Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Minister for Transport; Planning

    McGowan Government secures Federal funds for Lakelands Station

    20/11/2019 11:20 AM
    • Commonwealth agrees to fund 80 per cent of Lakelands Station construction
    • Works will lead to approximately 200 jobs over the life of the project
    • Construction on $80 million project to start in 2021
    • State Government remains committed to building Karnup Station  

    The Federal Government has agreed to pay for 80 per cent of the construction cost for Lakelands Station, allowing construction to proceed. 


    The new funding arrangement between the State and Federal governments means Lakelands will be the next METRONET station built on the Mandurah Line.


    Lakelands Station will take pressure off Mandurah Station, and reduce travel distances for local residents to access the rail line. The existing Mandurah and Warnbro stations are 23 kilometres apart, with Lakelands to be built between them (north of Mandurah Station).


    Construction of Lakelands Station is planned to start in early 2021. Initial modelling predicts the new station, to be built with access off Lake Valley Drive, will have 2,300 daily boardings when the station opens in 2023, increasing to 3,500 in 2031.


    It will be built on land specially set aside during construction of the Mandurah Line and will include platforms and rail infrastructure over the existing lines, park and ride, kiss and ride and disability parking bays, a bus interchange and lockable cycling storage.


    The Federal Government had previously made a number of smaller funding commitments to Lakelands Station that still fell short of 50 per cent of the funds required to build the project. It also refused to contribute towards Karnup Station on the Mandurah Line.


    This was despite other projects across the country receiving project contributions between 80 and 100 per cent of the total cost.


    At the time Transport Minister Rita Saffioti, along with local member Mandurah MLA David Templeman, called for at least 80 per cent of the required funds.


    The McGowan Government remains committed to building a new station at Karnup, with a full business case for the station and surrounding residential development to continue.


    Initial planning shows that some private land and residential property acquisitions will be required to build Lakelands Station. Further detail on acquisitions will be finalised as detailed planning progresses. 


    Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:


    "Lakelands Station will be a good addition to the Mandurah Line and METRONET, making it easier for more people to access public transport.


    "This railway line goes past the doorsteps of many residents of the City of Mandurah's northern suburbs, but it's not always convenient for them to access a train station.


    "Through METRONET we are building new infrastructure - such as this new station and the new multistorey car park at Mandurah Station - that makes public transport a more desirable travel option.


    "Leveraging the significant Federal Government funding commitment to build a station at Lakelands provides the best value for money for the taxpayer."


    Comments attributed to Mandurah MLA David Templeman:


    "My electorate and I have worked hard to be heard and to call on the Federal Government to deliver a fair share for the construction of Lakelands Station.


    "I am proud we have been successful and we can now work towards getting the project to its construction phase in early 2021.


    "Passenger numbers on the Mandurah Line continue to grow and the new train station, along with Mandurah Station's multistorey car park, will help make the most of the Labor-built train line."


    Comments attributed to Murray-Wellington MLA Robyn Clarke:


    "Many residents in my electorate commute daily on the Mandurah Line and a second station before Warnbro offers another way of accessing the train line.


    "For some commuters, it will mean a quick trip down Forrest Highway straight to Lakelands Station where they can then connect to the wider metro area.


    "I'm pleased the McGowan Government has secured the funding to get on with building this important piece of infrastructure."


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