Hon Don Punch BPsych BSocwk MBA MLA

Hon Don Punch BPsych BSocwk MBA MLA

Minister for Disability Services; Fisheries; Seniors and Ageing; Small Business

    Herring stock recovery a fishing management success story

    14/02/2022 9:05 AM
    • Herring recovery backed by WA research and adaptive fisheries management
    • Successful recovery optimised the use of the herring resource to benefit the wider community
    • Government will work with peak sector bodies to plan for the future of the resource

    The McGowan Government has welcomed good news from the latest fisheries science assessment, which shows WA's herring stock has successfully recovered and a new future can now be planned for the popular finfish species.


    The recovery follows management changes implemented in early 2015 to protect the herring stock, reducing the total herring catch by 50 per cent for both the commercial and recreational sectors.


    Australian herring are a shared resource with South Australia and Victoria, mainly found inshore from Shark Bay to Albany and along the south coast as far east as Victoria.


    Herring is the most common finfish taken by Western Australia's recreational fishers on the lower west and south coast.


    A range of commercial fisheries also catch herring by net and provide an important source of supply for local markets.


    The Government looks forward to working with the peak fishing bodies, Recfishwest and the WA Fishing Industry Council, to map out a more certain future for this popular fish species to ensure it can continue to be plated up in WA.


    More information on the herring stock assessment is available online at: www.fish.wa.gov.au/herringmanagement.


    Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Don Punch:


    "The recovery of WA's herring stock is great news for our commercial and recreational fishers.


    "I thank Recfishwest, WAFIC and the fishing community for supporting the management required to achieve this important outcome.


    "The McGowan Government is committed to the priority use of herring for recreational fishing and for local commercial fishers to sustainably supply herring for human consumption, so this successful recovery gives us the exciting opportunity to map out a future for this iconic fish.


    "By continuing to work together with recreational and commercial sectors on the management of this important species, we can protect quality recreational fishing experiences and build local, domestic and international markets for Australian herring."


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