Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Former Minister for Water; Forestry; Youth

    Innovation drives water efficiency among WA’s top waterwise businesses and buildings

    4/05/2022 10:10 AM
    • 12 billion litres of water saved by waterwise businesses and offices in 2020-21
    • 266 businesses and 22 offices State-wide participate in water efficiency programs 
    • Non-residential water saving programs have saved 124 billion litres of water since 2007

    Water Minister Dave Kelly has congratulated Western Australia's leading waterwise businesses and office buildings for helping save an estimated combined 12 billion litres of precious drinking water in 2020-21.


    More than 266 businesses State-wide participate in Water Corporation's Waterwise Business Program, while a further 22 commercial offices are part of the Waterwise Building Program.


    Both programs support and encourage non-residential, high water users to adopt water-efficient practices.


    By helping participants understand their water usage and designing tailored Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMP), the programs have helped save in excess of an estimated 124 billion litres of drinking water since 2007 - equivalent to 124 Optus Stadiums full of water. 


    Alongside domestic water efficiency measures such as sprinkler rosters, non-residential programs continue to prove highly effective in reducing water use among local councils, aquatic centres, businesses, industry, developments, offices and other high water users. 


    Minister Kelly attended a special recognition ceremony today to acknowledge participating businesses and buildings, and to crown platinum and gold award recipients.


    Nine waterwise businesses achieved gold waterwise recognition, five of which were highly commended. 


    The coveted Platinum Waterwise Business of the Year was for the first time split into two categories - commercial and industrial - reflecting the diverse operations of those participating.


    Crown Metropol and Crown Towers were named Platinum Commercial Waterwise Business of the Year, while WA's own D'Orsogna Limited took out the Platinum Industrial Waterwise Business of the Year.


    All three winners demonstrated waterwise leadership by identifying, trialling, and implementing new ways of reusing and recycling water above minimum standards.


    Nine waterwise buildings were acknowledged for their commitment to water efficiency by achieving gold status under Water Corporation's Waterwise Building Program.


    The QV1 building in Perth's CBD was crowned Platinum Waterwise Building of the Year for taking measures to educate staff and contractors on waterwise behaviours and introducing manual and electronic water consumption monitoring.


    Water efficiency is a shared responsibility across the community. Both the Waterwise Business Program and Waterwise Building Programs support the McGowan Government's Waterwise Perth Action Plan, which sets the direction for transitioning Perth to a leading waterwise city by 2030. 


    Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


    "As climate change continues to impact precious drinking water sources across WA, never has it been more important for all water users - particularly high water-use businesses and buildings - to take action to reduce consumption.


    "I'm immensely proud of those who participate in the Waterwise Business and Buildings Programs for demonstrating leadership in making sustainable choices in the workplace.


    "Aside from the environmental benefits, water efficiency in the workplace makes good business sense. It reduces operating costs and promotes businesses as a sustainable place to work.


    "Through these programs Water Corporation is helping ensure all segments of the community have the skills and knowledge to use water as efficiently as possible."


    Minister's office - 6552 6100


    2022 Waterwise Business Program - Platinum Commercial and Platinum Industrial Waterwise Business of the Year

    Recognises a leader in water efficiency demonstrating best practice and innovation in water management for the 2019/20 WEMP reporting year.


    Platinum Commercial Waterwise Business of the Year


    Crown Metropol and Crown Towers Perth


    Platinum Industrial Waterwise Business of the Year


    D'Orsogna Limited  Palmyra


    2022 Waterwise Business Program - Gold recipients

    Recognises outstanding commitment to the program by implementing a number of key water management actions in their WEMP and achieving a significant improvement in water use.

    • Discovery Parks Woodman Point - Highly Commended;
    • Discovery Parks Coogee - Highly Commended;
    • Fremantle Village Caravan Park - Highly Commended;
    • KCGM - Highly Commended;
    • Tronox Kwinana Pigment Plant - Highly Commended;
    • Aquinas College;
    • Gage Roads Brewing Company;
    • HBF Arena Venues West; and
    • St Ives Gold Mining Co - Kambalda.

    2022 Waterwise Building Program - Platinum Waterwise Building of the Year

    Awarded to a commercial office building that went above and beyond to deliver outstanding water sustainability outcomes in 2020/21 and demonstrated best practice water use.


    QV1 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth


    2022 Waterwise Building Program - Gold recipients

    Awarded to a commercial office building that has demonstrated best practice water management.


    Water Corporation240 Balcatta Road, Balcatta
    GDI No 36 Pty Ltd
    1 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
    QV1250 St Georges Terrace, Perth
    Brookfield Properties108 St Georges Terrace, Perth
    100 St Georges Terrace, Perth100 St Georges Terrace, Perth
    Workzone East1 Nash Street, Perth
    Kings Square 1556 Wellington Street, Perth
    Exchange Tower2 Esplanade, Perth
    Alluvion58 Mounts Bay Road, Perth


    2022 Waterwise Building Program - Endorsed recipients

    Buildings that have met endorsement requirements.


    140 William Street, Perth
    Allendale Square77 St Georges Terrace, Perth
    Workzone West202 Pier Street, Perth