Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Premier; Treasurer; Minister for Public Sector Management; Federal-State Relations

    Premier outlines plan for Collie’s Just Transition

    9/12/2020 10:00 AM
    • New plan to support Collie's transition away from emissions-intensive industries
    • Huge take-up of renewable energy sees dependence on coal decline
    • Just Transition plan supports workers and community during this process
    • State Government will work with community to manage impacts
    • McGowan Government has made unprecedented investment in Collie to diversify the local economy and secure town's future 

    The McGowan Government has announced its 'Just Transition' plan for Collie, a new framework to support workers and the wider community as the town transitions away from emissions-intensive industries. 


    The plan has been developed in consultation with industry, community, union and government stakeholders, through the Just Transition Working Group, and is the next step in what is recognised will be a 10 to 15-year transition process for Collie.


    It will ensure that the needs of impacted workers and the wider community are at the forefront of the process, and recognises that early action on a Just Transition can minimise the negative impacts and maximise positive opportunities.


    As part of the plan, the Just Transition Working Group has developed a group of principles endorsed by the State Government to guide transition efforts:       

    • encourage sound investments in low emission and job-rich sectors and technologies that attract and maintain local employment opportunities;
    • recognise, promote and celebrate the history, cultural heritage and invaluable contribution the town of Collie and associated coal and power generation industries have made and continue to make to the State of Western Australia;
    • respect the rights of those affected by transition to be treated with justice and dignity;
    • ensure all consultation and negotiations are honest, open and transparent and work towards achieving consensus on goals, timelines and pathways;
    • recognise that 'we're all in this together', and thus share the challenges and opportunities transition brings - the objective is to see that no-one is left behind;
    • strive to ensure that all those affected by transition are given comprehensive information, opportunity and choice to retrain, reskill/upskill or take an alternative pathway within a reasonable timeframe;
    • organise local, long-term economic diversification plans that support worthwhile occupations and foster continuous improvement in local living standards for current and future generations; and
    • provide policy, social support and linkages to community and government services for the benefit of all those affected by transition. 

    While individual companies will retain responsibility for supporting workers, there will be a role for the State Government in supporting the broader community and local economy, and co-ordinating regional opportunities.  


    Over the past four years, the McGowan Government has made an unprecedented investment in Collie to diversify the local economy and secure the town's future. The investment includes:

    • $60 million for the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund, including:
      • $10 million for adventure bike trails around Collie;
      • $13.4 million for the Koolinup Emergency Services Centre in Collie including an Incident Control Centre, Emergency Driver Training School and regional fleet maintenance;
      • $1.5 million 'mural trail' project - Wellington Dam's huge 367m x 34m wall face will provide the canvas for the mural, with a series of smaller murals painted by WA and South-West artists as part of a 'mural trail';
      • $4.5 million for tourism-readiness projects in Collie;
      • $2.5 million for Frontline Fire & Rescue Equipment to establish an emergency vehicle manufacturing facility in Collie; and
      • $300,000 to move DMIRS' regional licensing processing centre to Collie
    • $18 million for the Collie Futures Fund, including:
      • $1 million for remediation works to bring the Collie Roundhouse to a lease-ready state; and
      • $2.8 million to support establishment of the WesTrac Technology Training Centre. 

    For more information on the Just Transition plan, visit https://www.wa.gov.au


    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "My Government is absolutely committed to supporting Collie through this crucial phase in the town's history.


    "Collie has been integral to the State's economy and energy landscape for decades, and the town has a proud history of powering Western Australia. 


    "As WA's energy system shifts from traditional generation to increased reliance on renewable energy and storage, our dependence on coal will naturally decline.


    "The Just Transition plan is all about managing the impact this change will have on the local workforce, and the wider community.


    "Energy transition is taking place all over the world. Economies are shifting towards new energy sources, changing the economic and employment landscape of communities that have previously sustained the energy sectors. 


    "The State Government commends Collie for taking these steps and is committed to working with the community, workers and industry to deliver a Just Transition, and to create a strong future as the world shifts away from a dependence on coal and coal-fired energy production."


    Comments attributed to Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray:


    "This is a plan that has been developed in conjunction with the community with the best interests of the community's future at heart.


    "I'm proud to be part of a Labor Government which has backed up its support of Collie by taking clear action on the ground to help develop a diversified economy.


    "We haven't shied away from the fact that Collie's main industries are facing major challenges and as a State Government we have been on the front foot in order to facilitate action whilst supporting the creation of a longer-term plan.


    "Thank you to all those members of the community that have taken part in the development plan and I look forward to seeing it produce results."


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