Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Premier; Treasurer; Minister for Public Sector Management; Federal-State Relations

    Western Australia’s unemployment rate the lowest of the States

    15/09/2022 2:05 PM
    • Western Australia's unemployment rate has fallen to 3.1 per cent in August, the lowest of the States
    • Employment has risen by almost 70,000, or 5 per cent, over the past 12 months
    • Over the year, the rise in employment was entirely driven by full-time work, with 7.5 per cent annual average growth, the strongest on record
    • Around 167,000 jobs have been created since the McGowan Government came to Government

    ABS labour force data shows that Western Australia's unemployment rate fell to 3.1 per cent in August, the lowest of the States, and below the national rate of 3.5 per cent. WA's female unemployment rate fell to just 2.8 per cent.


    A further 879 Western Australians found work in August, up 0.1 per cent. Over the year to August, employment has risen by around 70,000 new positions, or 5 per cent, the strongest in the nation. 


    The rise in employment has been entirely driven by full-time work, with full-time employment up 7.5 per cent in annual terms, the fastest growth on record.


    WA's participation rate remains the strongest of the States at 69.3 per cent, above the national participation rate of 66.6 per cent.


    Since the McGowan Government came to office around 167,000 WA jobs have been created since March 2017.


    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "The fact Western Australia has the lowest unemployment rate of all the States confirms our Jobs Plan is working and is further proof our economy is powering the nation.


    "Over the past year, Western Australia has created around 70,000 new full-time positions, with the strongest rate of growth in full-time employment on record.


    "Our careful, considered management of the pandemic has enabled our economy to boom, which has helped deliver the best employment figures in Australia.


    "WA's unrivalled economic position generates many benefits but it also brings challenges, which is why it was important to be a voice for Western Australia at the national Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra, specifically in relation to training and migration.


    "WA has an opportunity for further growth by diversifying our economy through industries such as renewable energy, as well as leveraging our current success in the mining industry in areas such as downstream processing and automation."


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