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Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

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Hon Peter Tinley AM MLA

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    WA salmon boosts our economy and delivers great autumn fishing

    24/02/2020 4:00 PM
    • Recreational salmon fishing contributes $331 million annually to State economy
    • Study reveals how fishers' chase for salmon boosts regional economies
    • Study's release coincides with announcement of awesome autumn of salmon fishing 

    A study funded by the State Government through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) has revealed that anglers targeting Western Australia's abundant schools of migrating salmon contribute about $331 million to the State's economy each year.


    Premier Mark McGowan, Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley and Recfishwest CEO Andrew Rowland released the report today to coincide with the announcement of a series of salmon-related fishing events along the south-west and southern coast this autumn.


    Schools of migrating Australian salmon - not to be confused with the pink-fleshed Atlantic salmon - attract significant numbers of fishers to WA's South-West and Great Southern beaches.


    The RFIF-funded survey commissioned by Recfishwest revealed that fishers spent an average of $460 per trip and stayed an average of 3.5 days while enjoying the thrill of the salmon chase. 


    The study, the first of its kind to look at a specific species, sought to determine the economic value of recreational salmon fishing by assessing what fishers spent on goods and services such as fuel, bait, fishing gear, food, drinks, accommodation, camping gear and clothing.


    It found $75 million is spent each salmon run on underpinning local businesses, such as bait and tackle dealers, with a further $89 million generated for local tourism providers.  


    A previous RFIF survey has shown that WA's recreational fishers spend $2.4 billion annually on their sporting hobby.


    For more information about the activities planned for Recfishwest's awesome autumn of salmon, visit http://www.recfishwest.org.au


    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "West Aussies love fishing and this study shows just how important recreational fishers are to WA's economy - especially local economies in regional areas.


    "The study was made possible through the use of funding raised by the State Government's recreational fishing licences.


    "We can see the $331 million contributed annually by recreational salmon beach and boat fishers provide a big boost to local businesses and jobs throughout the Great Southern and South-West of WA.


    "It is also very encouraging to note that three out of every four salmon caught are released and provide future generations with the opportunity to enjoy this iconic Western Australian fishing experience."


    Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley:


    "WA has a long and vibrant history of fishing for the shared resource of Australian salmon with both recreational and commercial fishers taking advantage of the annual salmon migration.


    "Recfishers are able to chase and hook a fantastic sportfish on some of the world's best beaches - and given the health of our salmon stocks here in WA, we can catch more and bigger fish on average than anywhere else in Australia.


    "Whether you catch and release, keep your fish to share a meal with your family or just take some snaps with the kids as an experience to remember - it's all a wonderful and ingrained part of WA culture.


    "I encourage everyone to get involved with the upcoming autumn Salmon Spectacular."


    Comments attributed to Albany MLA Peter Watson:


    "Albany has some of the best fishing spots in all of Western Australia.


    "It's a popular pastime for locals and tourists alike and it's encouraging to see how much recfishing contributes to our local economy each year.


    "With a wide range of activities planned for the Recfishwest's awesome autumn of salmon, I'd encourage all residents to get involved and have fun."


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