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Domestic Violence Bill to protect victims is closer to becoming law731Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml17/08/2017 4:13:12 AM2017-08-17T04:05:00Z ​Domestic Violence Orders (National Recognition) Bill 2017 passes Legislative Assembly Legislation will enable WA to participate in the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme The McGowan Government is one step closer to giving victims of family and domestic violence better protection with legislation that improves victim safety and perpetrator accountability. The Domestic Violence Orders (National Recognition) Bill 2017 this morning passed the Legislative Assembly and will now go to the Legislative Council next week for debate. This Bill will enable Western Australia to participate in the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme which is a cross-recognition scheme for those who have domestic violence restraining orders. The national scheme is due to start on November 25, 2017. Once the scheme is established, an order made in one State or Territory will automatically operate across all jurisdictions. Comments attributed to Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk "It is time for us to be able to provide consistent, instantaneous legal protection across State and Territory boundaries to enhance victim safety and perpetrator accountability. "Due to the previous Liberal National government's inaction, WA was lagging behind other jurisdictions and remains the only State that is yet to enact enabling legislation to join the national scheme. "This important step will ensure victims coming to or leaving WA to escape violence will have their domestic violence order, in effect, automatically recognised wherever they go under the scheme. "There will be no need to go to the court to get their existing orders registered or fill out more paperwork or tell their story to another court registrar or officer of the court. "They can get on with establishing their new home, secure in the knowledge that their domestic violence order will be upheld by police and courts in any State or Territory. "The introduction of the Bill is symbolic of the priority that the McGowan Government is giving to addressing family and domestic violence in WA." Minister's office - 6552 6600
New average speed safety cameras to be switched on724Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml17/08/2017 2:15:09 AM2017-08-17T02:15:00Z Mass media campaign warns Forrest Highway enforcement begins September 6, 2017 Two 27km zones (northbound and southbound) run between Lake Clifton and Binningup Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts has launched an education campaign informing drivers that Western Australia's first Average Speed Safety Camera Zone (ASSCZ) begins enforcement next month. From Sunday, television, digital, radio and billboard advertisements will warn Western Australian drivers that they will be penalised if caught speeding within the Forrest Highway zone from September 6, 2017. The Average Speed Safety Camera system captures the registration number and the time when a vehicle passes through the entry and exit points of the zone, then calculates the average speed which is compared to the posted speed limit. Speeding drivers can also be detected speeding at the entry and exit points of the zone. A six-month test period of the technology at the Forrest Highway site found a statistically significant decrease in the mean and high-level speeds, as well as a 14 per cent improved compliance of the posted speed limit within the zone. Comments attributed to Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts "The McGowan Government is committed to reducing road trauma on Western Australian roads, and speed is a significant factor in fatal and serious injury crashes in this State. "The Average Speed Safety Camera Zone on Forrest Highway is an effective way to slow drivers down and ultimately save lives. "This education campaign, which will include TV, radio, digital ads and billboards, begins two weeks prior to enforcement, and gives drivers plenty of notice if they speed on the Forrest Highway, they will be caught. "The Forrest Highway was chosen as the site for WA's first Average Speed Safety Camera Zone after analysis of crash data within the zone. "The cameras will be ready to begin enforcing when the ASSCZ legislation comes into effect on September 6." Minister's office - 6552 6900
Curtin University to offer Agribusiness degree at Muresk712Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml17/08/2017 12:31:28 AM2017-08-17T00:30:00Z Curtin University to offer an Associate Degree in Agribusiness from 2019 Course will offer flexible delivery modes, including on-site teaching at Muresk Institute The agricultural industry is an opportunity to diversify the economy and create jobs Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery today announced Curtin University will offer an Associate Degree in Agribusiness at Muresk Institute from 2019. The new course will provide flexible delivery modes including face to face teaching at Muresk and Curtin's Bentley campus, augmented with relevant hands-on and practical experience. Block teaching will also be considered as a means of addressing students' seasonal work commitments associated with the farming sector. Currently, 45 students are undertaking the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management course (BABM) delivered by Charles Sturt University with nine students enrolled in the course at the beginning of 2017. Current students in the BABM will have no change to their course. In 2016, the previous government commissioned an independent evaluation of the BABM degree because it identified consistent risks with the financial viability of the course from the onset because of the over estimation of student numbers in its modelling and therefore unrealistic revenue targets. Despite advice that those risks continued, even after an initial review, the previous government continued to fund a program that was not meeting targets and was financially unviable. The Associate Degree in Agribusiness at Curtin University will be a two-year program and will be a pathway into the full Curtin University Bachelor of Agribusiness. Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "Today's announcement of an Associate Degree in Agribusiness at Muresk shows this Government's commitment to growing the agricultural skills of our students. The agricultural industry offers the State an opportunity to diversify the economy to create more jobs. "There will be no change to the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management course for current students and they will be fully supported to complete their course." Comments attributed to Curtin University Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry "Curtin has a strong history and commitment to teaching and research in agriculture in Western Australia and is focused on growing our agriculture research base, developing skills for the agriculture and food sectors and supporting growth within the sector. We see the delivery of the Associate Degree in Agribusiness as part of this commitment. "To ensure this course meets contemporary industry needs, it is imperative it is developed in close consultation with industry. "Agriculture has evolved into agribusiness and has become a vast and complex system that reaches far beyond the farm, to include all those who are involved in bringing food and fibre to consumers." Comments attributed to Cronus Australia chief executive officer Peter Burgess "I have been an executive in the agriculture industry for more than three decades, and there has never been a more dynamic time for the sector. "WA's cattle and agricultural industry is on the road to double production in the State's north in order to service the ever developing markets in Indonesia, China and Malaysia. Growth in this market is likely to produce more than 1,000 agricultural industry jobs and WA needs to be ready. "Having job-ready graduates will be essential to our success and a Curtin University Associate Degree run out of Muresk will ensure we are well placed to meet industry demand." Minister's office - 6552 5700
Funds to be distributed to potato growers19572Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 7:00:50 AM2017-08-16T07:00:00Z ​McGowan Government to return more than $650,000 to potato growers Funds a combination of recovered Potato Marketing Corporation legal funds and court costs paid to the State Government by Galati Nominees Pty Ltd The McGowan Government has this week written to 74 Western Australian potato growers offering to return their share of more than $650,000 now available from settled legal actions. All Potato Marketing Corporation (PMC) funds, including those in a legal fund levied to pursue action against the Galati companies, were vested to the State Government when the PMC was abolished on December 31, 2016. Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan announced $484,316 recovered from the legal trust fund would be distributed back to growers, along with the $200,000 of costs paid by Galati Nominees Pty Ltd. An allocation calculation established by the Potato Marketing Corporation prior to its abolition has been used to ensure fair distribution of funds, based on market entitlements and levels of damages claimed. Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The distribution of these funds brings to an end the saga of the Potato Marketing Corporation, ensuring a fair distribution of remaining levies and cost payments. "The McGowan Government has drawn a line under the era of regulation of the potato industry and at the same time ensured a fair distribution to growers, many of whom continue to suffer losses as a result of tomato potato psyllid market access issues." Minister's office - 6552 6200
Life imprisonment laws for meth traffickers pass Parliament19569Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 7:56:08 AM2017-08-16T06:40:00Z ​State Government delivers on election commitment In a major milestone for the McGowan Government, tough new penalties which will see methamphetamine traffickers face life in prison have now passed through both houses of State Parliament. The Misuse of Drugs Amendment (Methamphetamine Offences) Bill 2017 increases the maximum sentence for trafficking 28 grams or more of meth from 25 years to life imprisonment. It also allows the judiciary to impose unlimited fines - an increase from the previous $100,000 maximum fine. The legislation passed through the Legislative Council overnight. It is the first legislative fulfilment of an election commitment by the McGowan Government and means Western Australia will now have some of the toughest penalties in the country. Those who manufacture, deal or traffic in meth will now face the prospect of life in prison. The laws are part of the McGowan Government's broader strategy and implementation of the Methamphetamine Action Plan. Comments attributed to Police Minister Michelle Roberts "This is a win for the community and is a clear indication of our priorities. "The community has been demanding action against those who deal in meth and we have moved swiftly to bring in laws which are among some of the toughest in Australia. "Dealers, traffickers and others in the drug chain who spread harm in our community need to know they will now face life in jail if they are caught." Minister's office - 6552 6900
