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New online system for beekeeping13520Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 7:02:49 AM2022-08-15T07:00:00Z Streamlines apiary administration for beekeepers New measures to manage dieback impacts included in updated conditions for beekeeping in WA's parks and reserves A new online apiary system enables beekeepers to more efficiently apply for, manage and share sites, adding value for Western Australia's globally-significant apiary industry. The new system was developed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), and provides approvals for apiary sites in WA's national parks and conservation reserves, as well as on pastoral leases, mining tenements and unallocated Crown land. To complement the online system, DBCA's Apiary General Conditions in WA have been updated in consultation with the Bee Industry Council of Western Australia to provide clear guidance for people undertaking apiary activities on these lands. As a new requirement under the conditions, beekeepers will need to undertake training on procedures to avoid the spread of Phytophthora dieback. This will help manage the impacts of this threat to WA's flora resources. DBCA has provided this Phytophthora dieback Green Card training to beekeepers over the past year, which was positively received by the industry. There are 4238 current apiary authorities granted under the CALM Act, distributed among 101 beekeepers. Apiculture is a significant industry to WA with a farm gate value of $50 million, and it provides pollination services to the horticulture industry with a value of approximately $1.1 billion. The WA industry is notable world-wide given that WA is free of bee diseases and pests found elsewhere, and it exports bees to other countries. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby "Bees play an instrumental role in agriculture by pollinating crops and increasing yield, as well as through the honey industry. "This new online system streamlines the administration of beekeeping sites on certain Crown lands, allowing beekeepers to view all their sites online and more easily make use of other sites. "With a significant increase in apiarists accessing Crown lands, it is important to ensure appropriate hygiene practices are applied. "The new Phytophthora dieback Green Card will help prevent the spread of dieback in Western Australia and protect the floral resources that support beekeeping and other industries." Minister's office - 6552 6300
Submissions sought on Sun City Precinct heritage proposal13519Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 6:01:05 AM2022-08-15T06:00:00Z Sun City Precinct, Two Rocks, is being considered for inclusion in the State Register of Heritage Places The Precinct includes remnants of the 1970s Yanchep Sun City development and King Neptune Sculpture Public consultation now open The Heritage Council of Western Australia is inviting public comment on a proposal to include Sun City Precinct, Two Rocks, in the State Register of Heritage Places. The place is considered to have cultural heritage significance as it reflects a time of rapid growth and development in the area during the 1970s and 1980s, largely driven by the Bond Corporation's commercial enterprises. Sun City Precinct incorporates elements of the Yanchep Sun City development, the Two Rocks Marina and shopping centre, and includes the King Neptune Sculpture, a local landmark and remnant of the former tourist attraction Atlantis Marine Park. The Yanchep Sun City development also reflects the economic conditions of the times, from the ambitious, aspirational sentiment of the boom that peaked in the 1980's, through to the 1990's and the venture's decline. Entry in the State Register of Heritage Places does not prevent change or development, but instead ensures that any proposed development is sympathetic to the heritage values of the place. To find out more about the proposal or to make a submission before the closing date of 30 September 2022, visit https// Comments attributed to Heritage Minister David Templeman "Sun City Precinct, Two Rocks, captures the essence of 1970's Perth, and has over the years become highly valued by locals and visitors alike. "The King Neptune statue is an iconic landmark and is much loved by the local community. "I encourage you to have your say on the heritage values of this place." Comments attributed to Butler MLA John Quigley "King Neptune and the Sun City Precinct is a unique part of Western Australia's history and I encourage all locals to make their voices heard and put in a submission. "I am pleased that my representations on this matter have borne fruit and that the Heritage Council will now consider the site for State Heritage listing." Minister's office - 6552 5400
Data-driven graduate program to help shape WA’s digital future13518Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 5:27:02 AM2022-08-15T05:25:00Z Applications are now open to join the WA public sector's new 2023 Interagency Data Science Graduate Program Graduates to use data and analytics to tackle some of the State's most interesting and complex challengesThe McGowan Government has launched a new Interagency Data Science Graduate Program, a first for the Western Australian public sector, to put graduates at the forefront of some of the State's most innovative projects and critical initiatives. Following the launch of the Digital Strategy 2021-2025 and the focus on using data-driven decisions to benefit the community, the Government recognised the need to create a defined data science career pathway into the public sector. The Department of Communities, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and the WA Police Force are combining to deliver a data science program that will help to grow the sector's digital capabilities. The program offers graduates a unique opportunity to apply their data skills and knowledge to inform Government policy, services and programs to improve the lives of Western Australians. The program is structured over 12 months, with graduates completing three four-month rotations between the participating agencies. This program will harness the diverse skills and backgrounds of graduates to help deliver convenient, smart and secure digital services to the WA community. The program will be seeking graduates with skills and qualifications in data programming languages, analysis of geospatial data, statistical modelling and data visualisation software. Successful applicants will commence the program in February 2023. Applications are now open to join the 2023 Interagency Data Science Graduate Program. For more information, visit Data Science Graduate Officer Applications. Comments attributed to Innovation and ICT Minister Stephen Dawson "Under our Digital Strategy 2021-2025, the McGowan Government is investing in the growth of the public sector's digital and data analytics capabilities. "I am excited to announce the launch of this graduate program as there is so much potential here for graduates from a data science background to help to shape WA's digital future. "Data science skills are already providing tremendous benefit to WA, but we need to encourage more to enter the industry, with 3,000 new local jobs expected in the next 10 years. "The 12-month Interagency Data Science Graduate Program will offer insight into a wide range of exciting opportunities available across the public sector, and provide graduates with the practical skills and professional experience to kickstart their career. "I encourage all graduates with backgrounds in data science and analytics, who are interested in a rewarding career, to apply for these positions." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Joint media statement - Site selected for Western Australia’s new Aboriginal Cultural Centre13517Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 5:15:47 AM2022-08-15T05:15:00Z A world-class Aboriginal Cultural Centre for Western Australia is a step closer to becoming a reality with the selection of a Terrace Road site as the preferred location for the centre. The site was chosen primarily because of its connection to the Swan River (Derbarl Yerrigan), Heirisson Island (Matta Gerup) and Kings Park (Katta Koomba), which are places of cultural significance to Noongar people. The Whadjuk Cultural Authority representatives on the Aboriginal Cultural Centre Steering Committee were asked to consider six different locations near the Swan River (Derbarl Yerrigan). The selection of the site went through an extensive cultural investigation and consultation process, which has been endorsed by the wider Whadjuk reference group for the project. The Whadjuk Cultural Authority representative group is made up of six members of the Noongar community; three men and three women who were selected by Whadjuk Elders. The Centre now has a joint funding commitment of $102 million with $50m from the McGowan Government, and a total of $52m from the Australian Government which includes the recent election commitment from the Albanese Government. The project will now be progressed through further engagement with the newly elected Directors and cultural advice committee members of the Whadjuk Aboriginal Corporation, established under the South West Native Title Settlement. Extensive State-wide consultations with Aboriginal people and communities will also commence to help shape the vision and key functions of the Centre. It is anticipated the Centre will be opened in 2028. Comments attributed Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Catherine King "This Centre will aim to be a storytelling place that will provide both indoor and outdoor immersive experiences. "This could include cultural performances, visual arts, education, community gatherings, digital media displays as well as commercial opportunities." Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "The site selection is an exciting milestone for what will be a world-class facility that celebrates and showcases WA's unique Aboriginal culture to the world. "This project presents an immense opportunity for WA to create a globally significant Centre where all West Australians, as well as interstate and international tourists, can gain a deeper understanding of WA's rich Aboriginal culture through authentic immersive experiences." Comments attributed Federal Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney "The Aboriginal Cultural Centre will provide an opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture and share it with the world. "The centre will be a significant tourism drawcard for interstate and international visitors travelling across Western Australia to experience unique Aboriginal cultural offerings." Comments attributable to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman "The Centre will connect to other spaces and places around WA that develop, promote and nurture art, culture, language and heritage. "This project will unlock economic opportunities for Aboriginal people associated with creative and cultural tourism, including creating pathways for enterprise in local, national and international markets." Comments attributable to Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister Patrick Gorman "In the heart of our city and on the banks of the Swan River (Derbarl Yerrigan), this location is ideal for an Aboriginal Cultural Centre telling the story of the world's oldest continuous culture." "Not only will this Centre showcase and preserve culture, art, song and languages, it will be a significant drawcard for visitors from across Australia and the world." Comments attributable to Aboriginal Affairs Minister Tony Buti "The Aboriginal Cultural Centre is being progressed through an Aboriginal-led process to give people from all over Western Australia the opportunity to express their vision for the Centre. "It is envisaged the Centre will become a powerful symbol of truth telling and reconciliation, giving Aboriginal people from across the State a voice, and educating visitors about our shared history." Comments attributable to Whadjuk Cultural Authority representatives "The site is part of our spiritual identity. It is where the bilya (river) meets the boodja (land) and where ancient waterways were created by the Wagyl as part of our Dreaming. "This is a spiritual place where we can tell our stories, but also where we welcome others to tell their stories to promote healing and understanding. "We hope the Centre will be a healing and gathering space for Aboriginal people across WA where we can connect as First Nations peoples and share our culture with people from all over the world. "We see this project as a huge opportunity for Aboriginal people to not only showcase their culture, but benefit from the economic, tourism and employment opportunities the Centre will bring." Premier's office - 6552 5200 Culture and the Arts Minister's office - 6552 5400 Aboriginal Affairs Minister's office - 6552 6400
Generosity of carers celebrated during Foster Carers Week13516Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 3:07:19 AM2022-08-15T03:05:00Z Child Protection Minister commends the dedication and generosity of Western Australian foster carers during WA Foster Carers Week, which runs 15 to 21 August Funding extended for OurSPACE Foster and Family Carer Support program to June 2023 The generosity and dedication of foster and family carers is being recognised during WA Foster Carers Week which runs from 15 to 21 August. The State Government is celebrating the vital role of foster carers with events and activities throughout the week to recognise carers at twenty regional district offices across Western Australia. Foster and family carers play a vital role in the community by keeping children and young people safe and giving them opportunities to thrive. There are currently 5094 children in care in WA, with foster and family carers providing a home for the vast majority of these children. 2366 households provide love and support through foster or family care arrangements, often to more than one child. In recognition of the vital role foster carers play in supporting children in out-of-home care, the State Government is extending a grant agreement for the OurSPACE Foster and Family Carer Support program to June 2023. OurSPACE is a free State-wide program delivered by the Australian Childhood Association. The $640,000 grant provides specialist therapeutic counselling and support services for Department of Communities' carers which in turn, enhances the long-term stability of care arrangements where children have heightened support needs. To date, OurSPACE has worked with a total of 117 carers, in person and through telephone and videocalls. This easy to access support is helping strengthen the relationship between carers and the children they care for. Specialised training is provided for all prospective carers who are assessed as suitable to become foster carers. Anyone interested in becoming a foster carer or receiving more information about foster care options is encouraged to visit the Department of Communities' website or call 1800 182 178 for more information. Comments attributed to Child Protection Minister Simone McGurk "Children in care have sadly often lived through a range of traumatic experiences and the role that foster carers play in helping them recover and thrive cannot be underestimated. "They take children into their hearts and homes and help them heal from trauma, abuse, and neglect, and provide them the care they need to grow, develop, and reach their potential. "Foster and family carers are ordinary people who step up and choose to make a difference for some of the most vulnerable children in our community - providing much-needed stability and security, and a positive experience of family life. "I am proud to support carers through the continuation of funding for the OurSpace program which provides counselling services to help them continue caring for young people with complex needs. "Through providing a responsive care system, we will provide the best outcomes for children in care." Minister's office - 6552 6600
