Hon Sue Ellery BA MLC

Hon Sue Ellery BA MLC

Minister for Finance; Commerce; Women's Interests

Hon Michelle Roberts BA DipEd MLA

Hon Michelle Roberts BA DipEd MLA

Former Minister for Police; Road Safety

    Education and Police team up to tackle violence

    9/10/2019 9:30 AM
    • New initiative between WA Police Force and Department of Education to help address violence in schools
    • Education Officer to be placed at WA Police Force State Operations Command Centre to work with Police on matters of mutual concern
    • Other roles to boost work on action plan against violence in schools 

    A new initiative between the Department of Education and the Western Australian Police Force will strengthen communication between the two agencies as staff respond to an increasing number of complex societal issues confronting Western Australian public schools.


    For the first time, an Education Officer will be placed at the WA Police Force State Operations Command Centre, providing a link between schools and police to address issues including school-related violence and safety matters, and provide support in response to serious incidents.


    Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery and Police Minister Michelle Roberts were at the WA Police Force State Operations Command Centre today where the education officer will work.


    The new role will help streamline information and communication sharing so schools can continue to operate safely. The initiative builds on the work being done in schools in response to the McGowan Government's action plan against violence in public schools.


    Additional new positions to support the plan include a Police Education Liaison Officer - a Police Sergeant who will work at the Department to provide advice and guidance on policy and procedure to help schools manage incidents of violence and emergencies, and an Education Officer at the Children's Court - that will help boost support for young offenders returning to school.


    Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery:


    "These new positions are vital in supporting school staff when they are faced with highly complex issues so they can continue to do their jobs of educating students effectively.


    "Most of the time our schools are safe learning environments, however there are occasions when community and social complexities are brought on to school grounds and it is important we have the strongest processes in place with Police so these can be addressed immediately.


    "The Government's 10-point action plan provides clear guidelines to help staff manage incidents at a school level but I want them to have maximum support.


    "These roles will help that occur."


    Comments attributed to Police Minister Michelle Roberts:


    "It is essential that our schools are safe places for students and staff.


    "Unfortunately this is not always the case and these measures will ensure a proper and timely police response if it is required.


    "This initiative is part of a wider approach by the WA Police Force to engage as many relevant Government agencies as possible at the State Operations Command Centre.


    "This will result in better access to real time information and therefore an overall better co-ordination of police activity and response to any incidents."


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