Hon Don Punch BPsych BSocwk MBA MLA

Hon Don Punch BPsych BSocwk MBA MLA

Minister for Regional Development; Disability Services; Fisheries; Seniors and Ageing

    Extra funding to improve the lives of people with disability

    7/03/2023 1:30 PM
    • Tranche Two of Innovation Fund grants will enhance independence and quality of life for people with disability
    • Grant funding totalling $2.5 million available
    • Focuses on projects that deliver innovative solutions that enable and advance access and inclusion

    A second round of funding has been announced for innovative projects that improve the lives of Western Australians with disability.


    Funding totalling $2.5 million will be available via Tranche Two of the State Government's 'A Western Australia for Everyone: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030' Innovation Fund, for projects that creatively apply new knowledge, technologies, or processes to improve inclusion and participation for people with disability.


    The Innovation Fund is a key part of implementing 'A Western Australia for Everyone: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030', which sets the foundation for building a more inclusive WA by empowering people with disability to participate meaningfully in all parts of society.


    In April 2022, the State Government awarded almost $2.5 million via the first tranche of Innovation Fund grants to seven organisations to support projects that improve the economic and social wellbeing of people with disability in WA.


    Initiatives that received funding under Tranche One included a food literacy and nutrition education program for people with disability, a toolkit and training session to promote the inclusion of people with complex communication needs, and a smartphone app to support healthy relationships.


    Information about the expression of interest process for Tranche Two of the Innovation Fund grants, managed by the Department of Communities, is available at Tenders WA | Display Tender DOCG20234923. Tenders close on 11 April.


    Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Don Punch:


    "People with disability have the right to be engaged and empowered, and to live as they choose.


    "The Innovation Fund aims to invest in initiatives that promote and foster people with disability's inclusion, participation and independence to realise creative ideas.


    "Specifically, it focuses on developing projects that creatively apply new knowledge, technologies or processes that improve inclusion, participation and independence to enable people with disability to live their best life.


    "Tranche One of funding is already proving successful in stimulating creative thinking and building the capacity of people with disability, their family and their community."


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