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Jandabup trench rescuers honoured at emergency services awards90586Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 1:00:26 PM2018-10-19T09:00:00Z Officers who saved eight-year-old boy stuck in trench receive highest DFES community contributions award Awards ceremony also recognised 195 emergency services personnel for long-standing, diligent service Officers have contributed more than 3,280 years of service to emergency services The challenging and difficult rescue of eight-year-old Riley Stiles, who was trapped in a trench in Jandabup, was recognised today at the National Medal and Emergency Services Diligent Service Medal ceremony. The actions of Malaga Career Fire and Rescue Service firefighters to secure the edges of a collapsing trench and work through a highly complicated rescue saved the life of eight-year-old Riley Stiles. Malaga Station Officer Alan Phoenix and firefighters Mark Flower, Michael Bryan and Paulo Eraclides were the first firefighters on the scene in November 2017 and were faced with an extremely complicated and dangerous rescue. The officers today received the Certificate of Commendation for their actions. The certificate is the highest DFES award for significant community contributions. Also recognised were District Officer Phillip Brandrett, Project Services Manager Matthew Goodwin and Murdoch Station Officer Ronald Bailey who each received a Certificate of Distinction for their outstanding contributions to DFES in the areas of safety, peer support and facility construction. Station Officer Bailey was in particular recognised for his innovative suggestion to house an emergency switch in appliances that helps firefighters make a quick escape during a burn over. This key safety feature has been implemented in all urban pumps across the DFES fleet. The awards ceremony also acknowledged more than 3,280 years of service with 195 career firefighters and staff qualifying for long and diligent service medals. Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan "The WA community is fortunate that whatever the situation, we have highly skilled and trained personnel who are ready to respond at a moment's notice. "I heard firsthand from one of the officers involved in the rescue of Riley Stiles, and it was extremely fortunate that those officers who were on duty that day had the right skills and experience to rescue Riley. "It was a very unusual rescue in a high-stress environment with an extremely distressed little boy. "Those officers are just some of many emergency services personnel across Western Australia who do such a great job saving us from harm. "This not only includes our firefighters and emergency services personnel on the frontline, but also those working diligently behind the scenes, for example providing mapping support or working in IT. "On behalf of the Western Australian community and the McGowan Labor Government, I congratulate all of the recipients on their outstanding achievements." Minister's office - 6552 6300
Treasurer to visit China to strengthen relationship90584Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 6:07:00 AM2018-10-19T06:00:00Z Treasurer to visit China and meet with key government, trading and investment stakeholders Trip to bolster WA's strong, stable and prosperous relationship with China Exports to China worth $61.5 billion to the WA economy last financial year Treasurer Ben Wyatt will visit China next week for a series of meetings focused on ensuring that Western Australia's long, respectful and prosperous relationship stays strong. Given the current tensions in global trade, the Treasurer will use the Parliamentary break to meet with Chinese representatives of Government and business in his first trip to China since taking office. During the visit, the Treasurer will meet with the heads of State-owned enterprises and top private investors, as well as other key organisations such as the Chinese Government's National Development and Reform Commission, the Bank of China and BaoWu Steel. The trip follows successful visits by Premier Mark McGowan. Comments attributed to Treasurer Ben Wyatt "Our relationship with China has been one of the real drivers of WA economic success. This has been recognised by successive WA Governments, and the McGowan Government sees it as vital that it continues. "I want China to know that they have a friend in WA and that we are keen to maintain the relationship between China and our State. "Given their status as our number one trading partner and the fact that last year they bought more than $49 billion worth of WA iron ore, I want China to know that they can count on the stable partnership with WA." Treasurer's office - 6552 5900
Henley Brook rezoning approved90582Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 5:41:10 AM2018-10-19T05:40:00Z Amendment supports targeted urbanisation near planned METRONET stations Rezoning to consolidate development in area of fast population growth Amendment completes urbanisation between Ellenbrook and Brabham in the Swan Urban Growth Corridor Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has approved the rezoning of more than 260 hectares of land between Ellenbrook and Brabham, which will facilitate future housing along the future METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Line. The land in Henley Brook - surrounded by Lord Street, Gnangara Road and Park Street - has been rezoned from Rural to Urban in the Metropolitan Region Scheme. This amendment represents the next stage in the urbanisation of the Swan Urban Growth Corridor, in keeping with the North-East Sub-regional Planning Framework. The amendment will facilitate further planning to enable the future development of the area for residential and related purposes, consolidating the north-east metropolitan urban footprint. The transfer of the amendment area to urban will not prevent existing landowners from continuing to use their properties for current purposes, but will provide planning certainty for those who wish to further develop their properties in the future. Comments attributed to Planning Minister Rita Saffioti "This rezoning is part of our plan for the sustainable development of Perth's fast growing north-east corridor. "Critically, it is designed to ensure a more consolidated footprint that aligns with future public transport planning, including connections to future METRONET stations. "As our city grows, a business as usual perspective must be replaced with a more considered approach to development that focuses on connection and consolidation. "Together with the recently rezoned land parcel in East Wanneroo, the plan to sensibly urbanise the north-east and north-west corridors is well underway, providing certainty and clarity to landowners and other stakeholders. "Further community input will be sought during the next stage, which will involve the preparation of a local structure plan." Minister's office - 6552 5500
