Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and the Digital Economy; Medical Research; Volunteering

    New NDIS worker screening takes effect

    1/02/2021 9:30 AM
    • New screening process for NDIS workers begins to rollout today
    • A nationally consistent tool to help NDIS providers keep people with disability safe from harm 
    • Replaces an array of screening processes used in States and Territories

    The nation-wide National Disability Insurance Scheme Worker Screening Check (NDIS Check) commences in all States and Territories today, along with the NDIS Worker Screening Database.


    The new screening process will help ensure that individuals seeking work with registered NDIS providers do not present an unacceptable risk of harm to people with disability.


    All new workers for registered NDIS providers in risk assessed roles will be required to apply for the NDIS Check. Transitional arrangements will be in place from February 1, 2021 to ensure most existing workers are not required to apply immediately.


    Stakeholder kits were disseminated in early December 2020 to over 1,500 organisations including registered NDIS providers, peak bodies, unions and advocacy groups. The kits included information about the transition arrangements from December 1, 2020; and who will require an NDIS Check.


    The NDIS Check is being phased in over a two-year period, to ensure registered providers have time to understand the new requirements and how they apply to their existing workers.


    The screening process will exclude people from working for registered NDIS providers in certain roles and reduce the potential for NDIS providers to employ those workers in those roles, if there is an unacceptable risk that those workers may cause harm to people with disability.


    The outcomes of the NDIS Check will be portable for workers across jurisdictions and across NDIS providers. 


    NDIS workers and providers are encouraged to visit the NDIS Check website (http://www.ndiswsu.wa.gov.au) to find out more and be aware of obligations before the worker screening process commences operation.


    The NDIS worker screening check exceeds the WA Labor Government's 'Clear Card' commitment to introduce pre-employment screening to workers providing direct care and supports to adults with disability.


    Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson


    "I am pleased to see a consistent national approach to worker screening processes for NDIS workers coming into place.


    "The NDIS Check will replace the array of screening arrangements operating in States and Territories by setting a single national standard and screening process for all NDIS workers delivering supports and services to people with disability for registered NDIS providers.


    "This will be a vital tool to ensure the protection of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.


    "Along with other regulatory and community provisions, NDIS Check will help to better support the dignity, safety, and wellbeing of NDIS participants."


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