Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Premier; Treasurer; Minister for Public Sector Management; Federal-State Relations

    Changes to WAIPS will further maximise opportunities for WA businesses

    23/07/2019 10:00 AM
    • Premier releases updates to further streamline Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS)
    • WAIPS ensures government spending creates opportunities for local businesses and WA workers 
    • Since the introduction of WAIPS and the WA Jobs Act, an estimated 10,000 jobs and 400 apprenticeships and traineeships have been supported through the strategy
    • McGowan Government's number one priority is creating local jobs for Western Australians

    New enhancements to the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy will result in more opportunities for local businesses and more jobs for Western Australians.


    WAIPS became fully operational in October 2018 and aims to provide local businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to access and perform State Government supply contracts.


    It is a key component of the McGowan Government's WA Jobs Law, which sets out the Government's commitment to ensure the $27 billion spent annually on State Government procurement, maximises opportunities for local businesses and creates more jobs for Western Australians.


    WAIPS 2019 is the first update of the strategy since its launch, in line with the Government's commitment to continually improve WAIPS through ongoing consultation with stakeholders.


    Through these ongoing communications, some key objectives have been added to WAIPS which include:

    • Establishment of a panel of auditors - this will confirm agencies' adherence to the WA Jobs Act and WAIPS and to verify suppliers' reports on participation plan commitments;
    • Development of guidelines covering panel contract arrangements - the application of WAIPS has revealed the significance of this form of procurement, within the government market, and issues of establishment and operation that require resolution;
    • Updates to the participation plan documentation - these are designed to streamline procedure for both agencies and suppliers while also clarifying information required; and
    • Closer alignment of local government procurement practice to WAIPS principles - a number of local government associations have already acted to adopt relevant aspects of WAIPS to encourage local sourcing, and support will be offered to maintain and increase this trend.

    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "WAIPS is a key component of the WA Jobs Act and helps to deliver on my Government's expectation that opportunities for WA businesses must be maximised when it comes to delivering government goods and services.


    "As a Government, we are always looking to consult on our policies and make improvements where necessary. These additions to WAIPS will simplify processes, enhance accountability measures, create better outcomes for WA businesses and lead to more local jobs. 


    "Under WAIPS, prospective suppliers are required to submit participation plans which outlines their commitments to employment and involving local businesses in supply opportunities.


    "The implementation of WAIPS began in March 2018 and since then the Government has received 48 participation plans from government projects around the State.


    "In addition, an average of 90 per cent local (WA) content has been estimated in the participation plans received. The WA Jobs Act and WAIPS have so far supported an estimated 10,000 jobs for Western Australians and around 400 local apprenticeships and traineeships.


    "These outcomes will accelerate markedly as key METRONET projects get underway later this year." 


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