Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Minister for Environment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs

    Hefty fines for illegal dumping and littering

    19/06/2019 3:30 PM
    • ​$16,000 in fines for dumping and littering offences
    • Convictions should serve as a warning

    Four men have been fined a total of $16,000 for separate illegal dumping and littering offences in a known hotspot north-east of Perth.


    Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said the fines should act as a serious warning that offenders will face significant penalties.


    The men were convicted in Joondalup Magistrates Court earlier this month for offences in  State Forest in Jandabup.


    Covert surveillance was used to capture Aaron Lewis Jones, Jai Coughlan, Laken Te Whaiora Mitchell and Adam Graham Vardy each driving on separate occasions last year with vehicles loaded with waste. 


    On each occasion, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation inspectors discovered the waste discarded at the site in Jandabup.


    Aaron Lewis Jones was fined $6,000, Jai Coughlan $8,000 with Laken Te Whaiora Mitchell and Adam Graham Vardy fined $1,000 each.


    Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:


    "The use of cameras and surveillance are just two of the tools used to protect our environment against illegal dumping, and these convictions and fines should serve as a warning.


    "People illegally dumping may think they are saving money, however, it will ultimately cost them a lot more when they are caught and convicted by the courts.


    "These fines send a strong message that offenders will not get away with it lightly.


    "Waste has the potential to cause health hazards and environmental harm, and should be disposed of appropriately."


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