New recycling centre walking the walk19568Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 6:18:41 AM2017-08-16T06:15:00Z ​New facility to encourage recycling and reduce unwanted junk going to landfill Helps reduce the impacts of illegal dumping in the Bullsbrook area The City of Swan's recycling centre is practising what it preaches - not only promoting re-use and recycling, but using recycled products in the construction of its new facility. Opening the Bullsbrook Recycling Centre today, Environment Minister Stephen Dawson praised the city for its innovative facility - designed with the environment in mind. All the roads and hardstands within the recycling centre were built using recycled road base materials and the on-site sheds have been re-used from the previous property owners. The recycling centre, located between the Bullsbrook and Ellenbrook town centres, will provide the community with a year-round facility to sort, recycle and re-use unwanted bulk items and waste materials. It will be free for all City of Swan residents. It forms the first stage of what will become a sustainable hub for the area including a tip shop, community workshops, community gardens and education centre. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson "Waste is an important issue for the McGowan Labor Government. We are committed to working with local governments and regional councils to reduce the volume of waste disposed of to landfill and increase recycling through initiatives such as this recycling centre here at Bullsbrook. "This new facility will help reduce the amount of material picked up in verge bulk collections and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. "This facility is a great example of collaboration between the State and local governments, providing fit-for-purpose infrastructure to the community." Minister's office - 6552 5800
WA supercomputer employed in water response to climate change19565Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 2:44:33 AM2017-08-16T02:40:00Z Responding to a changing climate with world-class groundwater science Using WA's supercomputing technology to manage water resources Water Minister Dave Kelly said Western Australia was continuing its reputation for using cutting-edge science to tackle climate impacts on water resources by employing the Magnus supercomputer in a program to protect Perth's vast network of valuable aquifers. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has spent the last four years conducting high-tech geophysical and drilling investigations into the Gnangara groundwater system, Perth's biggest water resource. The work is looking into the structure and connections of Perth's underground aquifers, the impacts of the drying climate and the use of the aquifers for water supply. Information gathered by water experts and the data 'crunched' with the help of Curtin University at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has led to advanced and detailed models of the groundwater systems under Perth. These models enable the department to explore detailed water planning and use scenarios with high levels of resolution and accuracy, to support long-term water management. This science advances the State's ability to calculate the best sites for new and innovative water infrastructure, such as managed aquifer recharge, where highly treated storm and wastewater can be captured in underground systems for later use. Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly "This is another great example, during National Science Week, of how Western Australia is using world-class science to benefit the community and support our environment. "This work is leading our response to managing the health of our aquifers and helping secure our water resources in the face of the increasing impact of climate change on our State's south-west. "By understanding how different parts of the groundwater systems are connected, and where and how water moves through the systems, we can identify locations and rates for taking groundwater or putting water back into the aquifers. "This science helps identify the best options for managing our groundwater to support the environment and benefit the community." Minister's office - 6552 6100
Local jobs created for METRONET tunnel segments19564Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 2:00:15 AM2017-08-16T02:00:00Z Production under way to create components for Forrestfield-Airport Link Pre-cast concrete plant created 60 local jobs and more through the supply chain Facility to produce more than 50,000 segments for the rail tunnels Local workers are ramping up production of the concrete segments that will form the walls of the eight-kilometre Forrestfield-Airport Link tunnels. A warehouse near the tunnelling site was transformed into the pre-cast facility so the concrete tunnel components could be made locally, creating jobs across the supply chain in Western Australia. The Forrestfield-Airport Link's pre-cast concrete facility opened in June, and 60 workers will soon be producing up to 132 concrete segments a day. There will be six unique segments produced at the plant, which fit together to form a single, waterproof ring. About 9,000 of the rings will be needed to build the twin rail tunnels that will eventually link the eastern foothills with the Perth central business district. Concrete is produced at the facility, cast into segments, set and then taken about two kilometres down the road to the site of the future Forrestfield Station. The concrete segments are fed into the tunnel boring machines, which use hydraulic lifters to fit the pieces in to place as it bores through the earth. TBM Grace, named after a local schoolgirl, was launched to much fanfare last month, while TBM Sandy will start its underground journey in September. Meanwhile, construction of the Airport Central and Belmont train stations along the new rail route is well under way. The Forrestfield-Airport Link project is jointly funded by the State ($1.37 billion) and Federal ($490 million) Governments. More information is available at http// Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "I'm very happy we've been able to create these local jobs - part of the 2,000 which will be generated over the life of the project - for the benefit of WA workers. "The Forrestfield-Airport Link is part of this Government's METRONET plan which will transform this city." Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "These 4.5-tonne concrete segments are the very bones of Perth's longest rail tunnel. "Once they are demoulded, these tunnel segments are loaded on to specialised multi-service vehicles at the Forrestfield site, driven into the excavated tunnel and slotted in to place by the high-tech tunnel boring machines. "Creating the individually cast segments is a highly precise process of cleaning the moulds, placing the segment reinforcement, concreting, curing, demoulding, waterproofing and testing. "This ensures the segments are durable and strong enough to enable trains to run through them for many decades to come." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Transport Minister's office - 6552 5500
Rare convict Ticket of Leave donated19561Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 12:24:50 AM2017-08-15T23:00:00Z Rare 1881 Ticket of Leave donated to Fremantle Prison Document to be part of 150th commemorations of the last convict ship to Australia Convict history part of WA's rich heritage A chance find has resulted in a rare 1881 convict Ticket of Leave being donated to Fremantle Prison after it was found tucked inside an old magazine. The Ticket of Leave belonged to William Bartlett, who was transported to Fremantle on the Hougoumont in 1868, the last convict ship to arrive in Australia. A Ticket of Leave allowed convicts to work for themselves and live in a given district of the colony before their sentence expired or they were pardoned. The Buckinghamshire horse dealer had been convicted of rape and sentenced to 15 years' transportation. Bartlett was forced to leave his wife and daughter behind in England. Bartlett worked in the Geraldton-Greenough area, and is believed to have given his Ticket of Leave to a priest in Geraldton for safekeeping. The document was passed down through the priest's family and was later found tucked inside a magazine by Julie Bateman from Murdoch, who had been clearing out her deceased aunt's house. WA police records show Bartlett was caught stealing a pig and was later charged with vagrancy after receiving his Ticket of Leave. He was remanded in the Mt Eliza Poor House before being sent to the Colonial Hospital where he died of a brain embolism in 1894. Bartlett's daughter died in England at the age of 14 and he left no other dependents. Comments attributed to Heritage Minister David Templeman "It is not often that a significant historical document is found in Western Australia in such good condition, particularly one relating to the World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison and the convict system. "The Ticket of Leave will form part of a new exhibition at Fremantle Prison about the history of convict transportation to Australia. The exhibition, called Transportation, will open on January 9, 2018 to mark the anniversary of the last convict ship to Australia. "Bartlett's story reminds us that, while many convicts did go on to redeem themselves and prosper, the convict system was a harsh and brutal regime that some did not survive." Minister's office - 6552 5400
Bill to target unexplained wealth from organised crime19560Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html16/08/2017 12:09:31 AM2017-08-15T22:00:00Z Corruption, Crime and Misconduct and Criminal Property Confiscation Amendment Bill 2017 introduced into State Parliament The McGowan Labor Government will today introduce new legislation which will provide the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) with important powers in the fight against corruption and organised crime in Western Australia. The Bill also restores the CCC's powers to investigate certain types of misconduct by Members of Parliament, closing a loophole created by the Liberal National Government in 2015. Comments attributed to Attorney General John Quigley "Before the election, WA Labor made a commitment to the people of WA that in terms of the methamphetamine trade we would attack the head of the snake. "Today, the McGowan Government is honouring the promise we made the community to crackdown on the organised crime syndicates that are poisoning our families with this evil drug. "This legislation unleashes the power of the Corruption and Crime Commission to investigate unexplained wealth that has been gathered by those in the drug trade and other criminal activities. "It won't be charged criminals that are called before the CCC to explain their ill-gotten gains; it will be individuals who have put themselves beyond the reach of the police and those who have got their profits without getting their hands dirty. "Serious and organised criminals are motivated by money and the illicit drug market is known to be their main source of profit. "Individuals with assets and a lifestyle way beyond any obvious means of earning that lifestyle will be the target of these laws. "This legislation sends a clear message to drug traffickers, financiers of large scale drug operations and bikie gangs that they are not untouchable and that the Corruption and Crime Commission stands ready to engage them. "The second purpose of this Bill is to restore the power of the Corruption and Crime Commission to investigate certain types of misconduct by Members of Parliament. "This will close a loophole created by the Liberal National Government which protects backbenchers from investigation." Attorney General's office - 6552 6800
