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New multi-use walls opening up opportunities at Warwick SHS14616Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3160html14/02/2020 7:37:25 AM2020-02-14T07:30:00Z $165,000 to purchase new modern multi-use, operable walls for Warwick Senior High School Upgraded classrooms to create a more dynamic learning environment Warwick SHS received $78,000 during school maintenance blitz supporting local jobs Premier Mark McGowan and Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery joined Kingsley MLA Jessica Stojkovski and Warwick Senior High School staff and students today as the school prepares for a modern upgrade to classrooms. The school has received $165,000 to replace older style concertina walls with modern multi-use, moveable walls which will significantly increase acoustic separation between classrooms and functionality of learning areas. The new walls foster collaboration with students, providing the opportunity for two classrooms to be joined and enable groups of students to come together. They also deliver added versatility, with the walls doubling up as whiteboards and pin-up boards. In addition to the multi-use walls, some concertina walls will be replaced by low walls with glass windows and single doors opening into a central collaborative space. This will provide improved functionality and keeps with the design of brand new schools. The school has also received $78,000 as part of the Government's maintenance blitz funding. The West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre, on the same site, received $26,000. More than $1,900 has also been allocated for work on the school's structural elements. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "Warwick Senior High School has a very impressive track record of success, particularly in the sciences, arts and maths. "I am thrilled to see first-hand where staff deliver their award-winning programs, and how these new upgrades will improve the learning environment for students. "Our school maintenance package means local schools receive much needed upgrades while also supporting local jobs." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "It is great to visit Warwick Senior High School and see how these new, high-functioning walls will transform learning spaces. "Creating a modern, flexible and collaborative learning environment is so important and these upgrades are a welcome addition for the school community." Comments attributed to Kingsley MLA Jessica Stojkovski "Warwick Senior High School has many talented students and these new multi-use walls will enhance collaboration and students' learning experiences. "Our maintenance blitz means schools across Kingsley have received unprecedented investment for much needed repairs and maintenance, meaning our students have the best learning facilities available all whilst supporting local jobs." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Education and Training Minister's office - 6552 5700
Performing arts centre takes shape at Ocean Reef Senior High School14615Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements2830html14/02/2020 6:30:29 AM2020-02-14T06:30:00Z $5 million performing arts centre at Ocean Reef Senior High School well underway Structural works completed with project to be finished in July Structural works on the new performing arts centre at Ocean Reef Senior High School have been completed, with Premier Mark McGowan and Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery commending the progress on the impressive development on site today. Completed works so far include the building's roof installation, wall panels and external civil works surrounding the building, while work on the internal fit-out is continuing. Once finished, the new $5 million facility will provide students with the opportunity to learn in a professional and high-quality space for teaching, rehearsal and performance. Replacing the school's existing performing arts centre, the new building will have a bigger 100 square metre stage and audience space with retractable seating for 264 people. The modern facility will also include a rehearsal space, green rooms, music practice rooms, toilets and storeroom. When construction on the new arts centre is completed in July this year, the existing theatres will be refurbished into a dance studio and music practice room. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "This will be an outstanding building for students and I'm sure a wonderful addition, not only to the school but also the local community. "With state-of-the-art facilities, students will be able to learn many different skills - whether they're interested in acting, singing, lighting or sound - there is something for everybody." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "Once completed, this brand new arts centre will enable Ocean Reef Senior High School students to explore their creative sides even further and showcase their talents. "The centre will provide so many opportunities for these students who will have the chance to experience an industry-standard stage." Comments attributed to Joondalup MLA Emily Hamilton "It's great to see this project taking shape ahead of its completion mid-way through the year. "The performing arts centre is an important election commitment that will provide a first-class facility for students to learn and perform in. "This will be a big asset for the northern suburbs community, and will also be available for community groups to utilise. "It's part of the McGowan Government's massive investment in Perth's growing northern suburbs." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Education and Training Minister's office - 6552 5700
Schools champion reducing waste14613Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3700html14/02/2020 6:03:31 AM2020-02-14T06:00:00Z More than $62,000 granted to Waste Wise Schools in Western Australia Students empowered to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle A total of 20 Western Australian schools will share in more than $62,000 for projects to reduce waste disposed to landfill after being awarded grants under the Waste Wise Schools program for 2020. Environment Minister Stephen Dawson today kicked off the 18th year of the program, which provides funding for sustainable waste projects at schools - from compost systems to improving waste sorting for recycling. A total of 505 schools across Western Australia are accredited under the program, which is funded by the State Government through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account, administered by the Waste Authority. The program delivers educational resources aimed at changing behaviour to avoid the generation of waste and encourage diverting waste from landfill. Accredited Waste Wise Schools are empowering their community by spreading the 'avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle' messages and providing their students and community with practical activities that raise awareness and reduce waste. Applications for the next Waste Wise Schools grants funding round are now open and close at 12pm on March 26, 2020. For more information on the Waste Wise Schools program, to apply for a grant or to become accredited, visit http// Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson "The McGowan Government is committed to a target of 75 per cent of waste generated in WA being reused or recycled by 2030. "The Waste Wise Schools accreditation program is an important part of this commitment, as the values we teach our children are the ones that the community will have in the future. "The program is part of a wider range of strategic waste reforms, including our ban on lightweight plastic bags, the introduction of a container deposit scheme this year, and consideration of further options for reducing single-use plastics following extensive public consultation." Minister's office - 6552 5800 The following schools have received grants Alkimos Beach Primary School - $4,297 to expand food scrap recycling and compost program through installing an outdoor waste education hub. Aveley North Primary School - $1,892 to reduce food waste using worm farms and set up recycling collection bins. Beeliar Primary School - $8,295 to set up bins to collect recyclables, compost system and chicken coop to recycle organic waste. Carine Senior High School - $1,850 to set up worm farms and compost system in the kitchen garden area. Deanmore Primary School - $4,101 to increase the amount of materials recycled using a multi-sort station and set up a composting system. Geographe Education Support Centre - $1,040 to take boomerang bags and beeswax wraps to reduce single use plastic at school. Glengarry Primary School - $4,358 to increase recycling bins, compost systems and garden area to involve the whole school community. Greenbushes Primary School - $1,975 to set up composting systems, waste-free lunch containers and recyclables wash station. Kalamunda Senior High School - $2,200 to introduce paper recycling in each classroom across the school including educational signage. Leaning Tree Steiner School - $4,400 to set up a recycling collection station including educational signage and garden beds to close the recycling loop with the compost systems. Morley Senior High School - $2,168 to set up worm farms and a recycling collection station including educational signage. Mother Teresa Catholic College (Junior School) - $7,531 to set up worm farms, shade house and garden area to close the loop on organic recycling. Mundaring Christian College (Secondary Campus) - $2,190 to set up paper and mixed recycling collection and an education program. Parkfield Primary School - $1,577 to set up additional compost systems, worm farms and shed to house waste wise projects to meet the increase in student participation. Rivervale Primary School - $2,192 to set up a Bokashi compost system to recycle organic waste. St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Bunbury) - $2,200 to set up a bin system to collect paper, mixed recyclables and organics for the worm farms. St Jude's Catholic Primary School - $2,018 to set up classroom recycling and a fridge worm farms to recycle fruit and vegetable scraps. St Mary's College (Broome) Primary Campus - $4,400 to provide reusable containers, cutlery and a dishwasher for the canteen to be waste free and avoid single use plastics. Victoria Park Primary School - $2,007 to set up recycling bins and compost tumblers to recycle organic waste. Whitford Catholic Primary School - $2,199 to set up organic waste collection bins, worm farms and equipment for students to run the project.
