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No one plans a crash - make every journey safe15439Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements2860html4/12/2022 4:17:02 AM2022-12-04T02:05:00Z New road safety campaign launches today Focuses on how small, seemingly harmless decisions can lead to a serious crash No one plans a crash art installation now at Scarborough Beach Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia is calling on all Western Australians to make our roads safer with the launch of the No one plans a crash - make every journey safe campaign at Scarborough Beach today. The campaign follows two WA households - a family and a share house - as they go about their busy, everyday lives and set off on their unremarkable everyday journeys. Through 10 relatable scenarios, it explores the idea that when we set off on our everyday journeys - to school, to work, to meet friends and family - we don't plan to kill or injure ourselves or someone else. This is because most of us consider ourselves safe, law-abiding drivers who don't put ourselves in risky situations on the road. Yet sadly, last year 166 people died and 1,587 people were seriously injured on WA roads. No one plans a crash - make every journey safe highlights how the small, seemingly harmless decisions we make, either consciously or unconsciously, when driving, riding a motorcycle or eRideable, cycling or walking, can lead to a serious crash. The campaign explores the concept that if we don't consciously plan to make our journey safe, we might as well be planning an unsafe one. Road Safety Commission research used to inform the campaign found speed, inattention, fatigue and alcohol are the most problematic when it comes to risky behaviour on our roads. The everyday scenarios focus on how even a seemingly small act of risk-taking behaviour such as going a few kilometres over the speed limit or a quick check of your phone while driving can have a catastrophic outcome. The integrated campaign, which features local actors, also includes a life-sized art installation at bustling Scarborough Beach. The locally made sculpture has been designed to start conversations about how to make every journey safe. People are encouraged to head down to see the piece which will remain near the amphitheatre for a week. Anyone in WA who has been affected by a road crash can contact Road Trauma Support WA on 1300 004 814 for free information, support and counselling. This service is proudly supported by Road Safety Commission funding. Comments attributed to Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia "No one plans a crash - make every journey safe is not a traditional road safety campaign. "It doesn't target people who deliberately flout the law or intentionally put themselves or others at risk. "This campaign is for all Western Australians, because while none of us plan to hurt ourselves or others on the road - we can all make decisions in our everyday lives that can lead to a crash with a tragic consequence. "I want this campaign to make everyone stop and think about what they can do to make every journey safe. "It's often all too easy to dismiss road safety messaging because you consider yourself a safe and lawful driver but this campaign highlights how if you're not planning a safe journey, you might as well be planning one that's unsafe. "Scarborough Beach, a place friends and families will meet over the coming summer months, is the perfect backdrop for our No one plans a crash - make every journey safe message. "While road safety should be at the forefront of our minds over the busy holiday period, this campaign highlights the importance of our decisions on the road every day and every journey." Minister's office - 6552 5600
Help for emergency responders handling domestic violence call-outs15438Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3120html4/12/2022 3:26:58 AM2022-12-04T01:45:00Z More than $2 million to boost family and domestic violence training for Triple Zero (000) responders Under the partnership with St John WA, training will be delivered to more than 5,000 first responders The State Government has committed $2 million to roll out family and domestic violence (FDV) training for Triple Zero (000) responders, so they can better support victim-survivors. The funding will build the capacity of the St John WA Triple Zero (000) workforce - including call-takers, paramedics, and volunteers - to recognise and respond to incidents involving FDV. In the past year, St John responded to more than 6,000 cases involving violence against women - including assaults, sexual assaults, and stabbings - and a further 2,500 cases involved children. The funding will also assist St John WA to identify and categorise instances of FDV to help reveal a broader picture of the impact it has on Western Australia. The project will build on the capacity for identification and response to FDV within a health context, with the training to be delivered in both metro and regional areas. St John WA is a registered training organisation, delivering nationally recognised qualifications and training with significant reach - 1,500 paid employees, including paramedics and 3,000 volunteers - working in both regional and metro WA. The funding is part of the State Government's $60 million in election commitments to address FDV, and boost prevention services. The partnership comes on the 10th day of the 16 Days in WA campaign, which urges all Western Australians to make meaningful changes to end FDV. On average, one woman is murdered by a current or former partner every 10 days. It simply must stop. Now in its sixth year, 16 Days in WA runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) through to 10 December (Human Rights Day). The campaign takes its inspiration from the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. For more information, visit https// Comments attributed to Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk "One in three women has experienced family and domestic violence, and one in five women has experienced sexual violence - and it's vital they get the right support when they need it. "There can be a reluctance to involve police in family and domestic violence matters, and on some occasions St John staff may be the first - and only - responders to have contact with victim-survivors. "It's imperative that they have the latest knowledge and understanding to recognise the signs of family and domestic violence, and the skills to respond safely." Comments attributed to Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson "Under this partnership between the State Government and St John WA, training will be delivered to more than 5,000 first responders. "In the past year, St John WA has responded to more than 6,000 cases involving violence against women and 2,500 cases involving children. "Equipping workers to safely respond to these sensitive - and sometimes life-threatening - situations will improve the safety and well-being for both the community, and frontline workers." Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister's office - 6552 6600
