Hon Michelle Roberts BA DipEd MLA

Hon Michelle Roberts BA DipEd MLA

Minister for Police; Road Safety

    Water Police celebrate 30 years at North Fremantle

    22/08/2017 3:00 PM
    • From tin demountable to high-tech incident and co-ordination centre 

    Police Minister Michelle Roberts today visited the nerve centre of the biggest water policing jurisdiction in the world.


    Western Australia's Water Police are this year celebrating three decades at their Harvest Road headquarters in North Fremantle.


    The base operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is equipped with a high-tech incident centre from which marine-based emergencies can be co-ordinated.


    Prior to moving into its current base in 1987, the Water Police operated out of a tin demountable at Mews Road.


    The Harvest Road headquarters provide operational support to metropolitan and regional WA and oversee the policing of 13,000 kilometres of coastline.


    Water Police responded to more than 60 major search and rescue incidents last year.


    Comments attributed to Police Minister Michelle Roberts:


    "I want to thank the officers from the Water Police and marine rescue volunteers across Western Australia for the fine job they do in often difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances.


    "The increase in boating as a leisure activity in Western Australia has had a direct impact on the number of jobs the Water Police respond to.


    "It's never too early to prepare, so before the weather begins to improve, now is a good time for Western Australians to check the condition of their boats and safety gear.


    "Simple measures like ensuring EPIRBs, marine radios, flares and life jackets are in good working order, could save your life or the life of a loved one."


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