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McGowan Government welcomes Senate Inquiry Final Report into Juukan Gorge7483Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 10:05:03 AM2021-10-18T08:50:00Z WA Government welcomes recommendations from Final Report of Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia New legislative measures will help prevent another Juukan Gorge tragedy Better protection for Aboriginal cultural heritage will be achieved once the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill becomes lawAboriginal Affairs Minister Stephen Dawson has today welcomed the Senate Inquiry Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia's Final Report into the destruction of the 46,000-year-old caves at Juukan Gorge in the Pilbara. In line with the Committee's finding and recommendations, the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill (the Bill) will replace outdated legislation and includes a series of measures designed to prevent another Juukan Gorge tragedy. The Bill removes the controversial Section 18 approvals process under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (the 1972 Act) and, in line with Native Title laws, focuses on agreement making with traditional owners to ensure Aboriginal people can negotiate outcomes for projects and opportunities on their lands. The new Bill establishes world-class protections for the management of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and was designed on the principles of the Burra Charter. Under the Burra Charter, the protection and conservation of heritage should demonstrate an understanding of the place and its cultural significance, including its meaning to people, before making decisions about its future, and involves the relevant communities associated with the heritage. The new Bill explicitly provides for this. Traditional owners can apply to have a really important area made a Protected Area and no one can apply to damage Aboriginal cultural heritage in the area. The PKKP Aboriginal Corporation has called for early, meaningful and ongoing engagement with Aboriginal people. WA's new legislation has been based on this model. Local Aboriginal groups will be the primary decision makers and will have significant influence in the management of cultural heritage within their appointed area, another recommendation of the final report. Only Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans where informed consent can be demonstrated will be approved, to enable activities to commence. A raft of intervention measures including Stop Activity and Prohibition Orders and new offences of serious harm, material harm and harm to Aboriginal cultural heritage with penalties up to $10 million or five years imprisonment will afford further protection. The Bill includes provisions for the appointment of Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services to increase the voices of Aboriginal people in the management of their cultural heritage. The Bill is the result of three rounds of consultation with Aboriginal people and other stakeholders over the last three years. It is currently being finalised before being introduced to State Parliament. Comments attributed to Aboriginal Affairs Minister Stephen Dawson "Destruction of the 46,000-year-old caves at Juukan Gorge was a tragedy and the WA Government is working hard to ensure better legislative protections are afforded to our sacred cultural heritage sites. "Better protection for Aboriginal cultural heritage will absolutely be achieved once the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill becomes law - and the McGowan Government is committed to this reform. "The central foundation of the Bill is consultation, negotiation and agreement making between Aboriginal parties and proponents - the very foundation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. "It also legally protects Aboriginal people from being silenced, requires proponents to provide full disclosure of all possible options for their operation and mandates voluntary consent of the traditional owners." Minister's office - 6552 5800
Abrolhos Island scallops become WA’s eleventh MSC certified sustainable fishery7481Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 5:30:28 AM2021-10-18T05:30:00Z Abrolhos Island scallops make a tasty addition to WA's list of sustainable fisheries Marine Stewardship Council certification the global gold standard for sustainability Strong sustainable seafood credentials supporting WA jobs and growth Less than five years after reopening from a lengthy closure, the Abrolhos Island and Mid-West Scallop Trawl Fishery has become the eleventh Western Australian fishery to earn sustainability certification under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard. Closed from 2012 to 2016 due to low stocks caused by a marine heatwave event, the fishery reopened in 2017 and stocks have since fully recovered and seen the fishery earn MSC's tick of approval for its effective management and sustainable operation. The Abrolhos Island fishers and licence holders have met MSC's high benchmarks to earn certification with no conditions, through the rigorous and independent assessment process. Internationally recognised, the MSC blue fish tick indicates sustainable seafood from healthy, wild fish populations. The ecolabel enables consumers to easily choose sustainable seafood and is about 'making sure there's enough fish in the sea for the next generation'. The McGowan Government is committed to the sustainable management of our fisheries to ensure the future of our State's commercial and recreational fishing sector and to enhance the world-class fishing experiences on offer around Western Australia. The Abrolhos Island scallop fishery contributes more than $5 million to the Western Australian economy annually, creating local jobs and providing quality, sustainable seafood to consumers here, interstate and internationally. Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Don Punch "The Abrolhos Island scallop fishery produce delightful saucer scallops - and it is excellent to see these tasty morsels get the MSC blue tick of approval. "The MSC tick assures consumers the seafood they buy is sustainable and this certification is well recognised in local, national and international markets. "That this fishery has now met the rigorous MSC criteria for minimising environmental impact, sustainable stocks and effective management is cause for celebration. "Be sure to check for the MSC blue fish tick next time you buy seafood to choose a sustainable future full of fish." Minister's office - 6552 6900
Milestone for Western Power’s first disconnected microgrid7480Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 4:00:35 AM2021-10-18T04:00:00Z Milestone for Western Power's first disconnected microgrid Microgrid could improve reliability and reduce carbon emissions in the regions Energy Minister Bill Johnston today announced an exciting opportunity for Western Australian businesses to explore the development of a disconnected microgrid pilot in the Mid-West, Wheatbelt or Great Southern regions. Western Power is seeking registrations of interest today to understand the capability and capacity of the market to develop a disconnected microgrid, which is a small, isolated network operating independently from the rest of the grid. A modular network of remote power systems, including stand-alone power systems and disconnected microgrids may be a more cost-effective way to supply smaller regional communities in Western Power's service area. Western Power's pilot could provide industry development opportunities for local manufacturers and providers. For more information or to register interest, visit https// Comments attributed to Energy Minister Bill Johnston "Disconnected microgrids could play a crucial role in improving reliability for regional businesses and homeowners. "Stand-alone power systems and microgrids remove the risk of outages caused by power supplies travelling long distances, which are exposed to plant and animal impacts, lightning, high winds, and bushfires. "The McGowan Government is committed to creating new jobs for Western Australians and exploring technological innovations that will help shape our State's future power supply. "Disconnected microgrids can provide low-carbon emission benefits and will help reach our target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050." Minister's office - 6552 6700 ​
