Hon David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA

Hon David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA

Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage

    More than $1.33 million to preserve and promote our past

    8/04/2022 3:30 PM
    • McGowan Government provides 38 heritage projects with grants to undertake vital conservation works
    • Total funding pool of more than $1.33 million
    • More than $23 million in grants given to 822 heritage projects since 1997

    Heritage site owners throughout Western Australia will benefit from a share of more than $1.33 million in State Government funding to undertake vital conservation works of heritage places and deliver community projects that share stories of our past.


    Through the State Heritage Grants stream, part of the Heritage Grants Program, 32 heritage owners have received funding to undertake conservation and heritage planning works.


    This stream includes funding for three regional recipients, which have received $100,000 each to undertake major conservation projects, which support economic recovery, job creation or the reactivation of the heritage place.


    Sutton Farm in Halls Head has received major conservation project funding, which will enable repairs to plaster, masonry and drainage works on the limestone buildings as part of larger plans to support the future development of the site.


    The farm was established in the 1850s by John and Eleanor Sutton, a pioneering family in the Mandurah district who operated the Wayside Inn and the ferry service. The limestone barn, single men's quarters and the main homestead that remain today were built by Sutton's nephew Henry in the late 1800s when he owned and managed the farm.


    In the Pilbara, the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, representing the Banjima people, will use the grant to complete re-roofing works on the Peedamulla Homestead. This will facilitate the use of the place as an interpretation centre as part of the Peedamulla Campground 'Camping with Custodians' offering. Peedamulla Homestead has played a major role in the lives of the Banjima people.


    Newmarracarra, near Geraldton, will benefit from a variety of essential masonry and structural works, aimed at 'building back better' to ensure the home is resilient against future natural disasters following the devastating impacts of Cyclone Seroja in April 2021.


    The home is an impressive stone and brick building with a rooftop viewing platform, which was commissioned by owner Walter Brown in 1910. In addition to being the centre of social activity in the area, Newmarracarra was also used by the army as a hospital during World War II and for school camps during the late 1970s.


    Now in its second year, the Community Heritage Grants stream awarded six projects up to $20,000 to deliver community engagement and heritage interpretation projects to share the stories of the places listed on the State Heritage Register.


    A grant will go towards the research, development and production of two short documentaries exploring the history of Dempster Homestead and the former Lynburn Station in the Esperance region. The documentaries are part of a larger series, aimed at increasing the wider Western Australian community's knowledge and awareness of the local Esperance history.


    Comments attributed to Heritage Minister David Templeman:


    "Whether it's the homesteads on large pastoral properties in our regions or the variety of commercial buildings in our cities and town centres, all heritage places provide us with valuable connections to our history.


    "That's why the McGowan Government is committed to investing in conserving, protecting and promoting our heritage places.


    "Through the Heritage Grants Program, we are providing practical support for heritage owners so they can undertake vital conservation works for heritage sites and deliver community projects that help more Western Australians engage with the stories of our past.


    "I am proud to oversee this program, which has provided more than $23 million in funding to 822 heritage projects over the past 25 years, to conserve and promote our heritage."


    Comments attributed to Dawesville MLA Lisa Munday:


    "The Sutton Farm homestead is a significant piece of Mandurah's history and is listed on Heritage Places. It was built in 1881 and initially used for social gatherings, and I know that this grant will help develop the property while also maintaining its heritage value.


    "The McGowan Government is committed to investing and developing our beautiful Peel region, and I look forward to seeing Mr Oakey's work and the opportunities it provides to the surrounding area."