Call out for pet foster carers to support domestic violence survivors15437Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements2920html4/12/2022 3:21:24 AM2022-12-04T00:30:00Z ​Pets in Crisis provides a safe and loving home for pets while owners escape circumstances of family and domestic violence The State Government has committed more than $1.34 million since 2017 to support 173 families and 260 pets in escaping violence RSPCA WA calling for new pet foster carers to join the program Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk has acknowledged the everyday heroes fostering animals through the RSPCA WA Pets in Crisis program as the 16 Days in WA campaign enters its second week. Pets in Crisis offers salvation for pets and owners alike, creating a safe haven for animals impacted by violence in the home, as survivors seek support and safety. Under the program, foster carers give animals in need, a loving, caring and stable home, removing one of the key logistical and emotional barriers that can prevent women and children from finding help. When safety is established, pets and owners are once again reunited. The State Government has been proud supporters of the Pets in Crisis program since 2017, committing more than $1.34 million to fund the initiative which has now assisted 173 families and 260 pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. Sadly, perpetrators of family and domestic violence sometimes target animals in the home, exploiting the owner's love and dedication to their pets in a deliberate attempt to leverage control. As part of the 16 Days in WA campaign to end gender-based violence, RSPCA WA is putting out the call for new pet foster carers to come forward and expand the network of volunteer helpers which will provide more respite and help more families find safety. If you or someone you know has the heart, space and capacity to extend help to our furry friends, please visit the RSPCA WA Pets in Crisis webpage for more details, including steps on how to volunteer. The annual 16 Days in WA - Stop Violence Against Women campaign commences on 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and runs through to 10 December (Human Rights Day). Now in its sixth year, 16 Days in WA draws inspiration from the global movement for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence to drive a change in culture, behaviour and attitudes that lead to violence against women and their children. Further information on the 16 Days in WA campaign, including statistics and resources, are available online. Comments attributed to Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk "It's no overstatement to say the volunteers opening their homes and hearts to foster pets in need are everyday heroes. "They're helping people and pets escape traumatic and dangerous circumstances - and importantly, helping them reunite so they can heal together. "During 16 Days in WA we're urging more people to step forward and join the program and I encourage anyone interested to get in touch with RSPCA WA. "Violence is a scourge on our society but there is help available. The more we speak about these issues and challenge unacceptable behaviours, the sooner we can make change. "I give my personal thanks to RSPCA WA Chair Lynne Bradshaw and her dedicated team for driving such an important program that is quite simply, changing and saving lives." Comments attributed to RSPCA WA Chair Lynne Bradshaw "It's wonderful that the State Government recognises the importance of pets in situations of family and domestic violence. "The Pets in Crisis program helps to alleviate some of the logistical stress of escaping a dangerous home environment. "It means people already coping with a stressful situation don't have the added burden of worrying about losing their pets or leaving them in a potentially dangerous situation. "RSPCA WA is proud to run the program and thanks the State Government for its commitment to Pets in Crisis. I also want to thank our wonderful group of foster carers who make the program possible." Minister's office - 6552 6600
Perth to host Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum in 202415436Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5090html4/12/2022 3:17:34 AM2022-12-04T00:05:00Z ​Perth named host of the 30th annual session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum, to be held in November 2024 Largest space agency conference in the Asia-Pacific region, with attendees from more than 40 countries Boost for WA's space industry, regional partnerships and local tourism The largest space agency forum in the Asia-Pacific region is coming to Western Australia, with Perth selected to host the 30th annual session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-30). Scheduled for November 2024, APRSAF-30 is expected to attract over 500 attendees from more than 40 countries, including representatives from international space agencies, private industries, government, and research organisations. APRSAF-30 will be hosted in Perth by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and Business Events Perth. The Australian Space Agency is an active participant of APRSAF and nominated Perth to host the 2024 event. APRSAF is an annual forum, established in 1993 to enhance space activities and promote cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. Forums are jointly organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and host countries. The 28th annual session of the APRSAF was recently held in Hanoi, Vietnam and in 2023 the 29th annual session will be held in Indonesia. WA's space industry has gained significant momentum over the past two years, with the WA Government investing more than $40 million to accelerate its growth. Significant areas of activity and capability include ground-based space communications, space situational awareness, Earth observation and insights, and world-leading remote operations, automation and robotics. Additionally, the State has emerging capabilities in space mission operations, optical communications, satellite development and launch. Hosting significant space infrastructure for both civil and defence applications, WA is already home to more than 100 international and Australian organisations operating space and space-related services. Comments attributed to State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister Roger Cook "Western Australia's space sector is growing rapidly and is being increasingly recognised on the global stage. "So it is a natural fit to host APRSAF-30 in Perth. "WA has a track record of successfully supporting space missions, operations and services for more than 60 years, but it will be reaching new heights in 2023 and beyond. "It is so exciting how much momentum we have in the WA space industry at the moment. "We look forward to bringing the APRSAF-30 to Perth, which will provide a platform to promote our space capabilities to the Asia-Pacific region, enhance international collaboration, and highlight opportunities for economic diversification. "Events like APRSAF-30 are WA's front door for trade and investment. With attendees expected from more than 40 countries, it has the potential to not only provide a boost for the State's space industry but also regional partnerships and local tourism." Comments attributed to Head of the Australian Space Agency Enrico Palermo "Hosting APRSAF in 2024 is an opportunity for Australia to further grow our partnerships in the region. "Space is critical to our national well-being and by working together with our partners in the Indo-Pacific we can develop capabilities that are important to our shared resilience and quality of life. "Working together will also help us grow our respective space sectors, make them stronger, and achieve our space ambitions faster." Comments attributed to Executive Secretariat of APRSAF, Akira Kosaka, JAXA International Relations Division, who recently visited Western Australia "APRSAF continues to evolve even after 28th annual sessions. We are very excited and looking forward to holding the first APRSAF in Perth after the establishment of the Australian Space Agency. "APRSAF is an open forum, with diverse participants from the government sector, research institutes and organisations. In recent years, it has functioned very actively as a forum for exchange with private industries. Working together with the Australian Space Agency and the Government of Western Australia, we would like to incorporate the dynamism of Australia's space activities into APRSAF." Minister's office - 6552 6500