Waterwise Perth Action Plan achievements kick off National Water Week7479Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 2:07:32 AM2021-10-18T02:05:00Z First two years of Waterwise Perth Action has delivered significant water savings and enhanced the Perth Peel region's resilience to impacts of climate change 535 million litres of water saved through Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2021 National Water Week runs from October 18 to 24 National Water Week theme is Caring for Water and Country - celebrating role of water in our lives and cultureWater Minister Dave Kelly today marked the start of National Water Week 2021, by acknowledging the first two years' achievements of the inaugural Waterwise Perth Action Plan. Launched by the McGowan Government in October 2019, and led by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the State's first Waterwise Perth Action Plan provides a strategic, whole-of-government approach to planning and addressing water-related issues associated with urban intensification and the increasing demand for water in the face of climate change. Over the past two years the plan, which involves seven partner agencies and multiple industry and community stakeholders, has completed 38 key actions that have helped conserve precious water resources and enhance urban green spaces, while educating and engaging the community and delivering government-led water-sensitive policy, planning, and development. Major achievements delivered through the plan to date include 300 million litres of water saved through the Leak Assist Rebate Scheme; 92 million litres of water saved through the Water-efficient Showerhead Swap Scheme; 142.7 million litres of water saved through retrofitting of public housing with water-efficient fixtures; 49,000 students participated in the Waterwise Schools Program; 84,000 waterwise plants planted across Perth and Peel suburbs; and 3,500 trees planted across 18 Perth and Peel local governments. Today also marks the start of National Water Week, a week designed to build awareness in communities and organisations around the value of water. The theme of National Water Week this year is Caring for Water and Country, which celebrates the integral role that water plays in our lives and our culture. Caring for Water and Country aims to deepen our understanding of Australian First Nations people's knowledge in protecting and sustaining our water and lands for over 65,000 years. Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly "National Water Week is a good time to not only reflect on the value of water to our lives, but also the impact that climate change is having on our water supplies and what we can all do to save this precious resource. "The Waterwise Perth Action Plan helps create a clear link between water management and concepts such as urban planning, urban heat, river and wetland health, contaminated soils, public health, recreation, and biodiversity. "It calls on everyone in the community to play a role including government, businesses, industry, local governments and households - no single organisation can transition Perth to a waterwise city on its own. "As we launch into the next two years of the plan and release of the next Waterwise Perth Action Plan, we need to continue the collaborative, whole of government approach as Perth and Peel transition to a city that is truly waterwise and resilient to the impacts of climate change. "The next waterwise plan will build on the successes and achievements of the first, and will be released in coming months." Minister's office - 6552 6100 ​
Kalgulup Regional Park’s management plan released7478Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 2:00:41 AM2021-10-18T02:00:00Z Plan for Our Parks milestone in South-West for Kalgulup Regional Park High biodiversity, cultural and community values protected Part of the biggest expansion of conservation estate in WA history The McGowan Government's landmark Plan for Our Parks has achieved another significant milestone, with the release of the Kalgulup Regional Park Management Plan. Delivering on an election commitment, the creation and management of the Kalgulup Regional Park is part of the State Government's $10.5 million investment into the park over four years. Following extensive community consultation, the management plan has been designed to have a strong focus on the park's high biodiversity, cultural and community values. Spanning 3,100 hectares in the Greater Bunbury region, the regional park was created in October 2020 and covers the Leschenault Peninsula and lands around the Leschenault Estuary, Inlet and the lower reaches of the Collie, Brunswick and Preston Rivers and south of Bunbury from the Preston River to the ocean. The management plan has a strong focus on the park's high biodiversity value, protecting the endemic species including three threatened plants, 14 threatened animal species such as the western ringtail possum and black cockatoos, eight threatened ecological communities, including tuart and banksia woodland, and 20 wetlands. The plan also identifies opportunities for further enhancement or expansion of recreation sites and experiences within the regional park, with planning and design work already progressing for facility upgrades at the Maidens Reserve and Mangrove Cove recreation sites. The importance of the park to traditional owners is also recognised through the park name, which was chosen in consultation with the Gnaala Karla Booja Native Title Working Group. Kalgulup means 'place of fire' or 'place of burning campfires' in Noongar language. Land within the regional park is managed by several stakeholders, including State Government agencies and local governments, providing the opportunity for a cooperative management approach. Read the Kalgulup Regional Park Management Plan at http// Comments attributed to Environment Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson "The official launch of this management plan is a significant milestone for the Plan for Our Parks initiative in the South-West. "The plan will protect and conserve areas with special and highly significant natural and cultural values, while providing important recreation opportunities for visitors and the community to enjoy. "Plan for Our Parks is the biggest expansion of conservation estate in WA's history and will create jobs on country and ongoing economic opportunity for traditional owners and local businesses across the State. Minister's office - 6552 5900
