Hon Ben Wyatt LLB MSc MLA

Hon Ben Wyatt LLB MSc MLA

Former Treasurer; Minister for Finance; Aboriginal Affairs; Lands

    Government builds on first year of innovative policy

    16/03/2020 12:00 AM
    • In first year of Market-led Proposals (MLP) policy 27 submissions received
    • MLP policy aims to unlock private sector proposals that offer unique opportunities to the State Government
    • More than half of the submissions have progressed to the next stage
    • Seven key Policy enhancements implemented for year two

    The McGowan Government has built on the first year of its Market-led Proposals (MLP) policy, by implementing seven key enhancements based on market evidence and feedback.


    MLPs are proposals from the private or not-for-profit sector to build or finance infrastructure, or provide goods or services where the State Government has not requested the proposal.


    Launched in April 2019, the MLP policy was established to unlock unsolicited proposals from the private sector that offer the State Government innovative solutions and opportunities.


    The first year of the policy has seen 27 proposals received from more than ten different industries.  


    The policy was designed on the principle of continuous improvement and included a first anniversary review. Based on industry feedback seven key updates are now in effect for the second year of the policy.   


    These include:

    • providing clearer guidance on the justification for exclusive negotiations;
    • introducing a first mover advantage to provide incentives and reward good ideas;
    • streamlining processes by reducing the total number of stages from four to three;
    • committing to stage 1 completion within 99 business days;
    • communicating earlier advice for proposals that do not meet the scope of the Policy or State Government priorities;
    • making a clearer link to State Government priorities; and
    • updating terms and conditions to reinforce probity.

    These policy updates will not disadvantage any proposals currently under consideration. The State Government continues to welcome feedback from industry and further policy updates will be considered on an annual basis.


    Since the Policy was implemented, more than half of the submissions have successfully progressed through the pre-qualification process. A further three submissions have been referred to other government processes for consideration.


    The remaining applications were either withdrawn or did not proceed beyond pre-qualification.


    A single-entry portal provides support to industry to press plans for Market-led Proposals.   


    Further information is available at https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-finance/market-led-proposals


    Comments attributed to Minister for Finance Ben Wyatt:


    "The MLP policy is designed to harness innovative ideas and create jobs.


    "We have monitored the first year of the Policy and based on market evidence and feedback from proponents - we have made a number of updates.


    "We have listened to industry and believe these Policy updates provide increased incentives for industry to present innovative proposals whilst maintaining the highest levels of probity. 


    "Processes have been streamlined to allow government to collaborate with industry and understand the value of their proposals in a more timely manner.


    "The opportunity for the State Government to work hand-in-hand with the private sector on innovative solutions will ultimately create jobs, strengthen the local economy and our collective capabilities."


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