Hon Mick Murray MLA

Hon Mick Murray MLA

Former Minister for Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering; Sport and Recreation

    Volunteer Service Awards honour WA’s longest serving contributors

    27/05/2018 6:00 AM
    • Volunteers honoured for giving at least 25 years' service to one organisation, as part of National Volunteer Week 2018 celebrations 

    A father and daughter who have volunteered a total of more than 50 years with an Aboriginal corporation are among those who will be recognised at today's (May 27) WA Volunteer Service Awards.


    Aboriginal elder Denis Hayward, 84, has volunteered for 25 years in different roles to support the organisation's business and improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal people. He continues to volunteer in areas of Aboriginal health and landcare.


    Mr Hayward's daughter Karan has also volunteered for 25 years. She works with a variety of groups to ensure cultural, social and economic outcomes are met including improving infrastructure, restoring natural ecosystems and providing a range of opportunities for indigenous people.


    Volunteering Minister Mick Murray will today present the awards to Western Australia's longest serving volunteers at one of two ceremonies at The Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough.


    Recipients include 94-year-old Joan Nock, who has volunteered for 58 years with the Red Cross in Tammin and later in Perth.


    More than 130 recipients will receive awards at today's ceremonies for either 25 to 49 years of service, or 50 years or more service, to one organisation. Others received awards from their organisations and by post.


    Comments attributed to Volunteering Minister Mick Murray:


    "Today we honour more than 300 Western Australian volunteers who have each selflessly given their time, energy and commitment to a variety of causes and passions for at least 25 years.


    "It is amazing that these volunteers have clocked up an outstanding 9,500 years of community service.


    "With National Volunteer Week 2018 coming to a close, the McGowan Government sincerely thanks WA's 600,000 volunteers who quietly go about their roles, week-in, week-out.


    "Volunteers are extraordinary people who make outstanding social, economic and cultural contributions to WA that are worth billions of dollars every year."


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