McGowan Government welcomes reopening of Pilbara mine69477Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3740html15/08/2017 8:48:06 AM2017-08-15T08:40:00Z ConsMin's Woodie Woodie mine to reopen in the Pilbara Expected to create 300 jobs for Western Australians The McGowan Government has welcomed Chinese company Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry's (TMI) decision to restart the Woodie Woodie mine in the Pilbara. TMI will invest $30 million to bring the manganese mine back to life, located 400 kilometres south-east of Port Hedland, and is targeting production of 1.3 to 1.5 million tonnes per annum. The mine was placed on care and maintenance due to historically low manganese prices in February 2016. An initial 115 jobs have been secured to commence the restart and 300 people will be required at full-scale operation in October 2017. TMI purchased ConsMin, which is one of the four biggest manganese ore producers in the world, in May 2017. Manganese is used in the steel industry to make high-strength alloys in construction materials. Comments attributed to Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston "The reopening of Woodie Woodie is fantastic news for the Western Australian economy and a positive sign for the future of the mining sector. "The McGowan Government welcomes ConsMin's significant investment that will provide long-term economic benefits for the State. "We are committed to supporting Western Australia's mining sector and creating jobs." Comments attributed to ConsMin chief executive officer Oleg Sheyko "It was a very tough decision to close Woodie Woodie, but at the time it was simply unviable. "We are now confident in the manganese market outlook and with an exploration investment can see Woodie Woodie continuing into the future. "This is a great outcome for ConsMin, the Pilbara region and Western Australia." Minister's office - 6552 6700
10-year plan for Albany’s iconic conservation reserves69475Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3770html15/08/2017 6:37:47 AM2017-08-15T06:25:00Z State Government releases management plan for Albany coast parks and reserves Area extends along the coast and hinterland from Hay River in the west to the Pallinup River in the north-east, and includes nine island nature reserves The McGowan Government has today released the final plan for coast parks and reserves around Albany. The plan replaces the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve Management Plan 1995, West Cape Howe National Park Management Plan 1995 and the South Coast Regional Management Plan 1992. Albany coast parks and reserves are well known for their high conservation, recreation and heritage values and include several large, intact conservation reserves that protect high plant species diversity and important habitat for threatened flora and fauna such as the critically endangered Gilbert's potoroo. The area is important to Noongar people and is rich in cultural heritage. A total of 17 Aboriginal sites have been recorded on parks and reserves including seven mythological sites that feature in Noongar stories about the creation of features of the Albany landscape. Albany was the first official colonial settlement in Western Australia; the first Federal military base; the State's principal port before the development of Fremantle Harbour; and the last Australian port of call for World War I Anzac ships on their way to Gallipoli and the Western Front, and several heritage sites relate to these historical periods. The Albany coast draft management plan 2016 was released for public comment from May 6, 2016 to July 8, 2016, resulting in 27 submissions. The final management plan incorporates changes made as a result of public submissions. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson "Albany is a much loved destination and a drawcard for tourists with its spectacular coastline providing a range of popular recreational opportunities. "With attractions such as the internationally renowned Bibbulmun Track and the breathtaking Gap and Natural Bridge, the coastline's parks and reserves are significant for the local tourism industry and the wider community. "Many heritage sites are located on parks and reserves, and the cultural heritage of the area is important to Noongar people and the people of Albany and Western Australia. "The plan's area includes key refuges for threatened animals including the critically endangered Gilbert's potoroo as well as high plant species diversity and threatened flora and ecological communities." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Premier’s Science Awards recognise outstanding WA achievers69473Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements10200html15/08/2017 1:26:14 AM2017-08-15T01:00:00Z Professors Harvey Millar and Christobel Saunders joint winners of Scientist of the Year Emeritus Professor John Pate inducted into the WA Science Hall of Fame Western Australia's top researchers and science communicators have been recognised overnight at the Premier's Science Awards for 2017. The awards, in their 16th year, are decided by a judging panel led by WA's Chief Scientist, Professor Peter Klinken. This year, two outstanding winners shared the $50,000 prize for Scientist of the Year Professor Harvey Millar, Centre Director, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (The University of Western Australia); and Professor Christobel Saunders, Professor of Surgical Oncology, Head, Division of Surgery (The University of Western Australia). Other winners were Dr Asha Bowen - Woodside Early Career Scientist of the Year ($10,000); David Gozzard - ExxonMobil Student Scientist of the Year ($10,000); and CoderDojo WA - Chevron Science Engagement Initiative of the Year ($10,000). Emeritus Professor John Pate was inducted into the WA Science Hall of Fame in recognition of his decades-long career in plant ecology and physiology, which has greatly informed the knowledge of flora in WA. ExxonMobil, Chevron and Woodside have sponsored the awards since 2013. Supporting the awards ceremony this year were WA's five universities. For more information, visit http// Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "Professors Millar and Saunders both embody the very best of Western Australian aptitude and innovation, and have national leadership roles in their respective fields of plant science, and cancer research and treatment. "They are also working actively to educate the next generation of Western Australian scientific researchers and practitioners. "On behalf of the State Government, I'd like to congratulate all winners and finalists, and thank them for their contribution to the Western Australian community." Comments attributed to Science Minister Dave Kelly "Our 2017 winners are testament to WA's world-class efforts in areas such as medicine, agriculture and biodiversity, and radio astronomy. "CoderDojo was also recognised for its work to recruit the next generation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals through its open source network of fun, free and social computer programming clubs for people aged seven to 17." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Science Minister's office - 6552 6100
Lotterywest grant to support budding scientists69471Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5740html14/08/2017 6:00:19 AM2017-08-14T06:00:00Z $250,000 Lotterywest grant for Scitech's Discoverland zone Discoverland uses play to engage young children in STEM A Lotterywest grant of $250,000 will help Scitech engage and educate Western Australia's youngest budding scientists. Science Minister Dave Kelly visited Scitech today to announce the grant, which will contribute to the refurbishment of the early childhood zone. Discoverland is designed and built exclusively for infants to five year olds, and is a key strategy to help parents and children develop positive attitudes towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects from an early age. Scitech plans to upgrade and modernise the area, as well as building a new 'iconic' early childhood exhibit. The grant will also go towards creating a new catalogue of take-home and support material for parents and carers to support their child's ongoing learning. Lotterywest's contribution makes up more than half the budget of the $402,000 refurbishment, which is part of the broader 'Revitalising Scitech' project. Comments attributed to Science Minister Dave Kelly "The State Government is proud to support Scitech and its work in educating the next generation of Western Australian researchers and innovators. "Today's children are the STEM professionals of tomorrow, and Scitech plays a central role in connecting children and families to science from a young age "This grant will assist Scitech in its work to inspire the very youngest of visitors, introducing them to vital STEM building blocks such as counting and scale through play and fun. "In Australia, 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills. Engaging young people in science is a key priority of the McGowan Government as we look towards creating future job opportunities and diversifying our economy through the science industry." Minister's office - 6552 6100
Teachers tap into State’s brightest science minds58087Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8890html14/08/2017 2:00:10 AM2017-08-14T02:00:00Z Top burns specialist and WA Chief Scientist inspire teachers into STEM future at inaugural STEM Innovation Expo 500 public school leaders and teachers to inspire students to study STEM McGowan Government developing a STEM strategy to diversify the economy and create jobs Western Australia's best minds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics - known as STEM - joined public school leaders and teachers committed to inspiring students for the high-tech future. Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery opened the inaugural STEM Innovation Expo during National Science Week this morning to spark a transformation in public school classrooms across the State. She also launched a video to inspire girls to learn STEM at school. Industry experts, including burns specialist Professor Fiona Wood AM and WA Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken, joined teachers who led demonstrations to inspire students about STEM. The innovations on display include students building wind turbines and measuring their output, programming robots to complete complex tasks, and working out how to make solar panels more effective. The McGowan Government is developing a State-wide STEM strategy which is vital to WA's future economy and local jobs. Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "We know that 75 per cent of all future jobs will require critical thinking and problem-solving skills which is why today's expo is so important. "Teachers are developing ways to inspire and engage students in STEM - learning from each other and industry experts. "Professor Fiona Wood talks in the video about the importance of STEM, particularly for girls - and I can't think of a more appropriate role model. "This Government has committed to a range of STEM initiatives including science laboratories and equipment in primary schools, and professional learning for teachers around coding and teaching practices." Minister's office - 6552 5700