New Armadale COVID-19 vaccination clinic boosts opportunities to get vaccinated7477Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 12:50:48 AM2021-10-18T00:50:00Z State-run vaccination clinic opens at Armadale Central Shopping Centre Bookings are not required Convenient for local community to get vaccinated Aboriginal Family Day at Armadale on October 23 A new community vaccination centre will open today at the Armadale Central Shopping Centre, 10 Orchard Avenue, Armadale, offering local residents another opportunity to get vaccinated. An Aboriginal Family Day will also be held at the Armadale clinic on Saturday, October 23, where all Aboriginal people aged 12 years and above will be welcomed to the clinic with a Welcome to Country, food and other activities provided. Opening times are 10am to 4.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; 10am to 7pm on Thursday; and 11am to 4.30pm on Sunday. While bookings are encouraged by visiting https//, people can attend the Armadale vaccination clinic without an appointment. The State-run vaccination clinic will initially provide around 2,000 vaccinations each week but will increase depending on demand. Community vaccination clinics are now open at Centrepoint Midland Shopping Centre, Claremont Showgrounds, Kwinana Supa Centre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, with a new community clinic also opening today at The Square Mirrabooka. There have been 2,714,227 COVID-19 vaccinations administered to Western Australians across the State. WA Health also runs COVID-19 vaccination clinics in more than 100 locations across WA, with sites listed on the HealthyWA website (click on COVID-19). All eligible Western Australians are urged to book their vaccination appointments as soon as possible. Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "Having access to a vaccination clinic in the local area is an additional measure toward getting everyone vaccinated and keeping the community safe. "The clinic at Armadale Central Shopping Centre will provide an alternative option for people to get their COVID-19 vaccines. "Our State-run clinics are in addition to the participating GPs, pharmacies, Aboriginal Medical Services and GP respiratory clinics, which are managed by the Commonwealth, to provide COVID-19 vaccines across WA. "Don't wait, get vaccinated. "It is now easier than ever before to get vaccinated." Comments attributed to Vaccine Commander Chris Dawson "We are now in the phase of the COVID-19 vaccination program where we're working towards creating more opportunities, in more locations, for people to get vaccinated closer to home. "We are also increasing our focus in lifting vaccination rates amongst Aboriginal people and are working with the community to directly address issues of hesitancy and ensure that it is as easy as possible for Aboriginal people to get vaccinated. "We've all seen the devastating effects of COVID-19 around the world, and how quickly the Delta strain has spread across NSW and Victoria. "It takes time for your body to build immunity once you've been vaccinated - don't wait until Delta gets here to Roll up for WA. "There are appointments available in every corner of our State - visit to register and book your appointment." Minister's office - 6552 6500 ​
New opportunities to get COVID-19 vaccination in Mirrabooka7482Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 6:56:24 AM2021-10-18T00:45:00Z COVID-19 community vaccination clinic opens today at The Square Mirrabooka Second pop-up vaccination clinic at Herb Graham Recreation Centre Bookings are not required Convenient for local community to get vaccinated Another large-scale community vaccination centre will open today at The Square Mirrabooka, 43 Yirrigan Drive, Mirrabooka giving local residents another opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Opening times are 9am to 4.30pm on Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 7pm on Thursday and 11am to 4.30pm on Sunday. While bookings are preferred, individuals are welcome to attend the clinic without an appointment. The State-run vaccination clinic will initially provide around 3,000 appointments each week and will ramp up depending on demand. A second pop-up clinic will open at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre in Mirrabooka for two days a week from October 25. This smaller clinic has been developed to encourage a greater uptake among culturally and linguistically diverse communities and interpreter services will be made available where required. Community vaccination clinics are now open at Centrepoint Midland Shopping Centre, Claremont Showgrounds, Kwinana Supa Centre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, with a new community clinic also opening today at Armadale Central Shopping Centre. There have been 2,714,227 COVID-19 vaccinations administered to Western Australians across the State. About 75 per cent of Western Australians aged 16 and over have received one dose while more than 56 are fully vaccinated. WA Health State COVID-19 vaccination clinics are available in more than 100 locations across WA, with sites listed on the HealthyWA website (click on COVID-19). All eligible Western Australians are urged to visit https// to register and book their vaccination appointments as soon as possible. Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "Being able to access two vaccination clinics in the local area is a two-pronged approach toward getting everyone vaccinated and keeping the community safe. "Both vaccination clinics will help provide another alternative option for people to get their COVID-19 vaccination. "I'd like to thank the City of Stirling and staff at The Square Mirrabooka and Herb Graham Recreation Centre for their support in getting these clinics up and running. "Our State-run clinics are in addition to the participating GPs, pharmacies, Aboriginal Medical Services and GP respiratory clinics, which are managed by the Commonwealth, to provide COVID-19 vaccines across WA. "The message continues to be simple - don't hesitate, get vaccinated. "The vaccination rate is increasing quickly but we need to lift higher and faster. "There is absolutely no reason to be complacent." Comments attributed to Vaccine Commander Chris Dawson "The new clinics offer a convenient location for people in Perth's northern suburbs to access their vaccination. "It is particularly important to us to create a space for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to access their vaccinations in a culturally secure environment, with support such as interpreters and translated materials available. "I urge everyone who lives or works in this area to make the most of this opportunity and get vaccinated as soon as possible. "Remember, it takes up to five weeks for your body to build up immunity once you've had your first dose, so don't wait until the Delta strain hits WA. Get vaccinated now. "Visit to register and book your appointment." Minister's office - 6552 6500