Iconic Australind Jetty refurbishment works to begin13515Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 3:01:25 AM2022-08-15T03:00:00Z Infrastructure company Ventia to carry out refurbishment works on the Australind Jetty Scoping of the rebuild and refurbishment works for the jetty has commenced The McGowan Government has allocated $3 million to rebuild the Australind Jetty Water Minister Dave Kelly today announced that infrastructure company Ventia will carry out the rebuild and refurbishment works for the Australind Jetty, with the Department of Transport overseeing the management of the refurbishment project. Scoping of the rebuild and refurbishment works is now underway. The Australind Jetty was originally built in the 1960s as supporting infrastructure for a titanium extraction plant. Since the closure of the factory, the jetty has been a popular attraction for walking and fishing and has been enjoyed by local residents and visiting tourists over the past 30 years. Following a deterioration in the jetty's condition, the Shire of Harvey and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation deemed the structure no longer safe for public use, and the difficult decision was made to close it to the public in late January 2021. In May 2021, independent consultants carried out an assessment of the jetty's structural integrity, identifying significant structural issues with the pier and wooden bridges, which require extensive remedial works before the public can safely access the jetty. Following calls from Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns on behalf of the local community, the McGowan Government allocated $3 million in funding to rebuild the iconic jetty so it can be enjoyed by the community once more. Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly "The Australind Jetty is a valued community asset, and it is important for it to be safe and accessible again. "The McGowan government is committed to restoring this iconic jetty for the safe use of the local community and tourists for generations to come." Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "The upgrades mean the Australind Jetty will soon be open again for locals and visitors to access a variety of recreational activities. "The jetty is a unique attraction, which is prized by the community, and the refurbishment means all can enjoy the beauty and biodiversity of the stunning Leschenault Estuary." Comments attributed to Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns "It is exciting to know that scoping of the rebuild and refurbishment works for the Australind Jetty, a place enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, has commenced. "Although community members were disappointed with the closure of the jetty, they will be pleased to learn that the McGowan Government has honoured its pledge to restore it and that work has started so it can be safely enjoyed by the public once more." Water Minister's office - 6552 6100 Transport Minister's office - 6552 5500
$1 million in grants to strengthen CaLD communities in WA13514Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml15/08/2022 2:35:11 AM2022-08-15T02:30:00Z 58 community organisations benefit from boosted Community Grants Program (CGP) Grants build community capacity and deliver strategic projects in culturally and linguistically diverse communities Election commitment to double the CGP budget to $1 million delivered Programs help all Western Australians to experience culturally diverse festivals and traditions, learn, and build new connectionsWestern Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) community associations have now shared in $1 million in grant funding to deliver projects to strengthen local communities. The annual funding for the popular Community Grants Program (CGP) has doubled from $500,000 following a key election commitment by the McGowan Government. This year's funding of $1 million has meant more community-strengthening projects could be supported - from support for mental health to women's empowerment. Over the year grants have enabled 58 CaLD community associations to design, deliver and partner on activities that directly support their community's needs. The latest round of projects to be awarded funding include Club Malayalam Inc in Kingsley will host facilitated discussion panels for the Malayalam community that encourage open dialogue about mental health; The Australian Asian Association of Western Australia will run driving lessons and driver theory classes for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds using multi-lingual female instructors from CaLD backgrounds; Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Services Inc in Belmont will trial a new cross-sector service model that will increase the wellbeing, social connectedness, and self-reliance of LGBTQI+ people from CaLD backgrounds; and The Hindu Association of Pilbara will host a community festival featuring colourful floral arrangements, traditional song and dance performances and storytelling to mark the traditional Hindu celebration of Onam in Karratha.Funding is awarded through the Office of Multicultural Interests CGP, which supports activities led by culturally and linguistically diverse communities and specialist CaLD community service providers in WA. It follows the $3 million Community Capital Works Fund announced last year, providing support to culturally and linguistically diverse community associations to improve their facilities. For more information about the CGP and for a full list of funding recipients please visit Comments attributed to Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Dr Tony Buti "These outcomes are the result of the Government's 2021 election commitment to double the Community Grants Program budget to $1 million. "This funding ensures that culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Western Australia can better address their needs and share their cultures and traditions. "WA has one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world and we are a stronger and more vibrant community because of that diversity and the opportunities it presents. "It is vital to our vibrant and successful multicultural State that we support and celebrate our culturally and linguistically diverse communities." Minister's office - 6552 6400
