Hon Reece Whitby MLA

Hon Reece Whitby MLA

Minister for Environment; Climate Action

Hon John Carey BA MLA

Hon John Carey BA MLA

Minister for Housing; Lands; Homelessness; Local Government

    Small business and local government initiative celebrates milestone

    2/11/2021 10:00 AM
    • More than 50 local government authorities have signed up to the Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative
    • The program now reaches 80 per cent of the State's small business community
    • It aims to recognise local governments that actively support small businesses

    A McGowan Government initiative aimed at recognising local councils that actively support small business has reached an important milestone.


    More than 50 local governments have signed up to the Small Business Friendly Local Governments program, which now reaches 80 percent of the small business community.


    The initiative was one of the first small business friendly council programs in Australia. 


    Local governments are encouraged to sign a charter to show they have committed to work with, and support, their local small business by:

    • offering enhanced customer service and reducing regulations;
    • making on-time payments;
    • having a process in place to handle disputes; and
    • introducing other activities to improve the operating environment for small businesses in their area.

    Fifty-one Western Australian towns, cities and shires have now committed to the program, which is run by the Small Business Development Corporation.


    Comments attributed to Small Business Minister Reece Whitby:


    "The State Government is committed to helping small businesses start, grow and thrive in Western Australia.


    "Small businesses are at the heart of many local government areas, and their experience in seeking approvals or accessing economic support can make a real difference to their success.


    "More than 180,000 small businesses are now based in a Small Business Friendly Local Government area. I applaud the 51 local governments that have signed up - and hope to see even more joining up and supporting small business."


    Comments attributed to Local Government Minister John Carey:


    "It's absolutely fantastic to see so many local governments engaging in this program and recognising the real positive impact they can have on small business in their community.


    "Local governments need to be facilitators, not just regulators - and seeing so many local governments doing what they can to support and promote small business is brilliant.


    "As the Minister for Local Government, one of my focuses is on delivering reforms to improve the functioning of the local government sector. This includes looking at how we can cut red tape within local government, which will benefit a wide range of areas, including small business."


    Small Business Minister's office - 6552 6300

    Local Government Minister's office - 6552 5300