Hon Bill Johnston MLA

Hon Bill Johnston MLA

Former Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Corrective Services; Industrial Relations

    Western Australian research could unlock new gold regions

    28/05/2020 7:00 AM
    • WA research supports future mineral exploration in the Yilgarn province    
    • Understanding chemical patterns formed in ancient rocks could unlock new gold deposits

    The State Government, through the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia, and CSIRO have produced new understanding of mineralisation in the Yilgarn province 400km east of Perth.


    The researchers demonstrated that the formation of ancient 2.5 billion year old gold deposits produced distinctive chemical signatures in the surrounding rocks.


    Looking for these distinctive patterns will now make it faster and more efficient for exploration companies to identify potential new deposits.


    With application globally, this research reinforces WA's position as a leader in minerals research and exploration technologies. 


    Comments attributed to Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston:


    "The discovery of these chemical signatures could greatly assist exploration in the eastern Yilgarn which, despite sharing its geology with the Eastern Goldfields, has produced fewer gold discoveries than expected.


    "This research will help reduce the risk in targeting ore bodies buried beneath the surface, that conventional exploration has failed to identify, and will encourage investment in under-explored areas in our State.


    "By investing in MRIWA research, the McGowan Government is supporting the mineral exploration industry with the tools and insights needed to find the next generation of gold deposits."


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