Skills boost for the Goldfields as construction starts on TAFE7476Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml18/10/2021 12:12:05 AM2021-10-17T23:00:00Z Construction starts on $10 million revamp at Central Regional TAFE's Kalgoorlie campus New trades workshop to expand training for plant mechanic and engineering trades Project to employ more than 100 workers Part of the McGowan Government's record investment in TAFE The McGowan Labor Government's $10 million upgrade of Central Regional TAFE's Kalgoorlie campus is underway, with construction starting on a new trades workshop. The $7 million workshop will expand training for plant mechanic and engineering trades, training locals to support the workforce needs of the Goldfields' resources industry. Existing workshops at the Kalgoorlie campus will undergo a $1 million refurbishment, with a further $2 million worth of industry-standard trades equipment being installed, with input from resource sector companies to ensure training meets their requirements. Western Australian builder FIRM Constructions has been awarded the tender, which will employ 118 workers throughout the project, including apprentices. Local and Aboriginal businesses have been engaged throughout the project to maximise local employment opportunities. Once complete, the state-of-the-art facility will provide training space for the plant mechanics, heavy auto and auto electrical trade disciplines, with a dedicated workshop, classrooms and laboratory spaces. Construction is expected to be completed in November 2022, with training to commence in Semester 1, 2023. The $10 million project at the Kalgoorlie campus is part of the McGowan Government's $184.3 million investment to fund essential infrastructure upgrades across the State's TAFE network, as part of the WA Recovery Plan. Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery "The McGowan Government is committed to improving training options in regional Western Australia. "The major upgrades to Central Regional TAFE's Kalgoorlie campus will establish facilities to deliver practical, industry-focused training, training job-ready and highly skilled workers for the Goldfields region. Comments attributed to Kalgoorlie MLA Ali Kent "I am thrilled to see construction starting on the new trades workshop, and look forward to seeing the new building welcome students. "As an integral part of Western Australia's economy, the Goldfields needs skilled workers and it is important that we are boosting learning opportunities in industries for future jobs." Minister's office - 6552 5700 ​
Record $10 million boost for health and wellbeing of WA kids7463Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml17/10/2021 11:52:08 PM2021-10-17T13:00:00Z Record $10 million donation to Telethon to help the health and wellbeing of WA kids Includes $2 million towards the WA Child Research Fund program Latest round of grants for 18 child health research projects to share in $4.32 million Projects funded by the McGowan Government and Channel 7 Telethon Trust Premier Mark McGowan today presented a record $10 million donation to Telethon for it to undertake critical work funding charities to deliver key services and programs, which benefit and improve the lives of Western Australian children. The boost represents an increase of $4.5 million in support from last year's contribution and is the biggest donation from the State Government yet, with $8 million going towards the Telethon Trust. Part of the State Government's support includes a $2 million contribution towards the WA Child Research Fund (WACRF) program. The latest round of the program has enabled 18 research projects, valued at $4.32 million, to proceed. Receiving almost $250,000 from this year's WACRF program, an Edith Cowan University study led by Dr Prashant Bharadwaj will provide key data for development of a prognostic tool for childhood dementia. An estimated 250 young Western Australians are living with the cruel disease, which causes severe degeneration of the central nervous system with symptoms showing in children as young as two years old. A Curtin University research project investigating an antiviral strategy to tackle common respiratory viruses in young children will also receive $250,000 from the program. Led by Associate Professor Anthony Kicic, the study will investigate therapies to reduce airway inflammation, which can cause permanent damage to the lungs of children with underlying conditions such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. Also benefiting from a $250,000 WACRF funding boost is a study into whether premature birth will lead to breathing problems and reduced physical activity later in life, with the aim of finding treatments to prevent health issues from developing. The Telethon Kids Institute project, led by Dr Christopher O'Dea, began 15 years ago with a group of babies and children who were born early. Researchers have been assessing the respiratory health of participants at regular intervals since then. The WACRF program was established by the Department of Health and the Channel 7 Telethon Trust in 2012 to fund health and medical research that focuses on the health of children and adolescents in WA. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "This record funding contribution will support Telethon's continued efforts in improving children's health and wellbeing across Western Australia. "The State Government's ongoing support goes towards helping WA's world-class child health researchers, which is vital if we are to better understand diseases and chronic conditions and find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat them. "Having been to many organisations including a therapy facility just this week, I am heartened with the work of health and allied health staff as they provide direct support and care to these children and their families. "I'd encourage Western Australians to contribute generously to Telethon 2021 as they do every year because it's this support that goes to helping Western Australian children, many with chronic or serious medical conditions." Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "These research projects are just a few of the highly innovative and incredibly important studies underway in Western Australia. "The McGowan Government is committed to further developing and enriching WA's health and medical research ecosystem, and to ensuring research findings can be translated into tangible benefits for all Western Australians." Premier's office - 6552 5000 Health Minister's office - 6552 6500
Shark Warning System upgrade to boost safety4884Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statementshtml17/10/2021 11:46:37 PM2021-10-16T22:00:00Z WA's beachside shark warning towers to be automatically triggered as tagged sharks are detected McGowan Government is committed to making WA beaches safe Automation program forms part of WA's $17 million world-leading shark mitigation strategy The McGowan Government is enhancing our comprehensive and world-leading program of shark mitigation measures in the lead up to summer, with the Shark Warning System now automated to alert beachgoers to the presence of a tagged shark in the vicinity. Eight automated beachside towers, currently operating with the support of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) or the relevant local government, are installed at Twilight, West and Kelp Beds beaches along the Esperance coast, Bunker Bay near Dunsborough, and there are two each at Cowaramup Bay and Lefthanders Surf Break. An additional two automated towers have been allocated to the Town of Cottesloe for deployment. When an adjacent Shark Monitoring Network receiver detects a tagged shark, the receiver will automatically trigger the beachside tower's flashing lights, siren and audio message, which will operate for at least one hour after the detection. Local Government rangers and DPIRD officers will continue to manually activate the towers when public shark sightings are reported. The two shark warning towers at Surfers Point and Gas Bay in Margaret River will continue to operate manually. Under the new automation program, the beachside Shark Warning System towers will operate between 5am to 7pm from the commencement of the October school holidays until the end of April, and then between 6am to 6pm for the remainder of the year. Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Don Punch "DPIRD has developed an innovative computer program that automatically activates the beachside Shark Warning System towers when a tagged shark is detected on an adjacent Shark Monitoring receiver. "On a recent visit to Esperance, the Shire requested the automation of their shark warning towers to alert beachgoers immediately to the detection of a tagged shark - and it is great to be able to announce this safety improvement has been delivered in time for summer. "The Shark Warning System beachside towers provide direct valuable alerts of shark activity, but wherever and whenever you head for the ocean, remember to switch on your Sea Sense and check the SharkSmart App. "The McGowan Government has committed $17 million to boost the services and infrastructure that support Western Australia's shark response and notification system. "We have the most comprehensive and strongest evidence-based shark mitigation strategy in the world, so that people can continue to enjoy WA's beaches and ocean with confidence." Minister's office - 6552 6900
