Hon Roger Cook BA GradDipBus MBA MLA

Hon Roger Cook BA GradDipBus MBA MLA

Deputy Premier; Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade; Hydrogen Industry; Tourism; Science

    Survey highlights health workers’ passion and dedication to high-quality patient care

    26/08/2021 4:00 PM
    • Third 'Your Voice in Health' survey finds health staff are dedicated and passionate about providing high-quality patient care
    • Response rate of 45 per cent which is the highest since the annual staff survey initiative commenced
    • Engagement levels measuring staff effort and enthusiasm towards their work, reported at 62 per cent 

    Results from the third annual Minister for Health 'Your Voice in Health' Staff Survey has highlighted the ongoing commitment from staff across the system to delivering high-quality patient care.


    The annual 'Your Voice in Health' survey provides valuable baseline data about employee engagement and workplace culture to drive system-wide staff engagement programs.


    The 2021 survey achieved a significant response rate of 45 per cent. This is the highest staff survey response rate achieved since the initiative was launched in 2019 and provides a credible reflection of staff perceptions throughout the system.


    The survey found that Western Australian health staff:

    • remain committed to delivering high quality patient care;
    • are collaborative in their approach to care delivery;
    • continue to embrace innovation and look for new ways to improve service delivery;
    • are supportive of each other in their teams;
    • encourage and support diversity in the workplace. 

    The Employee Engagement Index, which measures employees' engagement with their jobs, or day-to-day work, was 62 per cent this year. That is down from 66 per cent reported last year. This is back to levels identified in the inaugural 'Your Voice in Health' survey conducted in 2019.


    Responses identified as opportunities for improvement were in the areas of workplace culture, employee wellbeing and ability to meet future challenges. The responses from the survey will help shape action planning to address these focus areas and drive sustainable improvements.


    The next 'Your Voice in Health' survey is scheduled for March 2022.


    Comments attributed to Health Minister Roger Cook:


    "This year has been a challenging time for staff across the system and I am grateful that so many have provided constructive feedback to help us find ways to improve employee engagement.


    "Our staff are our most precious asset and this Government is looking forward to working with staff to improve workplace culture and employee wellbeing so we can work together to meet future challenges.


    "These results clearly reflect a workforce that is committed and prepared to support organisational goals.


    "A highly engaged workforce is critical to ensure the outcomes of the Sustainable Health Review can be successfully achieved for the WA health system."


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