    Minister's office - 6552 5400

    2021-22 Heritage Grants Recipients



    Metropolitan sitesType of heritage worksGrant Amount (Ex GST)
    The Gledden Building, Perth
    Masonry and internal fixture works$40,000.00
    Bon Marché Arcade Buildings, PerthRe-roofing works$40,000.00
    Meerilinga, PerthRe-roofing and flooring works$40,000.00
    Perth Trades Hall, PerthRoof, façade and painting works$30,965.00
    Chung Wah Association Hall, NorthbridgeUpdating site's Conservation Management Plan$8,140.00
    Former Freemasons Hall, SubiacoRe-roofing works$14,462.50
    25 Brookman Street, PerthStructural works$40,000.00
    6 Moir Street, PerthRe-roofing works$18,670.00
    Commercial Building, 48 High Street, FremantleStructural, re-roofing, and internal fixture works$40,000.00
    Port Flour Mill, FremantleMasonry works$40,000.00
    Former PJ Morriss Building, FremantleRemediation and structural works$40,000.00
    Bateman's Buildings, FremantleRemediation, masonry, repainting and weatherproofing works to the site's façade$40,000.00
    14-16 Nairn Street, FremantleVariety of conservation works to the property's façade$37,169.75
    St Paul's Anglican Church, Presbytery and Hall, BeaconsfieldMasonry, moisture and damp mitigation, and re-roofing works$40,000.00
    Stirling Arms Hotel, Guildford
    Masonry and internal fixture works$28,509.50
    Regional sites
    Serpentine General Store, Serpentine
    Re-roofing works$23,644.50
    Sutton's Farm and Graveyard, Halls HeadPlaster, masonry, and drainage works as part of a larger scope of works to support the future development of the site$100,000.00
    St Mary's Anglican Church Precinct, BeverleyPlaster works, and removal of asbestos rainwater goods$26,573.00
    Rose Hotel and Sample Room, BunburyMasonry works and remediation works on external verandahs$100,000.00
    Former CBH Grain Silos, BunburyWorks to address the building's corroded external concrete$11,095.00
    All Saints Anglican Church, CollieUpdating site's Conservation Management Plan$23,168.00
    Busselton Jetty, BusseltonUpdating site's Conservation Management Plan$8,960.00
    Sandilands Dwelling, BusseltonCompleting a feasibility study and building condition assessment to ascertain the scope of conservation works required$8,250.00
    Former Ballybane Tearooms and
    R Bell and Co Store, Albany
    Variety of repair works to buildings at 176 Stirling Terrace$22,755.00
    Pyrmont House, AlbanyVariety of repair works and reinstalment of the cast iron lacework to the building's façade$40,000.00
    London Hotel, AlbanyReinstalment of the original verandah$40,000.00
    McKenzie's Buildings, KalgoorlieVariety of repair works to the verandah and roof
    The Bowes Homestead, Shire of Northampton
    Variety of essential masonry and structural works to preserve and better protect the building against natural disasters.
    *The homestead was most recently impacted by Cyclone Seroja in April 2021.
    Newmarracarra Homestead, Shire of Greater Geraldton
    Variety of essential masonry and structural works to preserve and better protect the building against natural disasters.
    *The homestead was most recently impacted by Cyclone Seroja in April 2021.
    One Mile Jetty and Tramway, CarnarvonPlanning for restoration and conservation works for the Water Tank$18,150.00
    Peedamulla Homestead, Shire of AshburtonRe-roofing works to preserve the site, and facilitate the use of the place as an interpretation centre as part of plans to reactivate the heritage place$100,000.00
    Kinney's Store, BroomeRe-roofing works$40,000.00



    Metropolitan sitesProject summaryGrant Amount (Ex GST)
    Leighton Battery, Mosman ParkResearch images and artefacts and exhibit the design of the 5.25" gun emplacement at Leighton Battery$11,352.50
    Regional sites
    Lake Grace Australian Inland Hospital, Lake GraceDevelop an Interpretation Plan for the site$10,890.00
    Residency Museum, YorkDesign, produce, transport and install and interpretative screen and sign for the site$15,898.70
    Cossack Townsite Precinct, Shire of KarrathaDevelop an Interpretation Plan for the site$20,000.00
    Dempster Homestead and the former Lynburn HomesteadResearch and produce two episodes of a seven-part documentary series, investigating the significance and history of heritage places in Esperance$20,000.00
    Old Onslow Townsite, Shire of AshburtonFabricate and install interpretative signage at the site$20,000.00