Recycling trailblazers recognised at inaugural Change Maker Awards7462Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements5040html16/10/2021 4:34:17 AM2021-10-15T23:00:00Z Change Maker Awards recognise recycling leaders Businesses, community groups and schools all taking part in Containers for Change Recycling centre in Northam named the inaugural Change Maker of the Year Western Australians at the forefront of recycling efforts have been recognised at the inaugural Change Maker Awards. The awards, hosted by the State's container deposit scheme, Containers for Change, celebrate the achievements of refund point operators, community groups and schools. Containers for Change was launched by the McGowan Government in October 2020 to save recyclable materials from landfill, reduce litter, create employment opportunities, and enable a fundraising stream for charities, community groups and schools. There are now 253 container refund points throughout the State, operated by a range of businesses and social enterprises. The inaugural Change Maker Awards saw 34 finalists recognised across seven categories. The top achievement for the evening was the Change Maker of the Year Award, which recognised the refund point that best demonstrated excellence across safety outcomes, customer service, innovation, community engagement and local marketing. Six of the seven award recipients are based in regional WA, including Avonvalley Cash 4 Containers refund point in Northam which was named Change Maker of the Year. More information on the Change Maker of the Year and the full list of award recipients and finalists can be found at http// Comments attributed to Environment Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson "Western Australians have embraced Containers for Change, returning hundreds of millions of 10c containers in the first year of operation. "I congratulate each of the 2021 Change Maker Award recipients, finalists and entrants for their passion and dedication to reducing recyclable materials going to landfill, providing employment opportunities and supporting their communities." Minister's office - 6552 5900 2021 Change Maker of the Year Award recipients Safety - City of Bunbury Refund Point, Bunbury Customer Focus - Avonvalley Cash 4 Containers, Northam Innovation - North West Recycling, Karratha Community Engagement - Good Sammy Enterprises Local Marketing Initiative - Care for Hedland Environmental Association Community Participant of the Year - Old Bastards Association, Carnarvon School of the Year - Borden Primary School, Borden Change Maker of the Year - Avonvalley Cash 4 Containers, Northam
Extra trading hours to encourage shopping locally this Christmas7461Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7820html15/10/2021 8:42:51 AM2021-10-15T08:00:00Z 44 extra Christmas shopping hours to boost retail sales Shop early and locally to avoid disappointment due to COVID-19 delivery delays Australia Day public holiday trading also extended by four hours The McGowan Government is encouraging WA consumers to shop early and locally this year, with 44 extra hours of trading for general retail shops in Perth approved for the Christmas and New Year period. Delivery delays due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions could increase the risk of Christmas gifts not arriving on time, so it is recommended shoppers look at either going into local bricks and mortar shops or, if ordering gifts online, give preference to WA traders. The extended trading hours for general retail shops in the Perth metropolitan area will begin on Sunday, December 5 2021. Sunday and public holiday trading has been extended an extra four hours a day, 8am to 6pm (normally 11am to 5pm), with an additional one hour on Saturdays, 8am to 6pm (normally 8am to 5pm). From Monday, December 13 to Christmas Eve inclusive, larger shops can choose to open one hour earlier from 7am until 9pm on weekdays (normally 8am to 9pm). Trading for the Australia Day public holiday on Wednesday, January 26 2022 will also be extended four hours, 8am to 6pm. Comments attributed to Commerce Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson "The best way to ensure your Christmas gifts arrive on time this year is by shopping locally, so I would encourage consumers to support WA businesses. "Delivery delays have increased the risks of shopping online, especially if the online trader is based interstate or overseas. "Purchasing gifts from WA suppliers will be a better option to ensure your presents arrive on time and give our local businesses a boost. "The extended retail trading hours will expand consumer convenience and provide more opportunity for bricks and mortar stores to enjoy a financially rewarding Christmas shopping period." Minister's office - 6552 6832 Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday Public holidays* Normal 8am-9pm 8am-5pm 11am-5pm 11am-5pm *Excludes Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day when general retail shops remain closed ​ ​ ​ ​ Sunday, December 5 2021 8am-6pm Monday, December 6 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Tuesday, December 7 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Wednesday, December 8 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Thursday, December 9 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Friday, December 10 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Saturday, December 11 8am-6pm Sunday, December 12 8am-6pm Monday, December 13 7am-9pm Tuesday, December 14 7am-9pm Wednesday, December 15 7am-9pm Thursday, December 16 7am-9pm Friday, December 17 7am-9pm Saturday, December18 8am-6pm Sunday, December 19 8am-6pm Monday, December 20 7am-9pm Tuesday, December 21 7am-9pm Wednesday, December 22 7am-9pm Thursday, December 23 7am-9pm Friday, December 24 7am-9pm Saturday, December 25 CLOSED (Christmas Day) Sunday, December 26 8am-6pm (Boxing Day) Monday, December 27 8am-6pm (Christmas Day public holiday) Tuesday, December 28 8am-6pm (Boxing Day public holiday) Wednesday, December 29 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Thursday, December 30 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Friday, December 31 8am-9pm (Normal trading) Saturday, January 1 2022 8am-6pm (New Year's Day) Sunday, January 2 11am-5pm (Normal trading) Monday, January 3 8am-6pm (New Year's Day public holiday) Wednesday, January 26 2022 8am-6pm (Australia Day public holiday) (Extended hours in bold) ​
