Hon Simone McGurk BA(Arts) BA(Comms) MLA

Hon Simone McGurk BA(Arts) BA(Comms) MLA

Minister for Training; Water; Youth

Hon Paul Papalia CSC MLA

Hon Paul Papalia CSC MLA

Minister for Police; Road Safety; Defence Industry; Veterans Issues

    Call to ‘start something’ with WA’s defence industry

    23/01/2023 10:00 AM
    • 'The Other Force - Start something' campaign encourages Western Australians to take up new opportunities in WA's defence industry
    • Defence industry critical to economic diversification and job creation in WA
    • McGowan Government committed to advancing education, training and skilling opportunities to support the future of Western Australia
    • Developed in consultation with defence industry employers and features real Western Australians working in the industry

    The McGowan Government has committed an additional $11 million over the next four years to ensure a pipeline of skilled professional and para-professional workers in the defence industry, building on previous investments to boost Western Australia's defence industry capabilities.


    As part of the investment, the McGowan Government today launched 'The Other Force - Start something' campaign, shining a spotlight on the industries that support Australia's Defence Force to be the best it can be.


    The campaign showcases the exciting and rewarding careers available to Western Australians, across all five defence capability domains: land, air, maritime, space and information and cyber.


    The high sensory, fast paced campaign will encourage school leavers, youth, veterans, women, career changers, mature aged workers and skilled workers looking to 'Start something' with WA's defence industry.


    The campaign was developed in consultation with WA defence industry employers, Team WA universities and training providers, and features real Western Australians, including Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans, working in the industry. The campaign highlights the crucial importance of occupations such as engineers, project managers, logistics personnel, technicians, commercial management and cyber and ICT professionals.


    The campaign is further supported by several new defence workforce initiatives including:

    • a $4 million internship and graduate scholarship program to facilitate the placement of 190 students and 50 graduates in defence industry firms over three years;
    • a program to drive the reskilling and upskilling of new and existing defence industry workers, including grants for employers to work with WA universities and training providers to develop new education and training products;
    • $1.08 million for an Existing Worker Traineeship program over four years, to support career progression of existing workers into critical para-professional and professional roles;
    • $700,000 for a university and VET articulation program over four years; and
    • $180,000 for a veterans skills mapping and career transition project to complement the existing Defence Industry Veterans Employment Scheme.

    The McGowan Government continues to make defence a priority sector as part of its vision to further support WA's sovereign capability, diversify the economy and create more jobs for Western Australians.


    The recently launched Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Development Plan 2022-27 provides a roadmap to ensure the future workforce and skilling needs are anticipated and met.


    For further information about the defence initiatives, visit the Jobs and Skills WA website https://www.jobsandskills.wa.gov.au/defence


    Comments attributed to Training Minister Simone McGurk:


    "This campaign will show all Western Australians what opportunities are available in the defence industry - and the endless possibilities for an exciting and rewarding career.


    "From school leavers to mature aged workers, young people to women returning to the workforce, we're encouraging people from a range of backgrounds to 'Start something' in the defence industry.


    "This campaign has been a team effort, and I would like to thank the defence industry stakeholders involved in the campaign's development for their insight.


    "Through working with the industry to promote a diverse range of career opportunities offered in WA's defence industry we can support the future needs of the sector and the WA community."


    Comments attributed to Defence Minister Paul Papalia:


    "Collaborating with defence industry employers and showcasing real workers highlights the value of work that is being undertaken within WA's defence industry.


    "The time is now for Western Australians to start a long-term career in the defence industry.


    "We are working to position our State for the pipeline of defence projects coming to Western Australia over the next decade.


    "The campaign and defence initiatives will further support the McGowan Government's decision to boost our defence industry workforce."


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    Defence Minister's office - 6552 5600