Hon David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA

Hon David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA

Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage

    Commissioner appointed to administer Town of Port Hedland

    9/07/2019 12:30 PM
    • Commissioner appointed to run the affairs of the Town of Port Hedland
    • Council suspended following numerous complaints and concerns since early 2018
    • Show Cause Notice issued to the Town in late May 

    Local Government Minister David Templeman has suspended the Council of the Town of Port Hedland and appointed a commissioner to administer the Town.


    The move follows numerous and ongoing complaints and concerns about the council over the past 18 months.


    The Hon Fredrick Riebeling has been appointed commissioner for a period of six months. Mr Riebeling is a councillor with the City of Mandurah, a former president of the Shire of Roebourne, and a former long-time member of the Parliament of Western Australia representing the North-West.


    On May 31, 2019, Mr Templeman issued a Show Cause Notice under section 8.15B of the Local Government Act 1995, requiring the Town of Port Hedland to demonstrate within 21 days why its council should not be suspended.


    Comments attributed to Local Government Minister David Templeman:


    "It is with regret I have had to step in as Minister to suspend the council and appoint a commissioner due to significant complaints and concerns over the past 18 months.


    "Despite the appointment of a mentor last year and the assistance of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, these matters have not been resolved.


    "Following the issuing of the Show Cause Notice, I believe the Town has not provided any compelling reasons or justification that allay concerns about the council's future capacity to govern.


    "Ratepayers and residents of the Town of Port Hedland are entitled to expect that their elected members will provide leadership for the community and effectively manage and control operations in the Town."


    Minister's office - 6552 5400