Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA

Minister for Transport; Planning

    New way forward for the future of Swan Valley

    6/05/2017 8:00 AM
    • Previous government's proposed legislation for the Swan Valley now on hold
    • Local input and expertise will be retained during upcoming reform of legislation covering the Swan Valley 

    Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has suspended the previous government's process to replace the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995.


    New legislation for the area is intended to replace the outdated Act with laws that match modern requirements for the iconic Swan Valley region.


    The McGowan Labor Government recognises the need to reform the Act but has put the former process on hold while a new reform strategy and consultative framework is established to reflect election commitments.


    The Minister has asked the Department of Planning to review the Swan Valley Protection Bill and associated draft development plan, which lapsed at the end of the last Parliament.


    The McGowan Labor Government review will include:

    • Options to improve support for viticulture
    • Strengthening the role of the existing Swan Valley Planning Committee
    • A greater level of consultation to reflect the many views in the Swan Valley
    • A more co-ordinated and sustained tourism strategy, overseen by Tourism Western Australia. 

    Issues such as water availability and allocations, compatible land use and appropriate development options will also be considered.


    Comments attributed to Planning Minister Rita Saffioti:


    "The Swan Valley's significance as a centre for cultural and viticultural tourism should continue to be nurtured, without eroding the rights of local communities.


    "The key is to create the right balance between social and economic imperatives.  We can and will go about this in a fair and sustainable manner.


    "We will ensure that the people who have lived there for generations and who have made the Swan Valley what it is today, have their say about the future of this highly valued region.


    "We remain committed to preserving the Swan Valley's historical and cultural heritage for future generations.


    "The previous government oversaw long delays to Swan Valley reform but the McGowan Labor Government will prioritise a solution."


    Minister's office - 6552 5500