Eric Ripper

Eric Ripper

Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Minister for State Development

Ljiljanna Ravlich

Ljiljanna Ravlich

Minister for Local Government; Racing and Gaming; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship; Government Enterprises; Minister Assisting the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Goldfields-Esperance; Youth

    State Government honours Western Australia's top students

    1/01/2006 1:00 AM

    Two young Western Australians have been awarded the prized 2005 Beazley Medals for their outstanding achievements in education and training.

    Acting Premier Eric Ripper today joined Education Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich in announcing Adrian Khoo of Scotch College as the winner of the Beazley Medal: TEE.

    Linda Greenwood Tully of Methodist Ladies College is the winner of the Beazley Medal: Vocational Education and Training (VET).

    Mr Ripper and Ms Ravlich congratulated both winners for their brilliant achievements at school.

    The Acting Premier said the Beazley Medals - in TEE and VET subjects - highlighted the wide range of opportunities available in education in WA.

    “In this resource-rich State, we should never lose sight of the fact that our greatest resource lies in the talent of our young people,” Mr Ripper said.

    “2006 promises to be a year of unprecedented opportunities for all of our school leavers, in further education, training or work.”

    Ms Ravlich applauded Adrian and Linda on their outstanding individual performances and wished them well in their future studies and careers.

    “Both students have achieved the highest standards thanks to their own talents and hard work, the commitment of their teachers and the strength of the State’s education system,” Ms Ravlich said.

    “In congratulating these two outstanding students on their achievements, I also acknowledge all students across the State who worked hard last year in their TEE and VET studies.

    “The VET program provides a viable and relevant education alternative for those students whose career interests are not adequately served by the TEE curriculum.”
    • Adrian Khoo scored scaled marks of 100 in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics and English Literature, 95.26 in Applicable Mathematics and 88.93 in French. Adrian received a General Exhibition and Subject Exhibitions in Chemistry, Physics and English Literature. He also was awarded Certificates of Distinction in English Literature, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus and a Certificate of Excellence.
    • Linda Greenwood Tully won a Subject Exhibition in Senior English, a Certificate of Distinction in Senior English and earned consistently high scores throughout Years 11 and 12, which earned her a Certificate of Excellence. Linda also earned a Certificate II in Community Services (Children’s Services) and a Certificate I in Hospitality (Operations). Linda is currently holidaying in New South Wales.
    A total of 1,068 Curriculum Council Awards will be presented to 775 winning students from schools around the State.

    Ms Ravlich also reminded the State’s top TEE students that they qualified for the Gallop Government’s Best and Brightest Scholarships.

    “Scholarships of $3,000 are available to the 40 General Exhibition winners from this year, if they choose to stay in WA and study at a local university,” she said.

    The winner of the Beazley Medal: TEE and the Beazley Medal: VET each receive a medallion and cheque for $2,000.

    All prizes will be presented at the Curriculum Council Awards Presentation Ceremony at the University of WA on Wednesday, February 15, 2006.

    Minister's office: 9213 6800


    The Beazley Medal: TEE - Adrian Khoo of Scotch College.
    Awarded to the top eligible student with the highest Curriculum Council award score. This score is based on the average of five TEE scaled marks, calculated to two decimal places, with at least two from the humanities/social sciences list and two from the mathematics/science list. It is based on a broader range of subjects than the Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) score, which is based on four TEE subjects with at least one subject from each of the two lists.

    The Beazley Medal: VET - Linda Greenwood Tully of Methodist Ladies College.
    Awarded to the Year 12 student who achieves the best results in a vocational program.

    The VET winner is determined according to the following criteria (listed in priority order):
    • Year 12 results.
    • Coherence of the VET program.
    • Contribution to a nationally recognised qualification.


    Beazley Medal: TEE

    Runner up: Madhusudhan Bhamidipaty, who attended Willetton Senior High School.

    Third place: Cinmy Sian-Mae Cheung, of Waterford, who attended Penrhos College.

    General Exhibitions (40)

    Adrian Boo Kiat Khoo, Scotch College
    Madhusudhan Bhamidipaty, Willetton Senior High School
    Cinmy Sian-Mae Cheung, Penrhos College
    Katharine Sarah Noonan, St Hilda's Anglican Girls’ School
    Katherine Emily Dellar, Perth College
    Olivia Chin, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Ian Grey Johnston, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
    Bojana Stepanovic, Methodist Ladies' College
    Kuhilan Arumugam Gounder, Willetton Senior High School
    Dustin Levi Stuart, Wesley College
    Michelle Veronica McMullen, Newman College
    Alvin Man-Fah Chong, Rossmoyne Senior High School
    David Anthony Scaife, Australind Senior High School
    Ryan Steed, Carmel School
    Justin Cardwell, Leeming Senior High School
    Eddy Kean Wei Yong, Rossmoyne Senior High School
    Jimmy Dang, Ballajura Community College
    Helen Hei-Man Kwok, Applecross Senior High School
    Avenell Leveritt Chew, Churchlands Senior High School
    Jonathan Kwong Seng Ng, John XXIII College
    Matthew James Cowcher, Aquinas College
    Swathi Lakshmi Narayanan, St Hilda's Anglican Girls’ School
    Kitty Kanwal Shakur, Presbyterian Ladies' College
    Karina Joy Travaglione, Methodist Ladies' College
    Nathaniel Hong Zhi Khoo, Hale School
    Kevin Chee-Keong Yee, Duncraig Senior High School
    Christopher Paul Jones, Lake Joondalup Baptist College
    Timothy James Barr Goyder, Scotch College
    Janki Shah, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School
    Daniel Brian Bennett, Guildford Grammar School
    Sarah Maria Collin, Methodist Ladies' College
    Not for Publication: Aquinas College
    Alexander Robert McFaull, Hale School
    Allycia Susan Mac Donald, John XXIII College
    Dahlia Fran Davidoff, Carmel School
    Fletcher James Young, Christ Church Grammar School
    Julie Ann Falck, St Stephen's School - Duncraig
    Lena Huynh, Shenton College
    Shevya Manjri Tiwari, Somerville Baptist College
    Thomas Edward Sippe, Wesley College.