Locally manufactured trains back on the network after 30 years13513Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9900html14/08/2022 4:45:03 AM2022-08-14T04:30:00Z ​ · The first WA made six-car C-series train has now completed high voltage testing· The train will undergo a year of intensive dynamic testing before starting services in 2023· 246 new C-Series railcars will be built locally over the next 10 years· First locally manufactured railcars in Western Australia since 1994 The first full six-car C-series train built in Western Australia has completed high voltage testing and will move out of Bellevue in the next month for an extensive dynamic validation testing period. For approximately 12 months, the new train will travel along the Mandurah and Joondalup lines, outside of passenger service operating hours, to test how it runs in a live environment. This will include testing braking and acceleration, operational systems, passenger comfort and energy consumption, to ensure the train is ready for passenger services from late-2023. This rigorous testing program ensures the future railcars can move more than 103,000 daily boardings on these lines as safely, reliably and smoothly as possible. Testing of the first full six-car C-series train is a major milestone in the delivery of the State Government's promise to build trains locally and create employment opportunities for Western Australians. It will be the first time in nearly 30 years that a locally manufactured train will be operated on the network. The ten-year contract to deliver 246 new C-Series railcars and six new Australind railcars, will see 130 workers directly employed at the Bellevue workshop, and hundreds of jobs created through the local manufacture of train components such as bogie frames, battery boxes and passenger seats. The new C-series will initially operate along the Joondalup and Mandurah lines to maximise capacity along the two busiest lines. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "In a WA first since 1994, we are bringing back railcar manufacturing and delivering on our promise to build trains locally and create local job opportunities. "Western Australians will soon see locally built trains on our rail lines as we undertake critically important testing to ensure the railcars are ready to enter service next year. "Congratulations to all of the workers involved in reaching this milestone and helping to bring back railcar manufacturing to WA." Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "We committed to bringing railcar production back to Western Australia and to see the first locally manufactured full six-car C-series train ready for testing on our rail network is a major milestone. "With railcars previously built outside of WA, this level of testing has never occurred locally. It is an extremely important step in making sure the millions of passengers boarding the new trains each year will enjoy a safe, reliable and smooth journey. "After this year of rigourous testing on the network in a live environment, the new train will begin passenger services, and will have the ability to move more people than the current trains. "By 2029 we will see 246 new C-series railcars locally built at our Bellevue facility, which will service Perth's growing METRONET train network." Minister's Office - 6552 5500
Latest Riverbank funding projects announced13512Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3360html14/08/2022 3:33:10 AM2022-08-13T16:00:00Z• 2022-2023 Riverbank funding recipients announced • Funds are helping to protect foreshores along the Swan and Canning rivers The Swan and Canning rivers are set to benefit from more than $1.4 million in new funding for foreshore restoration projects as part of the McGowan Government’s Riverbank Program. For 21 years, this initiative has been working to improve the health of the Swan Canning Riverpark. The grants focus on projects that protect or enhance environmental, recreational, cultural and amenity values of the Swan Canning Riverpark. Riverbank funding of more than $1.4 million will go to 12 local foreshore land managers and remaining funds will be directed towards the protection of priority sites river-wide through partnerships with local governments. The City of Armadale will receive $61,945 to continue successful ecological restoration works at four sites. These works include weed control and revegetation with broader aims of increasing overall biodiversity, improving water quality, increasing canopy cover, improving wildlife habitat, and to reduce sedimentation and erosion. The City of Bayswater will receive $40,000 for the development of a foreshore restoration design of Riverside Gardens in Bayswater. This will assist with conservation efforts, as well as mitigate erosion. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby “The McGowan Government is committed to improving the health of the Swan Canning Riverpark. “The riverpark is important not only for the community who use these areas for recreation and tourism, but also actions such as effective weed management and erosion mitigation help the local environment as well. “Congratulations to the successful recipients for their dedication for protecting our waterways.” Minister's Office - 6552 6300
WA Museum Boola Bardip achieves major milestone13511Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5840html13/08/2022 7:35:55 AM2022-08-13T04:30:00Z ​One millionth visitor heads to WA Museum Boorla Bardip Strong attendance continues across WA tourism hotspot The WA Museum Boola Bardip has welcomed its one millionth visitor since opening in November 2020, marking a major milestone in the history of the $400 million award-winning facility. The lucky visitor was presented with a unique prize package including a cocktail function for 20 of their friends, including after-hours access to the Dinosaurs of Patagonia exhibition; a VIP invitation for four to the launch event of the Wonderland exhibition and the Season 2023 launch in December 2022; a lifetime Family Friend Membership to WA Museum Boola Bardip; and a WA Museum shop prize pack valued at $500. The Museum has enjoyed strong attendance, widespread community support and positive feedback, with visitors enjoying a vast array of innovative programs, including world leading temporary exhibitions, events and learning programs. Since opening, the Museum has been recognised with numerous awards and commendations across categories including best architecture, exhibitions, programs, and cultural tourism. The 1,000 square metre special exhibition facilities continue to attract world premier exhibitions, including the current Dinosaurs of Patagonia exhibition. Due to its unique State-wide content, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices woven throughout the exhibitions, WA Museum Boola Bardip is WA's premium cultural tourism attraction, inspiring visitors to plan and undertake activities and holidays across the State. The one millionth visitor has coincided with the beginning of National Science Week and the Museum's Biggest Science Lab Ever will be on all weekend. Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman "I am so proud to be part of this history making moment for WA Museum Boola Bardip. "To reach one million visitors is a significant milestone made possible by the enthusiasm and support of Western Australians, especially during the peak of COVID-19 border closures. "There is always something exciting happening at WA Museum Boola Bardip and the current world premier exhibition Dinosaurs of Patagonia continues to draw strong visitation and we look forward with anticipation to the exciting and slightly obscure world of Alice in Wonderland with the arrival of Wonderland in December 2022." Comments attributed to Perth MLA John Carey "WA Museum Boola Bardip is a world-class facility and what better place to showcase it than in the heart of the Perth CBD. "Now that Western Australia is open to the world again, WA Museum Boola Bardip is one of WA's premium tourist attractions, for interstate and international visitors alike. "Boola Bardip means 'many stories' in Noongar language and that is exactly what this museum is - a place where we can all share Western Australia's amazing stories." Minister's Office 6552 5400