Historic on-demand transport reforms pass Parliament90580Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 2:56:11 AM2018-10-19T02:50:00Z Transport (Road Passenger Services) Bill 2018 and associated amendment Bill have now passed the Legislative Council Biggest reforms to the on-demand transport and taxi industry in WA history Voluntary taxi plate buyback scheme can now progress towards implementation McGowan Government delivers major election commitment Historic reforms to Western Australia's on-demand transport and taxi industry passed the Legislative Council late yesterday. These reforms can now be implemented to provide a level playing field whereby all drivers and booking services will operate under the same rules for the first time in WA. The reforms, to be rolled out from early 2019, will enable a range of improvements to how the taxi and on-demand transport services operate. The legislation will also end restrictions that have made it difficult for taxis to compete and give the industry greater certainty. Safety is a major focus of the reforms, establishing clear accountability for all those operating in the industry. In particular, all booking services will now be required to be authorised and will be responsible for making sure the vehicles and drivers they dispatch are also authorised and safe. Additionally, under the new legislation, booking services will be required by law to report serious safety incidents to the Department of Transport for potential investigation. The benefits of the reform will Create a fairer and modernised system for all operators; Promote competition and innovation across the industry, removing regulation and costs; Remove restrictions on when, where and how taxis can operate; Introduce a strengthened duty of care for passenger safety; and Create one annual authorisation for all types of on-demand drivers. The legislation will also enable the McGowan Labor Government to deliver its election commitment to implement a voluntary industry funded taxi plate buyback scheme. Plate owners will receive between $100,000 and $250,000, less any hardship payments already received, and depending on how long they owned the plate. The buyback scheme will be industry funded over four years, through a temporary 10 per cent levy on total fare revenue generated by operators. The wider reform package will encourage greater competition and innovation in on-demand transport throughout WA, providing customers with greater choice and easier access to safe and smart services. Minor amendments, including exempting electric vehicles and regional operators from the taxi plate buyback levy, were made during the legislation's passage through Parliament to achieve broader support across parties without impacting the intent of the reform. Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "This is the most comprehensive overhaul of taxi and on-demand transport industry in the State's history and will ultimately give customers more choice of improved services. "Since coming to Government, resolving the uncertainty in the industry has been one of my highest priorities as Minister for Transport. "We have seen people in the industry suffer under the previous government's inaction and it is now time to even the playing field through these carefully developed and well-consulted reforms. "I am pleased that the State Government can now proceed with an industry funded buyback scheme for privately owned taxi plates. Not only will the buyback provide certainty and finally allow the taxi industry to modernise, importantly, it is the right thing for government to do. "I understand that not everyone is happy with the reform, but I believe it strikes the right balance. "I would like to thank Dr Tony Buti for his work in co-ordinating one of the most comprehensive consultation processes in the history of the on-demand industry in WA. "For customers, these reforms mean more choice, stronger safety standards and ultimately reduced costs for industry and customers. "It is long overdue reform and creates consistent regulations for the on-demand transport sector as a whole to grow and innovate into the future." Comments attributed to Taxi and On-Demand Transport Reform Coordinator and Armadale MLA Tony Buti "I would like to thank the Minister for appointing me to conduct a fresh round of consultation of the taxi and on-demand transport industry early last year. "Throughout 2017 and 2018 over 60 hours of consultation took place with plate owners, taxi drivers, management companies, industry associations and booking services. "We have worked hard to seek input from all sectors of the industry and I am confident that both the reforms and the buyback are fair and allow those taxi plate owners who choose to, the ability to continue to operate. "I look forward to seeing increased safety requirements, greater flexibility, reduced costs for the taxi industry and ultimately better services for the public." Minister's office - 6552 5500
WA Industry and Export Awards winners honoured90577Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 2:36:27 AM2018-10-19T02:30:00Z 14 different companies honoured at the 2018 WA Industry and Export Awards Scitech and Linear Clinical Research named as Hall of Fame inductees Premier Mark McGowan has commended the winners of the 2018 Western Australian Industry and Export Awards. The awards were held at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth on October 18, where people from 28 remarkable businesses gathered to share in an evening of celebration. The winner of the major award, WA Exporter of the Year, AGRIFresh is a family owned and operated citrus grower, located in Dandaragan, and exports to Asia and the Middle East. The export category award winners will now represent Western Australia at the 56th Australian Export Awards, to be held in November 2018, in Canberra. For more information, visit http// Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "The WA Industry and Export Awards showcase Western Australian innovators who export their products throughout Australia and around the world. "These innovators have built successful businesses and have helped support employment in Western Australia. "The Hall of Fame inductees, Scitech and Linear Clinical Research, have won their category three years in a row, which is a remarkable achievement and I applaud all their staff members for their terrific work. "For the export category winners that go on to represent the State at the national awards, I wish them all the best. "Win or lose, these businesses have done Western Australia proud." Premier's office - 6552 5000