Western Australia secures BMX National Championships57751Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7580html14/08/2017 12:12:11 AM2017-08-13T22:00:00Z State Government to sponsor BMX National Championships in 2018 and 2021 Events held in Bunbury (2018) and Perth (2021) expected to help create jobs More than 2,000 interstate visitors expected for each event The State Government, through Tourism WA, has secured the BMX National Championships for 2018 and 2021, which are expected to attract thousands of visitors to Western Australia. BMX is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, with the country attracting the second biggest number of participants behind the USA. More than 2,000 interstate competitors and supporters are expected for each event, making a significant contribution to the State's economy, which in turn creates jobs. The championships will be held over six days in March/April and feature warm-up sessions, heats and finals. All riding classes are represented by divisional male and female riders aged five to over 50. The BMX National Championships will be held at the Bunbury BMX Track in 2018 and returning in 2021 to the Perth metropolitan area. Comments attributed to Tourism Minister Paul Papalia "Events such as the BMX National Championships encourage high levels of visitation, which provides a boost to the economy, adds further vibrancy to WA and attracts national media attention. "Supporting mass participation events such as this will showcase our transformed city to thousands of people and help spread the word about the significant changes taking place. "Tourism contributed $10 billion to WA's economy in 2016 and is a key pillar of the State Government's plan to diversify the economy, create jobs and develop business opportunities." Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The 2018 event will provide a fantastic opportunity to promote Bunbury as an exciting and vibrant regional city to thousands of visitors, and provide a boost for the local economy. "The State Government's goal is to see the contribution of regional tourism increase to $4.75 billion by 2020, and supporting regional events such as this will help us achieve that goal." Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray "BMX racing has a massive following, becoming an Olympic sport in 2008 and according to BMX Australia, it was the second most watched sport at Rio 2016. "Riders of all ages can compete in BMX race meetings throughout Australia, making it a great family friendly pursuit. "The event will also help to activate community operated infrastructure, such as the BMX tracks in the South-West and Perth." Tourism Minister's office - 6552 5600 Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6200 Sport and Recreation Minister's office - 6552 6400
Girl Guides win part of $7.4 million for WA youth services16312Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements6240html12/08/2017 4:30:30 AM2017-08-12T04:30:00Z ​State Government completes tender process for youth development services Girl Guides receive $359,000 More than $4 million awarded to nine organisations over three years Option for two-year extension brings total funds to $7.4 million The Girl Guides of WA are among nine organisations which have successfully tendered for State Government contracts to provide youth services worth up to $7.4 million over five years. Addressing the Girl Guides of WA's annual awards today, Youth Minister Peter Tinley praised the organisation and said it well deserved winning the tender bid of $359,000 to help young women learn and develop life and leadership skills. Other successful tenders were from the Scout Association, Girls Brigade, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Propel Youth Arts and the YMCA. Mr Tinley reaffirmed the McGowan Government's continued support for Western Australia's youth. Up to $7.4 million was allocated leading up to June 30, 2022. The grants followed a tender process co-ordinated by the Department of Communities, with nine services focusing on strategies for young people aged up to 25 years that include youth leadership and development opportunities through training, life skills and development activities; partnerships through formal and informal links; recognition of participation and achievement through awards; and volunteering activities that recognise the time young people contribute. Comments attributed to Youth Minister Peter Tinley "There are almost half a million people aged 12 to 25 years in WA comprising 17 per cent of the State's population. "It's important we give young people, such as the Girl Guides celebrating their accomplishments here today, opportunities to develop decision-making abilities, leadership qualities and life skills that will equip them for successful work and personal endeavours. "The State Government will continue to work in partnership with the community services sector to support our young people to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential." Minister's office - 6552 5300
