will today attend the innovation seminar, co-hosted by DCNS and the Department of Commerce, at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle. The French Navy frigate Guépratte will be docked at the Fremantle Wharf to coincide with the event. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the event demonstrated DCNS's commitment to building a national innovation environment for the project. "This seminar is about creating an environment for local businesses to collaborate on one of the largest industry and innovation projects underway in the nation," Mr Mischin said. "The State has a lot to offer the future submarine program. We have a strong culture of innovation teamed with the experience and proven track record to deliver international naval shipbuilding and sustainment programs. "Our world-leading research sector has been integral to the construction, and now operation and maintenance, of resource projects in the State. There are real opportunities to transfer this technology and knowledge to the naval defence programs." Guest speakers include DCNS, ASC, Thales, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University and Monash University. Innovation Minister Bill Marmion said the future submarine program was estimated to create 2,900 Australian jobs, as well as work for suppliers across Australia. "There are ample opportunities for the State to play a key role in the future submarine program. Today's event is a valuable opportunity for local businesses to hear from DCNS while also sharing their own experiences and skills," Mr Marmion said. "Nowhere else in Australia can you find an experienced shipbuilding industry with the likes of ASC, Austal, BAE Systems, Raytheon, SAAB and Thales in one location, directly opposite the nation's largest naval base, HMAS Stirling. "I am confident this State will continue to play a major role in the maintenance, upgrade and sustainment of all future vessels home-ported at HMAS Stirling. This Government will continue to promote WA's capabilities to our counterparts." Fact FileFor more information, visit http// Commerce Minister's office - 6552 5600 Innovation Minister's office - 6552 6800
New ring road improves access for Onslow105829Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7120html24/05/2016 12:00:01 AM2016-05-24T00:00:00Z3.5km entrance road into the town of Onslow completedDirect access from upgraded airport to town centre$14.1 million project to benefit residents, industry and tourists The completion of Onslow's new ring road is set to benefit residents, industry and local tourism. Officially opening the $14.1 million project today, State Development Minister Bill Marmion said the road would guarantee access to the town, even in cyclonic conditions. "This is important infrastructure for the growing Onslow community, giving certainty to locals and visitors to the area," Mr Marmion said. Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the road and surrounding works were especially important because they provided all-weather access between the town centre and the recently upgraded Onslow Airport. "Following cyclones, the previous road was prone to flooding from storm surges which hampered emergency services and prevented evacuations from occurring," Mr Nalder said. "To overcome this seasonal problem, the new road is constructed on an elevated alignment." The Onslow Ring Road project involved construction of 3.5 kilometres of new highway, including new intersections and remedial works on the existing Onslow Road. Mr Marmion said the works were funded by the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project, a major liquefied natural gas venture located 12km west of the town. "After extensive planning, new and upgraded facilities are being constructed, including the Onslow Shire Council administration centre and library, wastewater treatment plant improvements and housing for regional government officers," he said. Fact FileThe Wheatstone Project has committed more than $250 million to social and critical infrastructure in Onslow including health, recreation and utilitiesWheatstone is a joint venture between the Australian subsidiaries of Chevron, Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, Woodside Petroleum Limited and Kyushu Electric Power Company, together with PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd, part owned by TEPCOThe State Government has also committed about $70 million to local facilitiesConstruction began on the Onslow Ring Road project in November 2015For the full list and map of planned projects for Onslow, visit http// State Development Minister's office - 6552 6800 Transport Minister's office - 6552 6400