WA road trips to star in global tourism campaign90576Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 2:00:43 AM2018-10-19T02:00:00Z New global tourism campaign to be launched in nine international markets Campaign promotes Western Australia as the 'Road Trip State' Driving routes showcase WA nature, food and wine A new global tourism campaign was launched today in Perth, promoting driving holidays in Western Australia. The campaign proposes the considerable size of the State should be viewed as an advantage, and highlights how its size provides an opportunity for people to experience a variety of destinations as part of a road trip. Showcasing WA as the 'Road Trip State', the campaign will be launched domestically and in nine international markets - Singapore, Malaysia, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Indonesia. It will also encourage Western Australians to holiday within the State with print, radio and digital advertising being rolled out in the domestic markets next month. The campaign will promote a range of self-drive holiday routes across the whole of WA, including regional areas. It will feature information on distances and accommodation options, from camping or 'glamping' to hotels and apartments. Each road trip route highlights experiences unique to that particular region, including attractions and local history as well as gourmet cuisine and adventure options. Visitors will also be informed of the best time of year to view nature and wildlife, such as whale watching, sea turtle nesting and wildflowers in bloom. Comments attributed to Tourism Minister Paul Papalia "The vastness of WA is sometimes perceived as a negative, but this campaign will show visitors that road trips are actually one of the best ways to explore our scenic State. "It will encourage interstate, international and local visitors to experience all that our extraordinary State has to offer. "A road trip is the perfect way to discover regional WA's stunning attractions, at your own pace and on your own terms. "The campaign forms part of Tourism WA's Two-Year Action Plan, which aims to grow the number of visitors to the State and encourage them to disperse to the regions." Minister's office - 6552 5600
Peptide shows promise of protecting infant brains90574Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements0html19/10/2018 12:10:43 AM2018-10-19T00:00:00Z Brain researchers investigate promising peptide compound to protect the brain of newborn babies Potential treatment and therapy for some babies at risk of cerebral palsy and other permanent types of brain damage Project funded by Telethon Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund grant Western Australian researchers believe they have identified a compound that could protect the brain cells of newborns who have had a stroke-like event around the time of birth. Their confidence stems from results achieved with a peptide dubbed 'R18'. R18 has been used in trials with brain cell cultures and pre-clinical models that mimic the stroke-like condition, known as hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE). HIE affects three in every 1,000 live births, with up to 15 to 25 per cent of affected babies dying and an additional 25 to 60 per cent sustaining permanent brain damage, resulting in cerebral palsy, epilepsy or learning disabilities. The research is being led by Associate Professor Bruno Meloni, a neuroscientist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science. The current treatment for HIE is hypothermia, which involves actively lowering the body temperature of the affected baby to 33-34ºC and keeping it at that temperature for 72 hours, but the procedure has limitations. The WA research team began investigating the potential of R18 to treat neonatal HIE, after it was shown to provide neuroprotective properties in pre-clinical models of adult stroke. With its grant, the research team will build on existing work and aim to determine if R18 provides an additional benefit when combined with hypothermia. The rates of HIE are even higher in developing countries and Australia's rural and remote communities. The researchers are hopeful that R18 will eventually become a therapy for treating neonatal HIE, either in combination with hypothermia or - in instances where hypothermia is not available - as a standalone treatment. The Telethon Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund (TPCHRF) is a collaboration of the Department of Health and Channel 7 Telethon Trust that provides funding for WA research, which focuses on the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. The study is among 13 projects that will share in $3.5 million in the sixth round of the Telethon Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund. Visit the Department of Health's website for the full list of TPCHRF recipients. Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "This project is a credit to Associate Professor Meloni and his team and an example of the innovative, world-class research taking place inside Western Australia's public health system. "The lifetime healthcare costs associated with treating a single patient with cerebral palsy are estimated at $1.2 million to $1.3 million, but the human cost of such a condition is incalculable. "As we prepare to embrace Channel 7's Telethon this weekend, research like this is the perfect reminder of how the money you donate dramatically improves the lives of WA's sick kids. I'm looking forward to doing my bit for Telethon 2018 when I saddle up and join the cycle team in the HBF 24-hour fitness challenge at PCEC. "Communities across WA can be very proud of Telethon, it is the highest fundraising telethon per capita in the world and I urge all Western Australians to be part of this iconic, fun and hugely worthwhile event." Minister's office - 6552 6500