Geraldton Basketball Stadium election commitment in the basket7460Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9260html15/10/2021 7:34:42 AM2021-10-15T07:30:00Z McGowan Government delivers election commitment for major upgrades to Geraldton Basketball Stadium Local contractor appointed to carry out the works Upgrades will double the indoor court capacity from four to eight A $4.5 million upgrade to Geraldton Basketball Stadium is getting underway following the delivery of a McGowan Government election commitment towards the project. The major upgrade to the facility will include the construction of four new indoor courts for the Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) and forms part of the McGowan Government's Plan for Geraldton. In a key milestone for the project, local company Geraldton Building Services and Cabinets has now been appointed to carry out the works. The project will be jointly funded by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries ($3.5 million), the GABA ($500,000) and the City of Geraldton ($550,000). The GABA currently has over 2,300 members and operates a high standard junior and senior competition as well as the Buccaneers State Basketball League team. The Aussie Hoops, Midnight Basketball Program for indigenous youth and the Wheelchair Competition also use the facility, providing benefits to the wider community. The expansion of Geraldton Basketball Stadium will enable growth of the sport in the Greater Geraldton region, doubling the number of indoor courts to eight. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "Investing in local sporting organisations like the Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association is part of my Government's commitment to keep local communities healthy and strong. "The stadium will get a significant upgrade as a result of this funding injection, whichwill give the sport of basketball more capacity to grow in Geraldton." Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister Tony Buti "Providing better places for people to play sport and recreate helps keep Western Australians active, healthy and more connected with their communities. "There are no other large, indoor, covered court facilities in the City of Greater Geraldton or Mid-West. "Investing in this facility will not only allow for the growth of basketball in the region, but also create jobs and project work for local WA businesses." Comments attributed to Geraldton MLA Lara Dalton "As the local member for Geraldton I am thrilled to see that the McGowan Labor Government is investing in sports infrastructure that will benefit Geraldton for decades to come. "I want to extend congratulations to the GABA board and volunteers for their hard work and persistence in making this project a reality. "It's a great day for the GABA and it's a privilege to have been able to help along the way as the member for Geraldton." Premier's office - 6552 5000Sport and recreation Minister's office - 6552 6400
Easier than ever before for regional residents to roll up for WA7459Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements12690html15/10/2021 6:59:05 AM2021-10-15T06:30:00Z Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service and WA Country Health Service launch joint initiative to increase vaccine uptake in Geraldton 14 pop-up clinics for regional WA 63 per cent of those eligible in the Mid-West have had at least one COVID vaccine dose The State Government is making it easier than ever before for country communities to access a COVID-19 vaccine, with 14 new pop-up clinics in regional areas. Working with Commonwealth providers, industry and GPs, the State Government will run clinics in Geraldton, Fitzroy Crossing, Newman, Karratha and Broome, with Paraburdoo, Tom Price, Hedland, Halls Creek, Wyndham, Kununurra and more locations to come in weeks ahead. The Premier visited the Geraldton pop-up clinic today located at 60 Rifle Range Road, Geraldton. Operating in partnership with Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (GRAMS), the clinic is open between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday until October 22, with no appointment necessary. The clinic opened this week and in the first two days more than 150 Geraldton locals took the opportunity to roll up their sleeves. GRAMS leads logistics at the clinic while WA Country Health Service (WACHS) provides immunisers and governance support. The new regional pop-up clinics are in addition to the WA Health-run COVID-19 vaccination clinics located across the State. Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan "More than 63 per cent of Mid-West residents have now received one dose of their COVID vaccine but there is more work to be done. "That's why we're working with our Commonwealth partners, colleagues across industry and GPs to make it easier than ever before for country residents to access a COVID-19 vaccine. "Here in Geraldton, I'd like to commend WACHS and GRAMS for working together to protect as many Mid-West residents as possible. "More regional pop-up clinics will be stood up in the coming weeks as we look to provide every opportunity for people living in regional WA to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their community. "Vaccination is safe, effective and the best protection we have against COVID-19." Comments attributed to Geraldton MLA Lara Dalton "It's wonderful to see GRAMS and WACHS partnering to deliver COVID vaccines to our community. "This is a great opportunity for locals to get vaccinated simply, easily and quickly. "I want to thank the McGowan Government for stepping up and doing more to roll out vaccinations in regional WA." Premier's office - 6552 5000 ​
State Recovery Controller for Wooroloo bushfire recognised7458Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements8460html15/10/2021 5:01:38 AM2021-10-15T05:00:00Z Dr Ron Edwards completing his term as State Recovery Controller for the Wooroloo bushfire Dr Edwards helped oversee the $18.1 million Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding arrangements package With the major works of the residential clean-up of the Wooroloo fire zone now complete, and effective support programs and frameworks well established, Dr Edwards' term as State Recovery Controller will conclude today. Dr Edwards was appointed on February 5 2021 following the scale of the destruction of the Wooroloo bushfire, which caused extensive damage within the City of Swan and Shire of Mundaring. The complex demolition and waste removal stage of the Wooroloo Bushfire Coordinated Residential Clean-up Program, coordinated by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, was completed during Dr Edwards' term. This has paved the way for theat rebuild to begin. During his time as State Recovery Controller, Dr Edwards was responsible for establishing the State Recovery Coordination Group Partnership Forum, which brought key non-government stakeholders and community members into the recovery efforts. Dr Edwards was also instrumental in the early development of a Bushfire Prone Landscaping and Environmental Planning Forum held in July. This community forum brought together a range of subject matter experts to help community members better understand topics such as bushfire property standards and fire ecology. The State Recovery Controller's duties will conclude on October 15, 2021 and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services State Recovery Coordinator Graham Swift will manage the ongoing State-led recovery effort and provide continued support to the Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan. The Clean-up Program and Environmental Planning Forum were jointly funded through the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and form part of a broader $18.1 million community recovery package. Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Reece Whitby "I thank Dr Edwards for taking on this challenging role for the past eight months and I am sure the community appreciates all that he has done to lead the recovery efforts. "His efforts have played a vital role in the Wooroloo bushfire recovery - Dr Edwards brought together not only the relevant State agencies but also stakeholders outside of government and local community members - ensuring all participants were engaged and involved in the process. "He has been a strong advocate for ensuring the community is kept well informed and that the mental health and social needs of residents are supported. He has also been a keen supporter of the management of animal welfare in emergencies." Minister's office - 6552 6300 ​
