Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and the Digital Economy; Medical Research; Volunteering

    New initiatives target improved waste behaviours

    31/08/2020 9:00 AM
    • Western Australians asked to 'Be a GREAT sort' to reduce landfill
    • Kings Park introduces Public Place Recycling initiative 

    A campaign to encourage people to correctly sort their waste and unwanted items has been launched in an effort to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill in Western Australia.


    There are simple ways to do better than the landfill bin, and the WasteSorted campaign will assist WA households to change their behaviour and help improve the recovery of recyclable materials.


    The campaign encourages all of us to 'Be a GREAT sort' and adopt simple steps in the home or at the shops:

    • Gifting (donating, selling or giving away clothing, toys and household goods)
    • Recycling (the 'five': cans, paper, glass, cardboard and plastic)
    • Earth-cycling (food scraps and garden waste into home compost or into FOGO bins)
    • Avoiding (excess packaging, disposables such as coffee cups, and wasted food)
    • Taking to drop-off (special waste such as batteries, chemicals, paint and e-waste). 

    Waste is a problem we can solve and implementing these five easy actions will improve recycling, find another purpose for unwanted items and protect the environment.


    The WA community will see the WasteSorted campaign on traditional and social media from the beginning of September.


    The WasteSorted campaign was announced on the launch day of the Kings Park Festival, which also acknowledges the introduction of Kings Park's Public Place Recycling initiative.


    A $250,000 grant from the Waste Authority has been used to introduce recycling bins in Kings Park and Bold Park.


    The new recycling bins, which now make up 42 per cent of bins in the parks, are located in key visitor areas across both parks, including all Kings Park barbecue and parkland areas, at food and beverage outlets and in several car parks.


    Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:


    "Individuals can have a very positive impact on reducing what goes into landfill. We are looking to help households think about how to sort their waste and to think about landfill as being the last resort.


    "This WasteSorted campaign is a response to both the call from the community, and the recycling industry to provide simple, clear messages about how to best deal with our household waste and what each of us can do to help improve our recycling outcomes.


    "The GREAT messaging is a simple way to think about alternatives to landfill and once incorporated into our daily lives, these changes will become second nature, resulting in a long-term positive impact on the environment.


    "Most of us are engaged in doing the right thing when it comes to sorting waste and our simple actions will make a big difference."


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