More drinking fountains for Optus Stadium as summer approaches90569Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements2940html18/10/2018 6:55:46 AM2018-10-18T06:45:00Z 15 additional free drinking water filling stations to be installed at Optus Stadium New facilities follow feedback from fans requesting more access to free drinking water Works will also include upgrades to stadium's existing drinking water facilitiesFifteen new drinking water filling stations will be installed at Optus Stadium in response to fan feedback calling for more access to free drinking water at the venue. State venue manager VenuesWest is working with Optus Stadium operator VenuesLive to install the new facilities in time for the new year. The move follows feedback from fans reporting long queues for drinking fountains at events. As part of the new works, VenuesWest will also take the opportunity to retrofit the venue's existing drinking facilities with new fixtures - which will elevate the stadium's water quality above the Australian standard levels it already meets. The Stadium Parkland's external water facilities will also be upgraded as part of the works program. VenuesWest has elected to carry out these extra upgrades over and above regulatory requirements. As part of Optus Stadium's water management planning, Ecosafe International has prepared a comprehensive report, available here http// Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray "Queues for drinking fountains at Optus Stadium do get a little bit long during events. That makes the experience a little harder for people, especially those with children, to enjoy a comfortable day out. "With summer almost upon us, and with that the venue's first full summer of cricket, it's time to fix that oversight to ensure an even better experience for fans. "As part of the works, VenuesWest will also upgrade the water fountains inside and outside the venue to elevate the stadium's water quality above the Australian standard levels it already meets. VenuesWest is taking this extra step to bring the fountains up to the best possible standard. "As I have always said, drinking water at Optus Stadium and Stadium Park is safe to drink and people can continue to use the fountains as usual. Professional sampling and testing shows drinking water at Optus Stadium and Stadium Park pass all the Australian drinking water guidelines." Minister's office - 6552 6400
R&D funds for new wild dog control methods86467Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements6920html18/10/2018 12:06:36 AM2018-10-18T00:00:00Z Details of $800,000 WA Wild Dog Action Plan R&D Fund released Grants available to research new solutions to minimise the threat of wild dogsThe McGowan Government is driving research into new methods of controlling wild dogs, today releasing details of an $800,000 WA Wild Dog Action Plan R&D Fund. The initiative is part of the McGowan Government's $18.6 million Western Australian Wild Dog Action Plan, with a top-up from the Commonwealth via Federal Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper funding. Half the total funds ($400,000) will go to research and development grants to explore new solutions to minimise the impact of wild dogs on landholder's livelihoods, estimated to cost rangelands sheep and goat production $25 million per annum. Up to $150,000 each is available to applicant groups to research or develop innovative tools and technologies that will improve the detection, reporting, control and management of wild dogs. The other half of the funds have been directed to undertake social and ecological assessments of wild dog management techniques, such as fencing, methods of bait delivery and wild dog deterrents, to enhance control efforts. For more information and to make an application for a WA Wild Dog Action Plan R&D Grant, visit https// Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "The WA Wild Dog Action Plan R&D Fund is another demonstration of our commitment to supporting farmers as they fight to protect their livestock from the scourge of wild dogs. "We need to ensure the methods we use to control wild dogs are the most effective and suitable for Western Australian farmers and pastoralists. "We want to see researchers join with Recognised Biosecurity Groups to develop their proposals, drawing on landholders' firsthand knowledge and experience with the problem and ensure its suitability 'on the ground'. "This is just one initiative underway as part of the WA Wild Dog Action Plan, which also includes the employment of additional doggers, funds for cell fencing pilot trials in the rangelands and sterilising dogs in remote communities." Minister's office - 6552 6200
Big lift for new museum cantilever gallery86430Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4750html17/10/2018 11:42:51 PM2018-10-17T23:00:00Z Massive steel section for the new museum is being lifted into place Installation of the cantilever steelwork marks a project milestone Around 1,600 tonnes of steel, fabricated in WA, makes up the new museum building A 45 metre-long steel structure, weighing 30 tonnes, is being carefully lifted into position on Western Australia's new museum. The structure is one of the final pieces of steel work required to complete the frame of the cantilever gallery, a major feature of the striking new museum design being delivered by Multiplex. Designed by architects HASSELL+OMA, the cantilever gallery will float above the heritage-listed Hackett Hall building, framing it like an artefact in its own right. The cantilevered extension will house the exciting new Tianqi-sponsored Connections exhibition. The large steel section is being lifted into place by a 450 tonne crane and will sit 30 metres above ground level. Heavy lifting specialist, Perth Rigging, is managing the complex lift procedure. The steel section was made locally by Pacific Industrial Company in Naval Base and took four weeks to fabricate. It is made up of 17 smaller pieces that were trucked to the Perth Cultural Centre and assembled on site. Once the steel work is installed, work will begin to pour the suspended concrete slabs, floors, walls and roofs of the upper level exhibition galleries. The new museum is on schedule, with the building expected to be complete in 2019. Exhibition fit-out will occur over the following 12 months, ready for opening in 2020. Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman "The completion of the cantilever gallery steel work is an important milestone for the new museum project. Work is progressing at a rapid pace, and the impressive building is taking shape, ready for opening in 2020. "This is an important cultural infrastructure project for our State, delivering a landmark building within the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre. "The cantilevered extension and its galleries will showcase the stories of Western Australia's relationships with other parts of the world using state-of-the-art technology and innovative display methods." Minister's office - 6552 5400