Giants of the sky to bolster WA’s firefighting firepower15435Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5240html4/12/2022 3:11:58 AM2022-12-04T00:00:00Z ​First locally based Large Air Tanker unveiled Second Large Air Tanker secured from mid-December More than 30 aircraft in State's aerial fleet for bushfire season The addition of two Large Air Tankers (LATs) will significantly strengthen Western Australia's firefighting capability as emergency services prepare for a busy bushfire season. A C130 Hercules LAT, which will remain in WA for the high threat fire season, was unveiled today. The McGowan Government secured the aircraft with an $11 million investment to ensure there is a locally based LAT in the State for the first time. The commitment runs for four seasons. A Commonwealth-funded LAT - a Boeing 737 Fireliner - will arrive later this month and be based in WA. This arrangement has been secured from the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council National Resource Sharing Centre. The McGowan Government will fund the operational costs for the National LAT while it is based in WA. Both LATs, which have the capacity to carry more than 15,000 litres of fire suppressant, will be based at Busselton-Margaret River Airport in the South-West. The aircraft will be a major addition to WA's aerial fleet, a key component of the State's firefighting arsenal. The aerial fleet comprises 36 rotary and fixed-wing suppression and aerial intelligence aircraft and for the second consecutive year will feature two Black Hawk helicopters that can hold up to 4500 litres of water or suppressant. During 2021/2022 the fleet, managed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, logged more than 1,600 hours flight time and completed almost 4,700 drops across the State. The two LATs are owned and operated by Coulson Aviation and will fly under the directives of DFES while based in WA. Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson "WA is the largest emergency management jurisdiction in the southern hemisphere and having two LATs exclusively for our State over the high-risk bushfire season will provide a major boost to our firefighting capability. "According to all the latest weather information we are facing a very challenging bushfire season. As the Emergency Services Minister, I welcome all the firefighting firepower that we can muster to be totally prepared for any major fires that we face. "The McGowan Government is investing more than $140 million into ensuring our emergency services have the latest and the best equipment for the fire season, including new appliances, new facilities and personal protective clothing. "As part of this comprehensive strategy it's vital that our State's aerial fleet has all the resources it needs to keep local communities and firefighters safe across the vast expanses of WA. "The LATs are well-suited to the WA environment due to their greater endurance and fast-cruising speeds, and are a welcome addition to our aerial fleet this summer." Comments attributed to Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM "The seasonal outlook for this summer indicates that large parts of Western Australia are going to experience an increased bushfire risk - we know that we're going to see difficult days this season. "Large Air Tankers are incredibly effective at building containment lines to stop the spread of bushfires and will help our firefighters on the ground to protect lives and properties. "Both aircraft can cover vast distances at high speed - the 737 Fireliner can travel at speeds of more than 700km/h when fully loaded - and carry more than 15,000 litres of fire suppressant. "Each day during the summer bushfire season there will be more than 30 aircraft on standby in Western Australia, ready to be called upon in an emergency." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Action plan to meet the needs of consumers living with disability15434Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements6220html3/12/2022 5:59:22 AM2022-12-03T05:00:00Z ​ Improving engagement and service delivery for consumers with disability a high priority Empowering Consumers with Disability Forum provided an impetus for action Plan involves developing easier access to consumer information and resources The McGowan Government has embarked on an action plan with the major focus of improving the services available to consumers and tenants living with disability in Western Australia. This commitment, to mark International Day of People with Disability today, will see a number of initiatives launched that are aimed at enhancing engagement with, and service delivery to, this vulnerable group of consumers in WA. As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, Consumer Protection convened the Empowering Consumers with a Disability Forum in August 2022. The Forum was attended by people with disability and a wide range of government and non-government disability advocates. The Forum confirmed the need, and appetite for, a focus on the consumer rights of people living with disability. As a result of the Forum, Consumer Protection has committed to an action plan that involves the implementation of a protocol for engagement with people living with a disability, supported by relevant staff training and resources; working with Shelter WA to continue, and expand, the reach of Shelter WA's Building Tenancy Skills program; the development and deployment of plain English and Easy Read materials on tenancy; consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law; and how to make a consumer complaint; the development and deployment of a simplified Consumer Protection complaint form and process; and formalising a Customer Advocate role, trialled in 2022, to provide support to people presenting to Consumer Protection who have complex problems and difficulty in accessing Consumer Protection's standard services. Comments attributed to Commerce Minister Roger Cook "In developing and implementing these actions, Consumer Protection will consult directly with the WA Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability, disability advocates and people with lived experience of disability to ensure that actions are relevant, significant and practical. That consultation is already underway. "In partnership with Circle Green and Shelter WA, Consumer Protection recently hosted a workshop for more than 10 service organisations that provide advice and support to tenants, many in a vulnerable situation including those living with disability. "Workshop participants learned of the services available to tenants and the forum provided a valuable networking opportunity. Consumer Protection will organise further workshops along with tenant support organisations across the State. "This is just one of many initiatives being planned as part of the Government's focus on meeting the needs of people with disability in WA." Comments attributed to Minister for Disability Services Don Punch "This International Day of People with Disabilities is all about empowering people and supporting the individuals and groups that help them. For the general community, it promotes awareness which will hopefully flow on to creating opportunities that will help those with disability to live a better life. "Often people with disability are dealing with a variety of serious consumer and tenancy issues, so I welcome the focus on providing extra assistance to help them resolve problems and address their concerns. "I commend Consumer Protection for making this commitment and I look forward to seeing this program of action having a real and beneficial impact on people living with disability in WA." Minister's office - 6552 6500
Planning for South-West advanced manufacturing hub gears up15433Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4380html3/12/2022 5:18:27 AM2022-12-03T03:00:00Z ​ Hon Clive Brown announced as Chair of the South West Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Hub (SW AMTECH) The McGowan Government's efforts to advance manufacturing in Bunbury-Geographe has taken another step forward, with the appointment of the Hon Clive Brown as Chair of the South West Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Hub (SW AMTECH) steering group. The former Minister for State Development, Tourism and Small Business brings to the role a strong background in industry having previously been a Director of CI Resources and Director of Phosphate Resources as well as a consultant to the sector. As Chair of the steering group, Mr Brown will provide independent advice to government, through the Minister for Regional Development, on the vision and benefits of a SW AMTECH. He will work closely with key stakeholders of government, industry and the community in unlocking the potential of the South-West's manufacturing sector through the SW AMTECH project. Bunbury-Geographe presents a unique opportunity to establish a hub that co-locates manufacturing, research and training for the purpose of fostering innovative opportunities for industry collaboration. The sector can leverage off the strengths of the critical minerals-rich South-West region that boasts established transport networks linked to worldwide supply chains. The WA Government has identified technology and advanced manufacturing as a priority economic sector that will help to grow and diversify the economy, create jobs, and secure the State's long-term future. Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The advanced manufacturing enterprises are hidden gems exporting high quality manufactured goods, particularly for the mining sector, around the globe. "We recognise this exceptional capability could translate into something bigger, so have been working hard to advance the development of a common user hub. "It is great Clive has agreed to chair the South West Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Hub (SW AMTECH) steering group." Minister's office - 6552 4245