Outdoor science lab inspiring Wanneroo Primary School students14612Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements2960html14/02/2020 5:45:59 AM2020-02-14T05:45:00Z New outdoor science lab at Wanneroo Primary School Facilities to help with school's sustainability centre Part of the McGowan Government's $17 million election commitment Premier Mark McGowan and Education Minister Sue Ellery visited Wanneroo Primary School today where students are now learning in the school's new modern outdoor science lab. Wanneroo Primary School is one of 200 primary schools selected to have existing classrooms converted into science laboratories to give students hands-on, high-quality science lessons. The McGowan Government's $17 million election commitment includes $12 million to transform existing primary school classrooms into science laboratories by 2021, with an additional $5 million for resources. The $46,775 science lab includes a covered paved area, and outdoor stainless steel tables and benches with sinks. It sits alongside Wanneroo Primary School's current indoor science lab. The outdoor lab will be the heart of the school's sustainability centre which is currently being set up as part of the science program and will include recycling, worm farms and a garden. In addition, the school received $25,000 to purchase laboratory equipment and resources including digital microscopes, solar kits, precision scales, aquariums, terrariums, compost tumblers, recycling materials and fruit trees to create an orchard. Wanneroo Primary School has almost 500 students in Kindergarten to Year 6. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "We're investing in science to ensure Western Australian children are learning in modern environments and have the skills for the jobs of the future. "Having access to laboratories in primary school encourages an interest in science from a young age, and provides a high-quality environment to learn hands-on skills." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "We know how important it is for today's students to understand the concepts taught in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for their future job prospects. "Having a dedicated outdoor science lab will really inspire students and help them have a stronger grasp of these academic concepts as they grow their garden and worm farm, examine soils and conduct a number of exciting experiments." Comments attributed to Wanneroo MLA Sabine Winton "This science lab ensures our teachers have the best facilities to teach STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). "A love of science starts in primary school and I am proud to deliver on my commitment to build this fantastic outdoor science lab. "As a primary school teacher of 27 years I know how important it is that we have modern facilities and classrooms for our teachers and students." Premier's office - 6552 5000Education and Training Minister's office - 6552 5700
Bassendean Community Men’s Shed to become home to a waterwise demonstration garden14611Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4260html14/02/2020 4:43:11 AM2020-02-14T04:35:00Z New waterwise demonstration garden in Bassendean to educate and inspire the local community to embrace water efficiency outdoors Initiative delivers on commitments set out in the McGowan Government's Waterwise Perth Action Plan Community to help design the waterwise garden with experts at March workshopThe recently constructed Bassendean Community Men's Shed will soon be home to a new feature with the Water Corporation, the Town of Bassendean and local men's shed group working together to create a waterwise demonstration garden. Road verge and land around the Water Corporation's drainage basin on the corner of Railway Parade and May Holman Drive, which is near the men's shed, will be transformed into a demonstration garden in coming months. A community workshop next month will be held for residents to work with experts on the design of the garden and learn maintenance tips so they can be actively involved in the planting and upkeep of the new garden. The garden will embrace waterwise plants that look great and thrive with less water and are appropriate in local soil conditions. The Water Corporation will also transform areas of the nearby drainage basin with native plants to help improve amenity, bank stability and increase biodiversity of the drain, which is a critical part of the drainage and flood protection network. The McGowan Government, through the Water Corporation, will contribute about $95,000 towards the two projects. The Town of Bassendean and Bassendean Community Men's Shed will contribute raw materials and help with planting and landscaping on the demonstration garden. This work is part of the Drainage for Liveability Program. The program is run in partnership with the Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to enhance the value of storm water drains and basins to communities across the State. For more, visit http// Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly "The Bassendean Men's Shed plays an important role in the local community, connecting people to learn new skills and promoting health and wellbeing. "Gardening is often regarded as 'green therapy', providing physical, social and psychological benefits, so I'm delighted to see different levels of Government coming together to liven up this space. "The area will continue to serve as flood prevention, while showcasing water efficient plants and garden designs and adding to the environmental value of the site. "As our State experiences the effects of climate change, more Western Australians are embracing waterwise plants and gardening practices. This demonstration garden will educate and inspire visitors on how to reduce their water use outside. "This initiative is part of the State Government's Waterwise Perth Action Plan that sets the direction for transitioning Perth to a waterwise city. Our ambition is for Perth to be cool, liveable, green and sustainable - a place where people want to live, work and spend their time." Minister's office - 6552 6100
$2.5 million of upgrades to Kinross College a step closer14610Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements2930html14/02/2020 4:02:36 AM2020-02-14T04:00:00Z Tenders have closed for a $2.5 million upgrade of Kinross College in Perth's north Contract expected to be awarded soon with construction to start this year School is currently undergoing nearly $631,000 of comprehensive maintenance supporting local jobs Key McGowan Government election commitment underway Premier Mark McGowan and Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery visited Kinross College today to announce construction of $2.5 million worth of upgrades to the school will begin this year. A key McGowan Government election commitment, tenders for the upgrade have closed and a contract is expected to be awarded soon. The upgraded facilities have been designed by Western Australian-based company Hart Architects, and will include performing and visual arts areas, textiles and food technology classrooms, science laboratories, a library, lecture theatre, beauty therapy room, and external improvements. While at the school, the Premier and the Minister viewed works on the sports courts which are being refurbished as part of a major package of maintenance at public schools across Western Australia. The total maintenance package, which includes general maintenance, resurfacing playing surfaces and toilet upgrades, is worth $630,905. Four sports courts are being resurfaced and includes removing existing asphalt and installing new asphalt, a green acrylic finish and line-marking for basketball, netball and tennis. The sports courts are used by students in physical education classes, by the school's specialist basketball program as well as at recess and lunch breaks. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "My Government is committed to ensuring all students, regardless of where they live, have access to the very best education and facilities. "We have invested $631,000 through our State-wide maintenance blitz to upgrade facilities at Kinross College, including resurfacing the playing courts. "Later this year, construction will begin on $2.5 million worth of upgrades to Kinross College, delivering on another election commitment and supporting local jobs." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "The McGowan Government is committed to upgrading existing schools so students can learn in outstanding classrooms and facilities. "That's why we are investing in important maintenance and other works at every public school around the State. "The new refreshed sports courts mean students can play on a good surface to the best of their abilities." Comments attributed to Burns Beach MLA Mark Folkard "One of my key election commitments was upgrading Kinross College - I am pleased construction is due to commence later this year. "These upgrades will significantly improve the school and students' learning experiences whilst also supporting local jobs." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Education and Training Minister's office - 6552 5700
