Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Premier; Treasurer; Minister for Public Sector Management; Federal-State Relations

Hon Michelle Roberts BA DipEd MLA

Hon Michelle Roberts BA DipEd MLA

Former Minister for Police; Road Safety

    McGowan Government strengthens counter terrorism measures

    25/06/2019 12:45 PM
    • McGowan Government to give police increased powers to detain terror suspects without charge
    • New counter terrorism laws to keep Western Australians safe
    • Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Amendment Bill 2019 

    The McGowan Government is strengthening laws to give police greater powers to detain terrorism suspects.


    New amendments to be introduced into State Parliament today, expand the circumstances in which police can detain terror suspects without charge for up to two weeks.


    Previously a terrorist act had to be imminent for police to be able to apply for a preventative detention order.


    Under the proposed amendments, police would only have to reasonably suspect a terrorist act is capable of being carried out and could occur in the next 14 days.


    The new Bill would permit police to use a preventative detention order in a case where they are unable to positively identify the name of a suspect.


    The move to enhance the pre-charge detention regime is in line with an agreement made with national, State and Territory leaders at a Special Council of Australian Governments meeting in October 2017.


    It follows tough counter terrorism laws which passed Parliament in June 2018, authorising Western Australian police officers to use lethal force when responding to a terrorism incident.


    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "My Government is committed to doing everything we can to keep our community safe from those who would do us harm.


    "These new measures ensure police have the ability to properly investigate terror plots, while at the same time frustrating the plotters themselves."


    Comments attributed to Police Minister Michelle Roberts:


    "It's always necessary to find a balance between security and civil liberties.


    "These measures ensure our police can act, but only if they are satisfied and a judge is satisfied that there is a foreseeable danger to the community."


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