International Day of People with Disability a day to celebrate15432Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3940html3/12/2022 5:09:01 AM2022-12-03T02:00:00Z ​ International Day of People with Disability recognised worldwide Recognising the contributions of people with disability a focus Acknowledged with a range of events across Western Australia Today we celebrate International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), an annual event which helps increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability. Held on 3 December each year, the 2022 State theme is 'Leading the Change', which encourages everyone to commit to opportunity, inclusion and access for everyone. An estimated 411,500 Western Australians live with disability. Today is an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and contributions within the community. Hundreds of events are planned around the State to mark IDPwD, ranging from social inclusion forums and corporate lunches to market days. Yesterday, Disability Services Minister Don Punch kicked off celebrations at one of the biggest events - the National Disability Services WA lunch, which is sponsored by the Department of Communities. Hundreds attend the lunch each year, which recognises the achievements of Western Australians with disability. The State Government has also provided a total of $100,000 in funding to 97 organisations for 100 inclusive events and activities to be held across WA to mark IDPwD. IDPwD also coincides with the release of the second Action Plan of the State Disability Strategy 2020-2030. The Strategy aims to build a more inclusive WA that empowers people with disability to participate meaningfully and feel connected to their community. This latest plan commits State Government agencies, disability service providers, industry and community organisations to meeting targets and making changes in line with the actions underpinning the Strategy. To read the latest action plan visit https// Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Don Punch "Celebrating International Day of People with Disability is an important part of building WA as an inclusive community. "I sincerely hope that all Western Australians take the opportunity to reflect and think about what they're doing to ensure people with disability are engaged and empowered. "It's up to all of us to build a community where everyone belongs, and people with disability are able to lead their best lives." Minister's office - 6552 6900
Ramp upgrade complete at Casuarina Boat Harbour15431Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements1790html3/12/2022 4:53:34 AM2022-12-03T01:00:00Z ​ $1.1 million Casuarina Boat Harbour boat ramp redevelopment complete Delivered by Australind-based company SMC Marine First project in $78.1 million Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront Stage 3 Phase 1 The boat ramp at Casuarina Boat Harbour has been reopened after the completion of a $1.1 million upgrade, providing skippers based in the South-West with a significantly improved launching experience in time for summer. The two-month transformation, which has seen the old fixed timber jetty replaced with a floating jetty with a two-lane ramp - to better accommodate large trailers and wide vessels - delivers the first project in the larger $78.1 million Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront Stage 3 Phase 1 (TBW 3.1). The facility manager - Department of Transport - awarded Australind-based company SMC Marine the design and construction contract in August, to modernise the 28-year-old boat ramp at the harbour. Additional work to upgrade the boat ramp parking facilities - as well as provide toilets onsite - is planned for next winter. The construction of new breakwaters at Casuarina Boat Harbour and Koombana Bay are also part of TBW 3.1, along with serviced lease sites for marine commercial activities such as boat lifting, servicing and storage - as well as community facilities including toilets at Casuarina Boat Harbour boat ramp and recreational platforms at Koombana Bay. For more information about the TBW project, please visit https// Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan "Future works as part of TBW 3.1 - including the planned new breakwaters at Casuarina Boat Harbour and Koombana Bay - will provide the critical infrastructure required for further public and private investment in the precinct. "The region is already seeing the benefits of the State's investment here, with the boat ramp project resulting in 13 regional jobs and a boost to the local economy. "There will be ongoing economic and social benefits for the local community and the region, as TBW 3.1 projects valued at $78.1 million are implemented over the next few years and further add to benefits that have flowed from the $45 million invested in the first two stages." Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "With the summer boating season fast approaching the significant improvements to the boat ramp at Casuarina are perfectly timed - and will no doubt be greatly appreciated by regular users and visiting skippers. "Those inconvenienced by the temporary closure of the ramp during the works have been rewarded with a modern facility that is also safer and will help meet the needs of the region's growing boating community. "The completion of this project marks a milestone in the upgrade of infrastructure at the harbour - which is seen as a future marine hub for the South-West - attracting new businesses, creating employment, and wealth for the region." Comments attributed to Bunbury MLA Don Punch "The ongoing transformation of Bunbury's waterfront continues to deliver fantastic new facilities for our community. "People in Bunbury have been calling for improved boat ramp facilities for many years, so this project will be welcomed by the local boating community. "The works conducted so far at Koombana and Casuarina have been terrific, but the best is yet to come - with Stage 3 of Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront set to deliver world class marine facilities to complement the amazing recreation facilities completed to date." Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6200 Transport Minister's office - 6552 5500