Boost for manufacturing, agriculture in Wheatbelt14609Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements6270html14/02/2020 3:46:17 AM2020-02-14T03:45:00Z Eight Wheatbelt projects receive $690,000 through Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants McGowan Government investing in manufacturing, innovative agriculture and tourism to drive regional jobsWheatbelt projects in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism that drive jobs in the region have been given a boost through the McGowan Government's Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants program. Eight projects across the Wheatbelt will share in $690,000 through Round Two of the RED grants as part of the McGowan Government's $28.8 million funding commitment over five years to stimulate regional economies. Bruce Rock Engineering will receive $150,000 towards the construction of a new workshop to streamline manufacturing and increase production capacity to meet the growing demand for engineered products such as trailers and dollys. The expansion of the business will create new local training and job opportunities. Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management was awarded $75,000 to train the Noongar Budjar Rangers to collect, treat and store native seed for local revegetation, with the long-term goal of developing an independent community-run enterprise. Goomalling agricultural company Rowles Agricultural has been allocated $100,000 to support the construction of processing facilities for a new business - WA Craft Malt. The business will produce a variety of heritage malt for the niche Western Australian craft brewing and distilling industries using local sustainably grown barley. The Jurien Bay Chamber of Commerce will direct $100,000 towards construction of a bridge to extend the Turquoise Way Path across Hill River, boosting sports tourism in Jurien Bay and Cervantes, and providing opportunities for new business ventures such as bike hire and repair. Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The McGowan Government is investing in new projects across the Wheatbelt to increase local manufacturing capability, drive innovative new agricultural opportunities and showcase the region through tourism. "The Wheatbelt is our State's biggest agricultural production region, so it is vital that we continue to support projects that grow our agricultural industry and provide opportunities to diversify, value-add, and seek new markets for our products. "Supporting manufacturing projects like Bruce Rock Engineering's workshop helps to create long-term jobs in Wheatbelt towns, encouraging young trainees to live and work in the region." Minister's office - 6552 6200 Successful RED grants projects for the Wheatbelt region Applicant Project Funding Bruce Rock Engineering (DBK Enterprise Pty Ltd) Bruce Rock Engineering Workshop - Construction of a new workshop to streamline manufacturing operations and expand the capacity to meet the growing demand for trailers and dollys in the region. $150,000 Rowles Agricultural Company WA Craft Malt - to support the construction of processing facilities for a new Wheatbelt enterprise. WA Craft Malt to produce a variety of heritage malt for the Western Australian craft brewing and distilling industries using locally grown barley. $100,000 Kochii Eucalyptus Oil Pty Ltd Mature tree harvesting and production - to purchase and develop equipment for a second processing unit to harvest mature Mallee trees to produce Eucalyptus oil. $100,000 Jurien Bay Chamber of Commerce Turquoise Way Path - Hill River Crossing - towards construction of a bridge to extend the Turquoise Way Path across Hill River, boosting sports tourism in Jurien Bay and Cervantes, and providing opportunities for new business ventures such as bike hire and repair. The current path stretches 14.2km along the coast from the Jurien Bay Marina to the Hill River Mouth and is used mainly for bike riding, walking, running and skating. $100,000 Great Southern Seed Works (Johnson Family Trust) Enhanced small seed and poultry feed ration production - to purchase and install equipment to enable the production of new bagged stock and poultry feed products and processing of new grains such as millet, sunflower seed, linseed and red panicum creating a niche value-added market. $90,000 Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management Wheatbelt Seed Solutions - to support the Noongar Budjar Rangers to build capacity of the team to collect, treat and store native seed for revegetation projects including farmer, carbon, local government and community groups, with the long-term goal of developing an independent community run enterprise. $75,000 Caternet Pty Ltd Development of packaged dry goods processing facility - to assist in the establishment of a processing plant at Brookton to manufacture innovative, healthy, fun and convenient packed dry food mixes that utilise fruit, vegetables and grains products produced in the Wheatbelt. $50,000 Marvick Native Farms (Mogumber Dirt Pty Ltd) Australian native food and botanical planting material project for the Wheatbelt and WA - to develop facilities for the production of Australian native food and botanical planting material specifically for commercial production of fruit, vegetables and botanicals in the Wheatbelt and other areas of WA. $25,000
New multimillion dollar secondary college opens in Alkimos14608Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements3670html14/02/2020 3:29:36 AM2020-02-14T03:15:00Z $48.4 million Alkimos College will have a Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning Program and Alpha academic program The college will grow to accommodate about 1,500 Year 7 to 12 students by 2025 Premier Mark McGowan and Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery and local MP John Quigley today opened the new $48.4 million Alkimos College. Alkimos College, which opened its doors to more than 170 Year 7 students this year, will grow to accommodate about 1,500 Year 7 to 12 students by 2025. The new world-class learning facility is one of eight secondary schools across Western Australia chosen to have a Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning Program. With the program already in place at Alkimos Primary School, this will provide students with a seamless transition from kindergarten to Year 12, if they require it. There is also a whole school approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics and an academic program Alpha, open to students with high academic achievement in mathematics, English, science, humanities and social sciences, and health and wellbeing. Two students were selected for the Alpha program $500 academic scholarship to assist them financially, after submitting an application outlining how they would provide leadership and contribute to the new college. The college has purpose-built classrooms, including two double storey blocks, laboratories and studios, administration and student services, cafeteria and outdoor dining areas, and sporting fields. The college was constructed by Perth-based building company EMCO Building. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "I'm delighted to open this fantastic new facility, which will deliver high quality education to local kids for years to come. "Perth's northern suburbs are booming, and as a Government we are focused on ensuring local families have world-class facilities to keep up with the growing population. "My Government has a significant program of building new schools and upgrading existing facilities across our suburbs. We are committing to providing WA kids with the best possible education, regardless of where they live." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "Alkimos College is one of three brand new secondary colleges with world–class facilities that will open this year and provide outstanding learning environments for students and generations to come. Here in the growing north, students will have the very best. "The Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning Program will give those students living on the spectrum with an opportunity at a seamless transition to learning from primary school to high school. "The new college will take some of the pressure off Butler College, which has grown rapidly to cater for almost 1,800 students since opening in 2013." Comments attributed to Butler MLA John Quigley "This is a fantastic day for local families and it's an honour to say that the McGowan Government has been able to deliver on this vital election promise. "The community should be proud that Alkimos College will be one of only eight secondary schools to provide the Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning Program and will provide a range of options for academically talented students. "Alkimos College will deliver the highest standards of learning and will cater for students of all abilities for years to come in the Butler electorate." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Education and Training Minister's office - 6552 5700
Grandis Primary School officially opened14614Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4430html14/02/2020 6:24:54 AM2020-02-14T01:30:00Z New Grandis Primary School in Banksia Grove officially open More than 300 students from Years 1 to 6 have settled into the new facilities New school to cater to growing area with north-eastern suburbs population to boom Key McGowan Government election commitment delivered Premier Mark McGowan and Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery joined West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti to officially open the new state-of-the-art Grandis Primary School in Banksia Grove. A key McGowan Government election commitment, the new primary school has the capacity to accommodate up to 540 students to cater for the north-eastern suburbs' rapidly growing population. Currently more than 300 students from Years 1 to 6 have settled into their brand new facilities for the 2020 school year. The official opening follows the completion of stage one of the school in 2019 for kindergarten and pre-primary students. The $18.8 million stage two development includes five teaching blocks, an education support classroom, a library resource centre, undercover area, nature playground and canteen. The impressive new primary school also has special activity areas for music and art as well as an oval and courts for sports classes. The school is headed up by experienced principal Stephen Bevan. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "I am delighted to celebrate the official opening of Grandis Primary School and see this vibrant community settle into the school year in their brand new surroundings. "This stunning new school will support the growing number of young families moving to the area and ensure local children have an outstanding facility for their learning." Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "It's wonderful to see how proud the staff and students are of their brand new campus and the support of parents in shaping the direction of the school has been vital. "We all welcome this bright, open and spacious environment which provides these students with enhanced learning and teaching." Comments attributed to West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti "At the election I committed to delivering a new primary school for Banksia Grove and I'm pleased to have delivered on that promise. "Our north-eastern suburbs are growing rapidly and this new primary school is just another one of the great facilities the McGowan Government is delivering in this area for local families." Premier's office - 6552 5200Education Minister's office - 6552 5700
Liberals confirm policy to scrap stamp duty relief14607Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements12810html13/02/2020 8:25:48 AM2020-02-13T08:20:00Z Liberal Party confirms it would scrap the McGowan Government's 75 per cent rebate on stamp duty for new multi dwelling developments Liberals would also scrap the Foreign Buyers Surcharge, creating a $70 million budget black hole Treasurer urges Liberals to support McGowan Government's plan to deliver payroll tax relief to up to 12,000 WA businessesThe Liberal Party has today confirmed it would send a wrecking ball through the State's economy, by scrapping key McGowan Government policies that will grow the economy and create jobs. In Parliament today, the Liberals confirmed they would scrap the McGowan Government's 75 per cent rebate on stamp duty for new multi dwelling developments. The stamp duty relief was a targeted measure designed to drive investment in Western Australia's local residential construction industry, and was universally welcomed across the property sector. The Liberal Party also criticised the Government's cut to pay roll tax, which has been welcomed by WA's business community, including the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Under the McGowan Government, up to 12,000 WA businesses will receive payroll tax relief, encouraging them to hire more staff, expand their business and support the State's economy. The payroll tax exemption threshold will increase by $150,000 over the next two years, meaning around 1,000 businesses in WA will no longer being liable for any payroll tax. The Liberal Party has also confirmed it will remove the McGowan Government's surcharge on foreign buyers of residential property in WA, which will raise around $70 million for WA taxpayers. Treasurer Ben Wyatt said the Liberal Party must explain how it would fill the $70 million budget black hole it will create by scrapping the surcharge. Mr Wyatt called on the Liberal Party to support the Government's pay roll tax legislation and commitment to lifting the threshold, to support thousands of WA businesses and create jobs. Comments attributed to Treasurer Ben Wyatt "I am perplexed by the position of the WA Liberal Party. In Government, they increased land tax dramatically that has had a long term impact on the WA property sector and yet now want to scrap key policy initiatives that have been fundamental to the recovery we are beginning to see in the property sector. "Today's performance shows they have learned nothing from the dark days of the previous government, which saw record unemployment and the State's economy grind to a halt. "Under the McGowan Government, our economy has turned the corner and tens of thousands of new jobs have been created. This is due to our disciplined financial management and targeted investment in programs that stimulate the economy. "We've been working hard to stimulate the housing sector through our changes to Keystart and stamp duty rebates, to support the housing sector, grow our economy and create jobs. "Businesses had been crying out for payroll tax relief, which we were able to deliver as a direct result of our strong financial management. "I am stunned that the WA Liberals are now attacking me for this important policy initiative and I call on them to support the legislation to increase the payroll tax threshold and not stand in the way of, or delay, payroll tax relief for thousands of WA businesses. Treasurer's office - 6552 5900