Technology boost drives jobs at Albany sandalwood factory7457Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9410html15/10/2021 3:30:36 AM2021-10-15T03:30:00Z McGowan Government support for sandalwood company creates local jobs in the Great Southern Value Add Investment Grants driving investment opportunities in regional WA A McGowan Government Value Add Investment Grant has delivered cutting-edge technology to provide tailored and higher quality sandalwood products for new global customers. Quintis Sandalwood received a $500,000 grant to upgrade its production line and install sophisticated machinery in the processing centre at Kununurra and the distillery at Albany - expected to create around 20 new permanent full-time jobs. The first stage of the work has been completed at Quintis Albany with the design, installation and commissioning of a continuous steam distillation (CSD) facility. The CSD will significantly increase the capacity and quality of the sandalwood oil produced and will reduce water and energy consumption by up to 75 per cent. The remaining part of the project is occurring in Kununurra with the installation of a splitter for de-sapping trees and colour sorting technology to accurately sort woodchips. The aim of the project is to turn raw sandalwood into a range of high-value and bespoke consumer products for global markets. This includes high-end wood pieces to China, India and Japan, and essential oils for aromatherapy, cosmetics and personal care products globally - opening up access to a multi-billion dollar market. The McGowan Government has awarded $10.2 million to 18 agrifood businesses in metropolitan and regional Western Australia this year through its Value Add Investment Grants to boost local food and beverage manufacturing. Businesses are required to match the grant funding dollar-for-dollar. For more information about the Value Add Investment Grant recipients visit http// Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan "Quintis manages more than 5,000 hectares of Indian sandalwood plantations here in WA and through its operations in Kununurra and Albany has grown its workforce to become one of the biggest employers in both regions. "It is rewarding to see the investments this business is making with the support of a Value Add Investment Grant to build capacity, opportunity and regional jobs. "The expansion of processing capability is estimated to result in 20 new full time jobs, with potential for a further 72 indirect roles created by this project. "The McGowan Government's Value Add Investment Grants are a terrific initiative, expected to generate more than $132 million in private sector investment through business contributions, creating an estimated 600 new jobs across a range of industries including horticulture, seafood, beverages, meat and livestock and premium food products." Comments attributed to Forestry Minister Dave Kelly "Quintis are to be commended for their ongoing investment in local jobs and commitment to innovation and expanding what is one of the world's largest, sustainable sandalwood plantation estates, right here in Western Australia. "I'm really pleased to see how important programs like the McGowan Government Value Add Investment Grants, are enabling us to deliver on our commitment to help local businesses grow, create local jobs, and provide greater opportunities to access global export markets for WA industry." Minister's office - 6552 6200 ​
State Government releases response to Regional Roadworks Signage Review7456Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9430html15/10/2021 3:01:40 AM2021-10-15T03:00:00Z 13 recommendations identified to enhance safety through regional roadworks sites State Government commits to pursuing all 13 recommendations Main Roads to lead the implementation of the recommendations over coming months Review undertaken by reference group of industry stakeholders and included extensive community consultation The State Government has today accepted 13 recommendations identified by the Regional Roadworks Signage Review to increase safety in roadworks sites. Transport Minister Rita Saffioti has asked Main Roads to implement a number of these recommendations to enhance safety for both construction workers and road users. While several of the recommendations are complex and will take time to implement, a number can be actioned in the short term, including improving driver education and awareness; improvements to signage design to ensure they remain upright and visible; and reviewing tender documentation to ensure traffic management elements are afforded the priority and focus required to ensure safe practice.Main Roads have appointed a senior project manager to oversee the process and also established an Implementation Committee, who will be meeting fortnightly in the first instance, with the inaugural meeting held earlier this month. A formal implementation plan with delivery targets will be developed with key stakeholders by the end of the year. The comprehensive review was undertaken by an industry-based stakeholder reference group, with extensive community consultation that looked at how temporary traffic signage at roadworks sites is installed, secured and managed in regional areas. Main Roads has been working closely with the Traffic Management Association of Australia in recent months to help raise public awareness of incidents on roadworks sites with a new campaign to be launched soon to encourage drivers to 'Be Roadwork Aware, Slow Down and Take Care.' Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti "I would like to again thank the stakeholder reference group and Chair Dennis O'Reilly who undertook this review. "The work undertaken by the reference group has helped focus attention on this key area of safety, so it is important we build on that momentum and continue to engage with industry and stakeholders to ensure safety at road construction sites. "We have accepted 13 recommendations from the review and I have requested Main Roads implement the short term and medium term recommendations." Minister's office - 6552 5500 The report and recommendations can be viewed here https//