    Special General Awards (2)

    Sng Ai Huei Adelln, Methodist Ladies’ College
    Catriona Elizabeth Knox, St Hilda's Anglican Girls’ School.

    Subject Exhibitions (53)

    Accounting: Chien-Lin Kho, Shenton College
    Administrative Systems: Courtney Zoe Johnston, Lumen Christi College
    Ancient History: Tamsin Alexandra Reeves, Shenton College
    Animal Production and Marketing: Verity Jane Morgan, WA College of Agriculture - Cunderdin
    Applicable Mathematics: Dustin Levi Stuart, Wesley College
    Art: Adrian Martyn Pinto, Kalamunda Senior High School
    Art and Design: Jocelyn Kim Yean Tan, Methodist Ladies' College
    Aspects of Tourism Industry: Katherine Louise Ferguson, Leeming Senior High School
    Automotive Workshop: Joshua John Hare, St Stephen's School - Duncraig
    Beliefs and Values: Michelle Veronica McMullen, Newman College
    Biology: Alana Kirk, Helena College
    Business Information Technology: Andrea Veronica Fitzgerald, Mercedes College
    Calculus: Wilson Ong, Morley Senior High School
    Chemistry: Adrian Boo Kiat Khoo, Scotch College
    Discrete Mathematics: Nathaniel Hong Zhi Khoo, Hale School
    Drama: Chelsea Jane Morgan, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School
    Drama Studies: Tess Angophora Cullity, John XXIII College
    Early Childhood Studies: Emily Nicole Niewiarowski, Newman College
    Economics: Rita Terese Khouri, Servite College
    English: Jarrad Yiwen Seng, Frederick Irwin Anglican School
    English as a Second Language: Sarah Yonghui Pusavat, Murdoch College
    English Literature: Adrian Boo Kiat Khoo, Scotch College
    Food Production: Emma Louise Johnson, Lake Joondalup Baptist College
    French: Lawrence Edward Vincent, Scotch College
    Furniture Design and Technology: Timothy James Johnson, Nagle Catholic College
    Geography: Liah Xinyi Coggins, Willetton Senior High School
    German: Natascha Sommer, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School
    History: Jeremy James Francis, Wesley College
    Human Biology: Michael Tak Kwan Miu, Rossmoyne Senior High School
    Independent Living: Fleur Melissa Tonkin, Eastern Hills Senior High School
    Indonesian: Second Language: Jai Singh, Scotch College
    Industry Information Technology: Tanya Bulatovic, Karratha Senior High School
    Information Systems: Amy Louise Affleck, Busselton Senior High School
    Italian: Alice Pead, School of Isolated and Distance Education
    Japanese: Second Language: Tomoyo Shigeyoshi, Applecross Senior High School
    Management and Marketing: Jardine Elizabeth Petersen, Lumen Christi College
    Metals Technology: Mark Zuvela, Christ Church Grammar School
    Modelling with Mathematics: Penny Janelle Wilson, Churchlands Senior High School
    Music: Justin Allan Leong, Trinity College
    Physical Education Studies: Ellice Sarah Roberts, Perth College
    Physical Science: Cerise Dreaver, Manjimup Senior High School
    Physics: Adrian Boo Kiat Khoo, Scotch College
    Plant Production and Marketing: Ayla Joy Emery, WA College of Agriculture - Denmark
    Political and Legal Studies: Luke Nathan McAskill, Shenton College
    Senior English: Linda Jane Greenwood Tully, Methodist Ladies' College
    Senior Science: Dean John Caporn, Carine Senior High School
    Small Business Management: Clinton John Blight, WA College of Agriculture - Narrogin
    SWL - Community Services, Health: Sarah-Ann Hearn, Sevenoaks Senior College
    SWL - Design: Simon Alexander Kruger, Central Midlands Snr High Sch
    SWL - Metals and Engineering: Danilo Kitanovich, Sevenoaks Senior College
    Technical Graphics: Griffen Manan, Applecross Senior High School
    Visual Communication - Photography: Angela Jane Coote, Penrhos College
    Work Studies: Vidya Sai Thiagarajan, Rossmoyne Senior High School

    Special Subject Awards (2)

    English as a Second Language: Abigail Sze Yie Lim, Canning College
    Information Systems: Amy Leelee Khuu, St Hilda's Anglican Girls’ School.

    Certificates of Distinction (376)

    Special Certificates of Distinction (23)

    Certificates of Excellence (570)

    Schools with most Awards:

    Rossmoyne Senior High School: 50 awards, including two General Exhibitions and two Subject Exhibitions.

    Willetton Senior High School: 48 awards, including two General Exhibitions and one Subject Exhibition. This school also had the second top performing student in the State.

    Methodist Ladies College: 32 awards. This school won the Beazley Medal: VET, three General Exhibitions and some Subject Exhibitions.