Unprecedented seventh water deficiency declared in WA14606Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements10700html13/02/2020 6:45:04 AM2020-02-13T06:40:00Z ​Water deficiency declared for Jerramungup (east) and Ravensthorpe (west) in the Shires of Jerramungup and Ravensthorpe Government carting water for animal welfare in affected area An unprecedented seventh water deficiency declared in WA The State Government has so far spent an estimated $4 million on water carting since January 2019 and this could exceed $11 million by the end of JuneWater Minister Dave Kelly has today declared a water deficiency for the adjoining Jerramungup (east) and Ravensthorpe (west) areas within the Shires of Jerramungup and Ravensthorpe. The deficiency area is bounded by Jacup (Jacup Rd North) in the east of Jerramungup and Fitzgerald Road in Ravensthorpe. The State Government began carting emergency water supplies for animal welfare needs to the area today after a joint application by the Shires on behalf of ten farmers in the Jerramungup (east) and Ravensthorpe (west) area. A declaration is made as a last resort after continued dry conditions have depleted on-farm and local community water supplies. The declaration will see the State Government cart an estimated 1,800 kilolitres of water each week from Mount Barker, Katanning and Tambellup. Water will be delivered to a new 250 kilolitre capacity tank at Fitzgerald in Ravensthorpe, reducing the distance farmers need to travel to source emergency livestock water. Water carting arrangements are being managed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation with support from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Water Corporation. This is the seventh water deficiency to be declared in Western Australia since May 2019, as dry conditions continue in the South-West of the State due to climate change. Water deficiencies have also been declared in the Shires of Ravensthorpe, Lake Grace (in the Mallee Hill area and Ardler Road area), Kent, Jerramungup North and Esperance (Grass Patch). DWER is liaising with local government authorities and farmers in other dryland areas to monitor their on-farm water storage and requirements. The Department is encouraging farmers to continue to return their farm water surveys, and local government authorities to consider Community Water Supply Program grant applications in areas of need. For Season 2020 farming advice, financial information and the Support Services Directory visit http// Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly "The Great Southern agricultural region is experiencing extremely dry conditions following two years of well below average annual rainfall linked to climate change. "This has resulted in an unprecedented concurrent seven water deficiency declarations, well up on the previous record of two water deficiencies, and there is the possibility of more to come. "According to rainfall figures from the Bureau of Meteorology's weather station near Fitzgerald, the third and fourth driest years on record were 2018 (264.1mm) and 2019 (243.7mm). "Over the past 12 months the State Government has invested more than $1.5 million in 34 projects designed to improve community water supplies, including work on dams, catchments and bores. 'The State is calling on the Federal Government to support an expansion of this important work through the new Future Drought Fund. "We have never before seen such a high demand for water carting in the State. The cost of carting water for both public drinking and animal welfare needs is estimated at more than $4 million since January 2019, and could exceed $11 million by the end of June." Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The State Government understands the impact the protracted dry seasonal conditions are having on agricultural areas and responding to the needs of landholders to have access to emergency livestock water supplies. "We continue to work closely with landholders, industry, State agencies and local government to assist farming enterprises to manage these difficult conditions and navigate a way forward." Minister's office - 6552 6100
Puliyapang Pty Ltd appointed to monitor Murujuga rock art14605Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9320html13/02/2020 3:30:20 AM2020-02-13T03:30:00Z Puliyapang Pty Ltd (Puliyapang) appointed to monitor Aboriginal rock art on Murujuga World best practice scientific monitoring and analysis programThe State Government today announced the appointment of Puliyapang to develop and implement a monitoring program for the Aboriginal rock art on Murujuga - the Aboriginal name for the Dampier Archipelago, including the Burrup Peninsula. Murujuga is home to the largest, densest and most diverse concentration of Aboriginal rock art in the world, as well as export industries critical to the Western Australian and national economies. The scientific monitoring and analysis program will build on work over the past 15 years to determine whether the Murujuga rock art is being subject to accelerated change from the impacts of industry and shipping emissions. Puliyapang, a joint venture between Calibre Ventures Pty Ltd and Tocomwall Pty Ltd, partnering with subject matter experts from Curtin University, Artcare and the ChemCentre, was chosen as the preferred provider. Puliyapang is a registered Aboriginal business and brings together a team with specialised expertise, qualifications and experience. Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) rangers will work alongside the Puliyapang team and receive training to gain new skills as the custodians of Murujuga. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) and MAC will work in partnership to oversee the monitoring program, and evaluate and report on trends and changes in the condition of the rock art. The majority of funding for the program is being provided by industry on Murujuga. The State Government acknowledges the significant contribution made by Woodside, Rio Tinto and Yara Pilbara in funding the monitoring program. The State Government committed $649,000 in the 2019-20 State Budget to support the implementation of the Murujuga Rock Art Strategy released in February 2019. This includes funding for independent peer review of the design, analysis and results from the monitoring program to provide assurance that the best scientific information is available to guide management actions. Murujuga Rock Art Monitoring Program is an important component of the management framework required for World Heritage listing to support co-existence between the Aboriginal heritage values and industry on Murujuga. The Murujuga Cultural Landscape was added to Australia's World Heritage Tentative List earlier this month. Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson "The State Government is committed to protecting rock art on Murujuga. The rock art is a vital part of Western Australia's unique cultural heritage and is of immense cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional owners. "We believe this globally unique monitoring program will support the rock art's co-existence with export industries on the Burrup Peninsula, which are critical to the State and national economy. "Following a rigorous procurement process, Puliyapang, partnering with experts from Curtin University, Artcare and the ChemCentre, was chosen as the successful applicant. "The specialised expertise, qualifications and experience brought together by Puliyapang make it an ideal choice to develop and implement the Murujuga Rock Art Monitoring Program." Comments attributed to Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation CEO Peter Jeffries "Our rock art represents an irreplaceable link to Aboriginal culture, history and stories dating back thousands of years and we thank the government for taking further steps to protect it with this appointment. "We recognise the need for thorough and wide-ranging scientific analysis of the impact of industry on the rock art to ensure the rock art survives for future generations. "This is also an opportunity to develop the capacity of our local Murujuga rangers so we can manage the preservation of the petroglyphs independently, as we have done for thousands of years. "The appointment of Puliyapang to implement a monitoring program is another boost to our collective effort to have Murujuga's rock art recognised with World Heritage Listing." Comments attributed to Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel "Murujuga is a very special place that has been around for tens of thousands of years and it's crucial that it remains intact for generations to come. I welcome the work that has been done to date and am also encouraged by the monitoring program providing employment opportunities through the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Perth Glory sponsorship shoots ‘Brand Perth’ into Asia14604Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9320html13/02/2020 1:39:02 AM2020-02-13T01:00:00Z Sponsorship deal with Perth Glory for first ever Asian Champions League appearance 'Brand Perth' set to be showcased to massive audiences in key Asian markets Huge global TV audiences and digital