Traineeship program boosts regional skills15430Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7540html2/12/2022 7:39:41 AM2022-12-02T07:30:00Z $1.976 million awarded to support 52 traineeships across regional WA The Regional Traineeship Program encourages people to stay and work in their local community Western Australia's rural and regional workforce will receive a skills boost, with the McGowan Government supporting 52 traineeships across the State. Grants of up to $38,000 per trainee have been awarded to Community Resource Centres (CRC) and small regional local government authorities to support vocational training and to provide traineeship opportunities in small communities. The new positions will add to the 225 trainee placements created throughout the regions since the Regional Traineeship Program launched in 2018. This year's funding, totalling $1.976 million, will support traineeships across the fields of information technology, aged care, business administration, marketing, library and information services, tourism, irrigation, horticulture, early childhood care, ranger and community services. The program is delivered through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The Regional Traineeship Program aims to develop trainee skills and employment to encourage people to stay and work in their local community. "It is great to see the breadth of vocational training supported through this program, which is tailored to suit the individual needs of the local community. "For example, the Beacon Central CRC will partner with the local Silver Chain Health Centre to support a Certificate in Aged Care Work traineeship, which will assist seniors in the Central East Aged Care Alliance housing in their community. "This funding round saw increased interest in information technology, community services and business administration positions, reflecting the evolving demand of local businesses and the community." Minister's office - 6552 6200 Regional Traineeship Program Recipients Organisation Intended Traineeship Region Augusta CRC Information Technology South-West Beacon CRC Aged Care Work Wheatbelt Bencubbin CRC Business Wheatbelt Beverley CRC Marketing Wheatbelt Boyup Brook CRC Library and Information Services SouthWest Bridgetown CRC Business Administration South-West Brookton CRC Business Wheatbelt Bruce Rock CRC Business Wheatbelt Brunswick Junction CRC Tourism South-West Capel (Shire of) Horticulture South-West Chapman Valley (Shire of) Ranger Mid-West Cunderdin CRC Community Services Work Wheatbelt Dalwallinu CRC Events Technical Wheatbelt Dandaragan CRC Information Technology Wheatbelt Denmark CRC Information Technology Great Southern Dongara CRC Community Services Work Mid-West Donnybrook CRC Business Wheatbelt Esperance (Shire of) Business Goldfields-Esperance Frankland River CRC Tourism Great Southern Gingin CRC Business Wheatbelt Greenbushes CRC Accounts Administration South-West Hopetoun CRC Early Childhood Education and Care Goldfields-Esperance Katanning Hub CRC Business Great Southern Kellerberrin CRC Business Wheatbelt Koorda CRC Tourism Wheatbelt Laverton CRC Local Government Goldfields-Esperance Leeman Green Head CRC Business Administration Mid-West Manjimup CRC Information Technology South-West Merredin CRC Tourism Wheatbelt Mingenew CRC Accounting Mid-West Moora CRC Business Wheatbelt Mount Barker CRC Information Technology Great Southern Mukinbudin CRC Community Services Work Wheatbelt Mullewa CRC Business Mid-West Nannup CRC Events Technical South-West Narembeen CRC Business Wheatbelt Northam (Shire of) Computer Systems Wheatbelt Northcliffe CRC Business South-West Pemberton CRC Business South-West Pingrup CRC Tourism Great Southern Quairading CRC Business Wheatbelt Ravensthorpe CRC Community Services Work Goldfields-Esperance Serpentine-Jarrahdale CRC Business Administration Peel Tammin (Shire of) Horticulture (Parks and Gardens) Wheatbelt Tom Price CRC Community Services Work Pilbara Victoria Plains (Shire of) Records Keeping Wheatbelt Wagin CRC Business Wheatbelt Walpole CRC Community Services Work South-West Waroona CRC Business Administration Peel Williams CRC Information Technology Wheatbelt Wongan Hills CRC Business Wheatbelt York CRC Information Technology Wheatbelt
Boyanup saleyard upgrades to improve animal welfare15428Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4340html2/12/2022 6:30:24 AM2022-12-02T06:30:00Z McGowan Government welcomes upgrade to livestock saleyards Animal welfare a McGowan Government priorityAgriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan has welcomed a commitment to upgrade the Boyanup Saleyards today, as part of a new 10-year lease agreement. The upgrades were made conditional by the Shire of Capel in renewing the lease agreement with saleyard operators, Nutrien and Elders. Animal welfare is a high priority for the McGowan Government, which has worked closely with the saleyard operators to improve processes and infrastructure at the facility. Improvements already underway include reduced penning densities and the attendance of a private veterinarian on hot days, a hospital pen and sawdust in yards, as well as altering the start time on sale days to avoid extreme heat. The McGowan Government has also purchased data loggers to monitor environmental conditions to aid pen management and is funding an automated weather station to be installed with real time data available to industry to inform animal welfare decisions on sale days. The new lease agreement includes pen shade, electrical, waste management and pen upgrades, as well as improvements to vehicle access, flooring and new ablution facilities. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is providing heat stress awareness training to all staff at the saleyards to improve animal management. The saleyard operators' upgrades will provide livestock producers, industry stakeholders and consumers with confidence in the facility's animal welfare measures. Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "Animal welfare is of utmost importance to our Government and the Western Australian community, and we are working with the saleyard operators to improve the Boyanup facility and operations. "These investments will help to ensure appropriate animal welfare conditions at Boyanup, particularly at high-risk times of the year. "DPIRD compliance officers continue to inspect conditions and animals at Boyanup on sale days and will monitor critical control points at the facility." Minister's office - 6552 6200
South-West RED grants unlock jobs and industry diversification15425Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7850html2/12/2022 5:11:48 AM2022-12-02T05:10:00Z ​Eight South-West projects share in $696,254 grant fundingMcGowan Government investing in agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing in the South-West South-West businesses have received a welcome boost to make their initiatives a reality, after sharing in $696,254 under round five of the McGowan Government's Regional Economic Development (RED) grants program. The McGowan Government's RED grants program has invested $45.8 million over eight years in local projects across Western Australia's regions, driving economic development and supporting regional communities. Successful projects in round five will diversify the agriculture, tourism, and hospitality sectors and enhance manufacturing capacity in the region. Aquafarms Australia will receive $147,280 towards opening an interactive agritourism facility at The Capel Marron Farm. The development will include a hospitality venue and tourism experience centred around the iconic WA marron. Samson's Paddock will use $100,000 to renovate the first floor of the historic Railway Hotel in Donnybrook – creating 15 premium hotel rooms and diversifying the region's tourism accommodation offerings. The project is part of a wider development of a brewery, distillery, and restaurant. A total of $57,125 will provide a boost to Local Drinks Co's operations, through the purchase of equipment allowing the company to produce products that are shelf-stable, all-natural, and preservative free. Thurlby Herb Farm in Walpole has been allocated $98,305 towards new manufacturing facilities, aiming to increase capacity and unlock opportunities for the business to expand its product range in retail outlets all across Australia. A $50,000 grant to Harvey Hemp will help to build the capacity of the region's emerging industrial hemp industry. Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan "Across Western Australia, Regional Economic Development Grants have made a positive impact on local business and industry. "Previous grant recipients include RCR Mining Technologies - which has a new robotic welder to increase capability - another example of the McGowan Government backing manufacturing. "With the latest funding allocations, RED Grants will continue to support growth and diversification in regional Western Australia - supporting business, industry and jobs." Round five RED Grant recipients - South-West Grant Applicant Project Description Grant Amount Samson's Paddock Project Donny-Stay - Creating Donnybrook's Only Premium Hotel Accommodation $100,000 Aquafarms Australia The Capel Marron Farm Tourism Facility $147,280 Harvey Hemp Harvey Hemp Regional Scalability and Expansion Project $50,000 The Local Drinks Co Shelf Stable All Natural Handcrafted, Better for You Beverages $57,125 Thurlby Herb Farm Thurlby Herb Farm - Sweet Smell of Soap Success in the Southern Forests $98,305 Lennard Waste Lennard Waste Water Treatment - Waste Reduction, Water Enrichment, Capacity Growth $100,000 Integrity Engineering Solutions Development of the Jointegrity Bolted Joint Quality Assurance System $100,000 Touchtech Australia Touchtech Australia New Facility Fitout $43,544 Minister's office - 6552 6200
