Hon David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA

Hon David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA

Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage

    City of Perth elections will take place in October

    30/01/2020 1:00 PM
    • Extension granted to the City of Perth Inquiry to allow for procedural fairness
    • Final report expected by April 30, 2020
    • Extending the inquiry into the council beyond two years means elections are needed for a full new council 

    Local Government Minister David Templeman today announced that elections for a new council at the City of Perth will be held on October 17, 2020.


    The requirement to dissolve the current suspended council is now in effect due to an extension to the inquiry panel that will see the timeframe for the council's suspension extend beyond two years - the maximum period of suspension under the Local Government Act.


    The Minister has approved the extension at the request of the inquirer due to the depth and breadth of issues under consideration and to allow for procedural fairness.


    Local government elections in October 2019 resulted in five of the suspended City of Perth councillors vacating their positions because they were not eligible to nominate while under suspension.


    The remaining four councillors, even if reinstated after the maximum two-year suspension period, cannot form a quorum. These circumstances require their positions to be vacated, necessitating a new election.


    Comments attributed to Local Government Minister David Templeman:


    "Since its appointment on April 24, 2018, the Inquiry into the City of Perth has rightly been extensive as it has undertaken 40 public hearings as well as close to 100 private hearings.


    "The depth and breadth of the findings, as well as the requirement for procedural fairness, has resulted in further time needed to finalise the report.


    "It is my intention to hold new elections for the City of Perth council on October 17, 2020, which will see the electoral cycle align with the general local government election cycle."


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