Hon Ben Wyatt LLB MSc MLA

Hon Ben Wyatt LLB MSc MLA

Treasurer; Minister for Finance; Aboriginal Affairs; Lands

    Statement from the Treasurer of Western Australia

    25/02/2020 10:10 AM

    At the next State Election, I will have served four terms in the Western Australian Parliament over a 15-year period.


    Over the past 12 months, together with my family, I have been considering whether I continue in my role beyond the election as the Member for Victoria Park and Minister in the McGowan Labor Government.


    As some may already be aware, my family has experienced a personal health issue which prompted this consideration and the kind of future I want to have with my family.


    While I do not intend to go into the finer details of these personal experiences, today I am announcing that in the interests of my family I have decided not to stand as a candidate at the 2021 election.


    I understand my announcement presents the Premier with a decision to make about my future in his Cabinet. I have discussed this at length with the Premier, and as a result of these discussions, I will be continuing in my ministerial roles until the next election.


    On this note, I want to thank Mark McGowan for his unwavering support, his friendship and for the job he has done as leader of the WA Labor Party and Premier of Western Australia.


    I know that when I leave my role, I am leaving the State of Western Australia in good hands.


    Mark has been the best Premier a Treasurer could dream of. His leadership brought WA Labor back to a Party of Government and he leads a team that has WA heading in the right direction.


    Professionally, being the Member for Victoria Park and a Minister in the McGowan Labor Government has been an incredible experience. I doubt I will ever have a job as diverse, challenging and satisfying as the role I have had as Treasurer of the State.


    Last year I delivered my third Budget and over the course of the year, as the Landgate partial commercialisation transaction was completed and the final results for the 2018-19 financial year were clear, it became apparent to me that I had achieved the most important outcome that had been set for me at the 2017 election.


    That is, to return the economy to growth and to restore the finances to health.  Both of these have now been achieved.


    Western Australia is now in surplus and we are the only State Government in Australia that is reducing debt.


    Personally, I want to be able to consider other options with my family. My children are of an age that leaves me with a short time to relish new experiences with them, while they still want to hang out with me and before they reach senior levels of high school.


    I want to thank the community of Victoria Park for the support they have given me since my election in 2006.


    I also want to thank my colleagues and the WA Labor Party, for their advice, their support and for allowing me to have the privilege of being Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs of this great State.


    This decision has not been easy, but I hope, for the reasons I have outlined, it is a decision that can be understood.


    Moving forward, I have a job to finish. The Budget process for 2020-21 has begun and I look forward to handing down my final Budget in May.


    Beyond that and beyond the next election, with Mark McGowan as Premier, I am extremely confident this State Government will continue its positive work for the people of Western Australia.


    Treasurer's office - 6552 5900