Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA

Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations

Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA

Minister for Water; Forestry; Innovation and ICT; Science; Youth

    Jobs boost for the Mid-West as Abrolhos aquaculture zone opens

    15/09/2017 1:50 PM
    • ​Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone open for business
    • Investment in the zone could create up to 1,400 jobs
    • Aquaculture zone has potential to produce up to 48,000 tonnes of finfish each year

    Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly today declared Western Australia's newest Aquaculture Development Zone is now open for business.


    Investment in the Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone is expected to create up to 1,400 jobs when all the fish farms are established.


    The zone is made up of two areas - a 2,200-hectare northern section, now open to investors, and an 800-hectare southern section, which is subject to an existing aquaculture licence.


    Fully developed, the aquaculture zone has the potential to produce up to 48,000 tonnes of temperate marine finfish annually, from species that occur naturally in the Mid-West region such as the popular yellowtail kingfish. 


    Details on how investors can apply to be part of the zone will be available from Monday, September 18 on the Fisheries website and assessment of applications will begin in eight weeks.


    The development zone areas will still be accessible to commercial and recreational fishing on the Abrolhos Islands.


    For more information, visit http://www.fish.wa.gov.au


    Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


    "This is an exciting project for the Mid-West that will create jobs for Western Australians.


    "Aquaculture is an emerging industry that has huge potential in this State. The McGowan Labor Government will continue to support industries that help to diversify the economy, and I look forward to seeing industries such as aquaculture flourish as part of our Plan for Jobs."


    Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly:


    "The McGowan Government is getting on with the job of broadening our economy and creating jobs through one of the world's fastest growing food production sectors - aquaculture.


    "Investment in the new Mid-West zone will help create up to 1,400 jobs in fish farms and additional jobs through Mid-West businesses that provide support services.


    "Western Australia's existing reputation for producing high-quality seafood for export from our sustainability managed wild-capture fisheries will position us well, as we continue to expand our State's aquaculture production to meet the fast-growing international demand.


    "WA's aquaculture development zones in the Kimberley and the Mid-West have undergone rigorous assessments to earn their environmental approvals. This makes it simpler, quicker and less costly for aquaculture operations to be set up."


    Comments attributed to Agricultural Region MLC Laurie Graham:


    "I am pleased to be part of the McGowan Labor Government which is investing in this industry, creating real jobs for local people.


    "This investment will also provide exciting opportunities for those studying aquaculture at the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute to be able to use their skills and expertise locally in the Mid-West."


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