reach will bring significant benefits to WA in Asian tourism, international education and trade Expected global TV audience of 1.5 billion people and social media reach of around 586 million a month to key Asian countries First game kicks off in Tokyo next Tuesday, followed by the first game in Perth on April 7Perth and Western Australia will be promoted to huge international TV and online audiences, and important trade and tourism markets after the State Government signed an exclusive deal to sponsor Perth Glory in the upcoming Asian Champions League (ACL). The competition, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)'s premier annual club tournament running from February to November 2020, has a combined live global television audience of 1.5 billion people. The deal makes Western Australia the Perth Glory 2020 AFC Champions League Principal Partner, with 'Perth' branded on the front of the team's playing strip. The sponsorship and promotion of Perth is expected to deliver a significant investment return in tourist numbers and international education. The Invest and Trade WA team will also use the sponsorship to promote trade and investment opportunities to key business people and corporations from the home countries of Glory's opponents. It will enable WA to take advantage of Perth Glory's media partnership that delivers digital and social media exposure in 14 Asian markets. This includes a game-streaming and social media reach of about 586 million a month in China, Japan and South East Asia-Pacific countries. The deal sees Perth Glory promote Brand Perth throughout the 2020 ACL competition and covers signage and branding, media, digital engagement and merchandise. Glory has three home games at HBF Park in the qualification stage - on April 7 against Ulsan Hyundai, April 28 against Shanghai Shenhua and May 6 against FC Tokyo - and three away games in Shanghai, Ulsan and Tokyo. These group stage games alone are expected to reach more than 50 million viewers. In 2016, more than 85 per cent of the competition's viewers were from China, Japan and South Korea - major trade and tourism markets for WA. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "Sponsoring Perth Glory in the Asian Champions League is a real coup for Brand Perth, showcasing our beautiful State to a digital reach of more than 586 million people in Asia. "Perth Glory's first ever appearance in the lucrative Champions League tournament comes at the perfect time for our State, while we manage the impact of novel coronavirus. "This deal ensures we can leverage Perth Glory's success in our key Asian markets, allowing Brand Perth to beam into the lounge rooms of tens of millions of people. "The return on investment in tourism and international education alone will be significant, and on top of that there's the trade and investment benefits that come out of this sort of profile. "The sponsorship also feeds in strongly to our international education strategy 'live, learn and launch' which positions Western Australia and Perth in particular, as a world-class international education city, and helps the city open its doors to increasing numbers of students, especially from Asia. "This competition will put Perth and WA on the map for a whole new Asian audience and allow us to showcase the State as a secure and attractive place to invest and visit, supporting our WA economy and leading to more local jobs." Comments attributed to Asian Engagement Minister Peter Tinley "This feeds in perfectly to the State's new Asian Engagement Strategy which will benefit from these big audiences to raise Western Australia's profile in key Asian markets. "The Asian Engagement Strategy is designed to ensure WA leverages the enormous opportunities that exist in the region, which represents 42 per cent of the world's economy, to diversify our economy and create jobs. "Sponsoring Perth Glory to take part in the Champions League, with its massive Asian television and digital media audiences, can help us kick a lot of the strategy's goals." Comments attributed to Perth Glory CEO Tony Pignata "The partnership with the State Government is a very exciting one and a natural fit for both organisations. "We are extremely proud to be flying the flag for Perth and Western Australia in the AFC Champions League. "More than 50 million people across Asia were exposed to the group stage of AFC Champions League last year. "The agreement provides a fantastic opportunity to simultaneously promote the Perth Glory brand and Perth as a world-class location for tourism, international education and business. "As a club, we are excited at the prospect of working closely with the State to raise Perth's profile within a key market on and off the field in the coming months." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Asian Engagement Minister's office - 6552 5300
Progress on the finfish nursery to boost WA aquaculture growth14603Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5320html12/02/2020 7:59:44 AM2020-02-12T07:45:00Z ​Tender called for Geraldton fish nursery that is expected to produce 1.2 million yellowtail kingfish annually McGowan Government's support for aquaculture drives economic growth and jobsFisheries Minister Peter Tinley has welcomed a call for tenders to fit-out a marine finfish nursery facility in Geraldton. When operational the nursery is expected to produce 200,000 juvenile yellowtail kingfish every two months - supplying both new and existing commercial aquaculture operations in Western Australia. The McGowan Government's support for the Albany shellfish hatchery, which opened in December 2017, has already helped one sector of WA's aquaculture industry start projects and trials to meet demand for shellfish spat that has vastly outstripped initial expectations. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's (DPIRD) Fremantle hatchery will support Geraldton's new marine finfish nursery by supplying yellowtail kingfish at a size of one gram. The tiny fish will then be nurtured at the new nursery until they reach 50g before their transfer to offshore commercial aquaculture operations. The new nursery, located at the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute, is the first module in a facility that will allow the addition of extra modules to accelerate the growth of aquaculture projects and create regional jobs. Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley "The building blocks for WA's aquaculture industry are a key component in the McGowan Government's strategy to meet growing demand for aquaculture products. "Developing a world-class aquaculture industry has enormous potential for increasing economic development and boosting jobs in regional WA. "The investment of $7 million over three years to build and operate the Geraldton marine finfish nursery is an important step in expanding WA's aquaculture industry and delivering economic benefits to our whole community. "The demand for spat from Albany's shellfish hatchery has been extraordinary. So it is very encouraging to acknowledge this next step - marine finfish - on the future growth path the state's aquaculture. "This much-needed nursery will not only deliver services to existing commercial operators, who've been aquaculture pioneers, but offer incentive for new operators who invest in WA." Minister's office - 6552 5300
