Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Minister for Transport; Planning; Ports

    Innovative technology trialled at signalised pedestrian crossings

    20/01/2022 12:00 PM
    • New contactless sensors fitted at signalised pedestrian crossings across Metro area
    • Operate by hovering hand over sensors, a hygienic alternative to push buttons
    • New technology to be trialled at 50 locations, with further roll outs being considered

    Main Roads has started rolling out new technology at selected signalised pedestrian crossings with high volumes of pedestrian demand in the Perth Metropolitan area.


    Signalised pedestrian crossings will have new sensors fitted that allow pedestrians to hover their hand over a sensor to activate the crossing as an alternative to the existing push button.


    The trial locations will continue to have physical push buttons, audible crossing tone, and a vibrotactile arrow panel to assist hearing and visually impaired users.


    The new technology will be trialled over a six-month period.


    An instructional diagram will be placed at all trial locations to identify the new technology and advise pedestrians on how to operate the new contactless sensor.


    The trial is timely given the current COVID-19 concerns facing the community and the potential safety benefits that may be derived from this new initiative.


    The McGowan Government continues to ensure safe public transport, including enhanced cleaning on trains and buses, and the wearing of masks on public transport and in ride share vehicles.


    Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:


    "We are rolling out a trial of contactless sensors at 50 locations across the Perth metropolitan area.


    "This is brand new technology that will mean people have the option to hover their hand over the sensor rather than touch the push button.


    "This provides more options for people who may not be comfortable with a push button, who may be immune-compromised or elderly. 


    "I look forward to seeing how the trial progresses."


    Comments attributed to South Perth MLA Geoff Baker:


    "South Perth is a popular destination, with hundreds of people visiting for work or recreation every day.


    "This is the perfect place for the start of the trial and I look forward to hearing from people on what they think of the new technology."


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