Hon Reece Whitby MLA

Hon Reece Whitby MLA

Minister for Environment; Climate Action

    Lotterywest funding grant supports ReWild Perth project

    30/08/2022 10:00 AM
    • Perth NRM's ReWild Perth project awarded $526,749 grant to recreate native habitat
    • The project aims to reintroduce native habitat to private residences around Perth

    Environment Minister Reece Whitby today presented a $526,749 Lotterywest grant to Perth NRM to support the ReWild Perth project, a community engagement program which aims to reconnect Perth residents with their natural heritage.


    ReWild encourages residents to provide native habitat in their gardens, courtyards and  balconies by providing resources and recommendations by area, specifying ideal soil types and what kind of wildlife would likely be supported.


    Participants in ReWild projects will be able to share their progress and create anonymous pins on the ReWild map, to demonstrate the increased environmental connectivity throughout the Perth area over time.


    Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby:


    "The McGowan Government is committed to protecting and restoring the State's unique biodiversity, however we acknowledge that we cannot do it alone.


    "Perth is a large and sprawling city, and restoring natural ecosystems will play a positive role in improving biodiversity.


    "The State's rich and unique biodiversity relies on the conservation of its varied species and ecosystems, which is a responsibility that the McGowan Government shares in partnership with the community, non-for-profits, industry groups and local governments.


    "Programs such as ReWild Perth prioritise important environmental outcomes, and are also significant for their work in encouraging the community to be involved in protecting our environment - and the life within it - for generations to come."


    Minister's office - 6552 6300