Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and ICT; Medical Research; Volunteering

    Funding to protect Perth riverbanks

    14/09/2018 2:45 PM
    • 14 projects to share $1 million in State Government funding during 2018-19
    • The Riverbank Program funds foreshore restoration projects that are designed to improve the health of the Swan and Canning rivers 

    The State Government is investing $1 million to enhance environmental, recreational and cultural values in the Swan Canning Riverpark.


    Under the 2018-19 Riverbank Program, riverside land managers, such as local governments, will match the State Government's contribution, equating to an overall $2 million investment in the Swan Canning Riverpark.


    Some examples of projects that will receive funding in 2018-19 include:

    • Replacement of the deteriorating river wall in Claisebrook Cove, East Perth;
    • Foreshore restoration at Freshwater Bay, which will include the construction of a rock headland and bank regrading and renourishment; and
    • Restoration of the embankment in front of Woodbridge House on the Upper Swan River to control weeds, reinstate native vegetation and stabilise the foreshore. 

    The Riverbank Program is administered by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Funding of grants is an annual, competitive process with an open expression of interest.


    Since 2002, more than $48.3 million has been invested in foreshore restoration projects at 266 Riverbank project sites.


    Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:


    "The Riverbank Program is continuing to improve Perth's riverbanks and shorelines by mitigating threats to environmental and recreational values.


    "Funding will go to important site work including ecological protection, weed control, revegetation, erosion control and foreshore stabilisation.


    "These restoration projects will improve the health and amenity of the Swan Canning Riverpark by enhancing the natural environment and increasing the public enjoyment of a number of foreshores and riverbanks."


    Minister's office - 6552 5800


    Successful project sites to receive Riverbank Program funding in 2018-19:


    Site Title/Location Partner Project Intent
    Point Resolution ForeshoreCity of NedlandsStabilisation and restoration of the Point Resolution Foreshore including erosion control, revegetation and weed control
    Canning and Southern rivers in the City of GosnellsCity of GosnellsEcological restoration including revegetation and weed control at various locations along the Canning and Southern rivers
    Canning River in the City of ArmadaleCity of ArmadaleEcological restoration including revegetation and weed control at various locations along the Canning River
    The Esplanade, Freshwater BayShire of Peppermint GroveConstruction of a headland and foreshore renourishment in Freshwater Bay
    Centenary Avenue, WilsonCity of CanningForeshore revegetation and weed control, Centenary Avenue
    Chidley Point ReserveTown of Mosman ParkEmbankment restoration including erosion control, revegetation and fencing
    Canning River Regional ParkRegional Parks UnitImproving the quality of foreshore vegetation including weed control and revegetation
    Point Roe ParkTown of Mosman ParkEmbankment stabilisation including erosion control and revegetation at Point Roe Park
    Claisebrook CoveCity of PerthRiver wall replacement
    Spring Road, ThornlieCity of GosnellsWeed control and revegetation
    Bateman Park Foreshore City of MelvilleWeed removal and foreshore stabilisation
    Woodbridge House Foreshore, Woodbridge National Trust WAForeshore/embankment restoration works in front of Woodbridge House
    Apex Park (Rowing Clubs) Foreshore TBCForeshore stabilisation and enhancement
    Mount Henry SpitCity of South PerthRevegetation, weed control, renourishment and access control