Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and the Digital Economy; Medical Research; Volunteering

    Mental Health Commission awarded for outstanding campaigns

    7/05/2021 8:00 AM
    • Mental Health Commission named Advertiser of the Year 2020
    • Evidence-based campaigns provided public education during the pandemic to reduce drug harms
    • Campaigns focused on alcohol, young people and mental health 

    The Mental Health Commission has been named Advertiser of the Year 2020 at the 30th Campaign Brief Awards, recognising the success of its Think Mental Health, Alcohol.Think Again and Drug Aware programs in 2020.


    The Commission's campaigns over the past year have supported the community to increase mental health and wellbeing, and reduce alcohol and other drug related harms.


    These included an in-house, fast-tracked Think Mental Health campaign which provided tips and strategies to maintain mental wellbeing through the COVID-19 pandemic, by being positive, connected, and active.


    The Commission's Alcohol.Think Again campaign targeting parents 'I Need You to Say No' was shortlisted as a finalist in multiple national awards in 2020, including the Australian Effectiveness Awards, with research finding that thousands of parents stopped providing their children with alcohol as a result of the campaign.


    The highly targeted Drug Aware 'Party Smarter' campaign launched in summer 2020 to motivate festival-goers to reduce their risk of drug-related harm and result in a safer community.


    Currently, the Commission is working to correct the common misperception that small amounts of alcohol are safe during pregnancy through the Alcohol.Think Again 'everything mum drinks, baby drinks' campaign, part of a broader Preventing FASD Project.


    Tips for parents to support their children with behavioural and emotional issues are also currently being delivered through an evidence-based Think Mental Health parenting campaign.


    The Commission's public education campaigns are delivered in partnership with the Cancer Council of WA. To find out more about the program visit: http://www.mhc.wa.gov.au/publiceducation 


    Comments attributed to Mental Health Minister Stephen Dawson:


    "Public awareness campaigns can be so effective to help reduce community harm. It's fantastic to see this great work being recognised.


    "By providing educational information to the community, the McGowan Government is empowering people to create healthier communities and reduce future impacts on communities across WA.


    "I encourage everyone to check out the websites at thinkmentalhealthwa.com.au, alcoholthinkagain.com.au and drugaware.com.au to make sure you are informed about your own body and mind and how you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and strong."


    Minister's office - 6552 5800