Serial killer and mass murderer legislation to be introduced into State Parliament86429Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8040html17/10/2018 11:33:48 PM2018-10-17T22:00:00Z Sentence Administration Amendment (Multiple Murderers) Bill 2018 to be introduced into Parliament Attorney General during their term of appointment will be able to direct that mass murderers and serial killers must not be considered for parole or a re-socialisation program Key election commitment intended to limit trauma to survivors, family and friends of murder victims New laws enabling the Attorney General to issue a direction to suspend the Prisoners Review Board's statutory reporting functions in respect of prisoners serving terms for serial killings or mass murders will be introduced into State Parliament today. Attorneys General of successive governments have consistently made public declarations that certain prisoners will not be released during that Attorney's term of appointment. However, these public declarations have had no impact as the Prisoners Review Board is required under legislation to consider whether the prisoner should be released. The proposed legislation will provide the Attorney General with the ability to give legal effect to those public declarations in respect to mass murderers and serial killers, being those who commit three or more murders on the same day or two or more murders on separate days, respectively. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "Prior to the March 2017 State election, WA Labor pledged to reform WA's parole laws to ensure that serial killers and mass murderers would not be considered for parole. "The aim of this policy is to limit trauma to family and friends of murder victims and others impacted by the crimes, including surviving victims of serial killers and mass murderers, by suspending the consideration for parole or a re-socialisation program. "This is about putting victims and their families first, ahead of murderers. "This suspension, should the Attorney General of the day determine to exercise it in a case that is captured by the proposed legislation, would remain in place for a period of up to six years." Comments attributed to Attorney General John Quigley "In 2016, an online petition started by Kate Moir calling for reform to parole laws received more than 41,000 signatures. "Ms Moir is the survivor of the serious violent crimes, including four murders, committed by David and Catherine Birnie. "Survivors and secondary victims are re-traumatised every time these prisoners come up for consideration for a re-socialisation program or parole, as is required under existing parole legislation. "They are forced to relive the most horrific events of their lives all over again. "The secondary victims and survivors of these horrendous crimes have already suffered enough, they should not be put through this process every three years." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Attorney General's office - 6552 6800
Minister supports Parliamentary inquiry into short-stay accommodation83222Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements10760html17/10/2018 7:11:10 AM2018-10-17T07:10:00Z Planning Minister supports inquiry into regulation of short-stay accommodation Parliamentary inquiry will build on work undertaken thus far to create a bipartisan plan for the future Aims to create certainty for the entire industry Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has supported an inquiry into the level of regulation of short-stay accommodation, in an effort to create greater certainty for the tourism industry, accommodation providers and guests. The Economics and Industry Standing Committee has resolved to investigate and report on the adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in Western Australia, covering issues including customer safety, insurance, land use planning, building standards, stay length, neighbourhood amenity, registration, licensing and taxation. The State Government had been undertaking consultation and developing options for the future, and welcomes the committee's decision to investigate the matter. Given the interest of the Parliamentary Committee, it was deemed that an inquiry could build on the work undertaken thus far with the aim of developing some bipartisan recommendations for the future. Ms Saffioti recommended that the inquiry be time limited to allow for a timely response to industry. Tourism operators such as hotels, serviced apartments, bed and breakfasts and caravan parks are subject to a variety of different regulations, depending on their local government, Local Planning Scheme, local laws and planning policies. The current frameworks do not adequately address regulation of short-term providers - including those letting private rooms or homes. Comments attributed to Planning Minister Rita Saffioti "I want to make sure that there is wide consultation and a bipartisan approach to reform in this industry. "This inquiry is an opportunity to have a Committee of the Parliament test ideas with the industry and to report back to the Parliament and then government. "The Government had been progressing work on this matter, including developing a range of options for the future. "This process allows the work undertaken to be utilised by the committee and to make sure we have all the right information in front of us." Minister's office - 6552 5500
State Library images used on new $50 note83220Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements6480html17/10/2018 6:28:29 AM2018-10-17T06:25:00Z The new $50 note celebrates Western Australian icon, Edith Cowan OBE Photographs from State Library's collection sourced for banknote design The Reserve Bank of Australia has developed a new look $50 banknote which celebrates the life and achievements of one of Western Australia's most significant social workers, equal rights pioneer and politician, Edith Cowan OBE. Edith Cowan was the first woman elected to an Australian Parliament as the Member for the seat of West Perth in the Legislative Assembly from 1921 to 1924. Her depiction on the $50 banknote is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary Western Australian woman. Based on photographs from the State Library of Western Australia's collection, the next generation banknote features a portrait of Edith Cowan and her campaign brooch. The brooch depicts a cracked gumnut, which is thought to be symbolic of the seat of West Perth supposedly being a tough nut to crack for a woman at the time. Also featured on the note are text excerpts from her maiden speech to the Parliament of Western Australia, and the 1923 Women's Legal Status Act which was one of Cowan's most important achievements. The banknote will be in circulation from tomorrow (October 18). More information can be found on the Reserve Bank of Australia's website. Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman "It is pleasing that a remarkable Western Australian woman continues to be celebrated on our national currency. "The addition of the cracked gumnut brooch image to the banknote design offers some insight into the tough challenges Cowan faced and her inspirational achievement in overcoming them. "The State Library has been the community's custodian of the source image of the portrait of Edith Cowan that has graced the Australian $50 note for more than 20 years. It's wonderful that the State Library is the custodian of the source image of the gumnut brooch that will soon feature on the $50 banknote. "The use of these photographs on the new $50 note is just one example of the many uses of the State Library's collection materials. The library's vast collection houses a number of items relating to WA's rich history and is accessible via the online catalogue, free to all." Minister's office - 6552 5400
Tightening the belt on the fight against obesity83217Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8230html17/10/2018 4:34:10 AM2018-10-17T04:30:00Z Reducing the burden of preventable disease and tackling our growing obesity epidemic are urgent, escalating public health problems WA Obesity Collaborative Summit will focus on five-year plan for early intervention and weight management McGowan Government leads efforts to secure agreement to develop a National Obesity Strategy Western Australians who struggle with weight management and obesity will benefit as a result of today's Obesity Collaborative Summit. The summit, a collaborative partnership between the Department of Health, WA Primary Health Alliance and the Health Consumers Council, is the first of its kind in Western Australia. It will bring together consumers and stakeholders from the health and community sector to help develop a five-year action plan to support people with early intervention and weight management. It will also identify what improvements are needed to provide a clear, streamlined journey through the health system for people who want advice and support to manage their weight. Being overweight and obese are among the leading causes of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers, so this is an urgent and escalating public health problem. Obesity related inpatient costs to the Western Australia public health system place a huge burden on the service and WA taxpayers. In 2011 they were $241 million. At current rates, obesity related inpatient costs are predicted to increase 102.6 per cent to $488 million by 2021. The Health and Wellbeing of Adults in Western Australia 2017 report found approximately one-third of adults (32.2 per cent) were obese and approximately one in 13 people in WA (7.4 per cent) have diabetes. At the recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council meeting in Adelaide, the Commonwealth, States and Territories agreed to a proposal put forward by Health Minister Roger Cook for a national approach to curb the growing obesity epidemic. A similar proposal was put forward by the Commonwealth at the meeting and the proposals were jointly considered. The McGowan Government's proposal for a National Obesity Strategy targets the growing issue of preventable disease, disability and death due to being overweight and obese. Today's summit in Perth follows the Preventive Health Summit in March this year, and the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) Interim Report, which identified obesity prevention as a priority. The SHR Final Report is due before the end of the year. Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "Chronic disease caused by excess weight ruins lives; it places a burden on our public health system and ultimately on WA taxpayers. In Western Australia alone, two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, as are nearly a quarter of children aged five to 15 years. "Clearly, something needs to be done, and in the past year the McGowan Government has been a strong supporter of preventive health initiatives. "Events such as today's summit are positive proof that we are working to tackle the issue of obesity and I look forward to hearing the actions generated. "The McGowan Government is concerned that Australia lacks a comprehensive, ongoing strategy to fight obesity, so it's pleasing the recent COAG Health Council meeting agreed with WA and adopted a proposal to develop a National Obesity Strategy. "A national strategy will set an over-arching policy agenda for obesity prevention and early intervention according to best practice, and ensure a consistent, multi-strategic national approach is adopted. "The McGowan Government is committed to working with the WA Primary Health Alliance, Health Consumers Council and other stakeholders fight the State's obesity problem." Minister's office - 6552 6500
120th birthday heralds new era for Perth Zoo83053Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements4230html17/10/2018 4:13:17 AM2018-10-17T04:00:00Z Perth Zoo plans for future without elephants Opportunity to design an innovative future zoo for animals and visitorsEnvironment Minister Stephen Dawson has today invited the community to help shape the future of Perth Zoo, as the iconic destination celebrates its 120th birthday. Planning has already commenced to transform Perth's world-renowned zoo to ensure it can provide new wildlife experiences for the Western Australian public and visitors into the future. A consideration of this futureproofing is to plan for the death of elderly and much-loved Asian Elephant, Tricia - currently one of the oldest Asian zoo elephants in the world. Following Tricia's death, the two younger elephants will be rehomed to other Australasian zoos where they will benefit from a herd setting. This provides the opportunity to re-think and reinvigorate the offerings on the urban zoo site. Initial ideas for Perth Zoo's future are based on innovative concepts already used at international zoos, featuring expanded habitats for animals via overhead animal exploration trails. Concepts also include enabling the public to see procedures underway in the veterinary hospital and providing opportunities to see inside animal breeding areas where Perth Zoo is helping fight species extinction. Future Perth Zoo ideas are currently being canvassed, leading to the development of a comprehensive master plan. More details can be found at Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson "Tricia is an elderly elephant, and while it's difficult to imagine a time