Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Former Minister for Water; Forestry; Youth

    Curtin’s Binar Space Program takes off with McGowan Government investment

    29/01/2021 8:05 AM
    • McGowan Government invests $500,000 into Curtin University's Binar Space Program
    • Curtin Space Science and Technology Centre's Binar CubeSat is the first integrated satellite bus fully designed and built in Australia
    • Binar CubeSat is a new small satellite platform for putting payloads for Earth observation and communication into space at a reduced cost
    • McGowan Government has invested $5.75m over the last 18 months to support WA's space industry

    Curtin University's state-of-the-art Binar Space Program is set to take-off, with the announcement today by Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly, that the McGowan Government will invest $500,000 in the program.


    Curtin's Space Science and Technology Centre has developed the Binar CubeSat, the first integrated satellite bus to be fully designed and manufactured in Australia. The planned launch schedule for the Binar CubeSat will see it enter low earth orbit well in advance of the recently announced South Australian SASAT1 satellite.


    The first of its kind in Australia, the Binar CubeSat will unlock greater payload space for our space industry when it's launched to low earth orbit later this year. Using cost-effective manufacturing, it will provide an accessible sovereign platform, enabling easy access to space for students, researchers and industry.


    The satellite can be used for a range of applications such as remote sensing, imaging, communications and defence, and represents a lower barrier of entry for Western Australian start-ups to develop and test their technology in space.


    The funding will be used by Curtin University to employ two senior engineers to support and de-risk the scheduled launch of five Binar CubeSats in 2021 and 2022.


    In partnership with Tokyo-based start-up Space BD Inc, Curtin University will release WA's first spacecraft from the International Space Station into low earth orbit in late 2021.


    If all five launches are successful, they will be Australia's first home grown constellation of satellites in space. At this point, the Binar CubeSat will become the most validated and flight proven Australian spacecraft, and will position WA as the national leader in the development and operation of active spacecraft.


    Funding will also support the delivery of a dedicated Binar Cubesat STEM and outreach program which will see technology developed by students flown and operated in space.


    The WA Government has committed over $5.75 million over the last 18 months to enhance the capability and capacity of WA's space sector. The Binar Space Program will support the activities and the WA Government's investment in the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth entity and the Australian Space Automation, AI and Robotics Control Complex headquartered in WA.


    Comments attributed to Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly:


    "This new funding will support Curtin University's mission to launch five Binar CubeSats to space, and cement WA's position as the nation's leader in the development and operation of CubeSats in space.


    "The McGowan Government has ensured STEM outreach as part of the funding to provide WA schools the opportunity to be involved in the program, and inspire the next generation of students to pursue a career in the space industry.


    "The Binar CubeSat technology is set to become Australia's most validated spacecraft, boosting WA's burgeoning space industry."


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