Veteran Air Force serviceman aces 10016310Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5580html14/08/2017 8:36:17 AM2017-08-12T03:35:00Z ​Robert Crofts flying high on his birthday Veterans Issues Minister Peter Tinley was on hand yesterday to help a veteran Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) serviceman who fought in Borneo during World War II to celebrate his 100th birthday. Robert Crofts tried to enlist in 1939, soon after hostilities broke out. But his efforts were rejected by the defence forces which had deemed that his work on a Leonora mine site - where he was in charge of the town's ambulance service - was an 'essential service'. It was not until 1943 that Mr Crofts was successful in his efforts to enlist. He joined the Australian Army and six months later transferred to the RAAF for the final two years of the war - some of which he spent in Borneo. Following the war, Mr Crofts lived in Leonora, and then Kalgoorlie for six years, before returning to Perth where he and his wife had their family. He served with St John Ambulance for more than 30 years. During a party to celebrate his century yesterday, Mr Crofts was presented with a gift and a Returned and Services League Western Australia letter of appreciation signed by State President Peter Aspinall. Comments attributed to Veterans Issues Minister Peter Tinley "It's fantastic to see a fellow veteran in such good shape and I can only hope I'm doing as well when I'm his age. "I take this opportunity to thank Mr Crofts, and all those others who served in the armed forces, for their service and sacrifice in protecting our values and way of life." Minister's office - 6552 5300
New Surveyor General for Western Australia16308Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements12330html12/08/2017 1:12:04 AM2017-08-12T01:00:00Z ​Dione Bilick WA's 20th Surveyor General First woman to be appointed to the role that was first established in 1829 For the first time in Western Australian history, the role of Surveyor General has been filled by a female appointee. Dione Bilick is the State's new Surveyor General, joining a list of just 20 people who have held the position since 1829. She will be responsible for overseeing the integrity of plans and surveys that underpin WA's land and property information. Ms Bilick has a mine surveying background and is a member of the Land Surveyors Licensing Board which ensures the standard of licensed land surveyors for the Western Australian community. She is also an employee of Landgate, where she has extensively engaged with the surveying profession and led innovative improvements in plans and new titles processing. As WA's 20th Surveyor General, Ms Bilick follows an illustrious list of appointments, including Sir John Forrest. The first Surveyor General, John Septimus Roe, was appointed to the role in 1829 and went on to serve the State for more than 40 years. Comments attributed to Lands Minister Rita Saffioti "Ms Bilick is an innovator, reformer and leader, committed to providing excellent service to the licensed surveying profession. I am pleased to see someone of her calibre appointed Surveyor General. "She has been instrumental in projects that are driving the future for the surveying profession. These have included delivering plans and survey information online and automating plan processing for new land titles. "Landgate has a strong team of senior women that includes the chairwoman of its board and chief executive. Other statutory officers of the Registrar and Commissioner of Titles have also been filled by their first female appointees, showing the breadth of talent being attracted to work for Landgate." Minister's office - 6552 5500
McGowan Government to stand by Western Force16307Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements11980html11/08/2017 8:56:31 AM2017-08-11T08:50:00Z ​McGowan Government backs Western Force in any potential appeal 2019 Bledisloe Cup payments were offered in advance to ARU in support of Force McGowan Government to investigate undertakings given by the ARU The McGowan Government has thrown its full support behind the Western Force as the club determines its next course of action, in response to the Australian Rugby Union's (ARU) decision to cancel its Super Rugby licence. At the request of the ARU, the McGowan Government recently agreed to bring forward payments to the ARU for Perth to host the 2019 Bledisloe Cup, subject to the Western Force remaining in Super Rugby. The McGowan Government will also thoroughly investigate undertakings given by the ARU which underpinned past investment decisions by Western Australian taxpayers towards rugby in WA. Since 2006, the State Government has invested more than $135 million into the Western Force and Western Australian rugby, including $95 million to upgrade nib Stadium, $17 million into the Western Force headquarters, and $25 million towards the team's Super Rugby licence. Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray "This is not over yet. Our understanding is the Force is considering a Supreme Court appeal and we will provide non-monetary support in any potential action. "The ARU's decision is bitterly disappointing. The McGowan Government has done everything the ARU has asked to try and resolve the matter, including bringing Bledisloe Cup 2019 payments forward at the ARU's request. "We have written to the ARU on a number of occasions to try and resolve the matter but never even received a response. "The Premier called the CEO of the ARU when this issue first came up and lobbied for the Force to remain in the competition. "WA has a very strong and passionate rugby community who have supported the Force despite the ARU's undermining efforts. "We will be thoroughly investigating every undertaking given by the ARU which underpinned investment decisions by State governments past and present. Western Australian taxpayers invested millions into WA rugby in good faith and we won't give up." Minister's office - 6552 6400