Celebrate wonders of STEM during National Science Week 202213510Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3270html13/08/2022 6:50:26 AM2022-08-13T00:00:00Z National Science Week is Australia's largest annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, featuring hundreds of activities and events across the country Opportunities for all Western Australians to explore and celebrate science by taking part in science activities from 13 to 21 August 2022 The 2022 National Science Week theme is 'Glass More than meets the eye' to celebrate the United Nations' International Year of Glass Western Australians are being encouraged to celebrate and take part in a range of activities across the State during National Science Week. This year's Science Week will explore the use of glass in science, in celebration of the United Nations' International Year of Glass. This year's school theme, 'Glass More than meets the eye', encourages young Western Australians to explore everything from microscopy and forensics to modern technology, communications and astronomy. Held from 13 to 21 August 2022, National Science Week is Australia's largest annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), featuring hundreds of activities and events across Western Australia during August. In 2021, there were 224 National Science Week activities held in metropolitan and regional communities in WA. Coordinated in WA by the Western Australian Coordinating Committee for National Science Week, events and activities are delivered by a range of diverse organisations, including universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres. Among the many National Science Week initiatives happening across August will be The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research public lecture by Dr Sabine Bellstedt on 18 August at the Octagon Theatre, where the dynamic 2021-22 Superstar of STEM and widely published local astrophysicist will delve into how Indigenous Australian knowledge of the night sky is observed with the naked eye, how glass was employed in the development of telescopes, and how silicone is now used in supercomputers and radio astronomy. The 'Glass More than meets the eye festival' at the Victoria Park Community Centre on 20 August that will be a family friendly day of fun to captivate and educate by offering hands-on engagement to learn about glass. The South West Science Fair delivered by the South West Science Council with a variety of exhibitors and STEM-based activities to bring the community together for an afternoon of learning and fun at the Bunbury Public Library on 13 August. National Science Week provides opportunities for all Western Australians to explore and celebrate science by taking part in science activities, in-person and online events, talks, podcasts, at-home activities and competitions. The Western Australian Coordinating Committee for National Science Week held a 2022 grant round to find and fund STEM-focused initiatives across WA. Five initiatives in the Perth metropolitan area were awarded up to $10,000 from a $32,325 funding pool and 18 initiatives across regional WA were awarded up to $2,500 from a $37,660 funding pool. National Science Week is an Australian Government initiative through Inspiring Australia. The WA Government supports Inspiring Australia in Western Australia through Scitech. For more information on National Science Week events, please visit https// Comments attributed to Science Minister Roger Cook "National Science Week is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the value of STEM in fun and engaging ways, and is a fantastic way to inspire Western Australians to be curious about the world. "Scientific literacy and STEM skills underpin many sectors of our economy and are essential to ensuring we can respond to economic, social and environmental challenges. "I encourage everyone to get involved in one of the many National Science Week events happening across the State." Comments attributed to Chief Scientist of Western Australia Professor Peter Klinken "It's important that we continue to inspire our next generation of scientists to explore the world of STEM, and the annual National Science Week does just that. "In 2022 National Science Week aims to explore one of the most overlooked materials we use in the modern world but make such a difference to our lives - glass. "Parents, teachers, students and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the world we live in are encouraged to take part in the many National Science Week activities and events occurring." Minister's Office 6552 6500
Residential facility to support Martu students opens13509Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4120html12/08/2022 6:30:38 AM2022-08-12T06:30:00Z $4 million State Government investment delivers residential facility for Martu students The new facility will accommodate up to 11 Martu students from remote communities to participate in secondary education at the Newman Senior High School Martu students from remote communities now have greater access to secondary schooling and vocational programs, following the opening of a new residential facility for students in Newman. The project, which received $4 million in funding from the State Government's Recovery Fund, involved the conversion of three houses to provide separate accommodation for male and female students, and a common administration and meeting place. The houses were gifted by BHP to Jamukurnu-Yapalikurnu Aboriginal Corporation (JYAC) which was previously known as Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation. The project was developed by the Martu Schools Alliance in a partnership with JYAC and the Pilbara Development Commission. Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan "We have worked for many years to get this important project up and running. "We hope it will be a game-changer for kids growing up in Martu communities, allowing them access to high school training. "Students will receive personal and educational support to help them adjust to the challenges of a larger school." Comments attributed to Aboriginal Affairs Minister Tony Buti "Reducing educational disadvantage is a key part of the State Government's plan for Closing the Gap "Projects like these make learning more accessible to students in remote areas where barriers to education are often greater." Comments attributed to Jamukurnu-Yapalikurnu Aboriginal Corporation Chairperson Melvin Farmer "Martu children who want to further their academic studies need to be able to do that close to family and country and without having to go away to the city or other distant places. "The Martu Student Hostel will allow students who want a good high school education to have that without moving away from their families. "Families can stay on-country and in communities and know their children are safe and getting a good education close to home. "The Martu Student Hostel will be a place for learning and for these young people to become the Martu leaders of tomorrow." Comments attributed to Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel "The Martu student residential facility will significantly support young Martu people to access a broader range of secondary and vocational learning opportunities, while staying connected with family on country. "The McGowan Government is pleased to support this project to ensure Martu students can meaningfully engage in the Pilbara economy, while retaining a strong connection to culture and country." Minister's office - 6552 6200