Maternity, birthing, and neonatal services to be expanded in Bunbury15427Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5820html2/12/2022 6:09:50 AM2022-12-02T05:05:00Z Bunbury Regional Hospital redevelopment to include new maternity, birthing, and neonatal services The redevelopment includes an expanded emergency department, increased operating theatre capacity, additional beds, and new clinical equipment Bunbury Hospital will be the biggest health campus in regional WA with modernised equipment and state-of-the-art training facilities to benefit patients and staff McGowan Government delivering a key election commitment to meet the health needs of South-West communities Bunbury Regional Hospital redevelopment will now include a new maternity, birthing, and neonatal service, bringing the total redevelopment of the hospital to $277.9 million. An additional $77.8 million has been invested in the redevelopment, as part of the Mid-year Review, to expand the maternity, birthing, and neonatal services at the hospital, and facilitate global building cost pressures. The South-West region has a growing population and the new maternity, birthing and neonatal unit will allow more babies to be born closer to home at the Bunbury Regional Hospital. Birthing suites will be expanded to include three additional delivery rooms and there will be twice as many maternity inpatient beds (from 10 to 20) and additional neonatal cots. The new suites will expand capacity for women and newborns at the hospital, bringing care closer to home. The hospital will be well equipped to manage moderate to high-risk emergencies, reducing the number of transfers to metropolitan hospitals. Once complete, the redeveloped Bunbury Regional Hospital will deliver additional beds, an expanded emergency department, increased operating theatre capacity, new clinical equipment mental health facilities, plus Western Australia's first regional training, education and research centre, and a boost to digital capability. Comments attributed to Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson "This project is a priority, and the expansion will include new maternity, birthing and neonatal services, meaning more women can birth at Bunbury Regional Hospital. "Bunbury Regional Hospital is regional Western Australia's busiest hospital so it's important they have access to a facility that meets the future needs of the community." Comments attributed to Bunbury MLA Don Punch "I'm excited to see this incredible project progress for the people of Bunbury. "The McGowan Government has already delivered 200 additional parking bays and an off-site allied health facility, has committed to an expanded emergency department and increased theatre capacity, and now is making this project even better for our local community by including expanded maternity, birthing, and neonatal services. "This is a fantastic outcome for women and families in the South-West." Comments attributed to Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns "The redeveloped Bunbury Regional Hospital will be highly valued by our community and the greater South-West community. "I look forward to seeing this project progress and seeing the benefits of the expanded maternity, birthing and neonatal services to women and families in the region." Minister's office - 6552 5900
Australian-first psychiatry training program to live, train and practice in regions15426Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8100html2/12/2022 5:54:43 AM2022-12-02T05:00:00Z New program allows psychiatrists to undertake training in the regions First-ever dedicated rural psychiatry training program in Australia Designed to attract, train, and retain psychiatrists to regional WA Part of the McGowan Government's focus on supporting regional health workforce Psychiatrists can now undertake their training in regional Western Australia, with the launch of an Australian-first program. The Rural Psychiatry Training WA program - overseen by WA Country Health Service - provides a training pipeline to help attract and retain mental health professionals to the regions. Accredited by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists - the program is the first-ever dedicated rural training zone in Australia or New Zealand which allows trainees to remain in regional WA from internship through to fellowship. The program will help grow a sustainable rural mental health workforce that better meets the diverse and unique needs of rural communities. The first cohort of trainees will begin in February 2023. Further trainees will deploy across regional WA in the mid-year intake. Trainees are supported through accommodation and relocation subsidies. Peer support and mentoring, as well as comprehensive support pathways are available to help trainees and their families settle into regional WA. Comments attributed to Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson "This is just one of the many ways we are working to bolster our rural mental health workforce as part of our ongoing efforts to attract healthcare workers to country WA. "We know that doctors who train in rural areas are more likely to return to work in the country when they finish training. "Improving the distribution of mental health workers gives regional communities access to timely and appropriate psychiatric care, regardless of their postcode." Minister's office - 6552 5900
Have your say: should WA's Container Deposit Scheme include wine, spirit and other bottles?15423Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9670html2/12/2022 3:04:35 AM2022-12-02T03:00:00Z Proposal to expand scheme to include wine, spirit, juice and other bottles Changes would increase recycling and simplify scheme for consumers and businesses Extended consultation period open until May next year Western Australians are encouraged to have their say on a proposal to expand our Container Deposit Scheme to make more containers eligible for a 10 cent refund. The expansion would include wine and spirits in glass bottles; wine in plastic containers between 250ml and 3 litres; fruit and vegetable juice; cordial; and flavoured milk between 150ml and 3 litres.Non-grape wine such as mead as well as plum and peach wine are already included. The proposal would improve recycling rates and simplify the scheme for WA consumers and businesses, with the aim of a national rollout. More than 1.76 billion containers have been recycled since Containers for Change was introduced in WA two years ago. It has created 820 jobs, with in excess of $6.5 million donated to over 5,000 community groups, charities and schools. The recycling rate of beverage containers has soared from 34 per cent to 61 per cent under the scheme. It's estimated the proposal would see an extra 140 million containers available for collection each year. This equates to an additional $14 million in refunds for consumers, charities and community groups. To read the discussion paper and have your say, visit https// by 1 May 2023. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby "Western Australians have truly embraced Containers for Change, and we're excited to explore this next step to take our recycling rates to another level. "We're offering an extended consultation period to ensure all affected producers, including wine makers and distillers, have the opportunity to have their say. "Expanding the scheme would see an extra $14 million in refunds go back into the community, further rewarding those working hard to create change." Comments attributed to WA Return Recycle Renew Ltd CEO Tim Cusack "A recent survey found Containers for Change is the most positively perceived recycling program in WA, and it's exciting to see the scheme go from strength to strength. "Container Deposit Schemes have unique benefits. Separating glass and keeping it contaminant free provides a high quality product that can be recycled back into bottles. "It's great to see Western Australians continuing to make a real difference, while improving their recycling habits." Minister's office - 6552 6300
