Hon Bill Johnston MLA

Hon Bill Johnston MLA

Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Corrective Services; Industrial Relations

Hon Dr Tony Buti BPE DipEd MIR LLB DPhil MLA

Hon Dr Tony Buti BPE DipEd MIR LLB DPhil MLA

Minister for Finance; Racing and Gaming; Aboriginal Affairs; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

    Supplier Wage Audit established to combat wage theft

    11/11/2022 4:05 PM
    • Specialist employment conditions audit and compliance unit established
    • WA Government committed to ensuring suppliers to government comply with employment laws for their employees
    • Government procurement processes strengthened with the inclusion of clauses for auditing employment and industrial relations practices

    A Supplier Wage Audit branch has been established at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to monitor and audit the compliance of government suppliers and ensure they meet their employment obligations.


    The branch will focus on contracts for services, subject to the Procurement Act 2020, that target high-risk industries such as cleaning and security.


    Clauses have been added to goods, services and community services procurement templates to enable auditing and permit referrals in instances of non-compliance to the appropriate regulating authority.


    Guidance is available on the Department of Finance website at https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/supplier-wage-audit-model-clause


    For more information, visit http://www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/supplier-wage-audit


    Comments attributed to Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston:


    "The McGowan Government is committed to ensuring suppliers to government meet their industrial relations obligations.


    "This represents another step towards combating wage theft and is an important part of this Government's overall public sector reform election commitments."


    Comments attributed to Finance Minister Tony Buti:


    "Strengthening goods, services, community services and works procurement with these clauses is an important strategy for combating wage theft, particularly in high-risk industries.


    "The changes to whole of government procurement templates help to ensure that government suppliers comply with employment and industrial relations obligations for their employees."


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    Finance Minister's office - 6552 6400