Jim McGinty

Jim McGinty

Attorney General; Minister for Health; Electoral Affairs

    WA leads nation in organ donation

    10/01/2006 1:00 AM

    Health Minister Jim McGinty has urged more people to become organ donors to help save the lives of others despite Western Australia leading the States in organ donation rates.

    The latest figures from the Australia and New Zealand Organ Donation Registry show that 30 Western Australians donated their organs after they died last year, up almost 30 per cent from 2004.

    Mr McGinty said the organs from the 30 donors resulted in 105 people given a new chance at life.

    “Those 105 people were recipients of heart, lung, kidney and liver transplants and might not be alive today had it not been for the generosity of the donors,” he said.

    The Minister said WA now had the highest donor rate per million population of any State in Australia, at 15 donors per million.

    The national rate of organ donors per million population in 2005 was 10 donors per million.

    “It is a fantastic good news story that WA is now leading all the States in Australia when it comes to organ donation,” Mr McGinty said.

    “But we do need to do more and I would urge every Western Australian to consider becoming an organ donor.

    “In the unfortunate event of their death, organ donors can save a life or enhance the life of someone else.”

    In WA, 35 per cent of the adult population are registered organ donors - more than 680,000 people.

    The most common organ transplants performed in 2005 were kidney transplants, with 56 undertaken in this State.

    There were also 25 liver transplants, 11 heart, nine lung, two heart/lung and two pancreas transplants in WA last year.

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