Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Minister for Transport; Planning; Ports

    TBM “Jana” joins the METRONET Thornlie-Cockburn Link Project

    23/08/2021 2:50 PM
    • Name chosen for Thornlie-Cockburn Link micro tunnel boring machine (MTBM)
    • 'Jana' picked from more than 1,300 entries, inspired by Coogee teenager
    • MTBM Jana will drill twin 100 metre tunnels under the existing freight rail corridor

    Perth has had Grace and Sandy burrow underground to help build the Airport Line, now micro tunnel boring machine Jana is about to get to work on the METRONET Thornlie-Cockburn Link.


    More than 1,300 submissions were received during a two-week survey to name the new MTBM, with Jana chosen from a shortlist of 10.


    The name was inspired by 13-year-old Coogee resident Jana Edmondson, who has cerebral palsy. Her dad Paul said one of Jana's favourite activities was to catch the train to Perth, and that she loved interacting with other passengers on the trip.


    The 3.5m long, 27,000kg MTBM Jana will drill twin 100m tunnels under the existing freight rail corridor near the Ranford Road Bridge, which will enable Water Corporation's Serpentine Trunk Main to be relocated.


    It will be operated by Australian-based tunnel-boring specialist Rob Carr, with the work expected to take place through August and September.


    TBMs are traditionally given female names for good luck in honour of the patron saint of underground workers, Saint Barbara, who is believed to bring success to the project.


    Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:


    "We received more than 1,300 entries on our competition to name our newest mini TBM.


    "I'm very pleased to announce we have chosen the name "Jana" in honour of Jana Edmondson from Coogee, who loves catching the train.


    "Our newest TBM will soon be busily getting to work on the METRONET Thornlie-Cockburn Link."


    Comments attributed to Jana's father Paul Edmondson:


    "This is a great honour for Jana and she's really excited - we're all really chuffed.


    "We regularly go into Perth for a day trip and she just loves catching the train, loves watching people and smiling at them.


    "She's got that charismatic smile and not a day goes by that people don't comment on her smiles.


    "Jana is such a special little girl. People just love her when they meet her."


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