McGowan Government responds to short-stay accommodation inquiry14602Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements23680html12/02/2020 4:33:36 AM2020-02-12T04:30:00Z ​Whole-of-Government response to recommendations of parliamentary inquiry Variety of accommodation options essential for thriving tourism industry Registration process for all WA accommodation providers to be developedThe McGowan Government is adopting nearly all of the recommendations arising from the recent parliamentary inquiry into short-stay accommodation. The whole-of-Government response to the 2019 Parliamentary Inquiry Levelling the Playing Field - Managing the impact of the rapid increase of Short-Term Rentals in Western Australia aims to introduce better management of the industry at a community level. Led by Jessica Shaw MLA, the inquiry presented 10 recommendations to improve outdated and inconsistent policy governing short-term rentals, and create greater certainty for the tourism industry, accommodation providers and guests. The inquiry found that short-term rentals are a genuine income source for some people and are increasingly widely used by guests; however there was no regulation of the industry and numerous examples of adverse impacts on neighbours and local communities. The State Government has adopted a whole-of-Government approach to respond to the recommendations, including investigating appropriate regulatory or legislative frameworks that can meet the needs of this rapidly changing sector. A key recommendation is the adoption of a flexible, low cost and simple registration scheme for all short-term accommodation providers across the State. Some of the actions to be undertaken include amending land use definitions to differentiate between hosted and un-hosted accommodation; investigating the introduction deemed provisions into all planning schemes for hosted accommodation to be exempt from local government approval; developing legislative or regulatory mechanisms to require the display of a valid registration number for short-term rentals advertised on online platforms; updating strata title guidance to include powers and processes open to strata companies to manage short-term rentals; and development of an education campaign to ensure owners, property managers and purchasers are aware of their obligations regarding short-term rental properties.An interagency working group has now been established and the State Government is committed to working with local governments and accommodation providers to ensure that all short-term rental properties are registered and display a valid registration number. Comments attributed to Planning Minister Rita Saffioti "The McGowan Government is committed to achieving appropriate regulatory reform for Western Australia, and that includes providing clear and consistent guidance for the benefit of both short-stay accommodation providers and the broader community. "We acknowledge the value that the community places on having access to short-term rentals and the contribution this sector is making to our economy through emerging service industries and new jobs - but we must also make sure there are appropriate protocols in place to ensure sustainability and support our traditional accommodation providers. "This is a complex issue and we acknowledge that local governments across the State have had good and bad experiences in this sector - and that they will have specific requirements that need to be considered moving forward. "The real estate industry, planners, developers and local governments need clear guidance on requirements for the short-stay accommodation market and we will take a co-ordinated approach across Government to achieve this. "It is important that we support this valued and emerging part of our tourism industry and that we develop the appropriate governance to ensure visitors to Western Australia have a choice of accommodation options now and into the future. "Any registration scheme for short-term rental accommodation will ensure that guests know that they are protected and will be supported by a public education campaign for owners, property managers and purchasers." Minister's office - 6552 5500
Commercial opportunities in Lane Poole Reserve and Dwellingup14601Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements11720html12/02/2020 2:00:37 AM2020-02-12T02:00:00Z Expressions of interest open for commercial activities in Lane Poole Reserve and in the Dwellingup townsite Dwellingup is fast becoming an adventure trail hotspot, with expressions of interest being sought for new commercial nature-based activities in Lane Poole Reserve. A number of opportunities are available through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Shire of Murray, including a café/kiosk at the Dwaarlindjirraap (Baden Powell) day use area, with the potential for bicycle or paddle equipment hire, and an in-park shuttle service for the mountain bike trails. Nearby within the Dwellingup townsite, expressions of interest are also being sought for trail and visitor-based commercial activities at the Dwellingup National Trails Centre. The construction of the national trails centre was made possible through a $2.6 million joint contribution from the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund, the Shire of Murray and the Dwellingup Community Association Inc. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has allocated $4.95 million to the Dwellingup Adventure Trails project, partnering with the Shire of Murray which secured a further $3.456 million from the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund. Expressions of interest close on March 6, 2020. More information is available at http// Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson "We want visitors to make the most of the spectacular surrounds of Lane Poole Reserve and enhance that experience by having more opportunities to recreate in the area, whether it's hiring a mountain bike to ride the trails, paddling on the Murray River or having a refreshing drink or meal from a kiosk. "In the past 12 months, the south-west trail network has grown, including most recently, an additional 11 kilometres of trails as part of the Dwellingup Adventure Trails project. The McGowan Government recognises the value Western Australians place on nature and the great outdoors, and is committed to making them more accessible for locals and tourists to enjoy." Comment attributed to Murray-Wellington MLA Robyn Clarke "I am really excited by the new adventure opportunities being created in Dwellingup and the push to increase the profile of this much-loved country town." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Tough new $1,000 on the spot fines for drivers using mobile phone14600Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements11020html13/02/2020 2:58:21 AM2020-02-11T22:15:00Z WA to have some of the toughest penalties for mobile phone use in Australia McGowan Government committed to reducing death and serious injuries on WA roads New penalties to come into effect July 1, 2020The McGowan Government is introducing tough new penalties to deal with driver distraction on our roads, caused by mobile phone use behind the wheel. A new aggravated offence for using a mobile phone will apply to drivers caught texting or emailing, using social media, watching videos or accessing the internet. The new penalty of $1,000 and four demerit points reflects the higher level of distraction and recognises the dangerous and deliberate nature of such actions. Any driver who touches their mobile phone while stopped at traffic lights, or talks on the phone while holding the handset will incur a penalty of $500 and three demerit points. This distinction between different types of phone use follows the approach taken in NSW and the ACT. These changes significantly increase the current $400 fine and three demerit point penalty and will see Western Australia have some of the toughest penalties in Australia for mobile phone use while driving. Last year 31 people were killed on WA roads as a result of inattention, which includes mobile phone use. In the past five years more than 77,000 drivers have been caught by WA Police using their mobile phones. Comments attributed to Police; Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts "These increased penalties send a strong message to drivers who engage in deliberate risk taking behaviour. "I want to make it clear to motorists, that using your mobile phone to text or read emails or FaceTime while you're driving is incredibly dangerous. "We need to change the culture of many drivers. "We've done it before with drink driving, we've done it with seatbelts and speeding. "Now we are doing it with mobile phones. "It may take some time to persuade people to be responsible, but we have to do it in order to make our roads safer." Minister's office - 6552 6900