High demand expected for prime Oyster Harbour land release7455Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7430html15/10/2021 2:10:35 AM2021-10-15T02:10:00Z Sales begin for new lots at Albany's Oyster Harbour residential estate Lot sizes 544sqm to 694sqm available in premium coastal development Homesites located just 10 minutes from Albany CBD, with views over Oyster Harbour, King River Local contractor Landchoice Civil and Survey has commenced ground breaking works Two new land releases at Albany's sought-after Oyster Harbour estate are being brought to market, with a total of 46 lots set to meet growing demand for residential land in the Great Southern city. Sales for new homesites in Stage 8a have started, with civil works now underway on 27 lots ranging in size from 544sqm to 694sqm. Prices for Stage 8a lots, which are ideal for families seeking space to grow, start from $165,000. Planning is also underway for the release of Stage 8b, which will offer a further 19 lots. The Oyster Harbour land releases follow significant uptake of the McGowan Government's $20,000 Building Bonus grant, with more than 500 applications received from the Great Southern. DevelopmentWA's Oyster Harbour estate is one of Albany's most sought-after residential addresses, located just 10 minutes from the city's central business district, and will ultimately provide up to 1,500 much needed residential home sites in Albany. When complete, Oyster Harbour will include more than 35 hectares of dedicated public space including landscaped parklands, playgrounds and boardwalks, and a foreshore reserve and conservation wetlands. A new primary school is planned and the amenity in the village centre should be realised within the next five years. In addition, DevelopmentWA is in the process of securing a contractor to start civil works at Clydesdale Park, another residential estate in Albany, which will yield approximately 30 additional home sites in the next stage. At nearby Middleton Beach, local contractor Nigel Palmer Earthmoving has recently been awarded a contract to provide remaining subdivision civil works and public infrastructure. The site will be home to six two-storey architecturally designed terrace houses called duettes. The duettes will be the first stage delivered on the project, set to provide a vibrant mix of village atmosphere and beach connectivity. For more information on the projects, visit https// Comments attributed to Lands Minister Tony Buti "With residential land in such high demand around Albany, it is pleasing to see new lots at Oyster Harbour being brought to the market. "The McGowan Government has invested heavily in the growth and development of Albany, where the population continues to grow strongly. "This is a perfect opportunity for families to invest in their own piece of Albany, just 10 minutes from the city centre. "This release includes a wide range of lots that will suit all lifestyles and importantly, new public housing is a part of this development." Minister's office - 6552 6400 ​
AGWA’s new View to celebrate Western Australian art7454Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements9260html15/10/2021 2:06:21 AM2021-10-15T02:05:00Z The View From Here - the Art Gallery's largest ever exhibition of Western Australian art announced today Supported by a new brand and marketing campaign featuring WA artists Transformation of AGWA close to completion with rooftop opening scheduled for early NovemberThe Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) today announced the upcoming The View From Here exhibition, supported by a new brand and marketing campaign to preview the transformation of the Gallery in early November. The transformation includes the biggest rooftop venue in Perth, new gallery spaces, and the largest art commission in the Gallery's history. The View From Here, a gallery-wide celebration of Western Australian art, will feature on outdoor, press, online and in social media to provide patrons with a glimpse of the new AGWA. The exhibition features more than 230 artists and 361 artworks - 111 of which have been commissioned for the transformation and reveal in early November. Artists featured in The View From Here include Sarah Bahbah, a Perth raised, Los Angeles-based artist of Palestinian/Jordanian heritage with more than one million Instagram followers; Tim Meakins, whose giant 3D-printed sculptures of weightlifters, posers and grinning weights offer a playful interpretation of modern fitness culture; Bruno Booth's 'Adidas'-wearing cats; Abdul Abdullah; Ngarralja Tommy May; Yok and Sheryo; Danielle Freakley; Tyrown Waigana; and Tarryn Gill. The exhibition and campaign announcement comes as a prelude to the opening of the new rooftop in early November and the reveal of AGWA's transformation, which includes a multitude of exciting new works and spaces. The new rooftop venue was a key 2017 election commitment and has been complemented by works on the foyer and galleries. Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman "The View From Here promises to be a brilliant celebration of Western Australia's artistic community, and the accompanying campaign will whet the public's appetite in anticipation of the rooftop opening in early November. "The View From Here signals a whole new vision and direction that we strongly support. It will transform AGWA and add to our cultural tourism offerings. "The McGowan Government committed to the transformation of the rooftop in 2017 and it is exciting to see it come close to fruition." Minister's office - 6552 5400
$200 million Bunbury Regional Hospital redevelopment underway7453Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Media Statements7790html15/10/2021 2:00:32 AM2021-10-15T02:00:00Z Tender awarded to add more than 200 additional car parks McGowan Government progresses key election commitment to meet increasing health needs of South West communities Once complete, the redevelopment is expected to include an expanded emergency department, increased operating theatre capacity, new clinical equipment and additional beds Bunbury Regional Hospital's $200 million redevelopment is officially underway with the car park works tender awarded to Western Australian construction company Devlyn Australia Pty Ltd. More than 200 additional car parking bays will be added to the hospital making it easier for patients and staff to access regional WA's busiest healthcare facility. This step forward marks the McGowan Government's commitment to improve health infrastructure, ensuring residents of the South West have access to a contemporary facility that meets their growing needs. In addition to the more than 200 parking bays, once complete the transformation project will bring An expanded emergency department Increased operating theatre capacity New clinical equipment New emergency access and mental health facilities Additional beds Western Australia's first regional training, education and research centre A boost to digital capability Car parks works are expected to be complete by the end of March 2022. The next steps of the multi-million-dollar redevelopment include the design of the main works. Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook "The McGowan Government is progressing a key election commitment with Bunbury Regional Hospital's car park works tender being awarded. "I know the extra parking, when completed, will make a big difference in reducing the stress of people rushing for an appointment, or needing to access the Emergency Department. "The $200 million redevelopment of Bunbury Regional Hospital is the biggest undertaken in regional WA. The project will deliver a fit-for-purpose facility providing the entire South West community with care close to home that will meet the growing demand for years to come." Comments attributed to Member for Bunbury Don Punch "I am really pleased the physical works at the hospital are about to begin and I know the improvements will be highly valued by our community. "Car parking has been a serious issue at the hospital for some time, particularly for people experiencing mobility issues, so I am very pleased an additional 200 parking bays are being constructed in the first round of redevelopment works." Minister's office - 6552 6500