Hon John Carey BA MLA

Hon John Carey BA MLA

Minister for Housing; Lands; Homelessness; Local Government

    Spalding renewal kicks into gear with works to deliver new road

    7/10/2021 7:00 AM
    • Demolition of two older public housing properties commence in Spalding
    • The demolished homes will make way for a new road connection in the suburb
    • New road connection is part of the $9 million Spalding renewal project
    • Spalding project is part of a broader $20 million program of regional renewal

    The McGowan Government's $9 million Spalding renewal project will enter an important new phase today with demolition of two older public housing properties getting underway.


    The properties have been unused for an extended period and will be demolished to make way for a new road connection.


    The new road will help improve accessibility and connection in the suburb, and is one of a number of measures to make the suburb a more vibrant place to live and visit.


    The $9 million Spalding renewal project will also include major refurbishments of older public housing properties to help meet growing demand, construction of footpaths throughout the suburb, upgrades to existing road infrastructure, and general landscaping works to beautify the neighbourhood.


    The Spalding project is part of a $20 million regional renewal package announced by the McGowan Government to support social housing revitalisation in suburban areas of Geraldton, Bunbury and Albany.


    The commitment was part of a record $875 million investment towards social housing made by the McGowan Government in the recent State Budget.


    The McGowan Government will invest $2.1 billion in social housing over the coming four years, which will include the delivery of 3,300 new social housing properties, including in the Mid-West region.


    Demolition of the two properties is expected to be completed by October 22, 2021.


    Comments attributed to Housing Minister John Carey:


    "Since stepping into the role of Minister for Housing, I have listened closely to the community in Geraldton and we are responding to the calls for urban renewal and revitalisation in Spalding.


    "These works kick the Spalding renewal into gear and mark an important new phase in the project.


    "While two homes will be demolished, these homes were old and underutilised, and will make way for a new road connection that will improve connectivity in the suburb.


    "The renewal project will bring more housing options to Spalding, improve the suburbs' amenity, and enhance safety and connectivity, making it a more welcoming and vibrant place to live.


    "The $9 million Spalding renewal project is part of the McGowan Government's $2.1 billion investment in social housing in Western Australia and reflects this Government's commitment to developing affordable, social housing and thriving local communities."


    Comments attributed to Geraldton MLA Lara Dalton:


    "These works should signal to everyone in the Geraldton community that the McGowan Government is wasting no time in getting on with the job of delivering the Spalding renewal project.


    "We've had a lot of consultation and listened to the community - now is the time for progress, so it's fantastic to see works getting underway.


    "This project will be rolled out over an extended period and will help make Spalding a more vibrant place to live."


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