Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC

Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC

Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Ports; Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade

    Fairer pest rates for Carnarvon

    16/01/2019 9:00 AM
    • Industry comment invited on revised declared pest rates for 2018-19 following local consultation
    • Government reduces cost to growers 

    The State Government has proposed a revised declared pest rate for Carnarvon that is fairer for growers while continuing the fight to eradicate Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) from the horticultural district.


    Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan held a growers' forum last month amid concerns that contributions had increased and were not equitably spread across all horticultural businesses. As a result, a new rate has been proposed for 2018-19.


    Under the new rating model for 2018-19, the State Government would reduce the total industry contribution by $75,000.


    A rate will apply to all properties currently engaged in commercial horticultural activities, based on the size of each property rather than the value of the property.


    The rate will also be extended to the 13 growers whose properties are not zoned rural freehold and who were not previously rated.


    This will broaden the base and see rates reduced for most growers. The State will cover the additional costs for the handful of growers with increased rates under the proposed model.


    In total, the State Government would provide $310,000 to fund local Medfly activities in 2018-19, while growers' contribution would be $160,000.


    Officers from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will meet with affected growers over the next month to ensure all growers have the opportunity to provide feedback or seek further information.


    Comment on the proposed rate is open until February 18, 2019 and submissions can be sent to dpr@dpird.wa.gov.au


    Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan:


    "From my discussions, it was evident we needed a fairer way of applying the declared pest rate - which this new proposed model provides.


    "Like the majority of growers, we remain strongly committed to the eradication of Medfly from Carnarvon and to the funding for this important work being shared by industry and the State Government.


    "The collective effort of growers and the community over the past three years is working. Medfly numbers are currently at a very low level in the production area, and we are well on the way to getting rid of this destructive pest.


    "Achieving Medfly-free status will increase the value of horticultural properties right across the district."


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