Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Former Minister for Water; Forestry; Youth

    Funding to improve water supplies in Wheatbelt communities

    1/04/2022 10:05 AM
    • Wheatbelt shires to share in more than $430,000 in grants to boost community water supplies
    • $3.2 million Community Water Supplies Partnership Program is helping regional communities to secure precious off-farm water supplies
    • Funded projects in the Wheatbelt will improve local water security and assist communities in managing the impacts of climate change

    Water Minister Dave Kelly today announced that the Shires of Bruce Rock, Moora, Perenjori and Wandering will share in more than $430,000 in grants, joining two other regional communities that will benefit from the second round of the McGowan Government's $3.2 million Community Water Supplies Partnership Program.


    Many communities in the State's Wheatbelt have experienced significantly reduced rainfall due to the impacts of climate change. The Community Water Supplies Partnership Program is part of the McGowan Government's ongoing commitment to ensure our farmers have access to reliable agricultural and emergency livestock drinking water sources. 


    Funding will assist rural communities to adapt to changing rainfall patterns by establishing infrastructure that maximises the efficient use of available water resources.


    The Shire of Bruce Rock has received funding which will support works to increase catchment run-off and storage capacity in local dams, which will ensure there is a fit-for-purpose water supply to irrigate the town's local recreation centre oval and the main street gardens.


    The Shire of Moora has received funding that will greatly improve local wastewater reuse management and reduce the use of scheme water to maintain the town's sporting facilities. 


    The Shire of Wandering has received funding to carry out work to capture rainwater run-off from the town's community centre roof catchment through the installation of three 109 kilolitre water tanks.


    Funding from this initiative will also aid the Shire of Perenjori with their project to replace the roof of the Caron Dam with a new flexible evaporation tension net system. 


    The Community Water Supplies Partnership Program, which is funded in partnership with local government, provides up to $100,000 per project for local government and community groups to develop off-farm community water supplies.


    The $3.2 million Community Water Supply Partnership Program is a collaborative program between the Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments.


    As part of its ongoing commitment to ensure WA farmers have access to reliable emergency water sources for agricultural livestock drinking water, as well as firefighting and town amenity purposes, the McGowan Government has invested $4 million in community off-farm water supply projects since 2018.


    In November 2021, the McGowan Government announced an additional $10.5 million in funding over the next two years for projects to help secure additional off-farm non-potable water supplies for agricultural communities, including the upgrade and refurbishment of 70 agricultural area dams from the Mid-West through to the Wheatbelt and Great Southern.


    Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


    "Works associated with these funded projects will improve long-term water security in these communities.


    "In the Shire of Moora, upgraded infrastructure means recycled treated wastewater can be used to irrigate and maintain important community amenities.


    "The Shire of Perenjori will use funding to upgrade the roof of the Caron community's dam, which will showcase an innovative and cost-efficient method of limiting water loss through evaporation."


    Comments attributed to Agricultural Region MLC Darren West:


    "Our water resources are precious, and I welcome investment to ensure water for future generations.


    "Climate change has dramatically reduced water resources in agricultural areas. I applaud Minister Kelly for his continued dedication to innovative water management in the regions.


    "Upgraded water management infrastructure can maximise non-potable water supplies and take pressure off demand for scheme water to reticulate sport and recreational facilities as well as parklands."


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