WA bid success! Perth to remain Australia’s Home of Hockey15422Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements17920html2/12/2022 2:21:43 AM2022-12-02T02:15:00Z McGowan Government and Hockey WA put forward winning $135 million proposal to retain Australia's High Performance Hockey Program Curtin facility will now be transformed into a world-class, purpose-built hockey centre New stadium will have seating for up to 10,000 spectatorsThe McGowan Government has been successful in its bid to keep Hockey Australia's High Performance Program in Perth. Hockey Australia today announced Western Australia was successful over two other shortlisted states, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. The current facility at Curtin University will now be transformed into a world-class, purpose-built Australian Hockey Centre with three international hockey pitches, a specialist goalkeeper training facility, an indoor hockey centre and extensive recovery, gym and support facilities. The new Home of Hockey will be an impressive international stage for players and fans with seating for up to 10,000 spectators, and the latest broadcasting capabilities so WA can show the world all the action. The McGowan Government's successful bid, in partnership with Hockey WA and the Western Australian Institute of Sport, was centred around Perth's rich hockey history and ability to meet the needs of Hockey Australia's High Performance Program. It focused on athlete wellbeing, based on its connection to the broader hockey community, strong domestic competition, proximity to Asia, lifestyle appeal, athlete support networks, and world-class facilities. WA's video bid can be viewed at https// Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "This is a fantastic outcome for Western Australia and for hockey, and I have no doubt this result will be warmly welcomed by fans, players and the hockey community. "The WA hockey program has continuously delivered world-class athletes who have achieved Olympic and World Cup gold medals for Australia, so it only makes sense that we remain the country's home of hockey. "I look forward to many more years of success for Australian hockey here in Perth." Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman "From grass roots competition to world cup success, Perth has proven to be the place to give Australia's hockey stars their best shot. "Hockey Australia agrees, and I am beyond thrilled with today's announcement that Perth will remain the nation's Home of Hockey. "This is the beginning of a new era of hockey in Australia as we get started on the McGowan Government's $135 million, purpose-built facility at Curtin University. "The facility will be like no other. It will boast seating for up to 10,000 spectators, three international hockey pitches, an indoor hockey centre, and a specialist training facility for goal keepers. "We are re-energised for the future of Hockey in Western Australia. I would like to acknowledge the efforts Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King, who has been advocating at a federal level for the high performance program to stay in WA." Comments attributed to Federal Resources Minister and Member for Brand Madeleine King "This is great news for Western Australia and great news for Hockey WA. "This cements WA's reputation as the home of high performance hockey. "It is especially brilliant news for the hockey playing community of WA, which is the largest in the country. "Improved facilities at the home of hockey will benefit players of all ages." Media contacts Premier's office - 6552 5000Minister Templeman's office - 6552 5400
Construction begins on $47.9 million upgrade of Balga TAFE15421Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7550html2/12/2022 2:09:00 AM2022-12-02T02:00:00Z Ground breaks on major redevelopment of North Metropolitan TAFE's Balga campus New multi-storey specialist teaching block to provide modern, industry-relevant training facilities for students Building and construction trades, electrical, English, and adult migrant education training to benefit from $47.9 million expansion McGowan Government delivering WA's largest-ever TAFE capital works programConstruction has commenced on the $47.9 million upgrade of North Metropolitan TAFE's Balga campus. Premier Mark McGowan visited the northern suburbs campus today to turn the first sod of the new state-of-the-art training facility, which will boost local training in building and construction, electrical, and a range of other courses. The major redevelopment of the campus - which was originally built in the 1970s - includes a new three-storey building to replace 22 rundown transportable classrooms. The specialist teaching block will be used to deliver training across a range of areas - including building and construction, electrical, English, and adult migrant education - and will improve the student services and staff amenities on offer, with modern student breakout spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and additional parking. It will have a mix of modern learning spaces, including contemporary and technology-enabled classrooms and computer laboratories, as well as a large future trades training workshop to accommodate 'smart building' and emerging construction technologies. The ground floor will welcome students and clients with an interactive student learning hub (contemporary library), reception, student services, and other amenities. It will also house the Balga Jobs and Skills Centre, connecting the local community with free, professional advice on training and employment opportunities. Local company EMCO Building has been appointed to build the new facilities, which will create jobs and significantly increase learning opportunities in Balga and surrounding areas. Designed by Perth architecture studio Hassell, the expansion is one of 14 major capital works projects taking place at TAFE colleges across the State, as part of the McGowan Government's record $215.8 million investment in upgrading essential infrastructure. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2024. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "North Metropolitan TAFE's Balga campus is ageing and in need of revitalisation, so my Government is investing $47.9 million to significantly upgrade its training facilities. "It will mean the next generation of skilled workers can learn in modern facilities using the latest high-tech equipment. "With our record investment in TAFE infrastructure delivering upgrades across the State, and free and significantly reduced fee courses on offer across a range of sectors in 2023, there has truly never been a better time to train at TAFE in WA." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "We continue to invest heavily in training to ensure ongoing growth in WA's skilled workforce, particularly in priority sectors. "This major upgrade will ensure North Metropolitan TAFE's Balga campus is delivering contemporary and industry-relevant training into the future, in building and construction trades and a range of other areas. "It will also boost student capacity at what is already a busy campus, delivering more learning opportunities for its local communities." Comments attributed to Mirrabooka MLA Meredith Hammat "This a much-needed upgrade for Balga TAFE, and incredibly exciting for our future skilled workers who will have the opportunity to train right here in Balga in a state-of-the-art facility. "This McGowan Labor Government project is a huge investment in our community, particularly its young people, and I can't wait to see the new facilities taking shape." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Education and Training Minister’s office - 6552 5700