Overhaul of dedicated parking to be considered as part of review14596Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements19700html11/02/2020 7:04:16 AM2020-02-11T06:45:00Z ACROD Parking Program assists people with severe walking restrictions Eligibility criteria will be reviewed to ensure it is contemporary and inclusive The McGowan Government is conducting a review of the eligibility for an ACROD Parking Permit in Western Australia. The program currently supports Western Australians with significant mobility restrictions to access the community by providing permits for accessible ACROD parking bays. The review will consider the current needs of Western Australians, including The potential to expand the program's eligibility criteria, for example, to include people assisted by a guide dog, and; The development of ways of working with private property owners, such as shopping centres, to ensure accessible bays are appropriately used by permit holders. This review will complement the work being undertaken by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and National Disability Services WA (NDS WA) which will focus on improving availability by deterring misuse of ACROD bays. Eligibility requirements will be reviewed using a collaborative approach with people with disability and consideration of the role of stakeholders including local government and private property owners. The ACROD program is funded through the Department of Communities and administered by NDS WA. A report on the review is expected by mid-2020. To provide comments and feedback on the ACROD Parking Program, email or phone the Access and Inclusion team at the Department of Communities on (08) 9440 2251. Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson "People with disability experience a range of restrictions in their communities and inclusive parking is a significant initiative that addresses their social and economic participation. The review will take a closer look at the needs of the community and ensure the ACROD Parking Permit eligibility criteria are contemporary and inclusive. "NDS WA currently issues free ACROD parking permits to almost 90,000 Western Australians, with around 10,000 new permits issued each year. Currently the permits are restricted to people who have significant difficulty walking. "I believe it's important we ensure Western Australians with disability are fully supported to access their community and that providers and regulators of accessible parking are doing their part. "I encourage anyone with an interest on the future of the ACROD Parking Program to provide their feedback." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Government supports WA defence industry at premier Army expo14595Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements6170html11/02/2020 6:27:19 AM2020-02-11T06:15:00Z Defence West will help WA small to medium businesses sell themselves to the world Land Forces 2020 is an international industry event to showcase equipment, technology and services Expressions of interest are being sought for WA defence industry companies to display their services on the Defence West stand The Western Australian Government is showcasing the State's world-class defence industry to global stakeholders at the premier Army equipment and technology exhibition, Land Forces 2020. Land Forces 2020 - to be held in Brisbane from September 1-3 - is an international industry expo showcasing equipment, technology and services and attracts key decision makers from around the world. Expressions of interest are being sort for WA companies and universities to join the Defence West Land Forces 2020 stand. Similar support was offered at last year's hugely successful Pacific International Maritime Exposition in Sydney with a record 19 WA companies and organisations showing their capabilities to the world from the Defence West stand. Exhibitors on the Defence West stand had unprecedented exposure to the international defence industry, governments and overseas militaries, opening up the potential of new contracts and jobs for Western Australians. The McGowan Government established Defence West in 2017 to promote and grow WA's defence industry. WA defence industry companies interested in submitting an expression of interest should visit the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation's website. Comments attributed to Defence Issues Minister Paul Papalia "The McGowan Government is the only State Government providing this level of support to its local defence industry. "We are giving smaller companies a vital opportunity to promote themselves to industry leaders - providing floor space free of charge to exhibit their businesses at the Defence West stand. "Defence West is effectively advocating for the State's defence industry and our planned presence at Land Forces 2020 confirms the Government's support for growing this important sector and diversifying the economy." Minister's office - 6552 5600
Plans to turn WA life sciences industry into world leader to create local jobs14594Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements12490html11/02/2020 3:14:08 AM2020-02-11T03:00:00Z McGowan Government developing plan to support WA's emerging health and medical life sciences industry Plan to focus on innovations and commercialisation in biotechnology, medical technology, digital health, pharmaceuticals and health and wellness The life sciences sector is important to WA's economic development and jobs growth A blueprint to position Western Australia as a world leader in the high-growth health and medical life sciences sector is now in development, with the McGowan Government appointing an Industry Reference Group. The Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Growth Plan will provide a clear set of actions to stimulate and strengthen WA's health and medical life sciences industry over the next five years - creating jobs and diversifying the State's economy. Western Australia has a burgeoning health and medical innovation sector with a history of expertise in in-demand areas including medical research; new gene technologies; phenomics; medical technology; long-term population health studies; and data linkage and digital health solutions. The Industry Reference Group will develop the growth plan over the coming months and the final plan is expected to be released in the second half of the year. The group, chaired by Chief Scientist of WA Peter Klinken, includes sector experts Dr Michael Winlo of Emerald Clinics, Dr Katharine Giles of OncoRes Medical, Ms Liddy McCall of Yuuwa Capital and Mr Abdul Ekram of Austrade. Development of the blueprint follows the McGowan Government investment of $1.2 million in the creation of a medical technology, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals innovation hub to grow Western Australia's life sciences sector and support local jobs. According to AusBiotech, Western Australia experienced Australia's biggest growth in the wider life sciences sector from 2017 to 2019 with a 50 per cent increase in the number of organisations operating here. It is estimated more than 22,500 people in the State are employed in the sector, which includes food and agriculture in addition to health and medical life sciences. More information about the Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Growth Plan and the full list of Industry Reference Group members is available on the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation website at https// Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "Perth is emerging as one of Australia's top life sciences hubs after experiencing substantial growth in recent years. "We have a fantastic opportunity to further support our local health and medical life sciences industry which continues to deliver world-leading innovations that improve health outcomes for people in our state and globally. "This plan will complement a range of existing initiatives and strategies, including the Sustainable Health Review's priority to foster a culture of innovation in the WA health system to deliver better patient care." Comments attributed to Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly "Western Australia's world-class health and medical innovation sector, combined with our state-of-the-art research facilities and health infrastructure, provide a fertile environment for innovation and industry growth in WA. "This growth plan, which builds on the government's existing investment in the WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub through the New Industries Fund, will create an environment that removes barriers to innovation, helps commercialise products and grow local businesses, and opens up trade and investment opportunities in international markets. "It will help diversify and strengthen our economy and create more high quality jobs for Western Australians." Health Minister's office - 6552 6500 Innovation and ICT Minister's office - 6552 6100