Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC

Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business

    Genie’s out of the bottle - web app offers salinity solutions

    10/03/2023 11:05 AM
    • Saltland Genie web-based app gives farmers new tech hub to manage salinity
    • The online tool accumulates 30 years of producer and science-driven results

    Western Australian farmers have a new online tool at their fingertips to rehabilitate salt-affected lands.


    The Saltland Genie web-based app brings together eight decision support tools to help landholders implement solutions on their salt-affected land.


    Dryland salinity affects about 1.75 million hectares of public and private land in the South-West of WA, resulting in lost agricultural productivity.


    Saltland Genie, launched today at Wagin Woolorama, was developed by Great Southern-based natural resource management group Gillamii Centre and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.


    Farmers and landholders can enter their water and soil salinity measurements to help find practical solutions, access information about on-site implementation and estimate the return on planned rehabilitation investment.


    There are details on suitable plant species for salt-affected land, farmer case studies and a water salinity calculator to determine safe drinking water requirements for sheep and cattle.


    The Saltland Genie project is supported with funding from the WA Government's State NRM Program and is available from https://www.saltlandgenie.com/


    Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis:


    "Dryland salinity is a critical issue on Western Australian farms, reducing the growth of pastures and crops and affecting the biodiversity, water resources and remnant vegetation.


    "The Saltland Genie online tool makes resources readily available for farmers to rehabilitate and improve the productivity of salt-affected land.


    "The website collates 30 years of producer and science driven results, bringing together decision making tools and on-farm experiences to help find practical management options to overcome salinity.


    "The website allows users to provide feedback to help with future enhancements."


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