Landmark Middleton Beach hotel concept images unveiled13508Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8560html12/08/2022 6:22:05 AM2022-08-12T06:15:00Z Concept designs released for much anticipated new hotel on Albany's picturesque foreshore New project on long-vacant site to deliver planned 66-suite hotel and new food and beverage facilities for Albany Development to provide new amenity for residents and drive local tourism Works anticipated to commence in 2023 for hotel opening in 2024, subject to development approval The McGowan Government has today unveiled the first concept images and designs for the much anticipated $30 million hotel at Middleton Beach in Albany. The hotel, to be delivered by Pacifica Ausglobal, will bring new amenity, drive tourism and create local jobs and further economic opportunities for the region. The concept for the waterfront hotel is planned to feature 66 suites, with ground floor food and beverage facilities for local residents, visitors and hotel guests to enjoy. Pacifica Ausglobal has been refining the design based on feedback provided by the Government's State Design Review Panel. The Panel is working with Pacifica on key design components of the project including building height in relation to Mt Clarence and Middleton Beach, parking, place activation and its contribution to a successful beachfront public realm. Final changes to the design will be made following the second design review and once endorsed by the State Design Review Panel, will be submitted to the City of Albany as part of the development approval process. The public will then have the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed design. Subject to development approval, works are anticipated to commence on the new hotel in early 2023 and will create up to 180 new jobs. The Middleton Beach Hotel will be located opposite Duettes - six unique townhouses which mark the first stage in a purpose-designed, medium density, mixed-use development by the McGowan Government in regional WA. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "I'm excited to be here in Albany to celebrate the next phase in the development of this long-awaited prime waterfront hotel. "The hotel will become the centrepiece of the wider Middleton Beach Activity Centre which has recently seen my Government contributing $3.5 million towards upgrading the foreshore. "When complete, the Middleton Beach precinct will generate new local jobs and training opportunities in the region's growing hospitality and tourism industries." Comments attributed to Lands Minister John Carey "Middleton Beach is already one of Albany's most popular seaside destinations and this major development project will generate a new and vibrant tourism destination, driving economic and employment opportunities for the Great Southern. "To be located on the former site of the iconic Esplanade Hotel, the premium hotel will be a key attraction within the State Government's Middleton Beach Activity Centre area, connecting seamlessly to the redeveloped foreshore. "The State Government welcomes the next phase of the Development Application process, and I encourage the community to have their say on the design of this major project in the coming months." Comments attributed to Albany MLA Rebecca Stephens "The 3.9 hectare Middleton Beach Activity Centre is set to become a vibrant mixed-use and tourism precinct, bringing together residential living, retail and commercial offerings as well as holiday and short stay accommodation. "This development is about creating new local jobs and ensuring our region remains a tourism hotspot." Premier's office - 6552 5200 Lands Minister's office - 6552 5300
Redeveloped Mount Lockyer Primary School officially open13507Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3930html12/08/2022 4:20:27 AM2022-08-12T04:00:00Z Premier and Albany MLA Rebecca Stephens open new buildings at Mount Lockyer Primary School Major $16.59 million project delivers contemporary education facilities Redevelopment includes four new general classroom blocks, new administration block, new library and undercover assembly area The redeveloped Mount Lockyer Primary School, including four new general classroom blocks, a new library and new covered assembly area, has officially been opened. Premier Mark McGowan and Albany MLA Rebecca Stephens today opened and toured the new state-of-the-art facilities, which provide a modern learning and teaching environment and activity spaces. The McGowan Government made a commitment in 2017 to upgrade the school, but instead decided to replace its old and outdated buildings. The much-needed redevelopment was announced to the whole school community at an assembly in October 2019. The $16.59 million staged project has delivered four new general classroom blocks, each of which contains four classrooms, a new administration block, a new library/staffroom block and a new undercover assembly area. The school's oval and play areas have also been redeveloped. In addition to the new buildings, six existing classrooms are also being refurbished, with works expected to be completed before the end of the 2022 school year. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "This redevelopment delivers terrific new facilities for the Mount Lockyer community, ensuring local young people have a great start to their education. "The new buildings provide a modern learning environment for both students and teachers, and I thank the local community for their keen involvement in the redevelopment." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "Mount Lockyer Primary School is at the heart of this close-knit community, and its transformation into a modern environment for students, school staff and families to learn and engage with each other will ensure it continues to be. "The entire Mount Lockyer Primary School community should be proud of this redevelopment - the impressive new facilities are a testament to the passion and dedication of everyone involved." Comments attributed to Albany MLA Rebecca Stephens "I'm delighted to see Mount Lockyer Primary School rebuilt and restored with the support of the local community. "Local parents Bianca D'Aprile and Jenelle Pocock, in particular, worked tirelessly to bring this project to fruition and I'm sure the new facilities will be enjoyed by students, school staff and parents alike." Premier's office - 6552 5200 Education and Training Minister's office - 6552 5700
Work commencing at WA’s newest tyre recycling plant13506Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8800html12/08/2022 3:52:00 AM2022-08-12T03:50:00Z Complete Tyre Solutions is constructing a processing plant in Jandakot south of Perth The plant will recycle more than 9000 tonnes of waste tyres that would have been disposed of to landfill Tyres will be processed into crumb rubber, reusable high tensile wire, and reusable textile Environment Minister Reece Whitby today turned the first sod on a $7 million tyre recycling facility in the Jandakot Airport Industrial Estate. The Complete Tyre Solutions facility will accommodate equipment required to process passenger, car, truck, industrial construction, and quarry tyres into 3mm crumb rubber. The crumb rubber will be produced to specification for use in the Western Australia asphalt and spray seal industry. The project will benefit WA's environment, boost the economy, and create jobs. It is part of the $20 million joint Commonwealth and State Government funding under the Recycling Modernisation Fund. With an annual processing capability of more than 9000 tonnes, the project will help WA manage the impacts of the ban on exporting waste tyres. Construction on the Jandakot site is set to begin in weeks. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby "Projects such as this demonstrate the McGowan Government's commitment to innovation within the recycling industry. "Reusing waste promotes resource efficiency, protects the environment and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I encourage all Western Australians to avoid waste and increase material recovery. "I am confident that this new tyre recycling project will benefit many Western Australians and our environment." Minister's office - 6552 6300