without her at the zoo, the reality is the zoo has changed significantly over the past 120 years, and it's time to transform again. "Planning for the future of the zoo has begun, but today is about asking the community, the people of Western Australia, to help shape the future direction of Perth Zoo. "Moving on from elephants is in the best interests of the two remaining elephants, male Putra Mas and female, Permai. "Perth Zoo has a small footprint within metropolitan South Perth. We are committed to providing the best for the animals in our care, however, on this site we cannot develop an elephant exhibit big enough to accommodate a functioning herd comprising multiple animals. "At the moment, the elephants at Perth Zoo are happy and healthy, but when Tricia dies the elephants will be best placed to become part of a bigger herd, something we cannot facilitate at a small metropolitan zoo. "I look forward to taking this journey with all of you. Perth Zoo belongs to all Western Australians and planning for the future presents an exciting opportunity to get involved." Minister's office - 6552 5800
All six South West Native Title Settlement Agreements registered82984Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements15180html17/10/2018 2:52:45 AM2018-10-17T02:45:00Z All six South West Native Title Settlement Indigenous Land Use Agreements have been registered with the National Native Title Tribunal Significant step towards commencement of the South West Native Title Settlement for the Noongar community and the State of Western AustraliaAboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt has welcomed today's decision by the Native Title Registrar to register the six South West Native Title Settlement Agreements. This landmark decision is a significant step towards commencement of the South West Native Title Settlement for the Noongar community and the State of Western Australia. The South West Native Title Settlement will resolve all native title claims in the South-West in exchange for about $1.3 billion in land and other benefits. As part of the settlement, the Parliament of Western Australia passed the Noongar Recognition Act, recognising the Noongar people as the traditional owners of the South-West. Today's decision follows amendments to the Native Title Act passed last year which provided validation of four of the South-West settlement Indigenous Land Use Agreements that were subject to a Federal Court challenge in 2017. Although the agreements have been successfully registered, there is still the possibility that some objectors may seek judicial review in the Federal Court. The settlement will commence only after all legal proceedings have been exhausted. The State Government and the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council will continue to work together to ensure the successful implementation of all six agreements for the Noongar community and the State of Western Australia as a whole. Comments attributed to Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt "The Noongar community has been waiting a long time, and have worked incredibly hard to see this agreement progress. "This will be one of the most significant native title agreements in the country, and will provide social, economic and cultural outcomes for Noongar people. The benefits of this agreement will flow to Noongar people for generations to come. "The settlement is for all Noongar people, and I would urge everyone to get behind the settlement to ensure that the flow of benefits to the Noongar community can commence as soon as possible." Minister's office - 6552 5900
PowerBank trial to revolutionise bulk battery storage in WA homes82982Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements11020html17/10/2018 2:44:18 AM2018-10-17T02:35:00Z Australian-first trial to integrate bulk battery storage into existing grid A 105kW (420kWh) battery will be installed in the City of Mandurah and accessed by 52 families in Meadow Springs Collaboration between Government-owned Western Power and Synergy Customers will be allocated a maximum of 8kWH of virtual storage at the cost of $1 per day Energy Minister Ben Wyatt has announced an exciting new trial by Western Power and Synergy, which will make battery storage more accessible and manageable for Western Australians. The PowerBank trial will be the first time in Australia that a utility-scale battery is integrated into an already-established major metropolitan network, to allow a shared storage service to meet an individual customer's needs. A 105kW (420kWh) Tesla battery will be owned and operated by Western Power and Synergy and connected to the grid in Meadow Springs, allowing households with solar panels to maximise their existing grid connection. Customers participating in the 24-month trial will be able to virtually store excess power they generate during the day from their solar PV systems in the battery, and then draw down on that power during the peak evening period. These customers will be able to use 8kWhs of the PowerBank battery storage without having to outlay upfront costs for a behind the meter battery storage system. 8kWhs is enough to power the average suburban home for over one hour during peak time. PowerBank trial participants will be given greater access to their usage patterns and daily storage data online via the Synergy website, while maintaining reliability of supply from their Western Power grid connection during overcast days. Homes taking part in the trial will not be locked into the program, which will allow them continuing flexibility and choice in deciding how they meet their individual electricity needs. Customers will also receive a quarterly activity statement advising of savings to date, using a system developed by Synergy. The recruitment of participants for the trial will start today (October 17) with Synergy contacting those eligible by mail. Comments attributed to Energy Minister Ben Wyatt "PowerBank is an 'in front of the meter' storage trial which allows invited local customers to store excess electricity from already installed solar PV systems to then use it during peak times. "This is another Australian milestone for the application of utility-scale batteries for the benefit for customers, drawing on the groundbreaking work by Synergy in its Alkimos Beach energy storage trial. "For the first time in Australia, a utility-scale battery will be integrated into an established suburb's network, like Meadow Springs, that has a high level of existing solar PV uptake. "At the cost of one dollar a day, customers will have access to 8kWh of battery storage to use any time after 3pm each day. "This trial shows that the WA Government is serious about working with renewables, delivering for taxpayers and planning for our energy future." Minister's office - 6552 5900
