Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Minister for Transport; Planning

Hon Sue Ellery BA MLC

Hon Sue Ellery BA MLC

Minister for Education and Training

    Groundbreaking agreement next step for Subiaco Oval

    31/01/2018 3:00 PM
    • State Government and City of Subiaco to sign Memorandum of Understanding
    • Subiaco Oval playing surface to be retained for public access
    • Site works for school commence next month 

    An agreement between the McGowan Government and the City of Subiaco allows for future public access to Subiaco Oval and paves the way for master planning for the precinct.


    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two parties allows for the revocation of the Management Order over Subiaco Oval and Kitchener Park.


    Site works for the new Inner City College on Kitchener Park are due to commence next month.  


    The MOU confirms the retention of the Subiaco Oval playing surface and the inclusion of a 'green belt' to link Mueller Park to the Subiaco Oval playing surface.


    A shared user agreement will be developed to enable access to the oval for students, junior sport, the general public and the West Australian Football Commission. 


    A key focus of the future master planning for the precinct will be the inclusion of as much active recreation space as possible.


    Master planning will also address traffic, transport, access and parking arrangements, and heritage interpretation of the precinct.


    Comments attributed to Planning and Lands Minister Rita Saffioti:


    "There is enormous potential for this area of Subiaco and I look forward to seeing it develop into an inviting and vibrant place for students, families, residents and visitors to enjoy.


    "Both the State Government and the City of Subiaco are seeking to maximise the benefit of the new inner city high school and the retention of the Subiaco Oval playing surface.


    "The State Government will now take on management responsibility for the Subiaco Oval precinct, which will include school construction, future master planning, WAFC arrangements and the demolition of the grandstands.


    "Master planning will now begin, taking on board previous work undertaken by the City of Subiaco on the North Subiaco Structure Plan and its associated community consultation." 


    Comments attributed to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery:


    "Construction of Inner City College is expected to start in mid-2018. The school will open to Year 7 students in 2020, expanding to cater for Year 7 to 12 students in 2025.


    "The exciting design for the new school will provide active space for students and after-hours community access and use.


    "A key users' agreement for the oval will ensure access for the school, the City of Subiaco community and the WAFC.


    "There is a need to alleviate pressure on existing playing areas in the city and provide public open space for the community." 


    Comments attributed to City of Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor:


    "The redevelopment of Subiaco Oval and the surrounding area will be the most significant development our City has seen for some time.


    "The MOU demonstrates the constructive, co-operative relationship between the City of Subiaco and the owner of the project, the State Government. 


    "We're pleased to have been able to secure public access to Subiaco Oval.


    "We've said goodbye to elite football but gained a community oval and a new school. This is the first time in decades that Subiaco Oval will be opened up for public use.


    "Subiaco is excited to welcome the much-needed new school to the area. 


    "Signing the MOU means the State can get on with the next step of master planning for the area.


    "In working with the State Government to develop the master plan for the Subiaco Oval precinct we will continue to seek positive outcomes for our community, particularly in relation to the provision of publicly accessible active playing fields."


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