Hon Bill Johnston MLA

Hon Bill Johnston MLA

Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Industrial Relations

    State Government puts forward responsible offer to WA Police Union

    11/06/2019 3:45 PM
    • Annual pay rise for WA Police officers in line with public sector wages policy
    • If accepted, the $1,000 annual pay rise will ensure WA Police are amongst the highest paid in the country
    • Salaries remain frozen for Members of Parliament, Judges and senior public servants 

    The McGowan Government has formally presented a new pay offer for WA Police officers that will ensure they are amongst the best paid in the country.


    The $1,000 annual pay rise for the next two years is in line with the Public Sector Wages Policy released in 2017 for all public sector employees including teachers, nurses and general staff.


    WA Police currently enjoy generous leave and entitlements, including six weeks annual leave, 168 days of paid sick leave every year and payment of a wide-range of non-work related medical and pharmaceutical costs.


    If the offer is accepted, WA Police officers will continue to be paid for a 40-hour week. This includes paid meal breaks, meaning 37 hours is typically worked.


    The new pay offer follows the introduction of major reforms by the McGowan Government to ensure officers are properly cared for, including $16 million for a nation-first Police Redress Scheme for medically retired officers who have already left the force and amendments to the law so that officers forced to retire on medical grounds, can do so with dignity.


    A further $32 million has been set aside to provide lump sum payments for police officers who suffer permanent impairment from an on-the-job injury.


    The McGowan Government has increased the WA Police Force budget by $597 million and is committed to protecting and resourcing our police officers to the highest levels.


    Under the offer, the table below sets out the percentage and new salary for an entry level officer for each rank in the WA Police Force:


    Rank (entry level)Current salaryPercentage increaseNew salary
    Senior Constable$92,8821.08%$93,882
    Senior Sergeant$115,2860.87%$116,286


    Comments attributed to Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston:


    "The McGowan Government respects and supports the outstanding job our police officers do to protect and serve the WA community.


    "We want to continue to reward our police and this offer will keep them amongst the best paid in the country.


    "Our police do an outstanding job in difficult circumstances and I thank them for that.


    "The $1,000 offer, which is in line with the public sector wages policy, is fair and reasonable."


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