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Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

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Hon Bill Johnston MLA

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    $662 million boost for Collie’s transition to secure local jobs

    14/06/2022 2:05 PM
    • Major investment to drive new and emerging industries and create jobs
    • Collie Transition Package now investing a total of $662 million in the town's future
    • Package to help create new blue collar jobs in Collie in preparation for retirement of State-owned coal-fired power stations
    • New $200 million Collie Industrial Transition Fund to attract major projects
    • Estimated $300 million power station decommissioning to create a pipeline of local work
    • $47.4 million investment in new training initiatives to transition local workforce, and other measures
    • Additional $3.8 billion for new green power infrastructure around the State, including in Collie and regional WA

    The McGowan Government will invest an additional $547.4 million in Collie to support its long-term future, attract new industries and create new local jobs - boosting support for the town's transition to over $662 million.


    The new package builds on the more than $115 million already committed by the McGowan Government to diversify and transition Collie's economy.


    The funding is being put in place as preparations are made for the retirement of Collie's State-owned coal-fired power stations in response to WA's overwhelming uptake of rooftop solar and renewables.


    The package includes the new $200 million Collie Industrial Transition Fund to attract major projects and new industries to the town.


    It will provide funding to enhance industrial land readiness and support new and emerging industries - including potential opportunities in battery manufacturing, wind turbine manufacturing, hydrogen, green cement and minerals processing.


    In order to support and transition the affected blue collar workforce, the State Government will undertake orderly and coordinated decommissioning works of Muja Power Station and Collie Power Station immediately after each asset closes.


    The estimated $300 million investment will create an ongoing pipeline of work in the years following the power stations' retirements, further supporting the local workforce's transition.


    The McGowan Government will invest an additional $21 million to expand the Collie Jobs and Skills Centre and provide free skills assessments and training, bringing total investment in this area to $25.9 million, including:

    • a one-stop shop in Collie for workforce transition services offering free career, training and employment advice for individuals and businesses;
    • fee-free skills assessments and recognition of prior learning to utilise workers' existing skills and knowledge to get a formal qualification, and identify any skills gaps;
    • free training for impacted workers who wish to undertake either a full qualification or a short course;
    • new onsite training facilities co-located with local power stations or mines;
    • a new Collie Futures Curriculum Fund, developing industry-specific skills training; and
    • assistance connecting jobseekers with employment opportunities and helping employers attract and recruit employees.

    The Collie Delivery Unit will receive an additional $4.4 million boost, to enhance its work to coordinate, oversee and promote activities and initiatives that support the future prosperity of Collie.


    The Collie Small Grants Program will also receive an additional $2 million to deliver more grants of up to $100,000 to Collie small businesses to help them grow and diversify.


    Collie will also benefit from an additional $3.8 billion investment in new renewable power infrastructure around the State, creating additional jobs and opportunities in the region.


    This new investment is on top of the more than $115 million the McGowan Government has already invested in Collie to diversify the local economy and secure the town's future.


    This includes $38 million in tourism amenities and projects in Collie, which has resulted in a 73 per cent increase in tourists visiting the town.


    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "My Government is absolutely committed to supporting Collie's economic diversification to create new industrial and blue collar jobs in town.


    "Through our $662 million Collie Transition Package we will provide opportunities for workers and the community impacted by the retirement of State-owned coal power stations.


    "The package will work to attract new industries and create jobs, provide grants for local businesses, and support new training and career pathways for workers.


    "We want to ensure there continues to be well-paid, local, blue collar jobs in the Collie region.


    "The new $200 million Collie Industrial Transition Fund will work to achieve this, attracting major projects and new industries to the town.


    "Decommissioning works at both power stations will begin immediately after each closes, providing a coordinated pipeline of local work to assist the local workforce's transition.


    "The Just Transition Plan has already been of great benefit to local workers and the community, with more than $115 million already invested in Collie, creating local jobs.


    "A key component of this has been to leverage Collie's incredible natural environment with almost $40 million invested in tourism amenities and projects, which has resulted in a 73 per cent increase in visitor numbers."


    Comments attributed to Energy Minister Bill Johnston:


    "Our Government is squarely focused on making sure there continues to be high quality, well-paid local jobs in the kinds of heavy industries the Collie region is known for.


    "The town's location, existing power infrastructure and skilled local workforce means it will remain central to the State's energy generation efforts.


    "We are beginning work to roll out billions in new investment for the South West Interconnected System - the biggest job-creating infrastructure program in WA since METRONET.


    "Along with coordinated power station decommissioning works and new industrial projects, this program will provide new opportunities for blue collar workers from Collie and surrounding regions."


    Comments attributed to Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns:


    "This additional funding takes the McGowan Government's support for Collie's transition to over half-a-billion dollars - ensuring every effort is being made to secure our region's future.


    "Over the past five years the Government has worked closely with industry and the community to lay the groundwork for this transition.


    "Collie has a long future ahead as an industrial town - including exciting opportunities in a number of new and emerging industries - ensuring there will continue to be high quality local jobs in the region for years to come."


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