Funding support services for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people13505Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7740html12/08/2022 2:00:36 AM2022-08-12T02:00:00Z TransFolk of WA to receive $300,000 in funding to deliver support services for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse (TDG) young people TDG young people are at greater risk of mental health issues, including self-harm and suicide, than non-TGD youth Youth Service Project aims to address these risk factors Youth Minister Dave Kelly today, on International Youth Day, announced that TransFolk of WA would receive funding totalling $300,000 over three years to deliver support services for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse (TGD) young people. The three-year funding will enable TransFolk of WA to expand its Youth Service Project for TGD young people aged 13 to 25 years and their loved ones. The Youth Service Project provides ongoing support and assistance for TGD young people through weekly meetings, fortnightly workshops, online platforms and community connection. TransFolk of WA's work so far has identified a specific need for peer support and social opportunities for TGD young people. The new funding will enable TransFolk of WA to continue and expand the project, as well as employ a youth project officer and a team leader. TDG young people are at greater risk of mental health issues, including self-harm and suicide, than their non-TGD counterparts. This is in part due to bullying, stigmatisation and a lack of appropriate support in the community, and this can contribute to TGD young people experiencing significant distress, with social isolation also a contributing factor. The Youth Service Project aims to address these risk factors. Comments attributed to Youth Minister Dave Kelly "Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people need support to ensure their mental and physical health and wellbeing. "This funding will enable Transfolk WA to expand its work in informing, empowering and advocating for trans and gender diverse people to survive and thrive. "Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people are an incredibly vulnerable cohort. "Expansion of TransFolk of WA's Youth Service Project will grow participation and engagement, promote inclusion, and build community connections to reduce the isolation felt by many TGD young people." Minister's office - 6552 6100
Respondents shortlisted for WA’s first ground lease build-to-rent development13504Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8440html12/08/2022 1:10:26 AM2022-08-12T01:10:00Z McGowan Government delivering social housing outcomes in partnership with community housing sector State Government reforms continuing to deliver more social housing across WA Three community housing consortiums shortlisted for Smith Street Build-to-Rent pilot Development will include mixed tenure of social, affordable and market rentals Housing Minister John Carey has today announced the three Community Housing Provider consortiums shortlisted to develop Western Australia's first Build-to-Rent (BTR) project utilising a ground lease. Responding to the current heated construction market and the private rental shortage, this innovative solution will help deliver social, affordable and market rental housing on a government-owned site. The State Government released an expression of interest for the development in April 2022, which was well received by industry and resulted in a competitive and diverse range of proposals from the sector. Three consortiums have been shortlisted for the request for detailed proposal stage to transform a former public housing site in Highgate into a contemporary BTR development with ongoing tenancy and property management by the Community Housing Provider. The consortiums are led by three of WA's key Community Housing Providers Community Housing Ltd; Housing Choices Western Australia Ltd; and Foundation Housing Ltd. The Smith Street site in Highgate will be made available to the successful provider under a long-term ground lease and will deliver approximately 100 new rental dwellings, of which approximately 30 per cent will be allocated to those on the public housing waitlist. The community housing sector plays a vital role in driving outcomes in WA's social and affordable housing system. Further information can be found at Smith Street Build-to-Rent project. Comments attributed to Housing Minister John Carey "This Government is using every lever it has to boost social housing, including this innovative build-to-rent proposal for Smith Street in Highgate. "Located about two kilometres from the Perth CBD, the Smith Street site offers an excellent opportunity to deliver a residential development, with about 30 per cent of the stock to be dedicated to social housing, assisting our State's most vulnerable people. "The location is also close to public transport, schools and tertiary education facilities, retail and entertainment offerings, and other key amenities. "Our Government is committed to partnering with the community housing sector to unlock and build capability to increase the supply of social and affordable housing in WA. "The Build-to-Rent housing model offers great security of tenure for tenants because properties are built only for rental purposes and not to be sold for profit. "In addition to programs boosting social housing stock through construction, spot purchases and refurbishment, this Government is working closely with the community housing sector to maximise outcomes for vulnerable Western Australians." Minister's office - 6552 5300
New fisheries patrol vessel for northern WA waters13503Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3840html12/08/2022 1:01:45 AM2022-08-12T01:00:00Z $11.473 million for modern Patrol Vessel based in Broome Fit-for-purpose fleet essential for the sustainability of WA fisheries Vessel procurement an opportunity for local manufacturers The McGowan Government will spend close to $11.5 million on a new fisheries vessel to patrol the State's northern waters. The offshore vessel will replace the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's ageing Patrol Vessel Walcott based in Broome. A fit-for-purpose fleet of research and patrol vessels is essential to the sustainability of Western Australia's fisheries and our fishing sectors, and also supports Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability certification. The new modern patrol vessel will meet the National Standard for Commercial Vessels which includes a more efficient hull design, longer voyage capabilities, low engine emissions, appropriate crew accommodation and improved compliance and research capacity. The current department fleet includes four large vessels (over 20 metres) utilised across a range of core government roles including marine park management, shark incident response, marine safety, sea search and rescue, whale disentanglement, and illegal foreign fishing patrols. The procurement and build of the large offshore vessel is projected to take two years, with the new vessel expected to be available by the end of 2023-24 Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Don Punch "With more than 12,000 kilometres of WA coastline to cover, it is important that the McGowan Government continues to invest in maintaining and upgrading the State's patrol fleet vessels. "Our vessels must be capable of operating over the vast distances of the WA fishing zones, in challenging conditions and carry the extensive equipment required to fulfil their vast duties. "Having fit-for-purpose vessels is essential for undertaking research, stock assessment and monitoring, and the compliance work which underpins the sustainability of the State's valuable fisheries, as well as supporting continued MSC accreditation and the Federal Government's efforts to stop the incursion of illegal foreign fishing vessels into our waters." Minister's office - 6552 6900