Call to get behind 2018 Biosecurity Blitz82980Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5230html17/10/2018 1:05:08 AM2018-10-17T01:05:00Z Call to support the annual surveillance campaign to protect WA agriculture and fisheries from biosecurity threats Public the first line of defence in reporting and detecting biosecurity pests, diseases and weedsWestern Australians are being urged to get behind the WA's annual community biosecurity surveillance campaign to help protect the State's valuable agricultural industry. This is the fourth year of the Biosecurity Blitz, which encourages the public to report any pests, diseases and weeds, and will run from October 19 to November 16. The public plays a vital role as a first line of defence to protect the State's enviable biosecurity reputation, which is essential to secure market access for WA's agricultural and fisheries produce in Australia and overseas. Participants, including schools, families and community groups, are encouraged to visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development website to learn how to contribute reports to Biosecurity Blitz http// The campaign received strong support in 2017, with 854 reports recorded, resulting in the detection of new locations for citrus gall wasp. Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "Biosecurity is everyone's responsibility and it is important for government, industry and the community to work together to protect our valuable agriculture and fisheries sectors from costly pests, diseases and weeds. "Early detection is essential for an effective biosecurity response, as has been demonstrated by the State's response to several exotic pests over the past 18 months, including Queensland fruit fly, tomato potato psyllid, citrus canker and brown marmorated stink bug. "Biosecurity pests not only threaten agricultural production, but can also close down access to domestic and export markets and negatively impact on farmers' livelihoods, regional communities and the State economy. "Recent reports made by the public of European wasp, green snail and giant Australian grasshoppers showed that everyone can make a difference by reporting their observations to the department. "Western Australians can get behind our farmers by downloading one of the free MyPestGuideTM Reporter or PestFax apps to report pests, or the WA PestWatch app for aquatic observations." Minister's office - 6552 6200
A fair share of GST for WA inches ever closer222358Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7170html16/10/2018 6:51:30 AM2018-10-16T06:40:00Z Federal Government agrees to legislated guarantee that no State will be worse off under changes to GST legislation Changes pave the way for legislation to pass Federal Parliament and deliver WA its fair shareTreasurer Ben Wyatt has welcomed moves by the Federal Treasurer to guarantee no State is worse off under the plan to legislate the changes to the way the GST is divided amongst the States. The draft laws will be introduced on Thursday (October 18) and will ensure every State and Territory will be in a better financial position from 2021-22 to 2026-27. The McGowan Government has already received written confirmation that it will receive untied top-up transitional payments, bringing Western Australia up to a 70 per cent floor until 2021-22 to make up for its shortfall in GST payments until the changes commence. Comments attributed to Treasurer Ben Wyatt "This is great news for WA. "Since being elected to office, the McGowan Government has made clear that in order to achieve real reform we needed to convince people of the unjust nature of the situation and then bring them along with reform process. "We can now see that we have an understanding from the Federal Government, the Federal Opposition and the States and Territories that things need to change. "While it's a pity WA never had such guarantees, I'm happy for it to become legislated, because now there are no excuses for any member of Federal Parliament not to support the legislation. "I'm sure all Western Australians will look forward to the legislation being introduced and passing quickly through Parliament. But until it passes we will continue to fight for our State's fair share." Treasurer's office - 6552 5900
Parliament to consider law changes to protect park home residents222356Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements11730html16/10/2018 5:27:08 AM2018-10-16T05:15:00Z Greater contract certainty and transparency for long-stay park residents Changes tackle issues of disclosure, costs, contracts and terminationsThe McGowan Government will this week introduce a Bill into State Parliament to provide greater protections for long-stay tenants at residential parks in Western Australia. The Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Bill 2018 will ensure fairer dealings and security of contract between park operators and their long-stay tenants. Key reforms include Limiting the termination of fixed-term agreements on the sale of a park or if the owner's financier takes possession of the park; No longer allowing 'without grounds' terminations of long-stay agreements, instead setting out specific grounds that will provide greater certainty in relation to termination rights; Improved disclosure requirements on contractual issues such as exit fees; Clearer rules for park operators, home owners and prospective tenants in relation to the sale of homes; Clarification of the park operator's ability to enforce compliance with park rules in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner; and Standard lease clauses will no longer be able to be varied and the introduction of standard form agreements for new arrangements. These amendments strike a fair balance between protecting the rights of tenants and ensuring the viability of the residential parks sector is maintained. Additionally, the reforms give the State Administrative Tribunal extra powers and remedies to deal with disputes arising under long-stay agreements. Comments attributed to Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston "Being a home owner, but only a tenant of the land puts people in a vulnerable position. "We hope these changes will give residents greater security, particularly when the park is sold or an operator becomes insolvent. "The changes will help address certainty of contract, costs of park living, sale of a home, exit fees and park liaison committees." Minister's office - 6552 6700