Redevelopment of Redcliffe Station Precinct a step closer15420Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8940html2/12/2022 1:41:44 AM2022-12-02T00:10:00Z Government initiates improvement plan announced for Redcliffe Station Precinct Improvement plan paves the way for the development of a more detailed planning framework for the area Area includes around nine hectares of strategically located State-owned land The Precinct has the potential to deliver a transit-oriented, mixed-use development including new housing optionsThe development of a planning framework to guide the regeneration of the Redcliffe Station Precinct (the Precinct) is a step closer, with the State Government today initiating an improvement plan for the area. The Precinct is strategically located close to Perth's CBD and includes the recently opened Redcliffe Station, which connects commuters to Perth City in just 15 minutes via the METRONET Airport Line. The Improvement Plan Redcliffe Station Precinct (Improvement Plan 45) comprises an area of approximately 49 hectares - including approximately nine hectares of State-owned land - and is bound by Tonkin Highway, Great Eastern Highway, Coolgardie Avenue and the Perth Airport. The Precinct has the potential to deliver transit-oriented, mixed-use development that includes diverse housing, public open space, accessible services and amenities, and employment opportunities. Redevelopment of the Precinct will help support delivery of the 'Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million' framework, by consolidating future development in the metropolitan area through high-quality urban infill. Improvement Plan 45 will enable the Western Australian Planning Commission to develop the necessary planning guidelines to plan for - and facilitate - future development of the Precinct. To learn more about Improvement Plan 45 visit Comments attributed to Planning Minister Rita Saffioti "We are committed to supporting the revitalisation and regeneration of the Redcliffe Station Precinct, and there are significant opportunities to develop a new transit-oriented community. "With the new Redcliffe Station and Airport Line now open, it has become even more important to establish a planning framework to facilitate and encourage the scale of development needed to regenerate the area. "We have established an improvement plan for the Precinct to ensure a statutory planning framework can be delivered to guide land use planning and development in this area. "Having this plan in place will allow the State Government to progress planning for the Redcliffe Station Precinct and ensure the best outcomes are delivered in a coordinated manner to meet the needs of the community." Comments attributed to Belmont MLA Cassie Rowe "The establishment of this improvement plan is an important step towards the revitalisation and redevelopment of the Redcliffe Station Precinct. "Initiating an improvement plan for the area will provide the community with certainty that our government is getting on with the job of planning and developing this precinct. "There is significant opportunity to deliver a fantastic mix-use development with new housing, and commercial and retail spaces." Minister's office - 6552 5500
Weekend PDAs available during busy Christmas - New Year period15419Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements10460html2/12/2022 1:20:08 AM2022-12-02T00:05:00Z Additional practical driving assessments released over December and January New bookings to cater for busy period for driving tests at four metro DVS centres More than 1300 weekend bookings released up to 29 January 2023 The State Government has announced an additional 1300 practical driving assessments will be made available across December and January, to cater for high demand across the summer period. The additional practical driving assessment (PDA) bookings will be released weekly, and be available on weekends at the Joondalup, Midland, Kelmscott and Rockingham Driver and Vehicle Services centres until 29 January 2023. Candidates can book a PDA between 755am and 340pm on Saturdays and Sundays at Joondalup, Midland and Rockingham and between 800am and 245pm at Kelmscott. PDAs can be booked or cancelled online 24/7 using the Department of Transport website. PDAs will not be available on the Christmas (24 and 25 December 2022) and New Year's (31 December 2022 and 01 January 2023) weekends. Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "We know there is a high demand for practical driving assessments over the December and January period and releasing these additional weekend bookings provides flexibility for our PDA candidates. "Having access to a driver's licence opens the door to more work and training opportunities, so we want to be looking at ways we can cater for this busy period as more people look to undertake their PDAs. "I encourage all candidates to make the most of these weekend PDA bookings and visit the Department of Transport website for tips and advice to pass the practical driving assessment." Minister's office - 6552 5500
Funding program connects artists and school students15418Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7050html2/12/2022 1:15:08 AM2022-12-02T00:00:00Z Creativity for Schools grants program offers funding for collaborations and residencies Applications open today for programs bringing artists and school children together Part of the McGowan's Government's $8 million investment in creative learning Artists, teachers, and creative organisations will be able to foster greater creativity in schools thanks to the Creativity for Schools program grants that open today. This is the second component of an $8 million funding injection under the Creative Learning Program umbrella. The program is designed to support arts access, participation, and engagement in transformative learning experiences for school students and teachers. The Creativity for Schools program offers two funding streams for collaborations (up to $60,000) and in-school residencies (up to $20,000). The Collaboration category offers grants of up to $60,000 for projects and programs designed to connect Western Australian arts organisations and groups with schools. This is open to WA arts and culture organisations, creative practitioners, local government authorities, schools, and not-for-profit community organisations and community services organisations. The Residency category has grants of up to $20,000 for projects involving artists-in-residence in schools, with activities including approximately 25 days of engagement per school. This is open to creative practitioners and all WA primary and secondary government and non-government schools, including Catholic and independent schools. Successful projects will enhance student and educator creative learning ability to increase engagement, and support success across the curriculum. The program also aims to improve student engagement in schools, particularly in socially, economically, and geographically disadvantaged areas. The funding is one arm of the McGowan Government's Creative Learning Program, which was a 2021 State Election commitment. Applications for both categories of Creativity for Schools open on 1 December 2022, and close on 2 February 2023, with activities beginning in June 2023. For more information, guidelines, and applications, visit https// Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman "This is such an important step to ensure young people have access to the arts and creativity while at school. "This opportunity allows local creatives to share their skills and knowledge with the next generation - and I am excited to see the projects that come out of this. "The Creativity for Schools projects will also help teach creative thinking, encourage creativity, and emotional intelligence - life skills which students and educators will always be able to draw on. Plus, it's hard to deny that learning creatively is also a lot of fun." Minister's office - 6552 5400