Clean energy funding helps 96 more public schools turn green13502Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7270html12/08/2022 12:10:32 AM2022-08-12T00:00:00Z 96 additional schools to receive solar panels through second round of the McGowan Government's $44.6 million Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund Funding further expands clean-energy solutions in WA schools All public schools were given the opportunity to apply to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions Almost 100 more schools are set to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs with support from the McGowan Government's $44.6 million Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund. Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery today released the list of schools that successfully applied for round two funding, which builds on the 84 schools that successfully applied for funding through round one, which were announced earlier this year. Schools from across the State were successful in the latest round - 60 schools in the metropolitan area, and 36 in the regions. Under round two of the Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund, WA public schools were invited to apply for solar panels to reduce their environmental footprint and energy costs, with the criteria extended to include schools that already have a limited coverage of solar panels. Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "The McGowan Government is committed to making changes and funding new initiatives that reduce the impact that schools have on the environment. "The $44.6 million Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund aims to boost installation of clean energy solutions in WA public schools, to lower their carbon emissions and reduce one of their major costs. "This latest funding allocation will set almost 100 public schools up to benefit from innovative solar technology. "I look forward to continuing the rollout of clean energy technologies in our public schools, which is an important piece of the State's broader transition towards a low carbon future." Minister's office - 6552 5700 Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund - Round 2 successful schools North Metro 1. Ashfield Primary School 2. Balga Primary School 3. Ballajura Primary School 4. Bassendean Primary School 5. Bindoon Primary School 6. Craigie Heights Primary School 7. Creaney Primary School 8. Deanmore Primary School 9. Dianella Hts Primary School 10. Dianella Secondary College 11. East Beechboro Primary School 12. Edgewater Primary School 13. Ellenbrook Secondary College 14. Gladys Newton School 15. Glen Forrest Primary School 16. Guildford Primary School 17. Kinross Primary School 18. Koondoola Primary School 19. Kyilla Primary School 20. Lake Monger Primary School 21. Madeley Primary School 22. Morley Primary School 23. Mosman Park Primary School 24. Pearsall Primary School 25. Tapping Primary School 26. Tuart Hill Primary School 27. Wanneroo Primary School 28. Warwick Senior High School 29. Weld Square Primary School 30. Wooroloo Primary School South Metro 31. Applecross Senior High School 32. Attadale Primary School 33. Bateman Primary School 34. Beeliar Primary School 35. Bibra Lake Primary School 36. Bicton Primary School 37. Byford Secondary College 38. Calista Primary School 39. Castlereagh School 40. Grovelands Primary School 41. John Curtin College of the Arts 42. Kewdale Primary School 43. Maida Vale Primary School 44. Mari Grove Primary School 45. Mount Pleasant Primary School 46. Pinjarra Primary School 47. Queens Park Primary School 48. Richmond Primary School 49 Rockingham Senior High School 50. Roleystone Community College 51. Secret Harbour Primary School 52. Sevenoaks Senior College 53. Shelley Primary School 54. South Halls Head Primary School 55. South Perth Primary School 56. Southern Grove Primary School 57. Spearwood Primary School 58. Waikiki Primary School 59. White Gum Val Primary School 60. Yule Brook College Regional 61. Boulder Primary School 62. Hopetoun Primary School 63. Broome Camp School 64. Bluff Point Primary School 65. Carnamah District High School 66. Carnarvon Community College 67. Dandaragan Primary School 68. Mingenew Primary School 69. Mount Magnet District High School 70. Shark Bay School 71. North Tom Price Primary School 72. Tom Price Primary School 73. Bridgetown Primary School 74. Busselton Senior High School 75. Collie Senior High School 76. Dalyellup Primary School 77. Dunsborough Primary School 78. Frankland River Primary School 79. Geographe Primary School 80. Jerramungup District High School 81. Kirup Primary School 82. Maidens Park Primary School 83. WA College of Agriculture - Harvey 84. Yakamia Primary School 85. Boddington District High School 86. Central Midlands Senior High School 87. Dalwallinu District High School 88. Dumbleyung Primary School 89. Katanning Primary School 90. Katanning Senior High School 91. Meckering Primary School 92. Meredin Residential College 93. WA College of Agriculture - Narrogin 94. WA College of Agriculture - Cunderdin 95. Wagin District High School 96. Yerecoin Primary School
More new recruits join record number of police on the street13500Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4150html11/08/2022 9:00:02 AM2022-08-11T09:00:00Z 55 new police officers join the WA Police force Retiring Deputy Commissioner Gary Dreibergs honouredA team of 55 new officers has been welcomed into the Western Australia Police Force by Police Minister Paul Papalia, and newly appointed Commissioner Col Blanch. Family, friends and loved ones assembled to cheer on the 39 men and 16 women from Blue and Gold Squads, as they graduated from training at the Joondalup academy. The reinforcement to the ranks marks another milestone in the McGowan Government's commitment to put more police on WA streets than ever before. More than 570 people have already joined the blue family through the State Government's commitment to enlist 950 new officers to the force. The recruits who celebrated the completion of their intensive 28-week foundation training course come from a range of different backgrounds, with a variety of life experiences. The youngest graduate was just 20 years old, and the oldest was 55. Two of the officers are Aboriginal, six originate from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and eight can speak another language. A number of retiring officers were also honoured, including Deputy Commissioner Gary Dreibergs - whose career with the WA Police spanned 40 years of service. Comments attributed to Police Minister Paul Papalia "Our police force is continuing to attract top-shelf recruits from all walks of life, who are choosing to embark on an exciting and meaningful career keeping our community safe. "I'm proud of the work our police force does, and I'm looking forward to watching these new recruits thrive under the new Commissioner, Col Blanch. "I'd also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge retiring Deputy Commissioner Gary Dreibergs, who joined the WA Police in 1982, and has served as Deputy since 2014. "I would particularly like thank Mr Dreibergs for the significant contribution to the State he made during the COVID-19 emergency. His knowledge and diligence will be missed, and we wish him all the best in his next endeavour." Minister's office - 6552 5600