Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC

Minister for Environment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs

    Schools rewarded for waste approach

    18/05/2017 9:10 AM
    • More than $37,000 committed to Western Australian schools in latest funding

    Thirteen Western Australian schools will receive more than $37,000 in grants for projects to decrease waste, improve recycling and provide waste-related education.


    Under the McGowan Labor Government's Waste Wise Schools program, eligible schools have been allocated funding to contribute to their waste reduction and recycling projects.


    Dwellingup Primary School will receive $8,799 to set up a custom facility to grow food crops - re-using coffee grounds collected from local businesses.


    Other schools receiving grants in this round include Riverlands Montessori School in the Swan Valley to upgrade its composting systems, recyclable wheelie bins and vegetable gardens; and Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School in Rockingham for green waste management and a 'Rethink your Lunch' project.


    Previous grant recipients include Coolbinia Primary School, which reduced its carbon output by 10 tonnes through worm farming, composting and recycling initiatives; and Kambalda West District High School, which purchased a trailer to transport recyclables and build an outdoor classroom in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.


    A total of 388 accredited Waste Wise Schools are involved in the program, with nearly 160,000 students engaged in reducing waste at school.


    The program is administered by the Waste Authority and funded from the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.  For more information, visit  



    Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:


    "The Waste Wise Schools program continues to educate the current and future waste generators, recyclers and re-users in our community.


    "The program helps schools set up projects and provides resources aimed at changing attitudes and behaviours to achieve sustainable waste management.


    "It also increases students' awareness and education on the benefits of waste avoidance, reuse and recycling.


    "Supporting projects such as these help the McGowan Labor Government achieve its Waste Strategy target of diverting 65 per cent of municipal solid waste generated in the Perth metropolitan region from landfill by 2020."


    This round's Waste Wise Schools funding recipients include:

    • Dwellingup Primary School - $8,799 to set up a shed to grow food crops in waste coffee grounds collected from local businesses;
    • Riverlands Montessori School - $4,333 to upgrade classroom recycling facilities including more composting systems, wheelie bins to collect recyclables and vegetable gardens;
    • Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School - $4,264 to build compost bays and purchase a chipper to manage green waste on site. The school will also begin a Rethink your Lunch project - promoting waste-free lunches;
    • Anne Hamersley Primary School - $2,200 to set up a worm farm and garden beds to re-use the worm castings;
    • Baldivis Primary School - $2,200 to develop a compost area to reduce waste going to landfill and use the compost on gardens;
    • Fairbridge College - $2,200 to set up a recycling collection and weighing system to monitor waste reduction and to roll out the WWS program across the school;
    • Heritage College - $2,200 to purchase a chicken run and recycling bins for classrooms;
    • Sutherland Dianella Primary School - $2,200 to educate students, staff and parents and recycle organic matter using worm farming and composting;
    • Victoria Park Christian School - $2,184 to fund a new recycling system for the school including composting, a worm farm and gardening equipment;
    • Dalkeith Primary School - $2,133 to establish worm farms and compost bins to manage the school's fruit and vegetable waste;
    • Butler College - $1,991 to set up the school's specialist department's waste wise gardens, worm farming and composting;
    • St Anthony's School (Wanneroo) - $1,754 to set up infrastructure to establish worm farms and compost bins.  They will also plant a vegetable garden using the worm leachate and compost produced; and
    • St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Merredin) - $900 to recycle paper and cardboard throughout the school and set up a Drop and Drive area using recycled art and recycled tyres.

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